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c\ 1C >^ 


Books in the Various Departments 

Literature and Science 





cincin n ati: 
Published by the Board of Managers 

■7. :E%. :b£iz.x.s en Co., FKXxrvzisB 


The following catalogue contains the titles of the principal books purchased for and presented 
to the Library during the year 1882. It consists of twelve classified ** Monthly Bulletins," a subject 
index, and an index of authors, anonymous works and collections. 

As in the volume for 1881, the classification is simply for convenience, not at all pretending to 

scientific or bibliographical perfection. As a key to the most recent additions to the Library, it will 

be found serviceable. Friends of the Public Library will confer a favor if they will kindly com* 

municate to the Librarian the correction of any error they may discover in the Bulletins, or the 

Authorship of any works treated as anonymous, or the name of any person entered only under 

initials or under a pseudonym. CHESTER W. MERRILL, 



The following caulogues are now for sale: 
The general catalogue of 1871 (xii-f-644 pages.) 
Price reduced to . . . . $1.00. 

Cataloguea published since 1876: 

1. Anatomy, Physiology, Hjgiene (Public and Private)/ 

Botany, Chemistry, Microscopy and Pbyi^ics. iv-j- 
64 pages.) Price 20 cents. 

2. Bulletin of Books in the various departments of Litera- 

ture and Science added during 1878. (iv-t-ld6 pages.) 

Price 50 cents. 

3. Bulletin of Books in the various departments of Litera- 

ture and Science added during 1879. (viii-f 292 pages.) 

Price 75 cents. 

4. Bulletin of Books in the various departments of Litera- 

ture and Science added during 1880. (viii-f 307 pages.) 

Price 75 cent0. 

5. Bulletin of Books in the various departments of Litera- 

ture and Science added during 1881. (viii-f 21 7 pages.) 

Price 50 cents. 

6. Bulletin of Books in the various departments of Litera- 

ture and Science added during 1882. (viii-f 219 pages. ) 

Price 50 cents. 

7. Catalogue of the Columbia Branch Library', (ii-f 20 

paees.) Price 10 cents 

8. Catalogue of the Cumminsville Branch Library, (ii-f 

22 pages.) Price 10 cents. 

9. Dramas and Dramatic Poems. ( 1 92 pages.) Price 50 cents. 
10. English Prose Fiction, (vi-f 248 pp.) Price 45 cents. 
] 1. French Prose Fiction. VaUUogue des Conie^ Nouvelles et 

Hanunufranfttis, (iv-f 36 pages.) Price 20 cents. 

12. German Prose Fiction. {Katalog und InhaltsvertdchnUa 
der Bucher in deuiteher Sprache, welcke ui d€u GebUt der 
proMisehen Dichtung gehorem ( i v -)- 1 08 pages. ) 

Price 30 cents. 
13 Index to the Present Lo<^tion of the Books included in 
the printed catalogue of 1871. (52 pa^es.) 

Price 25 cents. 

14. List of Periodicals and Newspapers currently rec^^ived. 

n6 paces.) Price 5 cents. 

15. SuDJect Index to the Location of Books and Pamphlets. 

(ii-f 62 pa^es.) .... Price 20 cents. 

16. Temporary list of Medical Periodicals, belonging prin- 

cipally to the Mussey Medical and Scientific Library. 

(48 pages.) Price 15 cents. 

The above 16 catalogues (2159 pages) Price $5.25 

The indication of the size of books in our catalogues is 
determined by measurement of their height in centimetres, 
as follows : 

Books less than 10 centimetres, are marked 48^ 

** 10cm and less than 12<-m «* 32® 

*« I2cnn M *« »« Hem «« 24® 

*« 14cm »« «« " I6«m «« ig® 

" l*;<-fn " " " iscm •< 16® 

«« 18cm «« *< *« 22cm «« 12® 

»« 22cm «« " « 26cm «« 8® 

<« 20cm «« «• «« 30cm «< 4® 

" some «« M »« 40cm " f® 

«« 40cm « " «« 50cm «« 14 

" 50cm " " «« 60cm «« ffi 

etc. etc. etc. 

Bookf^ having a width of four-fifths their full height 
have «9. (fguare) prt^fixcd to the symbol; where, however, 
the width is greater than the height, this is indicated by 
prefixing obi, {oblong). 

The following is a list of the principal abbreviatioDs o f: 
places of publication found in the Bulletins : 
















































Frankf. a. M. 



Freib. i. Br. 






Andover (Mass.) 








Birmingham (EngL) 



Boston (Mass.) 





Brooklyn (N. Y.) 


Buffalo (N. Y.) 




Charleston (S. C.> 



Cleveland (O.) 

Columbus (O.) 



Davenport (Iowa.)' 

Dayton (O.) 












Exeter (N. H.) 

Frankfurt am Main. 



Freiburg im Breisgau^ 


I^OTis AND Notices. 

Notes and Notices. 



















































N. Hav. 

N. Y. 

(The Hague.) 

Harrisburg (Pa.) 
Hartford (Conn.) 
Indianapolis (Ind.) 
Lancaster ( Pa.) 
Lansing (Mich.) 
Liverpool (Eng.) 
Louisville (Ky.) 
Manchester (Eng.) 
Marietta (O.) 
• Marburg. 
Melbourne (Aust.) 
Middlebury (Conn.) 

Milwaukee (Wis.) 

New Haven (Conn.) 
New York. 
























St Clairs. 

St. Peters. 

San Fran. 






















Nashville, (Tenn.) 


Newport (R. I.) 



Northampton (Maas.) 

Norwich (Conn.) 



Oxford (Eng.) 





Pittsburg (Pa.) 

Portland (Me.) 


Providence (R. L) 


Richmond (Va.) 

Rochester (N. Y.) 



St. Clairsville. 

St. Petersburg. 

San Francisco. 

Savannah (Ga.) ■ 









Syracuse (N. Y.) 






Wilmington (N. 0.) 


Wolfen biittel. 

Worcester (Maas.) 



All new books which are added to the Library are flnt 
placed on exhibition in a special case in the Main Hall| 
where they can be obtained before they are transferred to 
their proper shelves in the alcoves. 


In order to flnd whether any desired work is in this catalogue, if the author is known, consult the Index of Authors, 
beginning at page 193. 

In order to find what works on any given subject are in this catalogue, consult the Index of Subjects on the opposite 
page, and the pages of the catalogue there indicated under the subject consulted. 

In order to And whether a work published anonymously is in tliis catalogue, consult the Index of Titles, beginning at 
page 218. For Proceedings and Transactions of learned societies consult the same index. 

Books are. entered under the real name of the author when that is known; under the pseudonym^ or assumed name 
when it is not; and where only the initials of an author are known, the last initial is put first. Compound surnames are 
entered under the first part of the name. The names in parentheses printed in iiaUca and not preceded by the word 
^^f<yrmerly,*^ are the pseudonyms of the authors whose real name they follow. 

The numbers at the end of each title are the " call-numbers '' for the book ; those to which an asterisk (*) is prefixed 
can not be taken from the Library. All books should be called for by their numbers. 


No. 49, p. 42. Prony. For faux courantes ; read eaux courantes. 
No. 63, p. 106. Law. Historical catalogue ; reeu/ *68: 2514. 
No. 54, p. 127, Trail. Sexual physiology; reorf *46: 957. 


pp. 64. 


pp. 12-14; 30-32; 41-43; 60-63; 74-76; 96; 106-107; 124- 
127; 137-138; 160; 173-174. 


pp. 4-11; 24-29; 34-41; 50-58; 66-73; 93-95; 103-105; 
118-123; 133-136; 168-160; 170-172. 


pp. 136-137. 
Doxnestio Economy. 

pp. 11-12; 58-69; 73-7^ 136-137; 172-173. 


pp. 14-16; 44-45; 63-64; 108; 127-128; 138-139. 


pp. 3; 23-24; 34; 90-93; 100-103; 117-118; 131-133; 155- 

158; 168-170. 
Fiotion, English. 

pp. 15-16; 45-46; 108-110; 139-141; 176. 
Fiotion, French. 

pp. 110-111; 141. 
Fiction, German. 

pp; 46-48; 110; 189-192. 


pp. 4-11; 24-29; 34-41; 66-73; 118-123; 133-136; 158- 
160; 170-172. 


pp. 4-11; 24-30; 34-41; 50-58; 66-73; 93-95; 103-105; 
118-123; 133-136; 158-160; 170-172. 


pp. 12-14; 30-32; 41-43; 60-63; 74-76; 96; 106-107;''124- 
127; 137-138; 173-174. 


See Philology. 


pp. 11-12; 30; 58-60; 73-74; 105-106; 123-124; 172-173. 


pp: 142-143; 176. 

See alto, JdiscELLAirxous German Litkratubk. Foltg- 



See Industry. 

See Science. 

pp. 14; 43-44-; 76-77; 107-108; 138; 175. 

Miscellaneous German Literature, 
pp. 178-189. 


pp. 63-64; 127-128. 


p. 2. 


pp. 2; 18-21; 82-84; 130; 146-150; 162-166. 


3; 23-24; 34; 90-93; 100-103; 117-118; 131-133; 155-158; 



pp. 14-15; 44-45; 63-64; 108; 127-128; 138-139; 175-176. 
Political Economy. 

pp. 11-12; 30; 58-59; 73-74; 105-106; 123-124; 13ft-137; 


pp. 11-12; 30; 58-59; 73-74; 105-106; 136-137; 172-173. 


pp. 16; 111-112; 143-144. 
Set aUo^ Miscellaneous German Literature. 

pp 2-3; 21-23; 34; 66; 84-89; 98-100; 114-117; 130-131; 
150-155; 166-168. 
Rural Sports, 
p. 64. 


pp. 12-14; 30-32; 41-43; 60-63; 74-76; 9^ 106-107; 124- 
127; 137-138; 160; 173-174. 


pp. 77-80. 

See Drama. 


pp. 2-3; 21-23; 34; 66; 84-89; 98-100; 114-117; 130-113; 
150-155; 166-168. 


pp. 4-11; 24-29; 34-41; 50-58; 66-73; 103-105; 118-123; 

133-136; 158-160; 170-172. 
Useful Arts. 

See Art. 

See Travels. 


"^^% IfUnthla ISttlletin. 

No. 47. JANUARY. 1882. 

^^<Ofciiic\*^ Ca BOARD OF MANAGERS: 

HKSRY GABLICK, /VM.'An(, .... W Wkst Front stbekt (653 Eabtbrn i 

ISAAC ADLER, Trtwmrtr, . . . Faibmount Woolkn Mills (340 WgeT Fourth btrekt). 

E. CORT WILLIAMS. S«TM07y, . 77 W. Third strekt (Qilbbrt avi. and Kbmpbr btrekt). 

CHARLES G. JENNER, . ' . . . . . ■ Court House ^392 Lonoworth btrkkt). 

FRAN't'IS FERRY, ..... 34 and 36 W. Tbirs street (547 W. Court strbbt). 

OEURGE EHIU, . . , 184 W. Second btreit (319 Clifton avehub), 

J. W. UNDERHILL(M.i>jfino), 26 Clinton street (418 John strbbt). 

CHESTER W. MERRILL, ....... Albion Place, Mount Auburf. 

everv day in the vear, Sundays included, from 8 A. M. to 10 
p. H. The apecLMl depHrtmenti are open as follows : 

Delivery Hall, (except Siindsji| 8 a. m. to 10 p. m. 
Mais Hall, (every day] 8 a. u. to 10 p. m. 
Periodical Roum, (avury day) 8 a. m. to 10 p. u. 
Newspaper Room, (everyday) S a. M. to 10 p. u. 
Art Roou, (except Sundays) B a. U. to 6 p. u. 
" " (on Sundays) 9 a. h. to 4 p. h. 

Rbadino Room«. — Any parson of good deportment 
and habit?, whether residing in Cincinnati or not, may 
consult boohs, periodicals, or newspapers in the reeding 

HouE USE or Boona.— Residents of Cincinnati 

may withdraw books by registering name and residence and 
furnishing satisfactory soourity in the form prescribed by 
the Board. (In lieu of other security a deposit cff three 
dollsrs or nf the value of the work desired may be made.) 
Sntt'residentS may withdraw boolis by mating a de- 
posit of three dollars and an annual payment (in advance) 
of five dollars. 


two weeks, and may be renewed for the same period, after 
which they can not be rciesued to the same person until they 
have been in the library twenty-fonr hours. 

Fine on books over-due, three cents a day, and alter a 
week, cost of recovery.. 

Books are not issued to any one owing fines or charges 

The Librarian is at all time* ready to assist per- 
investigation of special subjects, by Indicating 

!s of information s 

far as the Library 

2. Books not in the Library will be purchased 
plication to the Librarian, unless there be a sufficient 
against it. 

3, All complaints should be made in the Arst 

to the Librarian, either in person or by letter jiWny the 
and readmee of the person aggrieved. Anonymous coi 
nicatinns can not be noticed. 

Philolooy.— Religion, etc. 

Religion, etc. 


Ayres, Alfred. The verbalist: a manual devoted to 
brief diRCUssions of the right and the wrong use 
of words and to some other matters of interest to 
those who would speak and write with propriety. 
N. Y. Appleton, 1882 [1881]. 220 pp. 16° 
[82,739; 47.] llGGG 

GBrnfian course, A first, containing grammar, de- 
lectus, and exercise book, with \*ucabularies, 
and materials for German conversation. On the 
phin of Dr. William Smith's 'Principia Latina.' 
3. ed., rev. and enl., with the exercises printed in 
both German and English character.*^. 'N. Y. 
Harpers. 1882 [1881]. vi+237 pp. 12° [82, 
849; 47.] |:l47t) 

Hsidley, James. A Greek grammar, for schools 

and c»>lleges. N. Y. I). Appleton. 1881. viii 

+366 pp. 12° [82,847; 47.] |:l(i56 

Hartmann, M. Arabischer Sprachfiihrer fiir ilei- 

Bcnde. Lei p. Bibliogr, Inst it xii-|-3()7 pp. 

32° [82,961; 47.] |:5U5 

Jennings. G. II. and Johnstone, W. s. Halfhours 

with Greek and Latin authors. From various 
English translations. With biographical notices. 
N. Y. Appleton. 1882. [1881]. xi+532 pp. 
12° [82,659; 47.] 1:^724 

Meredith, !-•• P- Every-day errors of speech. 

Phil. Lippincott. 18S1. 96 pp. 16° [82, 

738; 47.] |:12G9 

Plato, The Protagoras of; with an introduction 
and critical and explanatory notes by E. G. 
SiiiLER. N. Y. Harpers. 1881. xvii+140 pp. 
12° [82,682; 47.] (Harper's class, ser., ed. hy 
II. Drislor.) |:2551 

Powell, J. W. Introduction to the study of Indian 
languages, with words, phrases and sentencrs 
to bo collected. 2. ed. Wash. Gov. print, off. 
1880. xi+228 pp., 4 charts in pocket. 4° [h2, 
937; 47.] (Smithsonian Inst, bureau of ethno- 
logy.) *IO:(i444 

Smith, William. Additional exercises with ex- 
amination papers on In ilia Graeca, Part I. With 
an introduction to Iniiia Graeca, Part XL, con- 
taining easy reading lessons with an analysis of 
the sentences. IJor the use of the lower forms in 
public and private scIjooIs. N. Y. Harpers. 1881. 
106 pp. 12° [82,681; 83,304; 47.] (Appendix 
to Initia Grroca, Pt. L) |:1676 

Religion and Theology, Mythology, etc. 

Athanasius, St.^ abp. of Alexandria. Too dyiuo 
* A'^wjatriuo^ i(T7o':uo\ Xoyui. Historical writings of 
St. Athanasius according to the Benedictine text. 
With an introduction by AVilliam Bright. Oxf. 
Clarendon press. 1881. xcviii(+ii)+316 pp. 12° 
[82,766; 47.] 5:152 

Omtents: Introduction.— Epl«t''l!< rwsyHlcn. — A]v>lo2la rontm 
Arlnnoifl.— KpHfoIji Md episM-iipn-* ^zypti et I.i)»mc. — Apoiouin n«J Con- 
ittiiniium.— KplNtolii hH SempioiM-m do mono Ar ji. — Epif'toln nd 
mo> Hi'hnt* et iiifioria Ariauoruin.— Epistola tie ii>uodi.H Aiimiueusi et 

Barth, A. The religions of India. Tr. by Kev. 

J.Wood. Bost. Houghton, Mifflin and Co. 1882. 

xxiv^309])p. 12° [82,928; 47.] (England 

for. philos. library. 24.) |0:2210 

[Bible. New Testament.] The gospels. Lond. 

.S'. Low. 1874-7. 4 v. in 2. (6+)82 pp., 40 

pis.; (6 + )42pp.,23pK; (6+)71 pp., 39 pis.; (6+) 

63 pp., 26 pis. f* [82,602; 47.] *A 

Blackie, John Stuart. Lay sermons. N. Y. 
JScribner, 1881. x+349 pp. 12° [82,671; 47.] 


Con'cn'«; The oro.ition f'f ihe world — The Jewish FnMtHih nnd 
the chi'i^liMii LnnTrt d:iv. — Fsiiih. — The utiliMiiiiMn c»l e\\\. — Land- 
lords jind innd l:tw?« — TJio po|i \^.h ol (;hri''ii:uii(v. — TU*' dj;<iiicv <>( 
liilxiiir. — I he 8 •^•cii.'«h foveiiiMirei«*.— On cyinlrfilHm, <'»»r<ni«Miiiiiij«m, 
furniHli.-ni, and Ihe new creaiure.— The meliiidi^Hicsi of (ienesia I. 

Clarke, James Freeman. Events and epochs in 
religious hislor}': being the substance of a 
course of twelve lectures delivered in the liowcll 
institute, Boston, in 1880. Bost. J. It. Osgood. 
1881. xx+402 pp., 10 pis., illus. in text. 12° 
[82,922; 47.] |0:2107 

Conway, Moncuro Dain'el. The wandering Jew. 

LonJ. Chatto and Windus. 1881. vi + (ii+) 

292 pp. 12° [82,754; 47.] |0:17J9 

Cornelius, J- W. Sabbath home readings: a 
series of meditations for the Lord's day; upon 
vital themes of spiritual thought, experience and 
dut}'. Designed tor the closet, the family, or the 
social circle. Phil. Lippincott 1882. (ii-[-)ix, 
582 i)p. 12° [82,737; 47.] 5:2537 

Cox, Sir George William. An introduction to 
the science of comparative niytholog}- and folk- 
lore. J.ond. C. K. Paul. 1881. xviH-380 pp. 
12° [82,757; 47.] |0:1750 

Davids, T. W. Ehys. Buddhist Suttas. Tr. 
from Pali. 1. The Maha-parinibbana Suttanta. 
2. The Dhamma-kakka-ppavattana Sutta. 3. The 
Tevigga Suttanta. 4. The Akankhcyya Sutta. 
5. The Ketokhila Sutta. 6. The Maha-sudassana 
Suttanta. 7. The Sabbasava Sutta. Oxf Clar- 
endon press. 1881. xIviii+320 pp. 8° [82, 
827; 47.] (Sacred books of the East ; F. M. Mul- 
ler. Vol. 11.) *|0:2058.1l 

Dyer, Itev. T. F. Thiselton. Domestic folk-lore. 

Lond. Cdssell, Fetter, Galpin and Co. [1881.] 

viii + l84pp. 18° [81,367; 47.] 10:4704 

Ewald, Georg Ileinrich August ron. Commentary 
on the prophirls of the Old Testament. Trans, 
bv J. Frederick Smith. Lond. 1875-81. 5 v. 
(i"'i+)vii+(i + ):r33 pp.; (8+)340f+3) pp.; (10 + ) 
:-i02 pp.; (8+)354 pp.; (8 + ):^25(-f 1) pp. 8° 
[5:^03; 55,665; 7:^.324; 77,449: 82,759; 47.] 
(Theol. trans, fund lib. vols. 9, 12, 18, 21. 26.) 


0)ntentf: Vol. I. Vool, 'AmA«, FToM^n, nnd "Z.ikhnrya", ch. ix-xi. 

V«»l. 2. Ves.tyn, 'OI»a«lyn, iind M-klm. 

Vol. a. NMlii^in, b.**f|**h.inyn, llubaqqitq, "Z.ikharya" xii.-xiv., 

Vol. 4. H(^zr»qi<i|, •'Yesj^yji", xl.-lxvi. 

V"l.5. Atn)n>in«U9 pieces, Uaggai, Zakharyn, Marnki, Yona, 
Bnrt^kh, Datiiel. 

Gross, Itev. J. B. The belief in immortality on 

purely logical piinci|)lcs. Phil. Lippincott. 

1882 [1881]. 126 pp. 12° [82,736; 47.] 3:5290 

Philosopht, etc. 

Philosophy, bto. 

Jacob, Major G. A. A manual of Hindu panthe- 
ism. The Vedanlasara. Tr. with copious anno- 
tations. Bost. Houghton, Mifflin and Co. 1881. 
x-i-129pp. 12° [82,929; 47.] (Engl, and for. 
philos. library, 25.) 10:2060 

KSBler, Bronson C. A short history of the bible. 

Being a popular account of the formation and 

development of the canon. Chic. Century Pub. 

Co. 1881. (2f)126pp. 16° [82,677; 47.] 4:342 

Merrill, R^v. Selah. Galilee in the time of Christ, 

with an introduction by Rev. A. P. Peabodv. 

Bost. Congr. Pub. Soc. [1881.] xiii + 159 pp. 

12° [82,674; 47.] 4:^74 

NiCOll, R€V. W. R. The incarnate Saviour: a life 

of Jesus Christ. N. Y. E.Carter. 1882 [1881]. 

x,360pp. 12° [82,672; 47.] 3:3086 

O'Meara. Kathleen. Henri Perreyve and his 

counsels to the sick. Lond. C. K. Paul. 1881. 

viii-f-2:^6 pp. 16° [82,769; 47.J 5:2809 

Pitman, Mrs. Emma Raymond. Mission life in 
Greece and Palestine. Memorials of Mary 
Briscoe Baldwin, mis.sionary to Athens, and Joppa. 
Lond. Cassell [1881.] vi4i+:H60 pp., 1 port., 
illus. in text. 12^ [82,852; 47.] 4:2539 

Rawlinson, George. Bistorical illustrations of 

the Old Testament. With additions by Prof. 

H. B. Hackett. Chic. Sumner. 1880. x+237 

pp. 12° [82,720; 47.] 3:2792 

Roman Catholicism in the United States. N. Y. 1879. 190 pp. 12° 
[82,708; 47.] 4:3141 

Rothschild, Clementina de. Letters to a chris- 
tian friend on the fundamental truths of Juda- 
ism. Tr. from the German. 2. ed. Lond. Simp- 
kin, Marshall and Co. 1881. (8+)93 pp. 16^ 
[82,770; 47.] 4:222 

Taylor, Eev. William N. Paul the missionary. 

N. Y. Harpers. 1882^1881]. (2+)570 pp., 8 

pis., 5 maps. 12° [82,673; 47.] 4:4982 

Upham, Francis W. Thoughts on the holy gospels : 

how they came to bo in manner and form as 

they are. N. Y. Phillips and Hunt. 1881. 378 

pp. 12° [82,721; 47.] 3:2772 

Wells, Eev. James. Bible images : a book for the 

young. N.Y. Jt. Carter. v+(ii+)280 pp., 6pls. 

12° [82,818; 47.] 5:3064 

Con fenf 8 ■ The Wfihteii limn.— The brui>>ed reed.— The i>potted 
gnrmenr. — The Ptiiijisitlin)! ox.— Yifldiii^.— Our wrhoolinnpter.— Our 
MeU'hJ««Hdpc. — The souI'm ki«<««.— Our huljng-plnce — Our ?un.— nur 
anchor.— The leaven.— The |whn-iree.— The race.— The great nhip- 
wreok.— Adorning.— Chosen vessel n.— The gardeo of the uoul.- Ethi- 
opu'M— l he image. 

Philosophy and Education. 

Calkins, N. A. Manual of object-teaching, with 

illustrative lessons in methods and the science 

of education. NY. Harpers. 1882 [1881]. 

460 pp. 12° [82,850; 47.] 2:4491 

Currie, James. The principles and practice of 
common-school education. New ed. Lond. 
W.Stewart. [1881.] xv+513 pp. 12° [82, 
761; 47.] (Laurie's "Kensington ser.) 2:4531 

Davies, John. Hindu philosophy. TheSankhya 
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A stud3\ Lond. Williams and Norgate. 1881. 

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Hopkins, Mark. A n outline study of man ^ or the 
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Sonnen8Chein,A. Standards of teaching of foreign 
codes relating to elementary education, pre- 
scribed by Austrian, Belgian, German, Italian and 
Swiss governments; also the memorial to the edu- 
cation department b}' the conference on code re- 
form, with the standards proposed by them. 
With an introduction and notes. Lond. Sonnen- 
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47.] 2:5529 

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gress: a series of discussions. With a notice of 
Spencer's "New system of philosophy." N. Y. 
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746; 47.] 2:1698 

Conten/n: Progress; il^ Inw nnd cftuf»e. — Manners and f •»liion. — 
The gpnesJH ol science. — The physiology of iHiighter. — The orijiin 
and tnnotion of nin.«»ic. — 'I he nebu jir'hypoth»'t'i.-». — Bam on th«» 
emotion^t and the will. — Illogical geology. — The development liy- 
poihenif. — The social orgnnism. — Use nnd b(»nnly. — The Bourcet 
ofaichiiectiiral type«. — The use of anihropomorp'hism. 

Stirling, »lames Hutchison. Text-book to Kant. 
The critique of pure reason : ©sthetics, catego- 
ries, schematism. Translation, reproduction, 
commentary, index. With biographical sketch. 
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History, sra 

History, Biography, Geography and Travels. 

Abbott, John Stevens Cabot. The adventures of 
the Chevalier de la Salle and his companions, 
in their explorations of the prairies, forests^ lakes, 
and rivers, of the new world, and their interviews 
with the savage tribes, 200 rears ago. N. Y. 
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war. fi>>m the accession of Charles 1. to the dis- 

eolation of the lon^ parliament. Lond. Rout- 

ied^. 1880. 256 pp., 4 pU 16^ [82,801:47] 


AdolphoS, J* H. The last days« death, funeral 
obofeqaie^ etc., of her late majesty Can>line, 
^aeen consort ot Great Britain : embracing a full 
and impartial narrative ot every circumstance 
connected with that memorable event. Bein^r a 
continuation of The roval martvr: or, memoirs of 
Qatren Caroline. Loud. Jones and Co. 1822. 

(4-r)379CT-l-^) PP » ^ pis- 1-° [30,527; 47] 


Sof. Booad w!th tb^ aboT« : "Tb* *p;rti of tlie ••i-ltr**** pn^ 
#a !•> ttM «|u««« vith b«r mi^2«4t;'» &&»««»« Mleeced bj J. 

jf t 

Alloa. William. Memoir of John Codman,D.D.. 

with reminiscences by Joshua Bates. Bost. 

Marvin and Whipple, 1853. v,5-rlO— 108 pp., 1 

port. 8^ [30,119; 47] 24:315 

AlBUacIl de Gotha. Annuaire genealogique, 

diplomatique et statistiqae. 1882. 119anijee. 

Gotha. /Perthes, [1881.] xxiv^^xvi)--1096 pp.. 

4port3w 24^ [82,941:47.] *25:2619 

Aims, Mary Clemmer. A memorial of Alice and 

Phoebe Cary, with some of their later poems. 

K, Y. Hurl and Houtfhton. 1873c xii^35l pp., 

3 ports. 12' [36,439; 47.] 24:72 

Ask6« ^^- Waller, editor. Personal record:^ of 

ihe Kandahair campai«;n. by officers enj^j^ed 

therein. With an iniroauctton. Load. Z>. Bdrue. 

ISSl. lxxvi^252 pp, 8^ [82.800: 47.] 26:1746 

BuIIm. PaaK compiler. Preastscn and Frankreich 
Ton t79>-lS07. Drplomatt^^he Corresponden- 
«en- ThI. 1. 1795-1800. Veranlasst and unter- 
•ttttxc durch die k. Archiv-Tf rwalr. Lei p. Hirzel. 
1881. lviit-562 pp. 8^ [82,964: 47] . Publi- 
cat, aas d. kda. pr«as& Sutatsarck.^ viii. l.") 



Barbour, George M. Florida for tourists, inva- 
lids, and settlers; containing practical informa- 
tion regarding climate, soil, and productions; 
cities, towns, and people; the culture of the 
orange and other tropical fruits ; farming and 
gardening ; scenery and resorts ; sport ; routes of 
travel, etc. N. Y. Appieton. 1882 [1881]. 310 
pp., frontis., 1 fold, map, illus. in text. 12^ 
[82,631; 47.] 21:1890 

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the United States navy. Lancaster. Pa. Author. 

1881. 125 pp. 12*^ [82,685; 47.] 29:2617 

Eeattie, William. The castles and abbeys of 
England, from the national records, early 
chronicles, and other standard authors. Lond. 
Virtue. [1880] 2 v. xvi-^352 pp., 1 port., 10 
pis., illus. in text; viii— 362 pp., 27 pis., illus. in 
text. 4^ [82,598; 47] *A 

Beesiy, A. H. Sir John Franklin. N. Y. Put- 

nams. 1881. 238 pp. 12^ [82,715; 47.] ^^The 

new Plutarch.) 24:1053 

Benoit, Charles. Chateaubriand, sa vie et ses 
oeuvr^'s; eiude litteraire el morale. Par. Di- 
dier. 1865. (,4-r)2^4pp. 12*^ [27.437; 47.] 


Benson, Eugene. Gaspara Stampa; with, a se- 
lection Irom her sonnets, ir. by George Fleming 
[Julia FLETceERl Bost. Boberts. 1^81. 85 pp. 
16^ [86,635; 47.J 25:1122 

Berlin. Akaifemie der Wi^enschiiften. Corpus 

inscriptionum Latinarum ct^nsiiio et auctoritate 

Aeademiie litterarum re^iie Borussiea^editum. Ber. 

Beimer. 1863-77. 7 v. in 9. f° [82,604; 47] *A 

Soft- J^r TabuliB ii;ehogr«|>ii» betoo^'og to vol. I ma BtocMv 

Qn^'cirs: Vot. I. Iasertpt:oD<« L*ria« anrqc:9*im» «d C. Cvsazi* 
mort-in. El->2r«<:jrvrccr TrrvnifD. K«*tt «oo lui.aa: ; *o. ty Theo- 
4lor M-JWfc.'k. Fa.^'^tt eoa^olarr^ j.<i. ft. a. c. 7<Sik ««!. by W:Ib«im Hxx- 
t«s. :»-'Ti-**9 pp., * j>i». -2 frt^d.. 

\'\'..t. IrdvrTC:oo«» H-«ptui « LAitor: «d. bj Erail HIbsbk. 
Itt— •»• -T».' pp.. I fo4ti tab-. 2 fo.vl. DMtCH*. 

V«>..3. laser int:<?ce!*A**«.pp'T-iiei*.'^in Ean:p»'5r»cftr:irn.rijnpiM 
L^::n«; »*%i. hy Tltafodor MoBa.<n. Pt I. IoArr'pctua**« A^sjypc: «« 
A'«:4t. lt»vrpc*;ot^^ pr t oe'^rum E^ropa GrviTtrcm. Ia«cripii' oum 
I!Iyr**'i cnrt^'-^ I V. xxxit— W*— 5i«« f:p. rt. i. Ia-«cripcJoo-TU L Ijrrci 
par ••■* \ I. \ IL K*!» «e^» oi:»i Ausrist:. E>lv?um ri-.«;i«-r:»ii- •:* 

Dkchca. (4* ^T-lliT pp.. I p«.. 4:ct«x. mipdk 

V- I. 4 l3.-»^np*:«-»Q** piir*>tariae Pomp*'.aL3«. H*n;alA3*»e«;'* St*- 
biu:.«: <**i. b« E.t.-i ZA^biUBwrcK V.i.'«*?ram ^*i!l:am «x«'^«4i<!n op- 
pt«it:i<t^r'x:omm !ii:H.*rtpCT«-n«3»: «\1. by R:olisrd Si.-«tfcs<. xx-^—'ST^ 

Voi.S. Ii.'Mir^pciontf* <^I' av c.salp;3» Lifio*; ed. by Th*o«ior 
Xoa»«B3i. Pt. I. li^Tpc:oo*» r«iti«-o** Icalae X. xx» -I'M* -o4i 
pp. Pt. i. lTid«rnpr.«Ki«» re^toaum liaiis XL «c IX. .4- 34j>l:iL5 
ftp. . i '.Old. aa*i cuL axAp*. 

V-7l. 4. Pt. 1. lascrrpc UD«» arbts Romar L.«£i9«. Cci>2«raat 
Gui.ffiti'is U^napfi ti J> h]inotr« BHoti^nt «i« Kotftti. Ed. by Eu^n 
bofta^ss Aa-i W Ibi«iin Hksus. lxt; .57:1 pp. 

\>Ti. T. l3aL*r«?ct<m<» Brtcaoa « Tf iff* : <dL by Em. I 3Ibxbk. 
xxi^i^ ~m pp., Ivn^l. oup. 

BsSftlt. Walter, trnd Rice, Jametsi. Sir Richard 

Vriii'.tinston. lord mavor of London. X. Y. 

Piitn.rmj. ^ 1-^81. 222 ppc 16- [82,^3:^: 47] 

tThe new Plutarch.' 25:1770 

Btza. Theodore. The irte ot' John Calvin. Tr. 

bv Francis SiBSOX. With copious coce:* bv an 

American editor. Phil. J. n/utA.ziiL. l>3«j. iv 

pp. li» [30,»19: 47.] 24:23 


History, etc. 

History, etc. 

Black, C. B. South of France, west half. The 
summer resorts, including the sea-bathing sta- 
tions on the bay of Biscay, the health-restoring 
spas of the Pyrenees and Vichy, the renowned 
claret-wine vineyards, the plains and lakes of the 
Landes and part of Spain. Illus. with 8 maps 
and 7 plans. 3. ed. Edin. A, and C. Black. 
1880. (20+)201-397-h6 pp. .16° [82,768; 47.] 


Butterworth, Hezekiah. Young folks' history of 

Boston. Bost. Estes and Lauriat 1881. xii,480 

pp., 62 pis., 8 mps., illus. in text. 12° [82,949; 47.] 


Cabot, Sebastian, Memoir of ; with a review of the 
history of maritime discovery. Illustrated by 
documents from the rolls, now first published. 
Phil. Carey and Lea. 1831. viii+v+327 pp. 
8° [39,604; 47.] 24:1 

Calhoun, John Caldwell, Life of; presenting a 

condensed history of political events from 1811 

to 1843. N. Y. Harpers. 1843. 76 pp., I port. 

8° [36,641; 47.] 24:19 

The same. Together with a selection from his 
speeches, reports and other writings subsequent 
to his election as vice-president of the United 
States, including his leading speech of the late 
war delivered in 1811. N. Y. Harpers. 1843. 
(2+)744-554 pp. 8** [T. 897; 47.] 24:19a 

Cambridge (Mass.), Exercises in celebrating the 
250th anniversary of the settlement of; held 
Dec. 28, 1880. Printed by order of the city coun- 
cil. Camb. C. W. Sever. 1881. iv,16:^ pp., 5 
pis., 4 ports. 8° [82,716; 47.] 30:1621 

Cartwright, R^v- Peter. Fifty years as a presiding 

elder. Ed. by Kev. VV. S. Hooper. Cin. Hitch- 

cock and Walden. 1872. 281 pp., 1 port. 12° 

[35,118; 47.] 24:69 

Catharine II., empress of Eussiaj Memoirs of; 

written by herself. With a preface by A. Her- 

zEN. Tr, from the French. N. Y. Appleton. 

1859. 309 pp. 12° [82,697; 47.] 24:92 

CaUSSidiere, Marc. Memoirs : secret history of 

the revolutions of 1848. Lond. Bentley. 1848. 

2 V. xvi+289 pp.; xv+288 pp. 12° [38,903 ; 

47.] 24:97-8 

Chambers. William. Memoir of Robert Cham- 
bers, with autobiographic reminiscences ot Wil- 
liam Chambers. N. Y. Scrihner, Armstrong and 
Co. 1872. 313 pp. 12° [32,805 ; 47.] 24:140 

Champlin, R^- James, who was born blind, Early 

biography, travels and adventures of, written 

by himself. 2. ed., rev. Col. 1842. 206 pp. 

12° [41,425; 47.] 24:142 

Chang Woo GOW. the great Chinese giant. The life 
and travels of: containing an interesting ac- 
count of his birth, marriage, interview with 
European potentates, and travels through China, 
England, Ireland, Scotland and France, and his 
journey to the United States. Written by him- 
self and tr. by his agent, Edward Parlett. 
N. Y. 1869. 15 pp. 8° [37,670; 47.] 24:144 

Cheever, Henry T. Memorials of the life and 
trials of a youthful christian in pursuit of health, 
as developed in the biography of Nathaniel Chee- 
ver, M. D., with an introduction by Rev. George 
B. Cheever. N. Y. Scribner. 1851. (iv+)x.\iii 
-1-9-355 pp. 12° [27,888; 47.] 24:194 

Chorley, Henry Fothergill, Recent art and society 
as described in the autobiography and memoirs 
of; compiled from the edition of Henry G. Hew- 
lett by C. H. Jones. N. Y. Holt. 1874. x-^'Sll 
pp. 12° [42,901; 47.] 24:202 

Churchman, John. An account of the gospel 
labours and christian experiences of a faithful 
minister of Christ. To which is added a short 
memorial of the life and death of a fellow-labourer 
in the church, our valuable friend Joseph White, 
late of Bucks county. Phil. J. Crukshank. 1779. 
vii-h250pp. 12° [29,531; 47.] 24:205 

Cibber, Colley, comedian and late patenter of 
the Theatre- Royal, An apology for the life of; 
written by himself. 3. ed. To which is now 
added, a short account of the rise and progress 
of the English stage; also, a dialogue on old plays 
and old players. Lond. R. Dodsley, 1750. 
(244-)555 pp., 1 port. 12° [27,299; 47.] 24:240 

Claver, Peter, A sketch of his life and labors in 

behalf of the African slave. Bost. Lee and 

Shepard. 1868. 117 pp., 1 port. 16° [38.397; 

47.] 24:271 

Clay, Henry,' Report of the committee of ar- 
rangements of the common council of New 
York, of the obsequies in memory of. [N. Y. 
1852.] 362 pp., 2 pis., 4 facs., illus. in text. 8° 
[30,335; 47.] 24:273 

Cochrane, Thomas, lO^A earl of Dundonald. The 

autobiography of a seaman. Lond. Bentley. 

1860. 2 V. xxiii+428 pp.; xiv-f (ii+)488 pp., 4 

fold, charts. 8° [28,267; 47.] 24:308.1-2 

Cochrane, Thomas Barnes, 1 1 th earl of Dundonald, 
and Bourne, H. R. Fox. The life of Thomas, 
lord Cochrane, tenth earl of Dundonald, complet- 
ing "The autobiography of a seaman." Lond. 
Bentley. 1869. 2 v. xix-|-416 pp., 1 port.; xi+ 
400 pp. 8° [38,141; 47.] 24:312.1-2 

Coghlan, Mrs. Margaret, daughter of the late 
Maj. Moncrieffe, Memoirs of, written by herself, 
and dedicated to the British nation ; being inter- 
spersed with anecdotes of the late American and 
present French war; with remarks, moral and 
political. N. Y. J. Fellows. 1795. xix, 184 pp. 
16° [29,541; 47.] *24:316 

Coleridge, Sara, Memoir and letters of; her 

daughter. N. Y. Harpers. 1874. xxxi, 528 

pp., 2 ports. 12° [40,428; 47.] 24:335 

Collamer, Jacob, Addresses on the death of, de- 
livered in the senate and house of representa- 
tives, Dec. 14, 1865. Wash. 1866. 85 pp. 8° 
[28,120; 47.] *24:339 

Colquhoun, -M^^j- J. A. S. With the Kurram field 

force, 1878-79. Lond. W. H. Allen. 1881. 

xii4-419 pp., 5 pis., 2 fold, maps, 1 fold. tab. 8° 

[82,804; 47.] 26:1757 

History, etc. 

History, etc. 

Conwell, Hussell II. The life, travclR, and liter- 
ary career of Bayard Taylor. Bost. Lothrop. 
[1881.] 357 pp., 14 pis. 12° [82,038; 47.1 


Cook, Joel. Brief summer ramblea near Pliila- 
delj)hia. Defscribed in a series of letters writ- 
ten for the Public ledu:er during the summer of 
1881. Phil. Lippincott, 1882. 303 pp. 12° 
[82,731; 47.] 2l:-^023 

Cousin, Victor. Madame de Chevreuse. nouvelles 

etudes sur les femmes illustres, et la societe du 

xvii*siecle. 4. ed. Par. Didier. 18(38. (4 + ) 

544 pp. 12° [31,894; 47.] 24:19U 

Cram, George F,, publisher. Standard American 
atlas of the United States. A complete guide for 
business men,8howirig all towns, Willi their po|)ula- 
tion, villages, post-oflSces, railroads, express routes, 
etc. Chic. [1881.] 81 pp., col. maps in text. f° 
[82,603; 47.] *8 

Cuyler, Theodore L. From the Nile to Norwa}' 

and homeward. N. Y. R. Carter. 1882 

[1881]. viii, 357 pp., frontis. 12° [82,856; 47." 


Darton, J. M. The heroism of christian wumen 
of our own time. N. Y. K. Carter. 18S2 
[1881]. (6-+-)373pp. 12° [82,860 ; 47.] 


OonteiiU : H. R. H. Princona Louise. — A. E. J«m»*».— L:uly Hopo. 
— M. Carpenter. — Mrs. Lucas. — Mrs. Dauioll. — .Miks Wj'.sion. — 
Mr». lUmvsrd. — Mrs. Reetl. — C. Tait. — K. R. IlJivcrgnl. — SiHtHr 
I>ora. — 'MrM. Fi.-her. — Mrs. Wiikefield. — C. R. A hop. — A. Mac- 
keDzio. — C. B. Tonna. 

Dawson, J^nicB. Australian aborigines: the lan- 
guages and customs of several tribes of abori- 
gines in the western district of Victoria, Austra- 
lia. Melbourne. G. Robertson. 1881. viii-^iii 
-l-ciii pp.. 2 ports., 1 fold. facs. 4° [82,795; 47.] 


De Costa, ^^v. Benjamin Franklin. Verrazano 

the explorer. N. Y. Barnes and Co. 1S80. 

(ii+)v,82 pp., 2 ports., 3 maps. 4° [82,594; 47." 


Dicey, Edward. [Camilla Benso di] Cavour: 
a memoir. 2. ed. Camb. Macmillan. 1861. 
xiii+242 pp., 1 port. 12° [34,374; 47.] 


Dodds, James. Thomas Chalmers: a bio- 
graphical study. Edin. W. OUphant. 1870 
xv+394pp. 18° [28,479; 47.] 24:120 

Dorchester Antiquarian and Historical Society^ 

Collections of the; Memoirs of Eoger Clapp. 

1630. Bost. D. Clapp. 1844. 2. ed. 1854. 

xvi,62(-f 2) pp. 12° [3:^,202; 47.] 24:260 

Contentn: Preface; Ebeneser Clapp, jr., Janfiei* M. Robbiks, and 
Edmund J. Bakbb.— Memoirs of Capr. Uo^er Clapp.— A i»hort account 
of tho author and hi^ family ; Jamen BLAHB.yr. 

DuChaillu, Paul B. The land of the midnight 
sun. Summerand winter journeys through Swe- 
den, Norwa}', Lapland and northern Finland. 
N. Y. Harpers. 1882 [1881]. 2 v. xvi+441 
pp., 30 pis., 1 col. map in pocket, lilus. id text; 
xvi+474 pp., 21 pis., ilius. id text. 8** [82,640; 47.1 


DuChaillu, Paul B. Lost in the jungle, ^^a^^ated 

for young peo[)le. N. Y. Harpers. [1S69.1 

viii, 260 ].p., 1 pi., iliu.^. in text. 12° [82,947: 47. J 


Dulcken, n. W., editor. \Vt)rtines of the world, a 
seriit? of historical and criticiJ sketches of tlio 
lives, action.**, and characters of great and emi- 
nent men of all countries and times. N. Y. Pitt- 
nam. 1882 [1881]. xiv-j- 7G8 i)p., frontis., illns. 
in text. 8° [82,034; 47.] 23:'>^8 

Ojiifents : ^5l^W•lltor Knl'Ms^h. — Nnpfleoii. — Kiiimind IJink«» — 
Friedii'-h von S<rhi!U'r. — Krfii'-iii-k tin* (irt^nt. — Je*tn B»|)ii'*te 
Poqii* liii d»* Molirro — lJt>cr(>r .S:un!i*-I Joh'i-on — Simon d«- Montlort. 
— Uilliain Sh:ik'*[^»»'are.— « 'livf-r GnKi«'inith.— DHnt*».— John BunvAn. — 
Willium EwHrt (Gladstone. — Mart in Luther. — Iloralio Neisfim. — 
fio<»rtrt*y • hrtiM'tT.— LonI C'hath.'^m.— Tlio Diiko of W^'llinuton.— B«»n« 
jf'iniii hisriK'li, enil of BofKroiffifld. — A!»*Xftnd<»r von Hiinriholdr. — 
Thoiii.i!- Cirlyle. — Thom-i^ A B»Tk«-t. — RofKTt Burns. — ("hriMophfr 
Coluinhu-..— Peter the (irea!. — «»ir VVnlter S<*oit..— Ji.lui!* ('«.*!*r. — 
John We.sley. — (it-orte .S»e|>hen:'«»n. — Ihnrle- Janie9 F«'X. — (»eorce 
W;l^^!ling:on —Sir Willi:im Wullat'i*.— Ch«rlc« Dirken.*.— WilliHin.Pitt. 
— J'lhn t.'alvMi.— Jo>«.|ih Viiui^al'li. — Alex.inder the Great.— Conlncin?*. 
— Oliv»'r Cromwell. — Alfre<l the Gr^'Mt. — (in-tnvuR Adolpbiiit. — So^rn- 
t»'S, — Kobcii Hriief'.- Jc'lin Knox.— ("hni !«.'(« ILiddon 8f»urgeon. — Vi'*- 
tor Hugo. — John Bright — Homer. 

Dumas, Alexandre Davy. Les grandes hommes 
en robe de chambre. Cesar. Par. Levy freres. 
1S()6. 2 V. in 1. (4-h)208~(4-l-)304 pp. 'ir>° 
[31, 029; 47.] 24:7 

Dumas, Alexandre Davy. Trois mail res. Par. 
Levy. 1809. a+)2()3(+l) pp. 16° [32,022; 47.] 


Contents : Michad-.^n^e.— Titien.— Kaphnei. 

Dundonald, HlfA earl of. See Cochrane, Thomas. 

Dundonald, ^Ith earl of. See Cochrane, Thomas 

Eaton, Charlotte A. Home in the 19th century; 
containing a com]>lete account of the ruins of 
the ancient city, the remains of the middle ages, 
and the monuments of modern times. With re- 
marks on the fine arts, the museums of 6cul|)turo 
and painting, tlie manners, customs, and religious 
ccremoni»'s of the modern Romans. 5. ed. Lond. 
//. G. Bohn. 18r)2. Vol. 2. (ii+)ix-f-431 pp., 12 
pis. 12° [9,064; 47.] 22:1810.2 

Ellis, Tristram J. On a raft, and through the 
desert: the narrative of an artist's journey 
through northern Syria and Kurdistan, by the 
Tigris to Mosul and Baghdad, and of a return 
journey across the desert by the Euphratea and 
Palmyra to Damascus, over the Anti-Lebanon to 
Baalbek and to Beyrout. Illus. by 38 etchings on 
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History, etc. 


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Hjivne.".— K. Wilk?*.— N. Gwlnn.— W. MounifiM t.— S. Sjindloiil.— Mrs". 
K. Barry.— Mr.-*. A. ohlfiehl.— U. S^tvnue — S. (>iillivr««.--C <— 
T. l»«».ffx«*t.— li Hooffi.— <i. FiirquhMr.— J. Qiiiti.— L. U>Hn.— Mr*. 
Wofflnjfton.— T. We ion.— D. tisiri u-k.— S. F-ioip. 

Vol. 2. «'. Mjiikliii.— .1. IIeu.l«Mm»ii.~Mrj«. C. ClHrke.— Mrs*. G. A. 
Bellnmy.— A. Murphy. —T. Kinp.— P. Ilol.ioit — Ci. F. i:«»ok««.— Mim. 
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R^nnii* r— !/• «•« ml♦'H^e de Moiyiip. — I.h |iriiic« ^ne de L «*vr n.— M. de 
lianuitf.— M. tlf Utuimnt.— Pliillippc II, <'l »«e8 uouVfRUX liistlori^nf. 

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History, etc. 

Harsh&i David Addison. — (continued.) 

Qmfenfi: DemosthenM.— «^icero.— Lord Chathaia.— E. Burke.— 
H. Graiian.— C. J. Fox.— Lord En'kiiie.--J P. Curmn.— R. B. Sheri- 
dan.— W. Pitt.— G. Canning.— Lord Brougham.— P. Henry.— F. Ametr. 
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history of Knox countv: its townships, ciiv. 
towns, villages, schools, churches, societies, indu- 
stries, statistics, et«\; a reconl of its soldiers in the 
late war; p«">rlraits of it8 early settlers and pn>- 
minent men; views of its finest buildin&r^ ; mis- 
cellaneous matter; map of the county: biographies 
and histories of pioneer families, etc. Mt. Ver- 
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Ansa OoniD^sa — Fr«sc«* d*AaVun«, mMchiODM^ ^ M^n:«ooo.— 

I ^7 

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Oantentt : Clcopatr*. — TKAbelU of CaMile. — Joad of Arr.— Maria 
Theref>a.— Joj*o))hine.— Eliskbeth of England. — Mary of Scollaod.— 
Crttherinc ot Kussia.— Marie Antoinetitr.— Madame Roland. 

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C'ten^f: S^inr Anlhonr.— St. l*a '.;?.— Hi- arirtn —Ar»eniu».— The 
hernui* of A*i»,—B^*i'. — Sini*^on Sty"i!*»*.— The hennit» of Europe. 
—Si. St^Tf^rinu*.— Hie iVItio heri«:t5.— S:. Msu». — St. Columt*.— St. 
Giithl.'H\ — St, it«Hlric of Finchale. — An'*hor;te*. 

Knox, Thomas W. Adventures of two youths in 
a journey to Ceylon and India, with descriptions 

^t. 3.^ 


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Sosthones, due de. Esquisses et portraits. 
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3[i+3il-l(-t-l) pp. 8° |_82,779; 47.] 22:1-'!'^ 

Lewis, J(il)n, Tho history of llie life and thu 

Hufferinf^s oJ Iho i-evtTi>iid und loanu-d John 
Wiclif. Together with a cnllpction of papePB und 
records i-i'laiing to the snid history, New td., tiorr. 
and onl. by the author. Oxf. CUmndon prtss. 
IftL'O. xxxii + 2:i5C+a) pp.. I port. 8° [W.137, 
47.1 23:1"39 

Lossing, Bunson John. Harpura' po)iuIar cyt-lo- 

pajdia o( United Slate" history, from the ohorig- 
itinl period tn !a7U. contaiiiinj; brief shuteheB of 
iniiHirtaiit events niid conspicuous uetorB. N. Y. 
Harpers. 1881. 2 v. viii-[-794 pp.. froiillB., 
iliua, ill text; (2+)7£l5-ll)05 pp., fronlis., illus. in 
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raied in connection with the potilical, ecclesi- 
ahtical, and literary hietor}' of hia time. Load. 
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Sols Vol. I. "N** Bnd re*, ediitoo, IMl." 
COHltnU. Vnl. '. 10>K-:;fl. 

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tion. Par. Lfey. 1866. iv+xii-f 271 pp. 16° 
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Oi»(«iti: M*daiiic Roliind— Marlr-AnUjintlLf. 

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woods and their friends, embracing the hietorj' 
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xxii t 41fi pp.. 2 pie. 8" [35.9H5; 47.] 23:1132 
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A record of archieologicnl researches in the 
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HlBTOET, «T0, 

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graplm personal and social. N. \. Hnlt. 1873, 

(ii + )v+Cii+)32a pp., 4 pla. 12° [38.997; 47.1 


Cbn'Mri; Suklman Pashn. — Alrmiiil'r Ton Hiimhal.k *l Ihv 
cmiti ..f B.Tlin,-<-Hr.linKl Wi-^n,Mn.- W. 8, Lnndnr.-Thf B-rrjB.- 
Il.iirtt'l, Iad7 Aahburlnu.- Kw. S. Snillli.— Ijuwl di;- of Hflnrich 

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9 pis., 2 fucs. 12" [46.163; 47.J *24:t>7 

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of Count Mint de Metilo, minister, ambassador, 
councillor of slate and member of the Institute 
of Franco, belwoon the years 1788 and 1815. 
Ed. by Gen. Pi.eisciimamn. From the French by 
Mrs. Cash el Hiiev and Mr. John Lili.ib. With 
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incorporation of Waltham. Jan. 15, 1738. ^h 
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historical and descriptive, with anecdotes of 
the court life and wild sports of the country 
in the time of Maharaja Jong Bahadur, G. 
C. B. To which is added an essay on Nipalese 
buddhism, and illustrations of religious monu- 
ments, architecture, and scenery, from the 
author's own drawings. Lond. W. H. Allen. 
188(1. 2v. viii(+ii}+418pp., 7 pis. (4 coi'd); 
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A monograph. Lond. Chapman. 1870. 

(4+)253 pp. 12° [39,885; 47.] 23:1203 

History, etc. 


History, etc. 

Peake, Eiizabolh. History of the German em- 
j)er»>rs and iheir conteniporiiries. Tr from the 

German and compiled frcmi authciiiir souree^i. 

Phil. Lij'piitcott, 1ST4. 5^7 pj>.. iilus. in text. 

t^ [4:^.545: 47-] 23:1-«J9 

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a hiM«>ry of secret service in thelale war. Phil. 

Lippincott. 1SS2 [VSSl]. o54 pp.. 8 pis., 1 map. 

12° [<L>,742: 47.] 30:50 

PolkO. Eli>e. .*^ch6ne Frauen. Handzeichnun- 

^eii. 2. Aud. Tropftau. H. Kolck. 1S09. 

2 V. .4-.24S j.p.: ,4-;3l3 pp. 1G° [42.38^; 

47.] 23:1204-5 

C'HfT^'i V- I. I I R-i-:^ . D e Pr rx#»*in Vi*«.-orri.— Ai:-r^r.x.iu- 
b*r. — RtrJu:: • * .i B-.;-». — \*.j.*- f--'A Kf:"ir. «-n — Ai«f-*an<lrsk S r» rx:. 
— 1»'> Vzy b-*. — En L«-:fX ^rT <\ ;dei-:- — E a Siltj mort.-xit. — " »* ter- 
»'ick*r'» S h«v**. 

V I. 2 i. R-iJ-^ . M »ri4 E> -nor*. ^ e F.-^un-iin H«>r.ier>.— Z«^i 
I)oh:^»r:r.T.»-n tje* !•■. J ir, -!.:;;•. ;•?.-:*. — -N ■•o «--n r« -a "t-m •»! i'>«- :'*— 
Eiii*- r<^-.".r.(i;:tf Fr:»i: ■:<-.* i^. J-tir: ^;T:.^rrt:^ — Horfe-n-r M.«i.iri:,.— !»:* 
er*!--* V-r-** '--• L^re3i> M*-:r.:*: .^ — :- ..j.«r 1> •>•; !::.;•. t.—M-ria 
farri-xi Ia.— Fau^in-* >l.tra:t:.— In S:. C: >i;.J. :T*7. 

Rae, W. F. Wiikes. Sheridan, Fox: the opposi- 
tion under Gcorije J J I. N. Y. AppUfon. 1S74. 
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Vol. primi tabolse lithograpbae: Acad, litter, reg. 
Boruss. *A 

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Scbuckers. J- W. The life and public services 
ot ^^ai^lon Portland Chase. United States sena- 
tor and governor of Ohio; secretary of the treas- 
ury, and chier-jostice of the United Slates. To 
which is added the euloirvon Mr. Chase, delivered 
by William M. Ev.vrts. before the alumni of 
Dartmouth o^lleire. June 24. 1S74. N. Y. AppU^on. 
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47.] 24:l^2 

Shepherd. Richard HerneanY Williamson.Charle 

^., <?•/•'*•; \«. Memoirs of the lite and writing 
of ThoTna< Cailyie. with personal reminiscences 
and Select; .»n> from his private letters to numer- 
ous CMrresponierits. Lvnd. W. H. AU.f!f\ ISSl. 

2 V. vi:i — ii — 3«.I7 f»p . S pis.: vi — ii —425 pp.. 
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Stothard. C. .\. The monumental effigies of 
iTreai Britain; selected from our cathedrals 
and churches for the purpose of bringing together 
and preserving correct representations of the best 
historical illustrations extant, from the Norman 
c«>n quest to the reign oi Henry VIII. With his- 
torical de-^criptions and notes by Alfred John 
Kempc. New ed., with larije add. bv John Hew- 
ITT. Lv>nd. Chattoand Windns. 1876. xxviii — 
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History, etc. 


Politics, etc. 

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Contents: Vol. 1. The «jf«» of the dt><«fN)i8. 2. ed. 
V'*|. 2. The r«*vival of learning. 
Vol. 3. The fine arts. 
Vols. 4-6 ItaliHn liternture. 

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study. Lond. Macmillan. 
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a biographical 
1869. xvi+328 


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Rt. Hon. Sir Edward Coke, Knt., lord chief 

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Politics, Political, Social, and Domestic Eco- 
nomy, Law, etc. 

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rende und erklarende Einblicke in die alltag- 
lichen Vorgiinge und Verrichtungen des haus- 
lichen Lebens. Zu Nutz und Frommen der deut- 
schen Frauen und Jungfrauen. Pest. A. Hart- 
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Oontenft : Vol.1. Anrffnu— R(>lnK'*ning.«EUMtnml. 
Vol. 2. HplKien—n«»utxoh'»s« Reich. 
Vol. :t. Deuiseher Bund— Frfeeirich derOrosse. 
Vol. 4. Fnef«en — Hordenberg. 
Vol.6. Hftiis — KonJ«iimfion.' 
Vol. 6. KonpiimtionMieiif r— MontgelftP. 
Vol 7. Moru."— pRupcrii*muH. 
Vol. 8. peel— RuRHlnnd. 
Vol. 0. UuHninnd — 8(Hftt*«rpligion. 
Vol. I". sr«nt9!*chiiIdpn~Verordnnnji. 
Vol. 11 Vor!*icheninKHRn»«t«lten— ZwJHcbenherrschafl. 
NachtrMg : Aogypler— Zollverein. 

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xi+226 pp. f° [82,591; 47.] (Ministeire des 
affaires etrang^res.) *54:3021 

Politics, etc. 




Copp, Henry N. United States mineral lands; 
laws governing their occupancy and disposal ; 
decisions of federal and state courts in cases aris- 
ing thereunder; and regulations and rulings of 
the land department in connection therewith; 
with forms, glossary and rules of practice. Wash. 
Editor, 1881. xxiii-t-14-5H0 pp. 8° [82,579; 
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tive moral statistics. The original expressly 
revised and abridged by the author for the Kng 
lish version. N. Y. Appleton. 1882 [1881] 
(ii +)xi-f :{88 pp., 4 fold. maps. 12** [82,680; 47. 
(Intern, scien. ser.) 54:2491 

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with comparative views of the laws of France, 
England, and Scotland. Ed. by John Kirki»at- 
RiCK. 5. ed., rev. Ed in. W. Blackwood. 1880. 
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precedents, selected from the column of rcplifs 
and decisions of the New York journal c)f (;om- 
merce ; an essential work of reference for ev<Ty 
business man. Hart. Amer. Pub. (^o, IHHl. vi, 
588 pp. 8** [82,699; 47.] 66:936 

Robinson, Harriet II. MaHsachusettN in the 
woman suffrage movement. A general, polit- 
ical, legal and legislative history from 1774 to 
1881. Bost. Boherts. IHHl. xl j K-265 pp. Ur 
[82,567; 47.] 64:1976 

Trlgt, Cr. A. van, editor. Los lmn(|nlerN et les 
quatre canges A Liege avant 146H. Introdue 
tion. Lo double etalon or et argent A IJ/'ge en 
i:^28. Brux. Editor. 1881. (4 ) )229 pp. 16" 
[82,777; 47.] 64:6H2 

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47.] 54:584 

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vessels in the United States of America. N. Y. 
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Science, Art and Industry. 

Appleton's cycIopsBdia of applied mechanics : a 
dictionary of mechanical engineering and the 
mechanical arts. Ed. by Park Benjamin. N. Y. 
Appleton. 1880. 2 v. (4+)9G0pp., 10 pis.; (2-f-) 
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^52:3402. 1-2 

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von Max Schultze. Bonn. M. Cohen. 1865- 

80. 18 V. in 22. 8° [82,971; 47.] *67:600.1-22 

A'oM. Vol. 10 (811 ppl.) ed. by R. Hertwig ; voIm. 11-18 ed. by ▼. la 
Vulettc St. George and W. Waldeyer. 

Audsley, George A., and Bowes, James L. Ke- 

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xii + (ii + )304 pp., 32 pis. (25 col'd), illus. in text. 

4^ [82,599; 47.] *A 

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xiii+492+xii pp.; xi-f655+xxii pp. 8** [77, 

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Bsinze, Angela. Der Zauber des Fleisses. Die 
Kunst, mit wenig Mitteln eine geschmackvolle 
Toilette herzuslellen. Nebst Anleitung zum 
Schnittzcichnen. Wien. A. Hartleben. 1871. 
viii-|-239 pp., 28 pis., 1 told, tab., illus. in text. 
12° [41,837; 47.] (Deutsche Frauenwelt, 8.) 


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Yorkshire. Lond. Simpkin, Marshall and Co. 

1881. viii + (iv+)187pp., frontis., 1 fold, col'd 

map. 12° [82,829; 47.] 42:1700 

Carll, Lewis Buffett. A treatise of the calculus 
of variations. Arranged wiih the purpose of 
introducing, as well as illustrating, its principles 
to the reader by means of problems, and designed 
to present in all important particulars a complete 
view of the present state of the science. N. Y. 
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in text. 12** [82,933; 47] 51:2593 

Colburn, i^orah. Locomotive engineering, and 
the tnef^hanism of railways; a treatise on the 
lirlnciples and construction of the locomotive 
engine, railway carriages, and railway plant, 
with exam|)leH. I^ond. Collins, Sons and Co. 
IH71. xlv j 320 pp., 65 pis., illus. in text. P 
[82,749; 47.] *52:3089 

Sounob, btc. 

Constantino, Joseph. Practical vcntilalion aod 
warming, with iltuslrations acid examples, 
and BuggcationB on the toneti-uction and heating, 
etc., of disinfecting rooms and Turkish batbi 
Lond. Churehill. 1881, xiv + !60 pp., illus. i 
text. 8° [82,817; 47.] 52:935 

Cristiani, R- S. A technical treatise on soap and 

candles; with a glanco at the induHtry of fals 

and oils. Illua, by 17()engr. Phil. Baird. 1881. 

xvi, 581 pp. 8° [82,824; 47.] 52:1723 

Cutler, Thomas W. A grammHr of Japanese or- 
nament and design, with introductory, descrip- 
tive, and ttiialytical' text. Lond. B. T Bats/ord. 
1880. xi + yi pp.,65 pis. illus. t. p. i" 
[82,603; 47.] *A 

Oarwln. Charles. The formation of vegetable 
mould through the action of worms, with ob- 
servations on their habits. With illus. N. Y. 
Applelon. 1862 [18811. (ii+)vii+32l! pp. 12° 
[82,687; 47.] 44:B21 

Gill. Leonard V., editor. The book of the rabbit; 

giving the history, variations, uses, points, se- 
lection, mating, managomont, exhibiting, judging, 
treatment of the diseases, and much other infor- 
mation bearing on the subject of fancy rabbits. 
Jjond. Bazaar off. 1881. (iv+)viii+440 pp., 
10 cot'd pis., illus. in text. 12° [82,781; 47.] 

Grigor, John. Arboriculture; or, a practical 

treatise on raising and managing forest trees, 
and on the profitable extension of the woods and 
forests of Great Britain. 2. od, Edin. Oliphant, 
Anderson and Ferrier. 1881. xv-|-416 pp. 12° 
[82,780; 47.] 43:«11 

Hall, Charles B. Geology of Philadelphia county 

and of the southern parls of Montgomery and 

Backs. With analyses of rocks. By F. A. Genth, 

and F. A. GENTH.jr. Harrisb. B'd Com'rs. 1381. 
Xx+145(-[-4) pp., 5 maps. 8° [82,938; 47.] 
(2. gcolog. survey of Penn ; Leslie, C H.) 

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United States geological survey of the terri- 
tories. Vol. xii. Wash. 1879. xi+324(+48) 
pp., 48 pla. (45 col.) 4° [82,908; 47.] (Depart, 
oflnt.) *42:16G2 

COatmU: Vol. 11. Frci-hwsipr rliHopods of North Am*ric»i 
loieplj LmuT. 

Ueldy, Joseph. Freshwater rhizopods of North 
America. Washington. 1879. xi+324(+-l8) 
pp., 48 pis. (45 col.) 4° [82,908; 47.J (U. S. 
geol. surv. of the territories, 12; F. V. llnyden.) 
LeIghtOfl, John. Suggestions in design. Beinga 
comprehensive seriesoforiginal sketches in vari- 
ous stylesof ornament. Arranged forapplicalion 
in the decorative and constructive arts. With de- 
acriptive and historical letter-press, by James K. 
OoLLiNQ. Lond. Blackie. [1880]. (ii+)xii+176 
pp., frODtiB, 101 pta. f° [82,760; 47.] *A 

3 SoiKNoa, sra 

[LukJn, Rev.i.'] Amongst machines. A descrip- 
tion of various mechanical ap])liances used in 
the manufacture of wood, metal, and other sub- 
stances. A book for boys, N. Y. Putnam Sons. 
18711. (ii-j-)viii -1-335 pp., illus. in text. 12° 
[54,128; 82,945; 47] 52:1369 

,Vo(«. Thii iB ■ecrsdiied by «ome «uiliorlilt.5 lo b:!iiiFi Tsjlor. 

McCook, Henry C. The honey ants of the Gar- 
den of the Gods, and the Occident ants of the 
American plains. A monogrnph of the architect- 
ure and habits of the honey- bearing ant, myrme- 
cocyatns melliger, with notes upon the anatomy 
and physiology of the alimentary canal ; together 
with a natural history of the uctident harvesting 
ants, or, stone-mound bDilders of the American 
plains. Illus. with 13 pis. Phil. Lippincott. 
1882 [1881]. 188 pp. 8= [82,675; 47] 44:2131 

McCreath, Andrew S. Third report of progress 
in the laboratory of the survey at Harrisburg. 
Harrisb. Bd. Com'rs. 1881. xx-i-126-|-4 pp., 
2 maps. 8° [82,938; 47,] (2. geolog.survey of 
Penn., 1879-80. M 3.) *42;i587.M 3 

Mafeaux, Clara L. The wonderland of work. 

Lond. Cassell. [1881.] vi(,-i-ii) + 312 pp., 

illus. 4° [82,706; 47.] ♦52:3133 

Om'mU: Ultl king Cosl it hom'ind abraad.— 7^« VtgbM iif Ldd- 
dou.-3lHkin« . lighl.-CoDEermng iion ind .t^.L-Thc loy-ilioj, at 

maWtng.— Forp«[ limber— in a.-rj niid id in*i.— FnrBtmro mid far- 
ph.Dum'iiking.-LMlljfrsnd'lMiher-worlitra.— Kid ([loieB.— Tlilngi 

MatheSOn, Ewlng. Aid book to engineering en- 
terprise abroad. Lond. Spon. 1878-81. 2 v. 
x-i-286 pp., frontis., illus. in text; (8+)472 pp,, 
fronlis., illus. in text. 8° [82,824; 47.] 

Nelson, Adrian. Practical boat building for 
amateurs; containing full instructions for de- 
signing and building of punts, skiffs, canoes, 
Bailing boats, etc. New and rev. ed., by Dixon 
Kemp. Lond. i. U. Gill. [1881.] (4-^-)108 pp., 
illns. in text. 12° [82,828; 47.] 52:883 

Nicholson, Henry Alleyne. On the structure 
and affinities of the genus monticulipora and 
its sub-genera, with critical descriptions of illus- 
trative species. Edin. Blackwood. 1881. xvi-|- 
240 pp., 6 pis. 4° [82,8:{0; 47.] *42:2637 

Rockwell, Alpbonao David. Lectures on elec- 
tricity (dynamic and franklinic) in its relations 
to medicine and surgery. N. Y. W. Wood. 188L 
viii, 132 pp., iltus. in test, 8° [82,864; 47.] 

Ruutz-Rees, Janet E. Homo decoration: art 
needle-work and embroidery ; painting on eilk, 
satin, and velvet; panel-painting; and wood- 
carving. With numerous designs. N. Y^. Apple- 
ton. 1881. 120 pp., 1 pi., illus. in text. 12° 
[82,729; 47.] (Appleton'a homo books.) 53:708 

Sheldon, J- P- Dairy farming; being the theory, 

practice, and methods of dairying. Lond. 

Cassell. [1881.] (viii-|-)xxii+5T0 pp., 25 col'd 

pis., illus. in text. 4° [82,762; 47.] *52:3180 



Poetry, etc. 

Smoke prevention. Keport from the select com- 
mittee; together with the minutes of evidence, 
appendix and index. Ordered by the Ho. of 
Commons to be printed 17 Aug. 1843 [and 9 May 
1845. Lond. 1843-5]. viii4-2;596 pp., 10 pis. 
(4 fold.), 4 diagrams; vi + 72 pp., 1 pi. f° 
[82,973; 47.] *52:3100 

Xote Boiiiui with the above: Second report from the select, Lond. 1815. — MfHiis* of obviating the evi's uiining from 
smoke «'Crafione<J l»y m<t«»iics nnd othi-r woiks ^^itlmt♦'(i iti iHtize 
towns ; SSir Henry ThoM. I>k La Bechk «nd Dr. Lyon Playfaib.— Act 
to Hbj»ti' the nnisHrce Mri>in>; tr(»m ihefnioke ol turimcf;* in the iii»»- 
iropo'is and Irom vessrU «hove London bri«lue, !»/>;{.— U«»n- 
sinnptton of :«nioke ; H-anl ol health. Loud. 18.51. — .Srnoke con.«nnj 
ing fiirnHce?*, 18«U. — iieinrn!* lehiiin^ to ih** law in lone with re>pect 
to the connnnipiion of smoke in cen.tin lar<:e towns in Kiiji^latid, IStiG. 
— Return ol th<* number of peis^ons farr>iug on the husine*>?« of lirev.d 
bM«ker!< convicted the >\x months ending M:irch, I8fi0, under 
pinoke nui8Hn(*e act oi lw5:{. — .Newspaper cuttings: I he eihics of 
(rincinnnti smoke ; Rev. Chax. W. Wk.ndte. (Cm. Commen-ial, Nov., 
187S.)— AlMienunt ol the smoke of cities ; N. P. Danvbidue. ^Cin. 

Strahan, Edward. Eludes in modern Fronch 
art, illustrated with 10 plates, India proofs and 
numerous fac>imilies of original dravvinjj^s. N. Y. 
a. Worlhimjton 1882. viii( + ii) + 122 pp. f° 
r82,935;47] *A 

Sullivan, Christina. Ex|)lanalion afid a|)plieation 
of elements and rules of perspective. Specially 
adapted for class instruction. With tj2 illus. Cin. 
P. G. Thomson. 1S82 [1881]. 95 pp. 12° 
[82,6G9;47J 53:829 

Taylor, ^^'"« *5ee Lukin, J. 

White, I- C. (it'ology of Susquehanna county and 

Wayne county. Ilarrisb. Bd. Conirs. 1S81. 

xi-t-243(-|-4) pp„ 2 maps, 8° [82,938; 47.] (2. 

geolog. survey of Penn. (\ 5] *42:1 '^87.(1 5 

Yapp, ^». W., editor. Art industry. Metal-work, 
illustrating the chit^f ])rocesses of art-work ap- 
])lied b}' the goldsmith, silversfnilh, jeweler, brass, 
copper, iron, and steel worker, bronzist, etc. 
Lond. Virtue and Co. [n. d.] vi-| 70 pp., illus. 
in text, 320 j)ls. with descriptive ti>xt. 1° 
[82,59(1; 47] *A 


Babbitt, Edwin 1). The health manual, devoted 
to healing by means of nature's higher foret^s ; 
including the Health guidt^ revised antl improvtwi. 
Together with brief treatises on the fine forccH; 
vital magnetism, in answer to Dr. Hrovvn Scminnl 
on nerve force, and ehromopathy. the new Hiifnce 
of healing by light ami color. N. Y. iitihhitt and 
Co. viii.21(;pp.JIIus. in text. 12" lH2.tl27; 17 | 


Boulnois, li. Percy. Dirty duKtblns and «h»p|'y 

streets. A practical treatise on the Heavengin^^ 

and cleansingof cities and towns. Lond. h\iifid 

F.N, Span. 1881. viii | 101 pp. 12" |H2.H||.r;j 

Coleman, Alfred. Manual of dfiitiil surgery innl 

Edwards, Joseph F. Malaria : what it means 

and how avoided. Phil. P. Blakiston. 1881. 

viii, 81 pp. 16° [82,851; 47] 45:2577 

Fowler, E. P. Suppression of urine; clinical de- 
scriptions and analysis of symptoms. 93 clinical 
casos, with illustrations, tables, and diagranns. 
Paper presented to the N. Y. Med. Chirurg. Soc, 
Dec. 14, 1880 N. Y. W.Wood. 1881. vi + (ii4) 
80 pp., 2 pis. (1 col'd). 8° [82,853; 47] 46:16C3 

Gill, John Beadnell. Indigestion. What it is; 

what it leads to; and a new method of treating 

it. 2. ed. Lond. Churchill. 1881. xii+259 pp. 

10° [82,811; 47.] 45:2576 

Hilles, Malcolm W. The anatomist. Being a 
complete description of the anatomy of the 
human body, intended for the use of students 
preparing lor examination. 2. ed. Phil. Lind- 
say and Blakiston. 1807. xii, 263 pp. 24° 
[59,871; 47.] 45:326 

The same. Impr. and en I. by the addition of 171 

wood engr. N. Y. Putnams. 1881. xix-|-3G0 

pp. 24° [82,084.] 45:326.a 

Lusk, William Thompson. The science and art 
of midwifery. ^\ Y. Appleton. 1882 [1881]. 
iii-f 087 pp., 1 pi., illus. in text. 8° [82,678; 






Maclagan. T. J. Eheumatism; its nature, its 

|)athology, and its successful treatment. Lond. 

Pickering. *^1881. xii -|- 333 pp., 1 fold, diagram. 

8° [82,810; 47.] 46:2418 

Purcell, ^^' Albert. On cancer, its allies and other 
tumours with 8))ecial reference to their medical 
and surgical treatment. With microscopical il- 
lustnitions. Lond. Churchill 1881. xi+311 
l)p. 8° [82,820; 47.] 46:3653 

Roberto, William. On the digestive ferments 
and the preparation and use of artificially di- 
gesti'd food; being the liumleian lectures for the 
year IHKO. Didivered before the Royal College 
of PhyMleians. 2. ed. Lond. Smith, Elder and 
(\>. 18K1. (jv I )vii, 74 pp. 12° [82,833; 47.] 


Roan, .InmeN. A trtwitise on the diseases of the 
n.rvtMis system. N. Y. W. Wood. 1881. 

>.. I pi.; xi -I 998+1 pp., 5 pis. 


2 v. XX I f»9J p 
M" |H2,7(l!i. 17. 

WllllAmi, Ilonry W. The diagnosis and treat 


(I f( 

i»oi( ol I hit diseases of the evv\ Host. Hough- 

Mfffhn mid Co. I8S1. xii-i464 pp., 9 pis. 

«»ld , '2 col'd), Illus. in text. 8° [82,.^54: 47.] 


Pontry and the Drama. 

patholojry. Lond. Smith, HIdcr and Co 
xi+342 pp., illus. in text. 12^» [82.8111: 17 | 

Dwight, Thomas. Frozen sections of a flilM 

15 engr. from nature by II. P. Quli»ey. N V 

W. Wood. 1881. v^-00 pp., 15 pi**- ^J," .. 

[82,865; 47.] •^45;'^1H I 

iMMj Bohn. ID-ni'v (leiirge. A dietit»n«rv of (quotations 

' h-MMI (he KhhINIi hoein Lnnd. /^W/. 18S1 xx-^ 

Yin |»p I-"' \mMi)i\ 17 I * 3i.7.> 

||yi'l)n,(li>Mi/ie(lMnlon Noo|./,ir,/ Poetry. Chosen 
mimI MMMh/i.MJ h^ MiiHhew AuNoi.n Lond 
•Uihmdhnt |MM| kUNvl | VIVO np, lo^'^ 



Fiction (English), 

Edwards, Henry Sutherland. The lyrical drama. 
Essays on subjects, composers, and executants of 
modern opera. Lond. W. H. Allen. 1881. 2v. 
(ii+)iv, 316 pp.; iv+312 pp. 12° [82,756; 47.] 


Gilbert, William Schwenk. Original plays. 2. 

ser. Lond. Chatto and Windus, 1881. (6+) 

338 pp. 16^ [82,789^ 47] 32:849 

Contents: Broken hearls. — Knuaged.— Sweethearts. — [»an'l Dnice, 
blm-k-niiih.— Urt'tohen. — Tom Cobb; <»r fortune'."* toy. —Thf sorcerer. — 
H. M. 8. IMnalore: or, (he lass that loved a sailor. — The piraieH of 
Penzance; or, the slave of duty. 

Haller, Gustav, editor. Bibliothek humoristischcr 

Dichtungcn. Halle. G. E. Barthel 1868-71. 

10 V. in 3. 18° [35,339; 47.] 56:2410-12 

(Jontenfs: Vol.1. Humoii-itisohe D^chtungen furgesellige Kreiae. 
1. Suinuiiung. zxviii(-i-ii} rl6(> PP> 

Vol.2. Sar-ff nod Schwank. — Heiiere Slucke von befreuudeten 
Diehtern, herauaigeg. vou U. K. Gkippk. (G-|-)158 pp. 

Vol. 3, Die Acharnor des Arimtopha.xes. In deut^cher Uebersetz- 
ung von Rudolph WiUTPiiAL. xix-pl^O pp. 

Vol. 4. IIuinorifttiHchp Lyrik des kl«.*'s«if»chen Alleiihums. Ueber- 
eetzuiigen von Kudotph Westphal. (4-f)l42pp. 

Vol.5. HumoiiHtische Idchtungenlur gesellige Kreise. 2. Samm- 
lung. xxvi-i-136 pp. 

Vol. 6. Humorefiiken; Theodor Wiskleb. (8+)l56 pp. 

Vol. 7. Pesnch Fardel. — Ein modemes Kpon iu 10 G»»j»iingen.— Hil- 

f)ah find Shalum, eine von«Ondfin(hiiche Geschichte, gf»sung«*n in der 
ang/iiliinii{en,get*ciu)drkelten,chinesischengrunen Theewt-is; Julius 
Gttuitse. (U+)llO pp. 

Vol. 8. I>er politische Kannengienser. Komddie in 5 Acten; Lud- 
wiK HoLBKRQ. Aus deui Danisch(>n uber»eizt von P. J. Willatzbm. 
(4+)lio pp. 

Vol.9. Ilnmori.stische Dlchtungen fArgescltigeKreise. 3.Sainm- 
lung, xxxiv-f 172 pp. 

Vol. 10. D.48 Reserve- Laznreth in SchSppenstedt. FOufnctiges 
Lustspiel in Ver^eu ; Heinrich Loscuqk. (4-f)llu pp. 

Liszt, Franz. Gesammelte Schriften. Heraus- 
gfd^. von L. Eamann. Bd. 3. Dramaturgische 
Blatter. Leip. Breitkopf und Hdrtel. 1881. 2 
pis. in one vol. viii-f-168 pp.; viii-f-258 pp.; 8° 
[82,972; 47.] 56:816.3 

Contenii: Pt. 1. Essay.** Ober musikali»che Buhnecwerke und 
BQhnenfragen, Komponisien und Durfteller. 

Pt. 3. Uichtird Wngner: Tannhuu:«er nnd der Sitngerkripg auf 
Warthurg.— Lohengrin.— Der fliegende UoUander. — Das Rheingold. 
Hit Noteubeiitpielen. 

Longfellow, Henry Wadsworth, Seven voices 
of sympathy, from the writings of. Ed. by Char- 
lotte Fiske Bates. Bost. Houghton, Mifflin and 
Co. 1882. xvi+258 pp. 12° [82,926; 47] 


Oberholtzer, Mrs, Sara Louisa. Come for arbu- 
tus; and other wild bloom. Phil. Lipjnncott. 
1882 [1881]. 147 pp., 1 port. 12° [82,733; 47.] 


Roach, Sallie Neill. Theon. A tale of the Ameri- 
can civil war. Phil. Lippincott. 1882. 220 
pp. 12° [82,732; 47.] 31:2843 

Spoffbrd, Harriet Prescott. Poems. Bost. 

Houghton, Mifflin and Co, 1882. vi-f 172 pp. 

12° [82,836; 47.] 31:1668 

Swinburne, Algernon Charles. Mary Stuart. A 

tragedy. N. Y. R. Worthington. 1881. 256 

pp. 12° [82,923; 47.] 32:1270 

Villon, Francois Corbueil, called. Poems, now 
first done into English verse, in the original 
forms, by John Payne. Lond. Reeves and Tur- 
ner. 1881. xcvi + 150pp. 12° [82,788; 47.] 


Fiction.— English. 

Balch, William S. A peculiar people ; or, reality 

in romance. Chic. Sumner. 1881. xii, 452 

pp. 12° [82,705; 47.] 35:1440 

Bjornson, Bjornstjerne. A happy boy. Tr. from 
the Norse by Kasmus B. Anderson. Bost. 
Houghton, Mifflin- and Co. 1881. 165 pp. 12° 
[82,917; 47.] 35:2156 

Bobby ftnd Rosie; or, a summer in the life of two 
children. By the author of " Lilies of the val- 
ley, and other stories,'" *'The story of a drop of 
water." N. Y. R.Carter, 1881. (4+) 188 pp., 
6 pis. 12° [82,843; 47.] 40:2053 

Clark, Charles Heber. {Afax Adeler.) The For- 
tunate i.Kland, and other stories. Bost. Lee 
and Shepard. 1882 [1881]. 333 pp., frontis., 
5 pis. 16° [82,842; 47.] 35:4314 

Omlenls : The Fortunate ij-lund.— The city of Burlesque.— An old 
fogy.— Jiunie. 

Clarke, liebccca Sophia. (Sophie May.) Quin- 

ncbassct girlS. Bost. Lee and Shepard, 11877.] 

viii, 336 pp., 12 pis. 16° [82,948; 47.] 35:4:^42 

Clemens, Samuel Langhorne. (Mark Twain.) The 
prince and the pauper. A tale for young peo- 
ple of all ages. Bost. Osgood. 1882. 411 pp., 
illus. in text. 8° [82,974; 47.] 35:4405 

Dingy house at Kensington, The. Lond. Cassell. 
[1872.] vii-f 392 pp., 4 pis. 12° [82,707; 47.] 


Ebers, Gcorg. The emperor: a romance. Yrom 

the German by Clara Bell. N. Y. W. S, 

Gottsberger. 1881. 2 v. (iv+)iv+319 pp.; (2+) 

322 pp. 16° [82,954; 47.] 37:1436.1-2 

Finley, Martha Farquharson. (Martha Farquhar- 
son.) Mildred and Elsie. N. Y. Dodd, Mead 
and Co. [1881.] 322 pp., frontis., 3 pis. 16° 
[82,839; 47.] 37:2181 

Fosdick, Charles A. (Harry Castlemon.) George 

at th(J wheel; or, life in the pilot-house. Phil. 

Porter and Coates. ' [1881.] 370 pp., 4 pis. 16° 

[82,741; 47.] 37:2400 

Fothergill, Jessie. Kith and kin : a novel. N.Y. 

Holt 1881. 446 pp. 16° [82,955; 47.] 

(Leisure hour ser. 130.) 37:2431 

French, Harry VV. Nuna, the Brarain girl. Bost. 

Lee and Shepard. 1882 [1881]. (2-f )322 pp., 
4 pis. 16° [82,8:^8; 47.] 37:2 173 

Hardy, Thomas. A Laodicean, or, the castle of 

the J)e Stancys. A tale of to-day. N. Y. H, 
Holt. 1881. (6-f )432 pp., 8 pis. 16° [82,952; 
47.] ' (Leisure hour series. 131.) 37:3997 

HaufT, William. Tales of the caravan, inn, and 

palace. Tr. from the German by Edward L. 

Stowell. Chic. Jansen, McClurg and Co. 1882 

[1881]. 397 pp., illus. in text. 12° [82,740; 47.] 


Oonfentx: Tales of the caravan: The caravan.— The cnliph stoik. 
—Tlie amputated hand.— The r»'!«cne of Faiima.— Little Muck.— Tlie 
fal-«e princo.— Tales of the inn; The inn in the Spe.«»sart.— The Hirnch- 
Guld«'n.— The maible-heart.— Said'ft adventures.— The cave of Sl^en- 
foll.—THies of the palace: The sheik's palace and hi«* slaves. — The 
dwarf Nosey.— Abner, the Jew.— The young Englishman.— The story 
of Almansor. 



Polygraph T. 

Holt, Emily Sarah. Joyce Morrell's harvest : or. 

the annais o< Strlwick bail : a sionr of the rtriiru 

of Eiizabeih. N. Y. R. Cirter. [iS^l.] iv. 372 

pp.. from:*. 12= [S2,^37: 47] 37:4'iy5 

Howells. Wiiliam Dean. D«>ctor Breen'spraciiee: 

a n'jvei- B-i-st. 0*7»/. IS^Sl. 272 pp. 12 = 

[S2,701: 47] ' 37:4732 

Irving. Fanrie Belle. Six girU : a home story. 

2. trJ- Ri-st. J. Q. Alim4. ISSl. vi, 455 ]•;•. 

12= [-2.>4^:: 47.] 38:50 

Kollogg. R^^f^- £l:j:ah. The ^^i^een hand : or. 

Jame$ ReLfn^w an J hi-? b v btrlr-ers?. lilu*. 

B:^:. Zr- a^f 5v/jri. l^-2"[i-^l]. ,2- ::2r 

pp.. 4 pis. lo= [-2.^4M; 47 ] 38:T52 

Like i iren-.ieraar:. B>:. Z^< :n / .?vp .t f. l'^^2 
[I^-'l]. :v-2:opp. !•;= [^2,MI: 47.] 


Lyster. Ar.te::c. \ Ivai. l:^hT btart. L •:^i. 
.N.>r. ■':' /r *.i. ':\'< C'lj- r'. ri^-^i] 3%: : p. 

4 pi*. 12= [-2.;:o. 47] " 38:ii'^"-4 

HftTShRll. £xum:i. I>rwJr:.|;f> and diLiTi 'nJs. 

X. Y. r?r-t- -is: ^'> [l^-i'i] viii— :;44 p].. 

5 p':*. 12= [^2.4-.^: 47 ] 38:2o2». 

leedell. Mn. J-Ln il 'ii-.-r. jGiian Karflakr*^ 

se«:rvt a n-jvel. PL:.. Z j/^.^-^. 1>>2 ri'^'^l] 

33i pp. 12= r-2.74o: 47 ] 3i::>527 

P^ter Parlry * a? Laa!. Fvr l'?''*2 Being ihe 
siraLi?c'a';.-r>,s :•: Tidier— Tai;-r — S •liier — S:*:- 
lor— Ri'.-h Hiar: — P*:- r mari — P. xiz^ b-?v— Thi-f. 
Ixr.i. C*^^:\ '1-^2^ t:::.27:*pi.-. 2*^^r:*. 12= 
[S2.7«>4: 47.] " " '37:3137 

Sbiliaber. Ber.jaiEin P. J/-^ P:r:.ii/*:-.. The 
d:sb; club: or. xhe livdy b-?y« of R:v- 
ertowc. Bojt- I^.e j^i.Virr:-:. 1^^2 [*^^i] 
314 pp.. 4 pi*. \^- [^2.>4o;*47.] Ike Panicir 
ton «er. 3 39:l^'^o 

Stables. Gvrdoc. Wri adversture* in wild pla- 

c«*. Lir.i. Ci-^^y. [l^^l.] vi::. 17«> pp.. 

iila*. S= [^2.711: 47.] 39:- -45 

VMisey. J^if ^*rah C. 5v* : % ' .o. >-. A 
Gaercsey lily: or. L:w the :e-i wa* ht-alcd. A 
tlory for j->l> and b:y*. Bo^*^ Z-.r-ff*. IS.'?'!. 
X— "-:— 23^ ip.. 3S pi*.. :..u*. :ii text. sq. 12 = 
[Si.<»4o: 47] * 40:>32 


Cambridge trifles: or. «['Iatieriijg< from an un- 

defi-raJuate ptrn. By ihe aatii *r of "A day of 

mv lire at Eton." etc. N. Y. P\i*rxam. IftSl. 

249 yy. U;= [-2.55-: 47] 33:527 

Cooke. J'isiah Parsons. Scientific callure, and 

other essa vs. X. Y. AfpU:t^n. l!;Sl. vii-r- 

151* pp. 12- [-1,4^9: 47] 33:1216 

of f-*.i*-"*> - -■'O*-— i.-,- ni: -»-:*r.— Mtrr.-:r ;f Taomx* Gr»tum. 
— Ji^zts r "' ^ vrr. Uk '■«*-» M .>r. 

Diman. R^- Jcremiaii Lewj>. Orations and es- 
say s^: with selected pari»h Sermons. A me- 
morial vojome. Bc»st. B:'^-jh*Oft, AI»miR »ind Co. 
1>'?2. X— 41»j pp.. 1 f-.Ti. 12= [S2.924: 47.] 


O. . n.'t . \ -" :: t.*-. t\: i- . ..-—r** - J. !._ r-:rr.*\r.. tj iUr. 

J^"..*-'*. MrtcAT.— L :-ri'ii i- ^ : « ■ r -* Mir»-«-«: Tn* i!>eii»- 

•:--.- f :. - -3-.-i:-di r *** tt ?•:.:. ■;■. — T.-* r:.*:i -s r.f ftcai^mic 

-■-• -r-.— \-. :r^* ;.: r^* .-i* :— f v.- t • -.-.*r: ro It>i*r Wil- 

-r.-. «>:. •*» :•?-— Tr.- .-------: -.'M-ir: .«iop#-— '^■r H'trrr 

Va-.-. i . :---- . iT-.'.-i •--: -«• :l* T, . .: I- »r i H -trie*; S-^-it-tj, 

M*r..' r*. :•"• — ;.-_ r r -, \~-'-j • . :"*'- *?<_— Us T-r>.;\ ..^r;-3rm- 

* ;* '-.-I* : .-s. : .'ri-. — _ i*. T- »*y. I!.* *r :'h. and 

•*.* ' f*. — »'*.' "'. r-«- ^re*i f -.'- — . :..-*: ;- -h* rc-a'-ro' ^ * resur- 
V-;-: : .— rr.r H-.T ■?! r: . :'.* r: z- :: :.-=:r.— Tr.- *-wri*m of ihe 
E -J '•■ "-t.— Tr.* k -jT-tt: f itir-a ^- i : ^- k rri'.ai of G«tare. 

Disraeli. Beiijamin. c-7r' -/ B- i-ryh^ndi^ Wit and 
wi-^d'-m of. Col.ertei from his writings and 
>I»eecLes [bv Hei.rv G. OALCBArrj. N.Y. Apple- 
•Oft. 1-^i.' xi;i-3^2 i}.. 1-'= tsi.632: 47.J 


Edwards. Eliezer. Woris. facts, and phrases. 

A .1:^:: 'i.ary .f cur: ♦a<. quais.t.and oat of-the- 

w.nv mailers. Phil. Lt^xcyt. [ISSl.] viii — 

t.ol pp. 12= [-2,7>2: 47.] 33:356 

Golden ihoiiirhis on mother, home and heaven. 
Fr: m i-.-eiio and pr.'Se literature of all ages 
and all Ian is. With an inir-.Kiuction bv Rev. 
Theo. L. Cutler. Cin. F:-s\fe md McJJakin. 
lf-1. 2- 414 pp.. 13 pis- S= [S1.491: 47.] 


Grocott. •!- C. An iniex to familiar quotations. 
Seieiie*! principally fr:m British authors, with 
parallel passaires in;»m vari-u-^ writers ancient 
a lid modern. 6. ei.. er.l. and rev. Liverpool. 
E. Hyn :. 1>>1. iv— 594 pp. 16= [S2.7S3; 
47.1 ^^-35.5 



Jennings. Honry J.. Ouri.^slties of critioisnr 

L-i.j. C'.:-:' :. : IF.-, fu.*. 1>^1. ^ii— '16 

pp. 16' [52.704: 47.1 Mayiair Mb. 33:-'31 

■eaities :'horre. X. Y. Arrvr^.i. 1>S1. 134 Kinsley, William W. Views on vexed questions 
p:i. 12= !S:.4<S: 47] Aipleton's h.^me Phil. Z'>;;>»i\r. IS^^l. 3>«» pp. 12= 

*As " ' 33:'>"4 L— -v>'- ^" ] 33:24K 

Browa. J i^-- :/ Z':^**.rv4. An €->:ima:e of t:.e 
DQiLrer?* ar. i pr:rv'; of the vlrsies- 5. ed. 
Ltyri. Kn S < 1757-5 2 v. 2j: pr : 2r*5 ? y 
12= • ' ?.51S>. 7"-«27: 47 ] * 33:-^ 1-2 


a*-'T:v T^- *~:-r-*:..-^.— >C*-:t '. f- S*::*- t*;* human.— 
^ .'. ^ r •..-;*- 1- - r.; *r r«-- . : ^ £- :.»--<?»»if -. j^ :...- . ; .4:^ —The ke j to 

• 0-: 

"52,-:! -^^ ' 

Blu^- his •-;■:?.* :.<, 

X. Y. At.'i':\, 

47' 33:>>4- 

Lang. .\i:drow. The lib.^ry. With a chapter 
luv'iern Kn^lish i.lustrate-i b^ ks bv Aus 

I. Oliver Brll 
seLtiT.eLts. ar. 
15S1. 2>2 ir. 

• • 

Barfce. Eirr.-:. i. l-rtters. st revhis slj travts c r. 

Irish a5i r?. C .-r.tri ar.i arrar^rei by M.^t- 

tbew Ar!s -LI.. W::: % rrtface. L:t:i. Ji.: > Latchford. Henry. The wit ar i wisdom of par- 

■1^:211. 1^51. x:::— 439* pp. 12= >2.76:> 47 ] l:.Hinoni. 1. -nJ. '.;:.<>ci:. ^l^^l.] viii. 192 

33:131 piv 15-^ [52.717: 47] 33:2560 



1S:>KS.»N 1. r.d. -!/:.-> ;\is, ■>>:. xv'— 184 pp. 

4 pis, ^:i I.- 1 . illus. in text. 12= [52.760:47] 

Ar: :;■ Ik r.:e s^r' *L 

•''. ' r- > » *:. ^1 f r *.-- S.-ck i=r:*r.— Tl* '.srcArr.— The 





lIENIiY GARLICK, Praidtni, 

ISAAC ADLER, Triamrer, 





J. W. UNDERUlLL{ra-<>^«o), 



Faikmoukt Woolen Milw (340 Wmt Fourth strbkt) 
77 W. Third strket (Gilbert ate. akd Kemper sti 

Court Houmk (39i Lonowobth street) 

34 AND 3G W. Third strkkt {.')4T W. Court street; 

. 184 W. Sbi;o.nd strbbt (219 Clifton atxnue; 

26 Clinton street (418 Johm bthket) 

X«IBE.A.BI Ji.33" : 

Albion Place, Mount Auburn. 

every day in Iho year, SiindBys included, from 8 a. m. to 10 
p. H. The special dopnrtmpnU arc open ss follows : 

Dkhvery Hall, (eicept Siindnysl 8 a. m. to 10 p. M. 
Main Hall, (every day) 8 a. m. to 10 p. m. 
FKRiODifAL KooM, (oviTy day) 8 a. m. to 10 p. m. 
N BwitPAFKR Koo», (every day) 9 A. M. lo 10 v. a. 
Art Room, (except Sundays) B A. u. to 6 p. u. 
" " (on Sundays) 9 A. M. to 4 p. M. 

Rradino Rooms. — Any person of good deportment 
and babit?. wbetber rasidiug in Cincinnati or not, may 
consult books, periodicals, or newspapers io the reading 

Home itse of Books'. — Reaidenta of Cincinnati 
may withdraw books by registering name and residence and 
furnishing satisfftctorj security in the form proscribed by 
the RoHrd. ( In lieu of otber security a deposit of three 
dollars or of tlio value of the worti desired may be made.) 
Xon-reaiilenta may withdraw books by making a de- 
posit of three dollars and an annual payment (in advance) 
of five dollars. 


two weeks, and may be renewed for the same period, after 
which they can not be reissued to the same person until they 
huvR been in the library twenty-four hours. 

Fine on books over-due, Ibrno cents a day, and after a 
week, cost of recovery. 

Books are not issued to any one owing fines or charges 

The Librarian is at all times ready to assist p«r- 
1 the investigation of special subjects, bj indicating 

ts of information s< 

far as the Library 




iplaints should be made in the Bret instance 
to the Librarian, either in person or by letter ^'n'nj theaame 
and residena of the person aggrimtd. Anonymous com mu- 
ni cation a can not be noticed. 





Allen, Frederic D. Eemnants of early Latiriy 

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den GheriionDes.— Dritt« Rede gegen Philippos. 

Vol. 2. Rede Tom Kmnze.— Rede gegen Leptineo. 

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Conteni4: Vol. 1. Rinleitung und Text. 

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Note. Only 360 copies printed. 

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Oontenfa: Vol.1. Alcestis.—Andromachft.—Bacch*. — Hecuba. — 
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Vol. 2. Heraciidre— Hercules furens.— Supplices.— Hippolytaa. — 
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Vol. 3. Ion.— Cyclops.— Medea.— Oreetefi.—Troadea.—FhOBnissaB. 
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Vol.2. Pt. 1. Helena. (ii+)xx-f 174 pp. Pt. 2. Andromacha. (ii+) 
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Note. Bound with the above i»: Nachtrag su Horatius. Vod 
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ili-bea gmilrn,— Tochwr Sjoa.- Van unta AlHiiun.— DiileciitobM. 

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^p|(. Vols. 1-3. 2ie umgearh. und *rweit. Aufl. Vol. S. Eegl- 

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"■ ' " ■" • 1:2549 

Sect, II.; Gottfried Stallbaum.) 

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auit, prolcgomenis et commentariis illustravit 
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setze zur Fortfuhrung und Berichtigung der 
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(2+;317 pp. 12° [83,159; 48.] |:3638 

Contents: Vol. 1. A b excess u divi AuKiisti I-VI. 
Vol. 2. Ab excesHU divi Aiigusti XI-XVl MU der Rede des 
ClHUdiiis iiber das Jus honornm der Gallier. 3. verb. Aufl. 

Theocritus. Idyllen. Mit deutscher Erklarung 

von Ad. Th. Hermann Fritzsche. 2. neu 

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12° [83,128; 48.] |:2595 

Thucydides. Erklart von Johann Classen. 

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xci+291 pp.; 195 pp.; vi+215 pp.; (2+)228 pp. 

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Ijric poets; with an historical introduction and 

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iv(+ii+)184 pp. 12° [83,112; 48.J |:2432 

Ulfilas. Friedrich Ludwig Stamm's Ulfilas, oder, 
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Neu herausgegeben von Moritz Heyne. 5. Aufl. 
Paderb. F Schoningh. 1872. xii4 476pp. 12° 
[83,088; 48.] (Bibl. der altesten deutschen Lite- 
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gisches Worterbuch. Leip. Teubner. 1877. 
2 V. in 1. x+560 pp.; (4+)561-1294 pp. 8° 
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Note. Bound with the above is: Fremdwdrter jm Gnechischen 
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Von rier Pfle«e der Neuffeborenen.— Unreinhcit der Menfltrairenden 
unit W6chnerinnen.— Ueoer PaderaffticundSodomie.— ZurOeschichte 
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Vol.2. Da« Bild dea Greisenalter*.— Vom Selbstmorde. — Dfe 
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and the series ot diHCOuraea in reply, by the Rev. 
T, B. FoRBUsil, pastor of the unitarian church, 
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OHi'enft.- Dab Cnnci] und hclne OvHiiFr. S. unTerilnd. AuS. SI 
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Dha ■llnrnplDB Concil 


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Qjn'jBlt; Riogmphipnl nkPlch.— ThP mi'rrrof life.— Mfflaphyi- 
k-B of l.ivc— Gpnliii.— JE"lht(lM of potlr/.— Elupalion. 

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Bophie. XIV 4-1041 pp. 

Vol. 2. Pt. 1. Sokrnten und die Sokratiker.— Pinto nnd die Hlte 
Akademie. x+tfOO. Pt. 2. Ariatoteles und die alten Penpatetiker. 
x+948 pp. 

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History, Biography, Geography and Travels. 

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Being a correct and impartial narrative of the 
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Plummer's road agent band, together with ac- 
counts of the lives and crimes of manj' of the 
robbers and desperadoes; the whole being inter- 
spersed with sketches of life in the mining camps 
of the *' Far West;" forming the only reliable 
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Eich, Friedriih, editor. (lotienkbliitli/f zar Erin- 
nuriing an dio RnllifilluriKsftier dcs Luther- 
Denkmiils in Worms ilmi 24., 25 und 'Hj. Juni, 
18G3. Im Auniaf^H dcH Auhsl-Iuissl'b duH Lutticr- 
Cenkmal-VortiiiH. Woiran. Bmiusgdier. 18l>8. 
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Elliott, Com. JcBHe Dunciin, A biographical notitu 
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tween him and the late Commodore Perry; and a 
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Blitulion. By a citizen of New York. Phi!. 
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witli numerous notes and illuwlralive engravings. 
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Prom numerous unpublished sources, in the 
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und verm. Aufl. Lcip. Sirsel 1881. 3 v. 
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The masons of Lowell, Mass,, Monday evening, 
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the Ij'nching of the negroes Taylor, Davis and 
Johnson. A chapter of horrors unequalled in 
the history of crime!! Showing that mobs are 
more to be feared than criminals. Indian. In- 
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Note Has hIho the following title: VerfRS^ang und Demokratie 
der Vereinigten SiArtten vou Amenkn. ThI. I. SlaAtensouveniDei&t 
and Sklnverei. Abih. 'H-ii. 

Contents: Vol. I. Von der Administration Jackson^s bis zur An- 
nejcion von Texas. 

Vol. 2. Von der Annexion von Texas bis sum Kompromias von 

Hoppin, James Mason. Life of Andrew Hull 

Foote, rear-admiral United States navy. N. Y. 

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yore; Vol.2. Pt. 2 pub. Hann. Helwing. 

Contents: Vol. I. Vom F'rflhjiihr bid Dezember I818. 
Vol. 2. Pt. 1. Bis zum Schluen der er^ten VerfHSSungsberathnng. 
P(. 2. Bis zur SelbsiauflOsung dftr NationuIversammlunK. 

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Contents: Heft 1. Vorwort.— Urkunden Ober dR« Uaufi Habi^burg- 
- PI. WEiS'tfiKBACii.— Ueber das Sclmchzabelbuoh ConrndH von Ain- 
menlmuMcn, nmi di<> Zofinjser Hpnd^chrifi der«Melben ; Wilh. Wacrbs- 
KAGRL.— Sftge Toro Kdnig Rudolph von Habt«burg; PI. Wrimbrkbach. 
— Wernht'r 5jchodeler, der Chronikschreiber ; PI. WKiHtiCNHACH. — 
Prei Urkunden fiber die Rechte des Freiamta auf dem rerhtt»n 
Reuj>8urer, der Vogt<>i Berkon und derStadl BremgHrten im 14. Jahr- 
hundert; mit Bomerkungen zur Lande.**- und Rir-chtfgewhlchie von 
PI. WRi^tiRNBACH.— l)ie Aargaaische KHntou>bibliothek; Heiurioh 
Kuaz. — Rpgenten.— KloHlerHrih'V zu Muri. 

H«»tt 2. Urkunden Ober da? Uaun Hab.oburg (Forfhefzuvg) ; 
PI. Wri:«8Rnbach.— Ueber day SchahzMb^'Ibuch Konradf* von Ainnieii- 
haui-en (l^/rtsertung); Wilh. Wackrbnaqcl.— Brufhftu«-ke einea alt- 
deuisch»»n DmniHR vou einii^en Mli««n PergamontfJireiren den Klonters 
Muri: K. Orulrr. — Drei L'rkunden fib^r die Ker.hie dp*« Freinmis 
auf dem reohten Rfu-nuft-r, eic. IFor'ntzutig); PI. WcissRNBArH. — 
B**K*hreibung Piner Handschrift CiirUtor bilber^isens, Abis voo 
Weitinger; A. £. FbAblxcb. 


Kurz, H- and Weissenbach, P.— (continued.) 

nma. CrUiinden flbrr dan Hmia HnUtbiirg. {Ft.r'M'iii'-ay. PI. 
WiiuiiMCH— tlflirr (1.1- Si'hHi'liubelhucn Konrud- vui. Aniinrn- 
hiu'pn l&*li»>); Willi. Wtcitii^igKL,— HDncliiii'a iwi^hcn Zftrieli, 

I in dKr Ziiflngpr'siiaibli lifillirk ; 


ntmHIorrn niKi drr UutdibU^Vo'- 

KnwIIMi Ini K.nlDii .IBrgmi'.— IHc Pf.rrkirrhM lu Kgi(riii>ll und 
fidarlik<'ni PI. U'lii'Hi.iiifH.-Knn'lioii.-i.-lie Uni.niinii'n in drr 
miiielHli»iilphsnNnm*nffnim. BwimaiuralleHi-ii TopriKfnpliiB 
der Hctiwrii: Orroiri ncuiaii ffnnnnti.— Lie Areliive dpx KunlnnK 
Airjmu; PI. Wimm**™ 

Langdale, nharloH. Momoirsof Mrs. Filzhurbert; 
with an account of her niarriitf;e with H. R. II. 
the Prince of Wulea, nflerwards King Georjje IV. 
Lond. Bentley. 1856. 202 pp., 1 port. &° 
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ing; with noiiccB of tiiM writings, his times, and 
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Lehmann, Max, compiler. PruusBen mid ditr ka- 
thnlische Kirche i»eit 1640. ?Iach den Acten 
dcs geheimen Slaatsarchives. Thl. 2. 1740-47. 
Veranlasfit and untorsliitzt durch die k. Arehiv- 
Verwalluiig. Leip. S. Bind. 1881. 14+7U1 *pp. 
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Slaatsarchiven, lU.) *28:1298.10 

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2 V. xviii 4-415 pp., 11 pis., 6 col'd map§; viii-f 
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(it-f-)vii4-3;-ll pp., 14 pis., illos. in text. 12° 
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Julian Fane: a memoir. Lond. Murray. 

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xvii + ;i57 pp.. 1 port. 8° [8:1,323; 48.] 29:1729 

Mahon, Lord. See Stanhope, P- H. 

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Clive: collected from the family papers com- 
municated by thl? Bar) of Powis. Lond. Murray. 

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vi + 381 pp.; iv+413pp., 8° [35,455; 48,] 


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Lord Fairfax, eomniander-in-ehiei of Ihe army 

of the parliament of Bngiand. Lond. MacmiUan. 

1870. xii + tii+)480 pp., 1 port., 6 mps., 2 plans. 

8° [33,350; 48.] 24:891 

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2 V. xiv4-375 pp.; xiv+3a8 pp. Vl° [83,409; 

48.] 28:l'i04.1-2 

QmJ«fi: Tol.l. Vor dem Blurm, 

Vol. %. Ou jkHr isee. 


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noted during a residence with his lordship al 
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Benjamin Cubrbn. Halifax. C Annahd. 1869. 
(ii+)ii+755 pp., 1 fold, lab., 1 fold. faes. 12" 
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Olaudah Equiano. St-e Vassa, G- 

Oliphant, 'Vr^- Margaret 0. Wilson. Francis of 
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vi + (ii+)448pp. 12° [46,283; 48,] 23:1202 

OmltnU: Mnd»nif3«i'lehii«'.— LiinourKcwiilii-.— MudiinpPiiM- 
riirpiiiitlrr.— Mtdimp de LiimiirliDr.-'Mndimr LtKv. — Gor. VliB- 
throp'. Kifc-MipBC. Kni([hl— Bini.cii Mil«t— Mre. Dflnnjr. 
— Hurrlol K. Bunt.— Mi» Boonnquel.- Urr. Jiimv»on. 

Parry, William. The last days of Lord Byron, 
with his lordship's opinions on various sub- 
jects, particularly on tho state and prospects of 
Greece. To which are added reminiscences of 
Lord Byron, contained in letters addressed to 
Leicesler Stanhope. Par. A. and W, Galignani. 
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Pitman, John, A diacnurse delivered at Provi- 
dence, August 5, 1836, in commemoration of 
tho first settlement of Rhode-Island and Provi- 
dence plantations. Being tho 2d centennial an- 
nivprsary of the Rcttlement of Providence, Prov. 
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Confrnts: J. Swift, — J. Drydon. — S. Richaidson. — H. Fieldinj;. — 
T. Smollett. — R.CmnbfTlHn*!.— U.CioldBmlth. — S. Johns»on.— L.Siem*. 
— H. Mackenzie— H. Walpole.— C. Reeve.— Mro. Aon Radclifte.— A. 
R. Le Sage.— O. Johnftone.— H. Kage. 

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48.] 24:847 

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count of his great march through Georgia and 
the Carol! nas, from his departure from Chatta- 
nooga to the surrender of Gen. Joseph E. Johns- 
ton and the confederate forces under his com- 
mand. To which are added : Gen. Sherman's 
evidence before the congressional committee on 
the conduct of the war; the animadversions of 
Secretar}' Stanton and Gen. Halleck ; with a de- 
fence of his proceedings, etc. N. Y. Bunce and 
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SIxt, Christian Heinrich. Petrus Panius Verge- 
rius, piipstlicher Nuntius, katholischer Bischof 
und Vorkampfer des Evangeliums. Bine refor- 
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ger's Brustbild und 44 Originalbriofen aus dem 
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With an a])pendix of illustrative notes. By Wil- 
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historical series, 5.) *30:1207 



History, etc. 

Smith, -Rev. William, provost of the University of 
Pennsylvania. HiBtorical account of Bouquet's 
expedition against the Ohio Indians, in 1764. 
With preface by Francis Parkman, and a trans- 
lation of Dumas' biographical sketch of General 
Bouquet. Cin. R Clarke. 1868. xxiii-hl62 
pp., 2 fold, pis., 1 fold, map, 1 fold, plan of battle. 
8° [33,315; 48.] (Ohio valley his-orical series.) 

Smith, i2ev. William, provost of the University 
of Pennsylvania. Eelation historique de I'expe- 
dition contre les Indiens de TOhio, en 1764, com- 
mandee par le chevalier Henrj'' Bouquet, colonel 
d*infanterie et ensuite brigadier-generale en 
Amerique; contenant ses transactions avec les 
Indiens relativement a la delivrance des prison- 
niers et aux preliminaires de la paix; avec un recit 
introductoire de la campagne precedente de I'an 
1763 et de la bataille de Bushy Eun. On y a 
joint des memoiros militaires contenant des refle- 
xions sur la guerre avec les sauvages, une methode 
de former des etablissemens sur la frontiere, quel- 
ques details concernant la contree des Indiens; 
avec une liste de nations, combattans, villes, 
distances et diverses routes. Trad, de Tanglois 
par C. G. F. Dumas. Amster. M. M. Rey. 1 769. 
xvi+147(-f 9) pp., 3 pis., 1 fold, plan of battle, 4 
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The life and times of Lewis Cass. N. Y. Derby 
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onowden, James Ross. The Cornplanter memo- 
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the Cornplanter, and of the six nations of Indians; 
and the report of Samuel P. Johnson. Published 
by order of the legislature of Pennsylvania. 
Harris. 1867. 115 pp.,frontis. 8° [28,559; 48.] 


Contents: Report; S. P. Johnson.— Historical sketch; J. R. Skow- 
DKN. — Speech of John Lvrk, councillor ol the Seneca nation. — Speech 
ol Stephen 8. Smith, chiet of the six nations.— Appendicep, containing 
speeches of Cornplantkb, and addrens of Washington to Corn- 
planter.— Statement of the present condition of the six nntionn. 

Stanhope, Philip Henry, bth earl Stanhope, vis- 
count mahon. Life of Louis, prince of Conde, 
surnamed the great. N. Y. Wiley and Putnam, 
1845. 2 pts. in 1 v. viii+159 pp.; vi+154 pp. 
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Channing. Geneve. Ramhoz et Schuchardt. 

1867. 159 pp. 8^ [83,060; 48.] 24:155 

Symmons, Edward. A vindication of King 
Charles: or a loyal subject's duty. Manifested 
in vindicating his soveraigno from those aspers- 
ions cast upon him by certaine persons, in a scan- 
dalous libel, entitnled, The kings cabinet opened: 
and published (as they say) by authority of parlia- 
ment. Whereunto is added, A true parallel 
betwixt the sufferings of our Saviour and our sov- 
eraign, in divers particulars, etc. [Lond.J 1648. 
(26+)3l2(+6) pp. 12** [35,401; 48.] *24:160 

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account of the appearance and pretentions of 
Joseph C. Dj^lks in eastern Ohio in 1828. Cin. 
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(Ohio valley historical 8er. Misc. 3.) In *30:1209 

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to Turner; being a series of biographical 

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2v. viii+343pp.; iv+318pp. 12° [35,889; 48.] 


Three months among the moose. "A winter's 

tale" of the northern wilda of Canada. By a 

military chaplain. Montreal. J. Lovell. 1881. 

168 pp. 12° [82,886; 48.] 21:1725 

Valiente, Porfirio. Reformes dans les iles de Cuba 

et de Porto-Rico. Avec une preface par fidou- 

ard Laboulaye. Par. A. Chaix. 1869. (iv-f ) 

xx-f412pp. 8° [52,679; 48.] 30:2255 

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the life of Olaudah Equiano, or, Gustavus Vassa, 
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port. 12° [31,364; 48.] 24:793 

Waterman, R^- Elijah. Memoirs of the life and 
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tion of letters, written by him, and other distin- 
guished reformers; also, notes, and biographical 
sketches of some of his contemporaries. Hart. 
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Henry Brush, with supplies for General Hull, 
1812. 2. Expedition of Governor Meigs, for the 
reliefof Fort Meigs, 1813. Cin. R.Clarke. 1870. , 
vii, 58 pp. 8° [26,801; 48.] (Ohio valley histor. 
ser. Misc. 2.) In *30:1209 

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the several towns of Long-Island, with their 
political condition, to the end of the American 
revolution. A new cd. Brook. A. Spooner. 1828. 
181(+3)pp. 8° [53,613; 48.] 30:1186 

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of Field Marshal Sir John Burgoyne. Lond. 
R. Bentley. 1873. 2 v. (6+)506 pp., 1 port.; 
(4_|-)508 pp., 1 facs. letter. 8° [39,822; 48. J 


Founoi, ETC 3 

HtilU;* K I'l^l'.Trt^utiDrg bi« zorn En']<; de^ 14. 

ek/rifi. V'^'ih. Tiii — ;i'i4 pp. 

>^;hi<-l.U Qu<;tlen. ^. Abtti. I>i[ lorn 

PolHict, Political and Social EconoMy. Law. 

Andrew*, Urat;! Ward. Maiiiml ot the on^tita- 
ti'jii of tl»: L'riitc'd Stal«M, dcfigned lor tbe tn- 
Mru'iti'jtt of Anierican youth in the dotieit, obli- 
(Cati'inn, and ri};hln of citizenship. Cin. Fun 
Anttctrp. lirag'j and Co. [u'>p. IfjIJ.] viii— 370— 

ixxviii pp. i:;* [<{,;',»;i(; 4h.] 55:1737 

CbaM, •Salifion Porlland unif Cleveland, Charlea 
l>..xtiT. Anti-Slavery uddre«-«h .,1 le44 and 
ltit&. I,-.nd, .S". /.our. Iee7. Mil j-p. itJ" 
[»»2,'J*i5i 4H.] 54:105-' 

JflCObSOhn. ^'"ah. DieBovialeZundnu'lel. Wirth- 
M;)iuftli';lic Jleirachtiinf^en and VorKchliige zur 
F'>rd.-ninK de» (Jel-iumlaufM doroh Hebung des 
Ik-ul- und I'irw..i.alKrt<lilH, B<r. A. Cthn. I«i;7. 

^4-ijiU:ipp. i:;" [i^:V'«7; 4«0 54:«47 

Llppent, ilippolyto. KxpMHe du Kystemc dc la 
|i-|{i''lBliiiij eiviliiMurk'H droiln dont kd elranijerB 
joijiiiHtinl eii JSelgiquc Gand, W. //o«/e. 1871. 
xii . I'Wi pp. H" |_8;i,0:jH; 48.] ^Coricours uni- 
v.!r«ilaire, lHi:il-7'I.J 55:15U7 

MaCleod. Henry Uiinniii^. The elements ot 
(■(.■« iioinicH. a. Y. AjipUton. 1881. Tol. 1, 
xxii-;415pp. I'i" [8a,.S:{l; 48.] 54:346 

Menclus, The mind of; or, political economy 
tnunded upon moral pliiloBuphy. A syBtcmatic 
di){cHt of the doctrincH oi'tho Chincao philosopher 
UunciuM, B. c. :i^a. Th« original text classified 
and tranHluted, with notes and explanations, by 
the Itov. K, Fabkr. Tr. Irom the (jcrman, with 
noli'H and emendations, by the Rev. Arthur B. 
HiiTCKlNBON. Boat. Houghton, Mifflin and Co. 
18K2. xvi-f291(.f2) pp.* 12° [83,335] 48,] 


Parsons, TheophilOB. The law of contracts. 
ti. cd. Boat. Little, Brown and Co. 1873. 3 v. 
iwxiv^ «45 pp.; xxi+970 pp.; x+746 pp. 8° 
[83,1«1; 48.] 55:72:J.l-3 

PolitZ. Karl Ileinrieh Lndwig, compiVerand editor. 
Die europiiiHchcn VcrfaSBurigen Beit dem Jahre 
1 789 bin Buf die neueste Zeit. Mit geachichtlichen 
Krliiuterungcn und Einleitungiin. 2. neageordn., 
und erganzte Aufl. Leip. Brockhaua. 1832-3. 
•A V. in 4. xxiv-l-668 pp.; (4+)fifi9-1226 pp.; viii 
-I-48H pp.; x-Ht:25 pp. 12° 183,045; 48.] 


Wamacit, F. ■*. Das Princip der politischen 
Gieicliberechiieangund die mrxiernen Enmnci- 
rragen. SLii^zirunff der leitenden Grniid- 

[b'iMl'i: 4h'\ ge'lai.Len zur Srstemau^iraDg dei 

>n 8Uii>l#nbnndrii. 

mungrn Pmnhrelchs, 

liund OrMehcDliD 

Voreinigton Staaten von i>«ntBchland, Die, nnd 

JbrTerh&ltniHiaEoropft. Ham. O.Meissner. 

1880. (*+)S!^|fe^HMUfe£^ ^•^'"' 

(iei^icbtBpatik(«. Uai 
174 pp e= [-3.37=: 

Gcbr. Bthre. 1H8I. 

;] 54:1507 

Science, Art and Industry. 

Adamy, Rudolf Archtieklonib auf bietonscber 
und acfctbeti^'jber lirondlage. Unter kOnat- 
leri^chcr Jdilwirkung voti A. Hacpt. Hanu. 
Uelmng. Ij-ol. 1 vol. in 3 pis. x-rl89pp., illuB.; 
X— :i3«pp.. illus.: xvi-320 pp.. illus. »" [83, 
359: 4^1 53:^41-3 

C-.-'trii.; P(. I. In. Atch.i»li:g.»-. Kun^t. Pl.t .ln-hii.-kionik 
drt ;:\. !.i.„-:t„a A.itnr.i-m-. P:. .1. Ar.liiitfcioi.iii Jrr H-IIbdid. 

AnderSSOhn. Aurd. Die Tbeorie vom Maasen- 

druck ails der t'erne in ihren Unirissen darge- 
stcllt. Bres. Treieendt. ISau. vii(-i-ii)-|-71 pp.. 
8 pis. 8' [83.470; 48] 5|:2355 

Avery, Elruy M. Elements o( chemistry; a 

textbook lor schools. N. Y. Sheldon. 1881. 
x-354 pp.. illus. in text. 12° [83,337; 48.1 

Beer, August. Einleitungin die matbematische 
Theorie der Ela^ticilat utid Cupillarilat. 
Herau>g. von A. (JiEMK.s. Leip. Teubner. 1869. 
vi-f-iyii pp., 4 pis. 8° [83,454; 48.] 51:2364 

Beer, August. Grundriss des photomctrischen 

(-uicQks. Braun. Vieireg. 1854. vi+105pp.. 
illuB. in lext, 8° [83,460; 48.] 5I;2489 

BerttlOllet, Claude Louis. Eeeai du statique 

chiniique. I'ar. F. Didot. 1803. 2 v. viii^- 
543 pp.; viii + 555pp. \Z° [83,362; 48.] 

Billet, Felix. Traite d'optique physique. Par, 

Mallet -Bachelier. 1858. 2 v. xv+viii+54U pp., 
7 fold, pis.; (iv-(-)xvi+U40 pp.. 7 fold. pla. 8° 
[83,349; 48.] 51:2492.1-2 

Biot, Jean Baptiste. Traite de physique experi- 

mentalo et nialhematiquo. Par. Detervilte. 
I81G. 4v. (iv+)lxvi-l-538(+l) pp.,6fold. pla., 
1 fold, table; (4+)551 pp., 4 fold. pU., 2 told. 
tables; (4-|-)5l6 pp., 6 fold, pis.; (4-|-)780(4-l)pp., 
7 fold, pis., 2 Jold. tables. 12= [83,364; 48.] 

Briot, Cbarlee. Essais sar la tbeorie mathema- 

tique do la liimiere. Par. Mallet- Bachelier. 
1864. xxU+132pp. 8° [83,363; 48] 51:2491 
BruhflS, C. Die astro noniiae he Strahlonbre- 

ehung in ihrer historisohon Entwickelung. 
Leip. Voight und Gunther. 18U1. xiv-|-181 pp., 
4 pis. 8' [83,390; 48.] 42:99 

Buff, Ueinrich, and others. Lehrbuch der physi- 

kaliBchen und theorelischen Chemie. 2. Aufl. 
Braun. Vieweg. 1863. 1 vol. in 2 pt«. ix-|- 
553 pp., illus. in text; xii-|-38fi pp., illus. in text. 
8° [83,237; 48.] (Grahnm.Olto'B Ausilihrlicbea 
Lebrb. der Chemie, 4. umgearb. Aufl., Bd. 1.) 


Cbnlmlt: Pt. 1, PhT'lknliache LrhrFn; Hcinriuh Bi rr, HennuDD 



Science, etc. 

Bunsen, Kobert. GasometriBche Metboden. 2. 

umgearb. und verm. Aufl. Braun. Vieweg. 

1877. xi+387 pp., illus. in text. 12° [83,4(56; 

48.] 51:1538 

C, TJ. B. Kunst und Leben. Leip. T. Thomas. 
1869. 299 pp. 12° [83,017; 48.] 53:3 

Carnot, Nicolas-Leonard-Sadi. Reflexions Bur la 
puissance motrice du feu et sur les machines 
propres a developper cette puissance. Par. 
Gauthier- Villars. 1878. (6+)102 pp., 1 port, 1 
facs. 4° [8/1,359; 48.] *5I:3142 

Note. CoDtaiDS also **Notice biographique Bur Sadi Carnot.*' 

Chladni, Ernst Florens Friedricb. Die Akustik. 

Neue unverand. Ausg. Leip. Breitkopf und 

ffdrtei 1830. (ii+)xxvi+242 pp., 11 pis. 4° 

[83,478; 48.] *5I:3143 

Clausius, Rudolph Julius Emmanuel. Die mecha- 
nische Warmetheorie. 2. umgearb. und vervollst. 
Aufl. des unter dem Titel **Abhandlungen liber 
die mechanische Warmetheorie '* erschienenen 
Buches. Bd. 2. Braun. Vieweg. 1879. xii+ 
352 pp. 12° [83,461; 48.] 51:2772 

OontenU: Anwendungder mechanischeD W&rmetheorie tu Qrunde 
liegenden Priozipien aDi die Eleclricit&t. 

CiausiuS, Rudolph Julius Emfnanuel. Die Poten- 
tialfunction und das Potential. Ein Beitrag 
zur mathematischen Physik. 3. verm. Aufl. 
Leip. J. A. Barth. 1877. x+178 pp. 8° 
[83,235; 48.] 51:757 

ClebSCh, Alfred. Theorie der Eiasticitat fester 

Korper. Leip. Teubner. 1862. xi-|-424 pp. 

8° [83,248; 48.] 51:2054 

Fechner, Gustav Theodor. Massbestimmungen 
uber die galvaniscbe Kette. Leip. Brockhaus. 
1831. xii + 260pp., 1 pi. 4° [83,477; 48.] 


Fechner, Gustav Theodor. Ueber die physika- 

lische und philosophische Atomenlehre. 2. 

verm. Aufl. Leip. JET. Mendelssohn. 1864. 

xxii(+ii)+260 pp. 8° [83,241; 48.] 51:1593 

Ficklin, Joseph. Elements of algebra, designed 

for grammar and high schools, academies, etc. 

N. Y. Barnes, [cop. 1881.] iv, 296 pp. 16° 

[83,336; 48.] (Barnes* new ser. of math.) 51: H4 

Fowke, Frank Rede. The Bayeux tapestry re- 
produced in autotype plates, with historic 
notes. Lond. Arundel Soc. 1875. vi4-(ii-f ) 
191 pp., 79 pis. 4° [66,635; 48.] (Under the 
sanction of the sci. and art. depart, of the com. 
on education.) *A 

FritSCh, Anton. Naturgeschichte der Vogel Eu- 

ropa's. Prag. R Tempsky. 1870-71. 2 v. 

(iv-f.)xv+506(+ii) pp.; (12) pp., 61 col'd pis. 

8° and P [83,341; 48.] *A 

Goiige^ Henry Albert. New system of ventilation 
which has been thoroughly tested under the 
patronage of many distinguished persons, being 
adapted to parlors, dining and sleeping rooms, 
kitchens, basements, collars, vaults, water-closets, 
stables, preserving-rooms, churches, legislative 

Gouge, Henry Albert.— (confmweJ.) 

halls, school and court rooms, prisons, hospitals, 
stores, show-windows, hotels, banking-houses, 
restaurants, coal-mines, powder-magazines, rail- 
road tunnels, factories, pork packing houses, 
ships, steamboats, etc.; also passenger and freight 
cars. 4. ed., enl., with new illus. N. Y. Van 
Nostrand. 1881. (4-f )176 pp., illus. in text. 8° 
[83,324; 48.] 52:976 

The same. 3. ed. 1870. [1,990.] 


The same. 2. ed. Brook. 1867. [2,416.1.] 


Groth, P- Physikalische Krystallographio und 
Einleitung in die krystallographische Kennt- 
niss der wichtigeren Substanzen. Leip. Engel- 
mann. 1876. xvi+527(-f3) pp., 3 fold. pis. (1 
col'd), illus. in text. 8° [83,247; 48.] 42:2130 

Helmholtz, Hermann Ludwig Ferdinand. Hand- 
buch der physiologischcn Optik. Leip. L. Voss. 
1867. xiv-f 874 pp., 11 pis. 8° [83,240; 48.] 
(Encyklopadie d. Physik, 9; G. Karsten.) 


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theorie iii6canique de la chaleur. 

Vol. 3. Con»«6queDce8 philosophiques et mdtapbyMiques de la 

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partments of the animal kingdom, quadrupeds, 
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Oontent»: Vol.1. General naturalhiitory of the world: Mammalia. 

Vol. 2. Reptiles. — Fishes. — Inseota.— Crustacea. — Moilusca.— 

Vol.3. American fauna: Mammalia.— Birds.— Reptiles.— Fishes. 
— Invertebrata. 

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Vols. 2-4. Specielie physlologische Chemie. 
Vol. 2. Pie Verdaiiung und Resorption der NAhrstoffe. 
Vol. 3. Blut, Respiration. Lymphe, Cbylus. 
Vol. 4. Die Organe des Thierkorpers und ihre Fnnctionen, d«r 
Gesammtstoffwechsel der Tbiere. 

Science, etc. 


Science, etc. 

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Krilik der bisherigen Losungen des Gravitati- 
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der Siizung der konigl. Akadeniie der Wissen- 
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(Hiilfsbucb beim XJnterricbt im Kopfrecbnen, 1.) 


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Vol. 2. Pt. 1. Tht*orie und Bhii derTiirbinen und Waai>errrider. 

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Atlas. 11 pis. sq.P *5|:3146 

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vom Standpunkt der mecbaniscben Warmetheo- 
rie. Braun. F. Vieweg, 1869. viii4-150 pp. 
8° [83,463; 48.] 51:1801 


ontlrlg ^ulldjn. 

No. 49. 


HENRY OAKLICK, Prtsidtnt, 

ISAAC ADLEB, Trtamrer, 





J. W. UNDKRHILL(ra-<!j!cia), 


I Weut Fbokt stsbbt (6G3 Babterh 

r Woolen Millb (340 Wkst Poitrth stkbbt) 

77 W. Third htrebt (Gilbert ate. and Keupek stbb«t) 

Court House (392 Lonqworth bthebt] 

3i AND 36 W. Third street (547 W. Court btrebt; 

184 W. Second street (219 Cuftos atknub) 

26 Clinton btreet (418 John 

r.IBiejLBIA.lSr : 

Albion Place, Hoditt AcBCiur. 

ever; daj in the year, SuadHya included, from S a. m. to 10 
F. M. The BpeciBl departmpnU «re open hs follows : 

Dklivbrt Hall, (except Sundnys) S a. m. to 10 f. m. 
Maim Hall, (every day) 8 a. m. to 10 p. m. 
Pkriodical Room, (every day) 8 a. M. to 10 F. M. 
Newsfafer Room, levery dny) S a. u. to ID p. u. 
Art Roou, (eiucpt Sundays) 8 a. m. to 6 F. H. 
" " (on Sundays) 9 4. M. to 4 p. m, 

Rbadiho Rooms. — Any person of good deportment 
Rnd habit», whether residing in Cincinnati or not, may 
consult booka, periodicals, or newspaper* in the reading 

Home use op Books.— J7e«idents of Cincinnati 

may withdraw books by registering name and residence and 
furnishing satisfactory security in the form prescribed by 
the Board. (In lieu of other security a deposit of three 
dollan or of the value of the work desired may be made.) 
Non-reiildent» may withdraw hooka by making a do- 
posit of three dollars and an annual payment (in advance) 
«f Ave dollars. 


two weeks, and may be renewed for the same period, after 
which tfaey can not be reisaucd to the same person until they 
have been in the library twenty-four hours. 

Fine on books over-due, three cents a day, and after a 
week, coat of recovery. 

Books are not issued to any one owing fines or charges 


1. The Librarian ia at all times ready to assist per- 
sona in the ioveatigation of special subjecta. by indiraling 
the sources of information so far as the Library contains 

2. Books not in the Library will be purchased on ap- 
plication to the Librarian, unless there be a sufficient reason 
against it. 

3. All complaints ahould be made in the first instance 
to the Librarian, either in person or by letter jrinn^ the name 
and reiidenee of the person aggrined. Anonymous comma - 
nicatiana can not be noticed. 


RiLiaioM, nc. 


Religion and Theology. 

Balnbridge, William F. Aroond the world toar 
of christiaD miaeions; aaiiiversalaurvey. Witb 
maps of prevailing religions and all leading mis- 
sion Htations. 2. ed. Botit. Lothrop. 1832. ' 
xvi+583 pp., 2 col'd maps. 12" [S3,«50; 49.] 

4:2540 . 
Barth, Chrietopb G.,editor. Die ilyihen des Le- - 
beosjesa. AuBzugeans ''Haiat ul Kulub. oder i 
GeficbichteMuhamedubeachrieben nuch der Htbi- | 
ili&chen Tradition voD Mnhamed Bacbir." .Neb)<t - 
einem das " Leben Jcsu von Dr. SLranss" botref- i 
feoden Anbang. Siutt. J. F. Steinkopf. 18;-{7. ; 
44 pp. 12" [83,034; 49.] In 3:3064 \ 

Beall, Edgar C. The brain and tht; bible; or. ' 
the conflict between mental seieTiet and the- ; 
ology. With a preface by Kobert C Isqkr^oll. '■ 
Cin. E. C. Beali. 1882. xxvii+263 pp. 12° 
[83,657; 49] 3:3425 ; 

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N. Y. AppletiM. 1882. viii— 359 pp. 12° i 
[83,658; 49.] 3:3069 j 

Ladd, George T. Tbe principleeof churcb poliiy 
iliuBtrated by an analysis of modern Congre- 
gationalism and applied to certain important 
practical questions in the government of cbris- | 
tian churches. Sonthworth lecturcH delivered ut 
Andover theological seminary in the years 1?79- 
1881. N. Y. Scribnert. 18S2. xxiii-r-ias pp. 
12" [83,659; 49.] " 3:4379 

MacdufT, Rev.iuha R. Hosannas of the children, 
and other sermons for young worshippers; or, 
s chime of bells for tbe little sanctuary. N. Y. 
Carters. 1882, xi-i-354 pp., frontiB., illos. 12° 
[83,776; 49.] 5:5:^52 

Oekumenische Concil, Das, vom Jahre 1869. Pe- 
riodische Blatter Eur Uittheilang und Bespre- 
chnng der Gegenaiande, wclche sich auf die 
neaeale aUgemcinc Kircbenversammlung bc- 
ziehen. Herausgeg. von M. Joseph Scheebe-n. 
Regensb. F. Pustet. 1870-71. 3 v. (iv+)iv, | 
436+xlviii pp.. frontis.; (4+)548 -f xxxii pp.. i 
frontiB.; (4+)484(+3)pp., frontis. 8° [8:i.090; ' 
49.] 4:2912.1-3 

Pick) ^o. Bernhard. Index to Lange's Com- 
mentary on the Old Testament, l. Hebrew. 
II. Topical. N. Y. Scribnert. 1882. vi+3+ 
36 pp. 8° [83,676; 49.] 3:940 

Preoer. Wilhelm. Goecbicbte der dentscben 
l^'stik im Hi ttel alter. Nach den Quellen un- 
tersucbt und dargeetellt. 2. ThI. Leip. Dorffling 
«. Fratike. 1881. vi+4«8 pp. 8" [83,555: 49.] 

in der entn HilAe in 14. 

Philosophy and Education. 

Almanach der Eaiserlichen Akademie der Wis- 

senschaflen. 3U.Jahrgang. 1880. Wien. Qerold. 
1880. 241 pp. 12" [83,542; 49.] 2:3998.30 

Bilharz. Alfona. DerhdiocentrischcStandpunkt 

der Weltbetrachtnng. Grnndlcgnngeo su einer 
wirklichcn Xaturphiiosophie. Stutt. Cotta. 1879. 
xvi-|-326pp., 4 pis. 3* [83,525; 49.] 2:808 

Bowne. Borden P. Metaphysics: a study in first 

principles. S. X. Harpers. 1882. xiii-r534 
pp. 8" [^3J73; 4;'.l 2:788 

Browning, O^car. An introduction to thi; history 

of edncatioual theories. \. Y. Barpert. 1882. 
(8-f )199 pp. 16" [83,664; 49.] 2:-»264 

Daiber, J- Korpcrhultung und Scbule. Oder: 

rtchrciben und Zeichneo als korperlk-he Tha- 
tigkeit. Stmt. J.B.Metzler. 1881. iv+178pp. 
12" [83,467; 49.] 2:45HS 

Kellner, ^- Erziebungsgcschichte in Skizsen 

und Bildern. Mit be^^ouilerer Bucksicht auf 
das VolksscbnlweBen. fur Lehrer, dcren Bildner 
and Leiter. 2. verb, und verm. Aufl. Essen. 
Bd'Uker. 1869-71. 3 v. in 1. viii-i-391 pp.: 351 
pp.; 220 pp. 12" [83,538; 49] 2:4274 

Kohler, August. Die Praxis des Kindergartens. 

ThcoretisC'b-prakli.sclie .\nleilung zum Ge- 

brauche der Frobcrsclicn ErziehungS' und Bil- 

duiigsmittel in Haus. Kindergarten und Scbule. 

2. Aufl. Weimar. H. Bbhlau. 1874. 3v.ini. 

x+239 pp., 22 pis.; xii-rl99 pp., 39 pIs-; v]ii + 

288 pp., 2 pis. 8" [83,528; 49.] 2:4866 

Perty, Maximilian. Die mystiscbeo Erscheinun- 

gen der mcnscblichcn Nutnr. 2. verm, a. verb. 

Aufl. Leip. C. F. Winter. 1872. 2 v. xxiii+ 

445 pp.; vi-i-498 pp. 8" [S3,448;49.] 2:1587.1-2 

Tbe same. 1801. xviii+770 pp. 8" [34,921.1 


Stallo, John Bernhard. Tbe concepts and 
tbeories of modern physics. N. Y. Appleton. 

1882. 312 pp. 12" [83.051; 49.] (Internat. 

Bci. ser. 37.) 2:l"47 

Year-book of education, Tbe, for 1878. Ed. by 
Henry Kiddle and Alexander J. ScUBM. N.Y. 

~ ' 1878. (ii+)iii+420 pp. 4" [>;3.041; 




. BrinrtchSu'o 

Williams, John, fip. of Connecticut. Tbe world's 
witness to Jesas Christ. Tbe power of Christianity 
in developing modern civilization. N.Y. Putnams. 
1882. 79 pp. 12" [83,774; 49.] (Bedell leo- 
tDte for 1881.) 3:4123 

History, Biography, Geography and Travels. 

Abbott, Jacob. History of Genghis Khan. S.Y. 

Hirpers. 1872, '£iio pp., illus. in text. 16* 
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Abbott, John Stevens Cabot. Daniel Boone, 

tbe pioneer of Kentuckj-. N. Y. DodJ and 
Mead. 1872. viii, 331 pp., 2 pis. 12" pfi,152; 
49.] (American pioneers and patriots.) 23:2658 
Abdulla bin AbdUlkadar. muntki. Translations 

from tbe liakayit [autobiography]. With com- 
ments by J. T. TiiousoN. Lond. H. S. King. 
1874. x+(ii+)349 pp., 1 facs. 12" [52,069; 49.] 


HisTORTy Bra 


History, kto. 

Adolphus, John. Memoirs ot John Bannister, 
comedian. Lond. R. Bentley. 1839. 2 v. 
xix+399 pp., 1 port.; xi+368 pp., 1 port. 8° 
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Aguilera, Francisco Y., and Cespedes, Kamon. 

Notes about Cuba. N. Y. 1872. [n. t. p.] 

54 pp. 8° [^5,835; 49.] 30:2204 

Contentu: Slavery : African slave trftde.— AbolitI n of »lttv**ry.— 
Infereocea from ihe last prcsidenfiil messai?**.— The revolution: 
Forces employed by Spain ngainat Cuba. — Condition of tlie revolU' 
tion.— Spanish* anarchy in Cuba.^^onelusion. 

Aikin, Lucy. Memoirs, miscellanies and letters^ 
including those addressed to the Rev. Dr- 
Channing from 1826 to 1842. Ed. by Philip 
Hemery Le Brbton. Lond. Longman, 18G4. 
xxviii+440 pp. 12* [34,299; 49.] 23:2199 

Alfleri, Vittorio, the tragic poet. The autobiogra- 
phy of. Born at Asti, 1749, died at Florence, 
1803. Tr. with an original essay on the genius 
and times of Alfieri, by C. Edwards Lester. N.Y. 
Paine and Burgess. 1845. vi, 269 pp., 1 port. 
12° [40,822; 49.] 23:2224 

Note. Contains also : The citisen of a republic, by A. Ckba. 

Allan, George H. Memoir of Col. John Allan, 
an officer of the revolution, born in Edinburgh 
castle, Scotland, Jan. 3, 1746, died in Lubec, 
Maine, Feb. 7, 1805. With a genealogy. Alb. 
J. MunselL 1867. 32 pp. 8*^ [32,589; 49.] 


AllgemeinB deutsche Biographic. Bde. 11-13. 
Auf Veranlassung seiner Majestiit des Konigs 
von Bayern herausgeg. durch die historische 
Commission bei der Konigl. Akademie der VVis- 
senschaften. Leip. Dunckeru, Humhlot. 1880-81. 
3 V. (4+)796 pp.; (4+)796 pp.; (4+)796 pp. 
8** [83,546; 49.] *23:1.11-13 

ContenU: Vol.11. Hapsenpflng— Hensel, Konrad H. 
Vol. 12. Hensel, Luise H.— Holi»te. 
Vol. 13. Holntein— Jesup. , 

Andrews, J- H. Life of Oliver Cromwell to the 

death of Charles L Lond. Longmans. 1870. 

xv+426 pp. 8° [38,049; 49.] 24:504 

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von. Memoirs, written by herself. Lond. H, 

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406 pp., 1 port. 8° [30,524; 49.] 23:2263-4 

Archer, Memorials of families of the surname of. 

Lond. J, R, Smith. 1861. (4+)75 pp. 4** 

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herself. Tr. from the original manuscript. 
Lond. Longman, 1848. vii+313 pp. 12° 
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ten by himself. Lond. H, Colburn. 1815. 3 v. 
viii4-299 pp.; (4+)312 pp.; (2-f-)304 pp. 12° 
[:^8,736; 49.] 23:2298-2300 

Asmar, Maria Theresa. Memoirs of a Babylonian 
princess, daughter of Emir Abdallah Asmar; 
written by herself, and translated into English. 
Phil. G.h.Zieber. 1845. 2pts.ini v. xi, 2ll-f- 
(ii+)14-.204 pp., 1 pi. 18° [40,487; 49.] (Home 
and traveller's library.) 23:^306 

Audubon, John James. Life, ed. by his widow. 

With an introduction by Jas. Grant Wilson. 

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[21,717; 49.] 23:2314 

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462; 49.] 23:2323 

Austin, ^rs. Sarah (Ta3-lor). Characteristics of 
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ler, etc. With notes, original and translated, il- 
lustrative of German literature. Lond. E. Wilson. 
1833. 3 V. xliv+(iv-(-):^31 pp., 1 port.; (6-f-)336 
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Barham, Rev. Richard Harris. Life and letters; 

with a selection from his miscellaneous poems. 

By his son. Lond. R. Bentley. 1870. 2 v. vii+ 

315 pp., 1 port.; v+336 pp. 12° [:^5,884; 49.] 


Baricer, Jac(>b, of New Orleans, Louisiana, Inci- 
dents in the life of, with historical facts, his 
financial transactions with the government, and 
his course on important political questions, from 
1800 to 1855. Wash. 1855. v+285 pp., 2 ports. 
8° [37,385; 49.] 23:2436 

Barr, Capt. James. A correct and authentic nar- 
rative of the Indian war in Florida, with a 
description of Maj. Dade's massacre, and an ac- 
count of the extreme suffering, for want of pro- 
visions of the army, having been obliged to eat 
horses' and dogs' flesh, etc. N. Y. J. Narine. 
1836. 32 pp. 18° [38,781; 49.] *30;383 

Barry, Rev. Alfred. The life and works of Sir 

Charles Barry. Lond. J. Murray. 1867. 

xiii+407 pp., 25 pis., 15 plans. 8° [33,374; 49.] 


Bauer, Karoline Philippine Augusto. Verschol- 
lene Herzensgeschichten. Nachgelasscne 
Memoiren. Bearb. von Arnold Wellmer. 
Ber. L. Gerschel. 1880-81. 3 v. (vi+)vi(4-ii) 
+416 pp.; (6+)355 pp.; (4+)592 pp. 12° [83, 
405; 49.] (A us dera Leben einor Verstorbenen, 
2-4.) 23:2457.1-3 

Beckwourth, James p., mountaineer, scout, and 
pioneer, and chief of the Crow nation of In- 
dians, The life and adventures of. Written from 
his own dictation by T. D. Bonner. N. Y. Har- 
pers. 1856. xii, 537 pp., 13 pis. 12° [29,455; 
49.] 23:2470 

Beecher, Limt. Frederick Henry, Memorial of. 

Port. S. Berry. 1870. 47 pp., 1 port. 4° 
[40,189; 49.] 23:2476 





Bennett, James Gordon, Memoirs of. and his 
times. By a journalist. N. Y. Stringer and 
Townsend. 1855. xxiv, 488 pp., 1 port. 12° 
[30,898; 49,] 23:^493 

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v*rniD^ and caution. — K<^j«»on» aeainj^t the succession of the hooae 
of Hwcorer. — What if the pretetsder should come. — An answer to a 
qiif-^tion vhich notiody thinks of, what if the qaeen should die? — The 
tru^'bom Co£iirhnnaQ. 

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Cbnlm'i- Dif Ori»chpn in d*r "IU>n Zcll.— ErntxTungfln uod 
WHiiilvrnngen.— nie B«rT«chii'l dci Ad»li> iinrf dip Koloniution. 

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nano Grat von Bcust. Sein Leben und vor- 

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periale. and the archives of Spain and Portugal. - 
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Viiidicaiion of the riifhts of woman f-Marv 

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lite ot Benjamin Franklin. Illustrated bv 
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u se of ^c h oo Is. PL i i . Th oma^, O ■ irptrlh icfit 'in d 
Co. 1S42. ISO pp.. illus. in text. IG'' r^;0.320: 
49] 24:1073 

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Ov'a'i- Frirax-^ Stk:r2«n: H«c« Pm.— Admr\. X- *-c. 
rr-*-ar.^:- Ai.t«ai:*-— W:-.T»r£ At:.*4*i;» Mcs^r;: la«:M Kiiwa^x^: 

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c;«s'r«rf - V- -I. Voa H<^rx>; EVrLurif II. Ecunxaag bi» sa 
H*rT"*5 r.r.vS* y^'-ve hr-.r-.e. \\Kf-lS'.^. 

Vo . ' . V^:: H-r«oj VI: oL> R'::vkcifb: >a der Ref^nmg bis aa 

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History, etc. 


History, etc. 

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Theodosia Burr Alston. Mrs. Blenxeroassett. 
and others, their contemporaries: developing 
the purposes and aims of those engaged in the 
ailempied Wilkins->n and Burr rev»»lulion : em- 
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soi.-iation of Keniuckv." and a mea^oir ot Blen- 
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S* rw i6 M tO. F- L- L^'t<^ ^"^t Pauline Cusbman : the 
ceiebraied union spy and s<>out : comprising 
her earlv hisiorv : ber er^trv into the secret ser- 
vice of the armv of the Cumberland, and excitins: 
juiveniures wiih the rebel vhiet'^Ains and others 
while wiilun the eDemy's lines ;^ together with 


SarmientO, F. L.-^(^continued.) 

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Co^*r%:* : \"\. V ET:t*t*hon« cod Aai'bilHnDC d«»s ^eothiwhen 
SttI*. IW .rh. Tom V^rf. ari<»r MrthiJf* too A f !vd Woltsassi. 

V-^--6. Di^Srv^Tx^it de> Mitt^'lAlieri b.* BlQitw der Eyck'- 
?ch*'o S-hule. Be*rbk. rom V*rfjL**#T. 

Vvt!. T Da* >l.tSrUl:er ItA'.i^n* uixi di* Greowel^eie der abend- 
iAnd>!>cheD KuD«t. BearK Tom Verf. nzAer Mitbulfe tod Edoard 

Vo.. *. B .-'iTAphi^che 5k x»» Kar: -<Vhiia*»**» ron Wilhelm LCk»- 
LVe'S.-h rh:i=' d^T b. oeni^o Kur.Me im 15. Jabrh. Unter Mitvir- 


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Science, Art and Industry. 

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the origin and growth of the principal mechanic 
arts and manufactures, from the earliest colonial 
period to the adoption of the constitution ; and 
comprising annals of the industry of the United 
States in machinery, manufactures and useful 
arts, with a notice of the important inventions, 
tariffs, and the results of each decennial census. 
With an appendix, containing statistics of the 
principal manufacturing centres, and descriptions 
of remarkable manufactories at the present time. 
3. ed., rev. and enl. Phil. K Young. 1868. 
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Carderera y Solano, Valentin. Iconografia Es- 

paflola. CoUeccion de retratos, estatuas, mau- 
soleos y demas monumentos ineditos de reyes, 
reinaR, grandes capitanes, escri tores, etc. desde el 
siglo xi basta el xvii, copiados de los originates. 
Con texto biografico y descriptivo, en Espafiol y 
Frances, por el mismo autor. Mad. R. Campu- 
zano. 1855-1864. 2 v. 48 pis. (2 col'd); 44 pis. 
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Clough, A. Bryant. The contractor's manual and 
builder's price-book, designed to elucidate the 
method of ascertaining correctly the value and 
quantity of every description ol work and ma- 
terials used in the art of building, from their 
prime cost in any part of the United States. 
Collected from extensive experience and observa- 
tion in building and designing. To which are 
added a large variety of tables, memoranda, etc., 
indispensable to all engaged or concerned in 
erecting buildings of any kind. Phil. H. C. Baird. 
[1855.] 207(+9)pp. 18*> [23,846; 49.] 52:953 

Gumming, T. G. Description of the iron bridges 
of suspension now erecting over the strait of 
Menai, at Bangor, and over the river Conway, in 
north Wales; with two views; also some account 
of the different bridges of suspension in England 
and Scotland ; particularly of Captain S. Brown's 
iron bar bridge over the river Tweed. With re- 
marks on the proposed suspension bridge over 
the river Mercy, at Euncorn Gap ; and some cal- 
culations of the strength of malleable iron, 
founded on experiments. Lond. J. Taylor. 1824. 
55 pp., 2 fold. pis. 8^ [26,969; 49.] 52:33 

Dippel, Leopold, and others. Die gesammten 
pJaturwissenschaften, fiir das Verstandniss wei- 
terer Kreise und auf wissenschaftlicher Grund- 
lage bearbeitet. 3. neubearb. und bereicherte 
Aufl. Essen. Bddeker. 1873-6. 3 v. xxiii-f 
927 pp., illus.; 811 pp., illus.; 1120 pp., 3 fold, 
pis., illus. 8° [83,524; 49.] 43:1869.1-3 

OontenU: Vol.1. Einleilunc; Hermnnn Masius.— Mpchanik; ?• 
Zkch.— Phyaik und Meleorologie ; P. Kiti§.— NRtnrwiMenBchafl m 
Anwendiing auf Technologie : I. Die Dumpfmnpchine. Dps Dampf- 
Bchiff. Die Locomo:ive; C.L.Moll 2. EIoktr!J*che Telegraphie, 
Galyanoplastik und Photogrflphie; E. Navck. 

Vol. 2. Chemie und ehemische Technologie; J Gottlibb. — 
GrundzQge der Physiologic ; Karl Rkclam. — Zoologie ; Hermann 

Vol. 3. Boihnik; Leopold Dippel.— Mineralogie ; Friedrich Au- 
gust QuKNSTBDT. — Geognofile und Geologie; Jakob N6ooERATn. — Berg- 
brtu- und HQJtenkunde; Adolf liURLT.—DaH Meer; Heinrich Rombbeo. 
FQr die 'A. Aufl. neu bearb. im phyRiographischen Theile von Her- 
niani» J. Klbin, im biolo^inchen Theile von Lndwig Ovbbbibb.— 
Astronomie; .Johann Heinrich von Mhdlbr. FQr die 3. Aufl. umgearb. 
von Hermann J. Klbim. (Mit 3 Sternkarten.) 

DobSOn, Edward. A rudimentary treatise on 
foundations and concrete works; containing a 
synopsis of the principal cases of foundation 
works, with the usual modes of treatment, and 
practical remarks on footings, timber-planking, 
sand, concrete, and beton, pile-driving, caissons, 
and cofferdams ; with an account of the new mole 
executed in belon at the harbor of Algiers. 
Lond. J. Weale. 1850. vi+l30 pp., illus. in 
text. 16** [943; 49.] 52:956 

DobSOn, Edward. A rudimentary treatise on the 
manufacture of bricks and tiles; containing an 
outline of the principles of brickroaking, and 
detailed accounts of the various processes em- 
ployed in the making of bricks and tiles in different 
parts of England. Lond. J. Weale. 1850. 
2 pts. in 1 vol. xii+120 pp.; iv-f 104 pp., illus. 
in text. 12° [928; 49.] 52:1493 

Contents: Pt. 1. Introdiittion. — General principles of the manu- 
facture of bricktf and tile^. — On the manufacture of bricka and tiles 
in Holland.— BriokmakinK, as practiced at Nottingham.— Brickmak- 
ing, aa practiced in the StaflTordahire potteriea. Ft. 2. Brickmaking 
in the vicinity of London.— Londoo tileries. — On the manufACture of 
encftustic tiles.— Appendix. 

Science, etc. 


Science, sto. 

DoIIbii, ^icolai Gduard. Perpetuum mobile, oder 
Welt, Erde und Mensch. Entwarf einer kos- 
mologischen Slabililals-Theorie. Leip K. F. 
Fleischer, 1881. (iv-p)v4-121 pp. 8° [83,405; 
49.] 51:2082 

DuBois- Raymond, Emil. Cntersuchungen uber 

thierische Elektricilat. Ber. Beimer. 1848-9. 

2 V. lvi4-743 pp., 6 fold, pis ; (64-)384 pp., 5 

fold. pis. 8«> [83,457; 83,880; 49.] 51:2773.1-2 

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L eclairage eleclriqae. 2. ed. Par. Hachette. 
1S80. (4-f V3fi4 pp., 6 pis., illus. in text. 12° 
[83 3C1; 49.] 51:2774 

Falb, Rudolf. Von den Umwalzungen im Welt- 
all. Wien. Hartlehen. 1881. xxiv-^288 pp., 
illns. in text. 12° [83,522; 49.] 4I:235G 

Con*en*$ : Drei Buch#»r: !n den Regionen der Sterue. — Im Reiche 
der Wolken. — Id den Tiefen der Erde. 

FBhrmann, E. G. Album fur Baudecoralion und 
Zimmersohmuck. Sammlung von figiirlichen 
und ornamentalen Baudecorationen, sowie Mo- 
tive fiir Ornainente aus der Pflanzen- und Thier- 
welt nach Naturabgiissen und Zeicbnungen. 
Aus dem Atelier von Bildhauer E. G. Fehrmann. 
Dres. G. Gilhers. 1876. 2 pp., 90 pis. P 
[83.517; 49.] *A 

Fritz, Hermann. Das Polarlicht. Leip. Brock- 

haus. 1881. x-l-348 pp., 5 pis., 1 fold, cold 

map. 12° [83,559; 49.] (Intern, wis.sensch. 

Biblioth., 49.) 41:2026 

Guthrie, Frederick. The first book of knowlodace. 
• N.Y. Putnams, 18^2. 130 pp. 16° [83, 
3:^9; 49.] 41:2442 

Hall, Samuel Carter, editor. Selected pictures 
from the ^ralleries and private collections of 
Great Britain. A series of fine engravin<rs from 
masterpieces of modern art. Lond. H. Soth- 
eran.J. Baer and Co. [u. d.] 4 v. 38 pis.: 37 
plf.; 38 pis.; 37 pis. P [83,515; 49.] ' *A 

Hartner, Friedrich. Handbuch der niederen 
Goodasie, nebst einem Anhantje iibi-r die Ele- 
mente der Markscheidekunst. 4. verm, und verb. 
Aufl. Wien. L. W. Seidel u. Sohn. 1872. xii 
-r^^^ pp., 2 fold, pis., illus. in text. 8° [S3,527: 
49.] 52:158 

Heumann, Karl. Anleitung zum Experimentiren 
bei Vorlesungen uber anorganische Chemie. 
Zum Gebrauch an Universitaten und technischen 
Hochschulen, sowie beim Unterricbt an hoheren 
Lehranstallen. Braun. Yieireg. 1876. xxxiv 
4-668 pp., illus. in text. 8° [83,553; 49.] 


Huxley, Thomas Henry. Der Krebs. Eine 
Einfeitung in das Sludium derZoologie. Leip. 
Brockhaus. 1881. x-r313 pp., illus. in text. 
12"^ [83,559; 49.] i^Intern. wissensch. Biblioth., 
48.) 41:2025 

LBWin, John William. A natural history of the 
birds of New South Walci*; collected, engraved 
and faithfullv painted atter nature. Lond. J. H. 
Bohte. 1822. (3^)26 pp., 26 col'd pis. f° 
[83,514; 49.] *A 

Neumann, Karl. Die elcktnschen Erafte. Dar- 
leguiig und Erweiterung der von A. Ampere, 
F. Neumann, W. Weber, G. Kirch hoif, en twickel- 
ten mathemutischen Theorien. Theil \. Leip. 
Teubner. 1873. xv+272 pp. 8° [83,243; 49.] 


O/n'enf*: Dio diirch die Arbeiteii t»p A. Ampere uod F. NeumaDii 

angf^iahnte Kiehiun;{. 

Neumann, Karl. Untersuchungen uber das lo- 

garithmische und Newton'sche Potential. Leip. 

Teubner. 1877. xv-}-3G8 pp. S*' [83,245; 49.] 


Neumann, Karl. Vorlesungen uber die mechani- 

sche Theorie der Warme. Leip. Teubner. 

1875. xvi 4-240 pp. 8^ [83,455; 49.] 51:2718 

Overbeck, Johann Adolf Gesehichte der griechi- 
schen Plastik. 3. umgearb. und verm. Aufl. 
Bd. 1. Leip. J. C. IJinrichs. 1881. xiv-|-486 
pp., 14 pis. (8 fold.), illus. in text. 4** [83.488; 
49.] 4^*10:6498 

Peclet, fidouard. Traite de la chaleur consideree 
dans ses applications. 4. ed., pnblieo par A. 
Hi'DELO. Par. G. Masson. 1878. 3 v. vii+ 
624 pp.. illus: (4-^)583 pp., illus.; (4+)618 pp., 
5 pis. 8^ [83,357; 49.] 51:2722.1-3 

Plateau, Joseph. Statique experimentale et the- 
orique des liquides sonmis aux seules forces 
moleculaires. Par. Gauthier-Villars. 1873. 2 v. 
(6-r)4:>0 pp., illu.^.: (4-^)495 pp., illus. 8° 
[83.H6(;; 49.] 51:2427.1-2 

PoggendorfT, Johann Christian. Gesehichte der 

rhysik. Vorlesungen gehalten an der Univer- 

sitat zu Berlin. Leip. ./. .4. Rarth. 1879. (8+) 

937 j)p.. illns. in text. 12° [83,485; 49.] 51:2262 

Poinsot. Louis. Elements de statique. Ouvrage 
adopte pour I'instruction publiquc. 12. ed., 
precedee d'unc notice sur L. Poinsot, par J. Ber- 
TRAND. Par. Gauthier-ViUars. 1877. xxviii-j- 
251 pp., 4 told. pl^. 8° [83.348; 49.] 51:2430 

Poisson, Simeon - Denis. Recherches sur le 
mouvement des projectiles dans Tair, en ayant 
egard a leur figure et leur rotation, et a Tinfluence 
du mouvement diurne de la terre. Par. Bache- 
Her. 1839. viii-i-226 pp. 4^ [83,358; 49.] 


Prony, Gaspard- Clair -Fran^ois-Marie-Riche de, 
Recherches physico-mathematiqnessur la theo- 
rie des faux courantes. Par. 1804. (ii-r)xxxii 
^130(^1) pp.. 2 fold. pis.. 6 fold. tabs. 4° 
[S3,3(:u; 49] *5I:3122 

Radau. Rodolphe. Aetinometrie. Par. Gauthier- 
VUUns. 1877. 107 pp. 12° [83,355; 49.] 


RieSS, Peter Theophil. Abhandlangen zu der 
Lehre von der Reibuiigselektricitat. Ber. A, 
Hirschicald. 1867-79. 2 v. vi^394 pp., 1 fold, 
pi.; iv-^19o pp., 1 fold. pi. 8° [83,456; 49.] 


Riess, Peter Theophil. Die Lehre von der Rei- 

buni^selektricitat. Ber. A. Hirschtcald, 1853. 

2 V. viii — 516 pp., 7 UAd. pis.; viii+592 pp., 5 

fold. pis. 8° [83,474; 49.] *5l:2838.1-2 

Science, etc. 



Rominger, C. Geological survey of Michigan. 
Upper peninsula, 1878-1880, accompanied by a 
geological map [in pocket"]. Vol. IV. Published 
by authority of the legislature of Michigan under 
the direction of the board of geological survey. 
K. Y. J, Bien. 1881. xiv+248 pp. 4° 
[83,062; 49.] *42: 1545.4 

Contents: Pt. 1. Mnrquette iron region. 
Ft. 2. Menominee iron region. 

Schmitz-Dumont, 0. Die Einheit der Natur- 

kriifte und die Deutung ihrer gemeinsamen 

Formel. Ber. Duncker. 1881. (4+)168 pp., 5 

pis. 8*» [83,449; 49.] 51:2288 

Schonfeld, Paul. Andrea Sansovino iind seine 
Schule. Fiir Kiinstler und Kunstfreunde. Mit 
30 Abbildungen in Lichtdruck. Stutt. J. B. 
Meizler. 1881. (4+;59 pp., 17 pis. f** [8,J, 
451; 49.] *A 

Sohncke, Leonhard. Die unbegronzten regel- 
massigen Punklsysteme als Grundlage einer 
Theorie der Krystallstruktur. Aus dem 7. Heft 
der Verbandl. des naturwisscnsch. Vereins zu 
Karlsruhe, 1876. Carls. G. Braun. 1876. (4+) 
83 pp., 2 fold. pis. 8° [83,468; 49.] 42:2160 

Verdet, Marcel fimi le. Le(jon8 d'optique physique. 

Par. A. Levistal 1869. 2 v. (iv+)iii+584 
pp., illus.; (4+)648 pp., illus. 8** [83,354; 49.] 

Verdet, Marcel £mile. Theorie mecanique de 

la chaleur. Par, Prudhonet Violle. 1868. 2 v. 
cxlviii+335 pp., illus.; (4+)424 pp., illus. 8° 
[83,353; 49.] 51:2756.1-2 

Vidrordt, Karl. Die Anwendung des Spectral- 
apparates zur Messung und Vergleichung der 
Starke des farbigen Lichtes. Tiib. H, Laupp. 
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tbrraigen und fluFsigen Zustandes. Aus dem 

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Contents: Elektrodynnmische MaaAbe^tiromnngen — Elektrody- 
Damische MAai>be«timmungen,insbe8ondere WiderfUndsmeMiiungen. 
— Elektrodynamische MnnsbeBiimmungeu, inbe.«<ondere Qber Dia- 

Wiedemann, Cfustav. Die Lehre vom Galvanis- 
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vii-f-967 pp., illus.; vii+776 pp., illus.; x+804 pp., 
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Contents: Vol. 1. GalTacismaa. 

Vol. 2. Pt. 1. Elektrodyuamik, Elektromagnetismus ood Dia- 
magnetismus. Pt. 2. lotroduction uod Schlusscapitel. 

Winchell, Alexander. Sparks from a geologist's 

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contents: iEsihetie: Mont Blnnc and the M^r de GlHce.— A»«'ent 
of Mont Blanc— The b^aiitirul. Chronolovicul : The old »pe of the 
continents — OhIiterRted continent?.— A gr»»8p of geologic lime. Cli- 
mati<!: GelogioHl pe«9«»n>».— The elimnte of the Iftke region. — Mnm- 
rnothw and mastodon!*. HistorirftI : Salt enterprise in Michigan. — 
A remarkable Maori manuscript. Philosophical : The genealogy of 
ships. — Huxley and evolution.— Grounds and conaequences of evolu- 
tion. — The metaphysics of aeionce. 

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kalischen Instrumente in ihrer Beziehung zu 
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viii+692 pp.; vi+398 pp. 8° [83,516; 49.] 


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lehrungcn iiber die naturgemiisse Lebensweise 
im gesundcn und kranken Zustande. Mit beson- 
derer Rucksicht auf die physiologischen Phasen 
im Leben des Weibes. Fiir denkende Frauen 
verfasst. Pest. A. Hartlehen. 1868. xvi-f320pp. 
12° [41,837; 49.] (Deutsche Frauenwelt, 1.) 

Herzog, Hermann, and Schiller, K- Das Kind. 
Anleitungen zur rationellen physischen Er- 
ziehungsweise und Winke zur Entfaltung des 
Seelenlebens der Kinder. Pest. A. Hartlehen. 
1868. vii+159 + 144 pp. . 12° [41,837; 49.] 
(Deutsche Frauenwelt, 2.) 56:2301 

Contents: Pt. 1. DiAtetik des Kdrnerlebent* der Kinder; H. Hbr- 
zoo. Pt. A. Zur DiAtetik des SeelenleWns der Kinder ; E. Schillbs. 

Howe, Joseph W. Winter homes for invalids; 
an account of the various localities in Europe and 
America, suitable for consumptives and other in- 
valids during the winter months, with special 
reference to the climatic variations at each place, 
and their influence on disease. N. Y. Putnams. 
1875. x+205 pp. 12° [3,942; 49.] *50:1326 





Kane, fl- H. Opinm-smoking in America and ' 

China. A study of its prevalence, and effects, 
immediate and remote, on the individoal and the 
nation. N. Y. Futhdm^. 1382. xiii, 156 pp. 
16° [53.316: 4»] 45:2065 

Ksating, John M. The mother*s» g:nide in the 
management and feeding of infants. Phil. B.C. 
Lea, 1S61. viii. 118 pp. 16° [83.317:49] 

45:1 !??6 

Knight, James. Orthopiedia: or. a praciical 

treatise on the aberrations of the human form. 

X. Y. PutnajM. 1S^74. ^4— f364 pp., illus. in 

text. 8° [3,945: 49.] *50:3101 

LeDran, Henri Francois. Observations in sur- 
gery ; containing 115 different cases, with par- 
ticular remarks on each, for the improvement of 
young .students. Tr. from the French by J. S. 
ScRGEON. Embellish'd with cc»pper plate, curi- 
ously trngrav'd. representing those parts wherein 
the principal cases are particularly concern'd. To 
which is added, a new chirurgical dictionary, for 
the u>e of young practitioners, and gentlemen 
residing in the country: explaining the terms of 
art ctDntained in the body of the book : and like- 
wise ail such a* properly belong to physick and 
snrfirerv. 3. ed. Lond*. ITSS. (xvf— vi, 371 

v-54 'pp.. 1 pi. 12= p^-^^^; -^^O *50:2o^5 

Marsden. Alexander. New and successful mode 
of treating certain iorras of cancer. To which 
is prefixed a practical and systematic description 
of all the varieties of the disease, showing how 
to distinguish them one from another, and 
from tumours, etc.. assimilating them. Lond. 
OiMrcKill. 1S';9. xvii. 96 pp., 5 coFd j:ls, >= 
[3.94:^: 49] =*=50:o020 

Meadows. Alfred, and Venn. Albert J. A man- 
ual of midwifery. 4. ed.. rev. and enl. N. Y. 
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16= [S3.315: 49] 46:4S4'.^ 

Spence. James. Lectures on sursrerv. E'iin. 

A. md C. Black. 1S71. 2 v. xxxV:if-~»>3:; pp.. 

26 pis ; xxix — 636-1436 pp.. 32 pis., illus. in text. 

8= [3.946: 49.J *50:-"t^ 'i-:^ 

Taylor. Charles Fayette. Sensation and pain. 
A lecture delivered before the New York 
Academv of Sciences. March 21, l^^l; iK-ir,:: one 
of the public course for ISSO-Sl. N. Y. P>;tn 7».^<. 
1>S1. 2— 77 pp.. illus. in text. 16= r>3.31S: 
49.] ' 45:-64.» 

Varona. Adolfo jV. Sewer gaseSL Their nature 

and orgin. and how to protect our 

2. ed.. rev. and eel. N. Y. Z>. Fm y:^"'i'ii, 

ISS2. 145pp. IS" [S3.321: 49] 45:1-T9 

Woodaan. W. Bathurst. ans Tidy. Charles Mey- 
mott- Forensic medicine and toxicology. Phii. 
iinjVn ahd B!4iki^1or.. 1S77. xvi—^K»'N> pp.. 
S t'is. 5 c-ol'd ', iiios. in text- S^ [3,944: 49.] 


Poetry and the Draaa. 

Abbe. Frederick R. The temple rebuilt; a poem. 

Xew ed.. rev. and enl. Bost. Lothrop. 1882. 

251 pp. 12= [S3.fi67: 49] 31:2055 

Aristophanes. I>ie Acharner. In deutscher 
UclM^rseizunsr von Eudolf ITestphal. Halle. 
G. E. Barthel "lS«JS. xix~12tj pp. IS*' [35, 
339: 49.] 'Biblioth. humoristischer Dichtnngen, 
3; G. Ilaller.) In 56:2410 

Arthur. Clara M. The cherry -blooms of Yeddo, 

and other poems. Bo«t. Lothrop. [1881.] 

140 pp.. 1 pi. 12° [83.661; 49 ] 31:2056 

GrOSSe. Julius. Pesach Pard«^l. £in modernes 
Epos in zehn Gesangen. — Hilpah und Shalum. 
Fine vorsundfluthliche Geschichte. gesungen in 
der langathmigen. gi-schnorkelten. chineeischen 
grunen Tht-eweis. Halle. G. E. Barthd, 1871. 
(6— ,140 pp. 1S= [35.339:49.1 (Biblioth. hn- 
moristischer Dichtunsren. 7; G. Haller.) 

In 56:2411 

Hathaway. Benjamin. The league of the Iroquois, 

and other legends. From the Indian muse. 

Chic. 5. C. Ghgjs- 1^S2. xii-<-(ii^)319 pp.. 

1 port. 12= [^3;3;«: 49] 31:2596 

Heine. Heinrich. Poems and ballads. Tr. by 
Emma L.\ZARrs. To which is prefixed a bio- 
graphical sketch of Heine. !N. Y. H, Worth- 
in jton. ISSl. xxiv^224pp. 12= [83.294; 49.] 

Helfenstein, Ludwig. Der Rothbart. Trauerspiel 
in lur.f Anlzugen. . 1S44 und 1^71. Als Ma- 
nuscript iredruckt. 4— 12S pp. 12=* [83,015; 
49] ^ 32:2423 

Holbsrg. Ludwicj. Der politische Kannengie«^ser. 
Komoiie in iTirif Acten Aus dem Danischen 
iibersetzt von P. J. WiLLatzen. Halle. G. E. 
Barrhd, 1^71. .4- 12m pp. 1S= [35.3:^9:49.] 
. B'-blioth. humorisiischor Dic-htunffcn. S: G. Hal- 
ler. ^ In 56:2412 

Jahrbuch der deutschen Shakesi>eare-Gesellschaft. 
Im A u ft rage des Vorsiand^^s herau^geg. durch 
Karl Elze. Jahrg. 14 u. 15. Weimar. Buschke. 
l>79->0. 2 V. iv— 397 p:\: viij^45t> pp. 8° 
[S3.54>: 49.] * *32:2S91-2 

Konigsberg, AjtVed. Deutsche Kampfe. Schaa- 

spiel in tunf Aurzui^en. Ber. J, Springer, 

1S62. 4- 15Spp. ri- [S2.9J4:49.] 32:2459 

Koestsr. Hans, Der T«xi des grossen Knrfursten. 

Hisi>rie in funt* Akten. Weimar. Bof-Buch- 

dnckf-ei. 1S»>5. 96 pp. 12= fS3,lSt;: 49.] 


Lasaile. Ferdinand, Franz von Siokingen. Eine 

historisohe TnHiT^iie. 2. Aufl. Ber. Dancker. 

1S76. xvi^224 pp. 12- [S3.2u2: 49] 32:929 

LoSChge, Heinrich. I>as Reserve- Lazaret h in 

Soboppensiedt. Funtaeiiges Lustspiel in Ver- 

sen. H.Vi:e- G. E. B.-ihcl l>72. '4-^ .110 pp. 

1S= [So.;v?9: 49.] , Biblioth. ho moristischer 

. Dichtnngen, 10; G. Ualier.) lo 56:2418 

Fiction (English). 


PiotionJ( JSnyiisA) . 

Pichler, Adolph. Ueber das Drama des Mittel- 

alters in Tirol. Innsbr, Wagner. 1850. (2+) 

168 pp. 8° [83,039; 49.] 10:2702 

Rossetti, Dante Gabriel. Ballads and sonnets. 

Bost. Roberts, 1882. xvi+283 pp. 12° 
[83,309; 49.] 31:2847 

Schade, Oskar, editor. Geistlicbc Gedichto des 

14. und 15. Jahrhandcrts voni Niederrhein. 

Hann. C. Bumpier. 1854. (iv+)cii+395 pp. 

8° [83,004; 49.] 31:271 

Shakespeare, William. Comedy of Measure for 

measure. Ed., with notes, by William J. Rolfe. 

N. Y. Harpers. 1882. 175 pp., illus. 16° [83, 

668; 49.] (Eng. class. 4.) 32:1249.4 

Shakespeare, William. The Shakspere reading 
book ; being seventeen of Shakspere's plays 
abridged for the use of schools and public read- 
ings. By H. Courthope Bowen. Lond. Cassel. 
[1881.] viii+571pp. 12° [83,652; 49.] 32:1000 

Oontentt: A midsummer night's dream.— Romeo and Juliet. — 
Richard II.— Richard III.— Kin^ John.— Merchant of Venice— Henry 
IV., Pt. 1.— Henry V.— Much ado about nothing.— As you like it.— 
Twelfth nieht.— Julius Cresar.— Hamlet.— Coriolanus. — The tempeat. 
—Henry Vlll. 

Shakespeare, William. Works. In 15 vols. 

Ed. by Howard Staunton. With illus. by Sir 

John Gilbert. Lond. Boutledge. 1881. Vols. 11- 

15. 4° [82,980; 83,279; 49.] *A 

Contents: Vol.11. Othello.— Coriolanus. 

Vol. 12. Winter's tale.— Hamlet. 

Vol. 13. Troilu.« and Cre8:»ida.— Julius CfiBsar. — Macbeth. 

Vol. 14. Antony and Cleopatra.— Titus Andronicus.— King Lear. 

Vol. 15. Poems. 

Sx. Arsiesis, and other poems. N. Y. Putnams. 
1881. 113 pp. 16° [83,308; 49.] 31:2004 

Tileston, Mary W., editor. Tender and true. 

Poems of love. Bost. G. H. Ellis. 1882. 

xi+180 pp. 18«> [83,:^05; 49.] 31:2270 

Tolstoy, Alexis, Graf. Der Tod Iwan*s des 
Furchtbaren. Trauerspiel in fiinf Aufziigen. 
Deutseh von Caroline von Pawlofp. Dres. Teuh- 
ner. 1868. xv+134 pp. 12° [83,208; 49.] 


Tolstoy, Alexis, Graf. Zar Fedor Iwanowitsch. 

Trauerspiel in fiinf Aufziigen. Aus dem Kus- 
siscben libers, von Caroline von Pawlopf. Dres. 
Teubner. 1869. (4-f-)131 pp. 12° [83,209; 49.] 

In 32:1286 
Townsend, Mary Ashley. Q^Xariffa.'') Down 

the bayou, and other poems. Bost. J. R. Os- 
good. 1882. 230 pp. 12° [83,296; 49.] 31:2923 

Winkler, Theodor. Humoresken. Halle. G.E. 

Barthel. 1870. (8+) 156 pp. 18° [35,339; 

49.] (Biblioth. humoristischer Dichtungen, 6; G. 

Haller.) In 56:2411 

Fiction.— English. 

Alden, Mrs. Isabella. M. The hall in the grove. 

Bost. Lothrop. [1881.] vi, 431 pp., 1 pi. 12° 

[83,644; 49.] 35:502 

Anderson, C. H. Armour; or, what are you 

going to do about it? N. Y. W. B. Smith. 

[1881.] 272 pp., 1 pi. 12° [83,298; 49.] 35:628 

Argies, Mrs. M. Faith and unfaith. A novel. 

By the author of " Phyllis.*' Phil. Lippin- 

coU. 1882. 302 pp. 12° [83,647j 49.] 35:717 

Auton, C Eecollections of Auton House. A book 
for children. Bost. Houghton, Mifflin and Co. 

1881. viii, 99 pp., 1 pL, illus. in text. sq. 12° 
[83,286; 49.] 35:946 

Besant, Walter, and Rice, James. The chaplain 
of the fleet. A novel. Ham. Grddener u. 
Bichter. 1881. 2 v. in 1. (6+)329 pp.; (6+) 
339 pp. 16° [83,540; 49.] (Asher's collection 
of Eng. authors, 171-2.) 577:3188 

Cadol, Edouard. A child of Israel; a novel. 

Tr. from the French by Laura E. Kendall. 

Phil. Petersons. [1882.] (2+)19-314 pp. 16° 

[83,666; 49.] 35:3475 

Daudct. Alphonse. Numa Roumestan. Tr. from 
the French by Virginia Champlin. Bost. Lee 
and Shepard. 1882. viii+312 pp., 9 pis. 16° 
[83,290; 49.] 37:109 

Forrester, Mrs. — . My lord and my lady. Phil. 
Lippincott. 1882. 333 pp. 12° [83,645; 49.] 


Fothergill, Jessie. The Wcllfields. A novel. 
Ham. Grddener u. Bichter. 1881. 2v.ini. 
(6-f-)322 pp.; (6+)280 pp. 16° [83,540; 49.] 
(Asher's collection of Eng. authors, 163-4.) 


Hamerling, Bobert. Aspasia ; a romance of art 

and love in ancient Hellas. From the German 

bj" Mary J. Safford. N. Y. W. S. Gottsberger. 

1882. 2 V. (ii-f )iii + (ii-|-)350 pp.; (4+)335 pp. 
16° [83,287; 49.] 37:3899.1-2 

Hartner, E. Severa ; a novel. From the Ger- 
man, Tr. by Mrs. A. L. Wister. Phil. Lip- 
pincott. 1882. 354 pp. 12° [82,608; 49.] 


Hillern. Wilhelmine (Birch) von. Higher than 
the cnurch. An art legend of ancient times. 
From the German by Mary J. Sappord. N. Y. 
W. S. Gottsberger. 1881. (4+)74 pp. 16° 
[83,291; 49.] 37:4427 

Kettle, Bosa Mackenzie. Lord Maskelyne's 
daughter; a story of the northern border. 
Ham. Grddener u. Bichter. 1881. (4+)287 pp. 
16° [83,540; 49.] (Asher's collection of Eng. 
authors, 160.) 577:3183 

Kingston, William n. G. Peter Trawl; or the 
adventures of a whaler. N. Y. A. C. Arm- 
strong. 1882. iv-f-350 pp., 8 pis. 12° [83,281; 

49.] 38:981 

Linton, E. Lynn. The rebel of the family. Ham. 
Grddener u. Bichter. 1881. 2 v. in 1. (6+) 
363 pp.; (6+)343 pp. 16° [83,540; 49.1 (Ash- 
er's collection of Eng. authors, 165-6.) 577:3186 

Macquoid, Katherine S. Esau Runswick. N.Y. 

Putnams. 1882. iv4-362 pp. 16° • [83,663; 

49.] (Trans-Atlantic novels.) 38:2359 

Madame Lucas. Bost. J. B. Osgood. 1882. 

347 pp. 16° [83,288; 49.] (Kound-robin ser.) 

Murray, David Christie. Joseph's coat. N. T. 

Putnams. 1881. vi+506 pp., 8 pis. 16** "^ 
311; 49.] (Trans-Atlantic novels.) 38: 

PicnoN (German). 


Ficnos (fftrman). 

Marrayv Darid Christie. A life's atonement. A 
novel. Ham. Grddener u, Richter. 1S81. 
2 V. ill 1. *'«>— .317 pp.: /4^)H1S pp. 16*" [83, 
540: 49.] (Asher's collection of Eng. aathors, 
167-8.) 577:3167 

Noble. Annette Laeille. Eunice Lathrop. spinster. 

N. Y. Putnnmjf. 1S>2. v-^ 322 pp. 16^ [SS, 

665: 49.] 'Knickerbocker novels.; 38:3645 

Norris. ^- E. Matrimonv. Ham. Grddener u. 

Richter. 1881. 3 v. '(0— 303 pp: (6^)309 

pp.; ,6-/297 pp. 16** [^3.540: 49.1 (Ashers 

collection of Eng. aathors. 173-5.) 577:31^9-91 

Parr. -Wr». Louisa. Adam and Eve. Ilam. Gra- 

dener u. Richter. l>jSl. 2 v. in 1. (4^)295 

pp.: {4-;294 pp. 16- [S3.540; 49.] (Asher s 

collection of Etig. aathors. lGl-2.) 577:3184 

Peard, Frances M. The white month. Ham. 

Grddener u. Richter. 16!5l. vi-^253 pp. IG** 

[83.54<h, 49.] (Asher's collection of Ensj. author^. 

159.) "577:3182 

Pullen. Rev. Henry William. The house that 

baby built. 2. ed. Salirfburv. Broxcn. 1876. 

191 pp. 12** [83.6112: 49.] " 38:4767 

Zola, £mile. The mysteries of the court of L^mis 

Dahn, Felix Julias Sophas. Kampfende Hersen. 

Drei Erzahlungen. 2. AafL Ber. Janke, 1881. 

(6^j230 pp. 12« [83,424; 49.] 58:489 

I7M.— EriMt 

Osm*eikt* : Reiahan and FftUne.— JLos 6m \< 
nnd Fmok. 

Dahn, Felix Julius Sophas. Odhin's Trost. £in 

nordischer Roman aus dem 11. Jahrhondert. 

4. Aufl. Leip. Breitkopf u. Hartd. 1880. (4+) 

520 pp. 16° [83,429; 49] 58:495 

Daudet, Alphonse. Der Nabob. Drea. H, Min- 

den. 18^1. 2 v. in 1. (2-r)251 pp., frontid.; 
(2-r)272 pp. 12** [83,534; 49.] 58:488 

Dowali. Johannes van. Nadina. Roman. Stutt. 
llMlberger. 1881. 3 v. in 1. (4-f)254 pp.; 
(4-^)248 pp.: (4^)247 pp. 12° [83.427; 49.] 


Ebers, Ge<»rg. Eine Frage. Idyll so einem Ge- 

malde seines Freundes Alma Tadema. 2. Aufl. 

Stutt. Hallberyer. 1&81. t6-t-)134 pp., frontis. 

16° [83.533; 49.] 58:648 

Ebers, Georg. Die Frau Burgemeisterin. Ro- 
man. 9. Aufl. Stutt. Deutsche Verlags-Anst, 
1882. (6^)459 pp. 12*^ [83,535; 49.] 58:647 

Erckmann, £mile, and Chatrian, Alexandre. 
Die boiden Bruder. Erzahlansr- Aas dem 

Napoleon. Phi!. T.B.Peterson. [1882] (2^); Franzosischen. Bcr. Janke. fn. d.l (4+)299 
26-3S2pp. 16° [83,646; 49.] *40:147U ; pp. yyo |;s3,377: 49.] 58:673 

jr««e. S«nM> %a **C;cni.da.** 

Fiction.— German. 

Adolf. Karl. Die Harzbraut. Erzah Inner. Ber. 
Janke. [n. d.] (4 -py 162 pp. 16° [83.434:49] 


Ainyntor, Gerhard von. Im Horse! berge. No- 

velle. Leip. C. Reissner. 1881. (6-^)248 pp. 

16° [83.407: 49.] 58:36 

Amyntor. Gerhard von. Eine moderne Abend- 

gesellschaft. 2. Aufl. Ber. W. Issleib. 1881. 

64 pp. 12° [83,408: 49.] 58:42 

Bayor, Karl Robert. (Robert Byr.) Am Wende- 

punkt des Lebens. Roman. Jena. Costenobie. 

1881. 3 T. in 1. f4~)2«55 pp.: (4-r)290 pp.: 

(4^)296 pp. 16° [83,442; 49.] 58:341 

Bjornson, Bjdrnstjerne. Giuseppe Mansana. Er- 

zahlung. Dem Norwegischen nacherzahlt von 

Emil J. JoxAS. Ber. Janke. [1879.] (4—) 

124 pp. 12° [83,422; 49.] 58:199 

BjornsODt Bjornstjerne. Magnhild. Erzahlung. 

Dem Norwegischen nacherzahlt von Emil J. 

Jonas. Ber. Janke. [n. d.] (2-r)178 pp., fnintis. 

12° [83,422: 49.] 58:200 

ChamisSOy Louis Charles Adelaide de, called 

Adelbert von. Peter SchlemihKs wundersame 

Geschichte. Leip. P. Reclam. [n.d.] 72pp. 24° 

[8L619; 49.] 58:403 

Collins, ^William') Wilkie. Die weisso Frau. 

Roman. Nach dem Englisehen frei boarb. von 

Robert Spri.nger. Ber. Janke. [n.d.] (44-^ 

466 pp. 12° [83,440; 49.] 58:411 

I Gottschall, Radolf von. Die Erbschaft des Blotes. 
! Roman. Bn.'S. Treicendt. 1882. 3 v. (2+) 
; :i49(H-2) pp.; (4^)373(4-2) pp.; (4+)333(+2) pp. 
j 12° [83.417: 49] 58:1055.1-3 

GottSChall, Rudolf von. Das Fraulein von St. 
Amaranthe. Roman. Ber. Janke. 1881. 3 v. 
, (4-^)224 pp.: (4^)203 pp.; (4^)163 pp. 12° 
1 [83,418; 49] 58:1059.1-3 

I Harmening, Ernst. Matthias Overstols. Roman 

I aus Koms Vergangenheit. Miilhaasen i. £. 

BuHeb. 1S8I. 2v.ini. vi(4-ii)-}-188 pp.; (4+) 

i 191 pp. 12° [83,387: 49.] 58:1404 


\ Harte, Francis Bret. Gabriel Conroy. Roman. 

Aus dem Englisehen. Ber. Janke. [n. d.] 

. (2-r)3t>4 pp., frontis. 12° [83,441; 49.] 58:1401 

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i 12° [83.41 G; 49.] 58:1400 

On'enH : T%Vkx^xxh\nnk and DAttelpalroe. — N«ch 90 Jahnm.— Der 
Roman eiu«* Sei'hiijser*. — Emmelina'^ er»te Liebe.— Lor^, die Uhr- 
I ronchehn. Frei b««rbeiiet iui«h dem fraiisd#i»chen OriAioal des L. 
: F*Tre. 

; Hartmann. Alfred. Schweizer-Novellen. 2. Aafl. 

, Bor. Janke. [n. d.] (44-)361 pp. 12° 

'. [83,415; 49.] 58:1399 

Ck>nttnU: I».e Erhrettt^ra *nf dem Avpihof.— Die Stiidentio.— 
i .\uj!U>tt.'«i;«» Am PiiM?h:«Ter5ee.— Barou AbasTer.— lUiu>iooeo. Juras- 
, »i»che NovelleD. — Ringeschneit. 

I Herbert, Lucian. Zwei Ereusherren. Roman. 

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Roman. 2. Aufl. Ber. Janke. [n. d.] (44-) 

i 272 pp. 12° [83,436; 49.] "58:1759 

Fiction (Qerman), 


Fiction (German). 

Hulsen, Frau Helene von. (Helene.) Traum und 

Wahrheit. Eoman. 2. Aufl. Ber. Janke. 

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COntenU: Was die Bterne lehren.— Die Frau des berQhnuen 
Hanne»d — Die LebensmOden. — Der gotreue Eckart. 

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Vol.2. FahnenflQchlige (.FV>r<«.).— Seelenlos. 

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Fiction (German). 


PicTiON (Gftrmah). 

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Raimund, Golo. Kein Vertrauen. Erzahlung. 

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Erzahlung. 2. Aufl. Ber. Janke. [n. d.] 

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Raimund, Golo. Zweimal vermahlt. Roman. 

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443; 49.] 59:395 

Schaumberger, Ileinrich. Fritz Reinhardl. Er- 
lebnisse und Erfahrungen eines Sehullehrers. 
Roman. 3. Aufl. Wolt'enb. J. Zwissler. 1881. 
3 V. (24-)389 pp., frontis.; (2-i-)356 pp.: (2+) 
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Schliclcing, Christoph Bernhard Levin. Seltsamc 

Briider. Roman. Ijeip. Brockhaus. 1881. 

3v.ini. (6-~)lv9 pp.; (6-f )182 pp.; (6-f-)177pp. 

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Frei naeh dem Schwedisehen, von August 

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Roman aus der Zeit der bairisehen Herrschaft 
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59:767.1-3 : 

Siiberstein, August. Die Alpenrose von Ischl. 

Erzahlung. 2. Ansg. Ber. Janke. [n. d.] 

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pp.; ^2-:-)376 pp. 12° [83,421; 49.] 59:876.1-2 

Taylor, Bayard. Joseph und sein Freund. Ro- 
man. Naeh dem amerikanischen Original frei 
bearbeitet von C. Steimtz. Ber. Janke. [n. d.] 
(2+)264 pp., frontis. 12° [83,822:49.] 59:1283 ^ 

TurgeniefT, Ivan Sererheivltch. Dunst. Roman. 

Aus dem Russisehen frei bearb. von H. von 

Lankenau. 3. Aufl. Ber. Janke, [n.d.] 158 pp. 

12° [83,430; 49.] 59:1362 

TurgeniefT, I^an SergheTviUth. Erzahlangen ei- 
nes alten Mannes. Aus dem Rassischen, von 
Adolf Gerstmann. 2. Aufl. Ber. Janke. [n.d.] 

125 pp. 12° [83,430; 49.] 59:1363 

Content:!: Ttik-tak-tAk. — Die Uhr.— Eine nelisame 6t*achichl^. — 

Die Unsri^ren hnben inich ge^hickt. 

TurgeniefT, Ivan Sergheivitch. Neuland. Ro- 
man. Aus dem Russisehen. 3. Aufl. Ber. 
Janke. [n. d.] 236 pp. 12° [83,430; 49.J 


TurgeniefT, Ivan Sergheivitch. EineUnglucklicbo. 

Erzahlung. Aus dem Russisehen. 2. Aufl. 

Ber. Janke. [n.d.] (4+) 159 pp. 16° [83, 

430; 49.] 59:1366 

TurgeniefT. Ivan Sergheivitch. Vater and Sdhoe. 

Roman. Aus dem Russisehen, von Adolf Gkbst- 

MANN. Ber. Janke. [n. d.] (4+)235 pp. 12® 

[83,430; 49.] 59:1365 

Waclienhusen, Hans. Die bleiche Grafin. Ro- 
man. 5. Aufl. Ber. Janke. [n. d.] (4+) 
316 pp. 12° [83,380; 49.] 59:1409 

WaClienllUSen, Hans. Die Grafin von derNadel. 

Roman. 7. Aufl. Ber. Janke. [n.d.] (6-f) 

178 pp. 12" [8:^,380: 49.] 59:1420 

WaclienllUSen, Hans. Des Konigs Ballet Ro- 
man. 2. Aufl. Ber. Janke. [n. d.] (4-f) 
360 pp. 12° [83,380; 49.] 59:1408 

WaclienllUSen, Hans. Die Liebe im Delta. Er- 

zahlunc^. 2. Aufl. Ber. Janke. [n.d.] (2-f ) 
118 pp. ^12° [83,380; 49.] 59:1421 

WaclienllUSen, Hans. .Nur ein Weib. Roman. 

5. Aufl. Ber. Janke. [n. d.] (4+)299 pp. 

12° [83,380; 49.] 59:1423 

WaChenhusen, Hans. Der rothe Theo. Erzah- 
lung. 2. Aufl. Ber. Janke. [n. d.] (2+) 
137 pp. 12° [83,380; 49.] 59:1404 

Wachenhusen, Hans. Die rnhelose Seele. Er- 
zahlung. 2. Aufl. Ber. Janke. [n.d.] (4+) 
143 pp. 12° [83,380; 49] 59:1422 

Wachenhusen, Hans. Der StaatsanwaU. Er- 
zahlung. 2. Aufl. Ber. Janke. [n.d.] (2-f ) 

126 pp. 12° [83,380; 49.] 59:1405 

Wachenhusen. Hans. Der tiirkische Kosak. Er- 
zahlung. Ber. Janke. [n. d.] (4-f )204 pp. 
12° [83,380; 49.] 59:1406 

Wichert, Ernst. Heinrich von Planen. Histori- 

seher Roman. Leip. C. Reissner. 1881. 3 v. 

(8-i->337 pp.: (6-r)506 pp.; (6-f-)417 pp. 12* 

[83,382; 49.] 59:1555.1-3 

Wilbrandt, Adolf. Meister Amor. Roman. Wien. 

L. lio^ner. 1880. 2 v. in 1. (4+)268 pp.; (24-) 

237 pp. 1G° [83J54: 49.] 59:1579 

Wolzogen. Caroline con. Agnes von Lilien. Ro- 
man. Neu herausgeg. und mit einem Vorworte 
versehen von Ludwiur Salomon. Stutl. Levy u 
Midler. 1881. 2 v. in 1. xvi-t-184 pp.; (2-h)' 
166 pp. 16° [83,755; 49.] 59:1782 


[ontlilg Mulletin. 

No. 50. 


HENRY liARLIOK, Prt^idiut, 

ISAAC AD1,ER, rr<a«irer, 

E. (JOHT WILLIAMS, Secretary, 




J. W. UXDERmLL(«-ojJi™>), 



Faikmoi-nt WociP.KN Mills (340 Wkst Podrth sti 



34 A.M> 36 W. Third mrkkt (54T W. Court btrket] 


ail Clintun strkkt (4!B John st; 


I Flacb, Modnt Aububn. 

every day In the your, Sunilaya [ncliidml, Trom 8 a 
p. M, The Bpuciiil deiwirtincnts arc wpen »s fuUowi 
Demtert Hall, (oxcppt Siinduysi a a. m. ti 
Main Uall. (cvury dnvl ti a. m. 1u 10 i', m, 
Pei!ioi>inAL RO..M, (osorv dny] B a. m. to 10 v. M. 
Nbwspapku Room, (everyday) B a. m. to 10 r. m. 
Art Room, (exoupi Sundays) H a. m. ti> a i". m. 
" '■ (on Sundays) !> a. m. to i i". m. 

Keauino Room*;. — Any person i>f gnoil department 
bud babit.°, whothcr residing in Cincinnnti or not, may 
conmlt books, periodicals, or newspapi'ra in the reading; 

Home use of QaoK^.—Realdentg of Cincinnati 
may withdraw books bj registering name nnd ri-?idcnce and 
farnifliiiig satisfactory security in thi' form prescribed by 
the BiBird. (In lieu of other security a deposit of three 
dollars or nf the value of the work desired may be innde.) 
Nou-reaUlenta may withdraw books by innklng a de- 
posit of three dollars and an anniiiil payment (in advanee) 
of five dollars. 


I \ two weeks, and may be renewed for the same period, after 
] wLieh thoy can not be reissued to thosamo person until they 
. j have been in Ibe library twoiity-four hours. 

Fine on bonks over-due, three cents a da3-, and after a 
ik, cost of reeovory. 
Books are not issued to any one owing Bnes or charge* 


1. The Librarian i« at all times ready to assist per- 
sons in the investigation of spocinl subjects, by ftidicating 
the sources of information so far ai: the Library contain* 

2. Books not in the Library will be purchased on ap- 
plication to the Librarian, aniens there be a siifBcient reaeon 
against it. 

3. All lumplainls should be made in the first instancs 
to the Librarian, either in person or by letter pinif^ tkenauM 
and rexidtnce of the person aggrimd, 
nieationa can not be noticed. 

History, etc. 



History, Biography, Travels. 

Abbott, John Stevens Cabot. Hiblury of Louiri 

XIV. N. Y. Harpers. 1S71. viii, 410 ])i)., 1 

port., illuH. in text. lU** [:i7,()3<I; 5t).] 241:^:^00 

Abbott, John Stevens Cabot. History of Louis 
Pliilippe, king ol the French. 2^. i. Jlarpeis. 
1871. viii, 405 pp., froniis., illut*. in text. 10° 
[28,073; 37,030; 50.] 24:^328 

Abbott, John Stevens Cabot. The history 
ot the state of Ohio; from the dinuovery ot iho 
great valley to the present time; inc-lmiing nar- 
ratives of early exjilorations ; the struggle.s be- 
tween Franee and England for the posHcssit)!! of 
the valley; the wara with the Indians; organiza- 
tion of the state; the adventures of the early 
emigrants; life in the Nolitudes uf the wilderness; 
biographical sketches of all tlie governors ol 
Ohio, and of many others ot her most illustrious 
sons; and most of the important events at tending 
the birth, growth and malurily of a state now 
truly imperial in j)opulation, wealth and power. 
Detroit. Northic. Puh. Co. 1.S75. xiv, 870 pp., 
illus. 8° [40,002; r.o.] 30:1222 

Abbott, John Stevens Cabot. The life and ad- 
ventures of Hear-admiral John Paul Jones. 
N. Y. Dodd and Mead. [coj). 1874.] xi, 351) pp., 
5 pis. 12® [44,477; 50.] (Amer. pioneers and 

patriots.) 24:n>ir) 

Abu iaafar Ebn Topliail. The improvement of 
human reason, exhibited in the lite of Jlai Ebn 
Yokdhan ; written in Arabick above 500 years 
ago. In which is demonstrated, b}' what meth- 
ods one may, by the meer light of nature, attain 
the knowledg of things natural and supernatu- 
ral; more particularly the knowledg of God, and 
the affairs of another life. Newly translated 
from the original Arabick, by Simon Ouklky. With 
an appendix, in which the possibility of man's 
attaining the true knowledg of God, and things 
necessary to salvation, without instruction, is 
brieflly consider'd. Lond. 1708. (12-f )195 pp., 
4 pis. 12** [53,591; 50.] *24:»525 

Address to the government of the United States 
on the cession of Louisiana to the French, 
and on the late breach ot treaty by the Spaniards; 
including the translation of a memorial on the 
war of St. Domingo and cession of the Mississippi 
to France, drawn up by a French counsellor of 
state. A new ed., rev., corr. and impr. Phil. 
J. Conrnd and Co. 1803. (2+)50 pp. 8° 
[49,710; 50.] In *30:002 

Aikin, John. A view of the character and public 

services of the late John Howard, L.L.D., F. 

R.S. Lond. J. Johnson. 1792. (2-}-)248 pp.. 1 

port. 12° [30,897; 50.] 24:1770 

AndrOB, Richard. Wirkliche und wahrhaftige 
Uobinsonaden, Fahrten und Reiscerlebnisse 
aus alien Zonen. Fiir die reifere Jiigend. sowic 
fiir gebildete Familienkreise. Leip. Spamer. 
1808. xxxviii(-(-ii)-}-221 pp., ])l8., illus. in text. 
12° [55,301; 50.] (Jugend- und Hausbibl., Sur. 
2, Bd. 11.) 21:210 

Arnold, I^ev. A. N. Ono woman's miBsion, a 

how Mhe fulfilled it. A memorial of Mrs. Hi 

riet K. Dickson. Bost. H. A. Young. 181 

272 pp. 10° [28,330; 50.] 24:6 

Barnwell, Kobert Gibbcs. A sketc^h of the I 
and times of John do Witt, grand pensiona 
of Holland, to which is added, bis 1 realise i 
life annuities. N. Y. Pudney and RusselL 182 
108 pp., 1 port. 12° [30,920; 50.] 24:t> 

Bayne, Peter. Life and letters of Hugh Milh 
Bost. Gould and Lincoln, [cop. 1871.] 2 
xiv, 431 pp., 1 port.; vii, 479 pp., 1 port. 12* 
[2f.,481; 50.] 24:26G9- 

Blaze de Bury, Ango Henri. Meyerbeer 
son temps. Far. Levy. 1865. 3U6pp. 1 
[27,479; 50.] 24:26 

Bougeart, Alfred. Marat, Taroi du peuplc. Pi 
Lacroix, Verboeckhoven et Cie. 1866. 2 v. (4- 
432 pp.; C4+)447 pp. 8** [46,553; 50.] 


Bray. ^^rs. Anna Eliza. The good St. Louis, a 

hiH limes. Lond. Griffith and Farran. 18' 

xvi4-3i)2 pp., 1 i>t>rt. 12° [38,056; 50.] 24:22 

Brown, Thomas N. Life and times of Hu] 

Miller. N. Y. Rudd and Carleton. 181 

(4-f )3-IO pp. 12° [1,574; 50.] 24:26 

BrydSOn, Thomas. A summary view of herald 
in reference to the usages of chivalry and t 
general economy of the feudal system, with i 
appendix respecting 8uch distinctions of rank 
have place in the British constitution. Edi 
Mundtll. 1795. (ii+)xvi+319 pp. 8** [4 
557; 50.] 23:19 

Buffalo (N. Y.). Buffalo Historical Society. Pa 

lications. Buf Bigelow Bros. 1879-80. 2 

xxviii+436 pp., 1 ]»!., 1 map, 2 ports.; xxvi+4 

pp., 1 port. 8° [83,834; 50.] *30:1603.1 

Cuntentg: Vol. 1. Index.— Pronpoi'tu*. — OfflcerM ot the tocielj 
PreiACp. — InaiiKiirHl addrofff; MillHrd Fillmorr.— Th« origin of i 
nRine of HutlAlo; Wm. Krtciium.— (^orrospundenotf on (he name 
PiiflAln; Kpt. Atther Wbioht nod Nalhauiel T. Stbono.— The Ufi 
(ho Kiih-Kwnhs, poem; Dnvid Gb4T. ~ Buflhlo cemeteriefi ; Vi 
IIouijic.— 0<1<-; RfV. ,lohn C. I^iniD.— Thf t»nive»* real; Wm. C. Bbta 
— IhtwiM bliu'k Tt)ck Trrrv; Chnn. D. NoBTOX.^Toinmuniciitinnt 
luting; to the nHine of bhirk riH*k; Geo. R. Babcocs, and Col. Wm. 
niKD. — AiinurtI nddro«s; Krv John C LoBi>.~OrijKin und progroM 
tho ^o(•l<»ty; Oliver <i. Stkrlr.— Buttiilo in 1S85: 8. Ball.— loiter 
Inline to Buftiiln ; (jidoon J. Ball.— R^niiDii-cencPS of Biiftalo i 
vicinity; .Iiih. L. Uartom.— Execution ol the three Th«]reri«; Nathsr 
WiLGi'8.— Buftulo dnrinjT the war nt IKli; Wm. Dobbhbimkk.— A wn 
Biid ^to(•k.idr; F.. M. ^i^wakt hiuI O. U. Mabbhall.— Nenis* Joun 
ol SMlliviinN t'X|H-<niioi; — Buihiing :ind ToyHjce of the Griffon; 0. 
Mamkall.— A hir'tory of the I^nielites in Buffulo; Rer. 8. Falb 
Fuuniiin^ of Ihe city of Anirnt; Lovrii* F. Allrm.— OilBndo.\llen: W 
C. Bryant.— Life h'ikI piihlio eorvioe* of Oliver PorwBrd ; Jan 
SiiKLDON. — The gr.-iin elevAtorn of Rnffnln; Joseph DABT.—The buS 
f.'oniiiion snhoolj.; OliTrr O. Stbblb.— The first school houBe in U 
falo; (jrisficid Johnson. 

Vol.2. Index.— Offir.eri« ot the nofiely, 1^80.— Preface.— PhjBi< 
noiny of Buffalo; Kov. G. W. Horn rb.— Early traniiportBtioD, > 
York HtAte; C'ol. Win. A. Bird.— ExtrHctn from the Vanderkemp ] 
pers.-The Germans of ButTfdr»; I<tmar 8. Ei-Lisom — Oliver G. Rte« 

cnnal papers; its nri;;in; M.S. Hawlkt.— Erie canal papers; iea ori|i 
nnd ])rellminnry n^oasure'* concerning it; Geo. GKDDKi.~-Erie c* 
l<npors ; Iih orijzin, r( sources and necesoiiy; M . 8. Hawlbt.— 1 
h:iitlB of (vnind islnnd ; Nathaniel Wilous.— KiOy jeBrn Ago ; Jan 
SiiRLDON.— Millard Fillmore; his enrlv history written bv himiiel 
Death of Job Hoiaintfton ; poem ; Elder A. Tobkba.— The KiAf 
frontier; O. H. MabbualIm 

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History, etc. 


History, etc. 

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Chnfenfs: Pf. L Lo rOi-il dt» "i t.Mptivi 6 iliins Ip- eA<-h<>lt de I'in. 

auisition (I'Ef pa^ne on 1817 18.— I)e ;*nn ovusioti, otc. Pi. 'JL. Ia> rCcif 
e «on v<)ya^<*rn Rn-**«i«', do i*« oumpniino an Ciii«';»«»o .•♦•ms Yorni'^low, 
eu 18l9-2() et de Hon reimir on E^iagno. 

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History, ito. 



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Hugo, Mme. J. Adele Foucher. Victor Hugo ; a 
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History, etc. 



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occidentales de 1 Enro])e, on identite qui existe 
entre les interets et I'imporiance actuels et futurs 
de Tile de Cuba, a I'egard du nouveau monde, et 
en particulier des Jlltats-Unis de I'Amerique sep- 
tentrionale, collection de brochures et de let t res 
adressees a Madrid sur ces objets vitaux. Par. 
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stateandof the treasury. Phil. J.Conrad. 1803. 

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land. N.Y. Hurd and Houghton, 1872. x-f 
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;^06; 50.] 

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Monroe's embassy, or, the conduct of the gov- 
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gation of the Mississippi, considered, by the 
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United States on the cession of Louisiana. Phil. 
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In *30:(>02 

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[40,440; 41, 

History, etc. 


History, etc. 

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cello. The private life of Thomas Jefferson, 
fronn entirely new materials. N. Y. Scribner. 
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institution, 1879-SO. Wash. 1881. xxxiii-f 603 

pp., 53 pis., 2 maps. 4° [83,779; 50.] *|0:6480 

Contents: Report of the dirroior: J W. Powell.— Evohitif»n of 
Inngiinge ; J. W. Powkli..— Skoti-h ot ihe mythology of th*- North 
AmericHn Indiarif*; .1. W. Powell. — \Vyftti«J<»tt government; J. \V. 
PowKLL. — Liniitniioniii to tlio us**- of Home antiiropolof(jo rlHin ; .1. W. 
Powell,— Fiirtherctuitnbutioiis to the studv of tlie inortuuiy ^'^^tomJ? 
of the North AiiiHrir-Hn Indians; H. ('. Yarrhw.— Stiidips* in C«ntrRl 
American piotnrf-; K. H. Holdkn.— rvssion" of Innd by InriiHU tribes 
to the United Sfatr-M : C^. C Boy<;k.— .Sijrn l.-miriiHge' .iinong Noitb 
American Indian-; C<>l. (»nrri -k Mali.euy. — Cj»tnlogn(» of linKui'^tic 
ni!inti8<>rlpt9 in Ihe lihrHiy oi ihe l»ut. an of ethnology: .J. r. Pilling 
— IIUi«>trHiion?8 ot the meihoiJ of recording Indian ihngnHge.o, trorn 
the insH. of M« ssrs. J. O Dobset, A. S. (iaischft, nnrl S B. Kiao^. 

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Thomas Jefferson. Compiler! from family let- 
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times of Alexander Uamilton, aide-de-camp, 

secretary, and minister of General Washington. 

Illustrating the history of the United States, 

during the first years of American independence; 

and containing sketches of Thomas Jefferson, 

Aaron Burr, John Adams, Benjamin Franklin, 

the Marquis de Lafayette, General Lee, Benedict 

Arnold, Major Andre, etc. Lond. Bell and Haldy. 

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•politicas y la condicion social de las republicas 
colombianas (hispanu-americanas); con uri apen- 
dice sobre la orografwi y la poblacion de la con- 
fedcracion granadina. Far. K Thunot. 1861. 
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his life and works. Twelve sketches. Boat. 
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Oontenti: John Stuart Mill: A sketch of his^ life: H. R. Fox 
BovR.vB. — His CHr<»er in the India house; W. T. Thormton.— Hii 
mornl uhftrKcter; Herbert Spbnckr.— Him botnnicRl Ptudiea; Henrj 
Trimem — HiH ^ilrtce ns r criti-v—His work in philosophy; J. H. Livt. • 
—His !«tuflio8 jn inorRls Hnd jnri.«prndence; W. A. Hu>ter.— His work 
in poIiii(?])l economy; J. E. Cairnks.— His influence an a prRctical 
politician; Millicent Garrett Fawcrtt.— His rel Uion to positirism; 
Frederic Uarrihon. — His position as a philosopher; W. A. Huntbr. 

Spring, Gardiner. Memoirs of the Eev. Samuel 
J. Mills, late missionary to the south western 
section of the United States, and agent of the 
American Colonization Society, deputed to explore 
the coast of Africa. N. Y. Evangel. Miss. Soc. 
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50.] 24:2203-4 

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2 V. xix-}-(9-)555 pp., 1 port.; xv-f544 pp. 8° 

[41,635; 50.] 24:1933-4 

History, ito. 


Politics, xra 

Stone, William Leete. Matthias and his impos- 
tures ; or, the progress of fanaticism. Illus- 
trated in the extraordinary ease of Jlobcrl Mat- 
thews, and some of his forerunners and disciples. 
:). od. N. Y. Harpers. 183."). 347 ])|). 18° 
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Frederick the Great, king of Prussia, and of 
his family, his court, his ministers, his academies, 
and his literary friends. Collected during a fa- 
niiliar intercourse of 20 j'ears with that prince. 
Tr. from the French. Phil. E. Bronson. 1806. 
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Omttntn: Vol. 1. Neu-Rom, Rom Im Concil^winter, Paris, Lon- 

Vol. '*, Con!«t:intinop»l,Aih<'n. St. Petersburg. Mo^kKU. WarK'bnu. 

Vol. a. Mort-nz, Holognn, nrvielo. Rom, New-York, Chioano, 
MHilnnd, Antwerpfn, Gi tit, BiCiifjie, Hrii**Mcl, R'ltterdum und I>elit, 
D(>r H'lAif. I^iden und Hariini. AmMt(>r<liim. 

Vol. 4. ATigiion, Nimes, Algier, niidrt, ConstAntinp, Bi«4krA, Tu- 
nif<, KHrthago, MnliH, Svmkus, CntaniH, Girgenii, Palermo, Barce- 
lona, ValeiK'ia, Elche, Itfurcia, Malaga, Granada, Serilla, Cordoba, 
Madrid, Toledo, Eaoorial, Bar|^a. 

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Ojn.efiU: Vol. 1. H^fl 1-10 (187:J-7fl). 

Vol. 2. licit \\-M (1876-8U).~ Allg«*meiDer lodez, AutoreoTor- 
zeichDiMH und Turt-lo. 

Politics, Political, Social and Domestic 

Economy, Law. 

Acton, 1^- Our colonial empire. Lond. CasseU, 
[1882.] viii-hl92pp. 18° [83,670; 50.] 


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or, a complete code of commercial law. Being 
a general guide to all men in business, whether 
as traders, remitters, owners, freighters, captains, 
insurers, brokers, factors, supercargoes, or, agents. 
With an account of our mercantile companies; of 
our colonies and factories abroad; of our com- 
mercial treaties with foreign powers; of the daty 

Politics, ito. 


Politics, ito. 

Beawes, Wyndham. — (continued.) 

of consuls, and of the laws concerning aliens, 
naturalizalidn, and denization. To which is ad- 
ded a sketch of the present state of -he commerce 
of the whole world; describing the manufactures 
and products of each particular nation; wiih ta- 
bles of the correHpoiidence and agreement of their 
respective coins, weights, and measures. Com- 
piled from the works of the most celebrated 
British and foreign commercial writers. The 
whole equally calculated for the information and 
service of the merchant, lawyer, member of par- 
liament, and private gentleman. 5. ed., enl. and 
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BBrnardi. L'art de donner des bais et soirees, 
ou le glacier roj'al, contenant les meilleures 
recettcs pour faire les glaces, sorbets, cafe, punch, 
chocolats, the, marmclndes, confii urcs, pales, fruits 
a I'ean-de-vie, sirops, etc ; suivi de la construction 
d'une giaciere, d'une distribution indiquant la 
qnantite ct I'ordredu service a faire pour recevoir 
dcpuis 25 jusqu'a 200 personnes, de menus de 
desserts, de dejefiners, diners et soupers pour les 
quatro saisons. Brux. Soc. typogr. beige. 1844. 
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50.] 54:1838 

Conten*»: Introduction.— The finnl cnnse of woiriHn: Francea 
Power CoBBK. — How toprovid** lor »iipeifltiou8 women; Jessie Boith- 
SBBTT. — Edu«M»tion considered «!» n profe8s>ion for women; G. Hutlbr. 
— Meoiojne «f» a profession for women ; Sophia Jrx-Rlakk.— The 
teiichinst of science; .lames Sti'abt.— On pome hiHtoriml nspects of 
family life; Chflilej* H. Pkabpox.— The property di^inbiiitieH oJ a mar- 
ried woman, and other legal eft^ctM of marriage; Herbert N. Mozlet. 
— Female Huffrage, considered chiefly with regard to iis mdirect re- 
sults; Julia Wrdowood. - The education of girl^«, its present and its 
future; Klisnbeth <*. Wclstenholmb.— The social position of women 
in the present age; John Boyd-Kinnbab. 

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are his rights, his duties, and privileges, and 
what should De his education. Tr. and ed. by C. 
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In 23:2224 

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tles. 2. Of the names of the cases. 3. Of the 
matter under general heads. Lond. J. Waltboe. 
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xi 4-312 pp. 8° [83,857; 50.] 55:132 

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by Theodore Sedgwick, jr. N. Y. Taylor and 
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12° [39,553; 50.] 54:1297 

Lilly, John. Modern entries; being a collection 
of select pleadings in the courts of king's bench, 
common pleas, and exchequer. As also special 
assignments ot errors, and writs and proceedings 
thereupon, both in the said court and in parlia- 
ment. With the method of suing to and revers- 
ing outlawries by writ of error or otherwise. To 
which is added a collection of writs in most cases 
now in practice. With 2 tables, one of the names of 
the cases, and the other of the pleadings and writs. 
2. ed., with many additional references. Lond. 
D. Browne. 1741. (84-)676(+30) pp. T 
[83,831; 50.] *55:6596 

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50.] 54:2510 

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crime. Is. Y. American Book Exchange, 1880. 

xiii, 387 pp., 1 col'd pi. 1 6° [83,860; 50.] 54:768 

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umgearb., verb, und verm. Aufl. Herausgeg. von 
Karl Welcker. Leip. Brockhaus. 1856-66. 
14 V. 8° [34,542; 50.] *54:966-79 

Contents: Vol. 1. A — A theism us. 

V<1. 2. Aihen— Bflrse. 

Vol. 8. B^rserschwindel— Conflscation. 

Vol. 4. C<)nfdileration— Emkommensteuer. 

Vol. b. Kin- und Answan<lerimjr — Frieden^iferichte. 

Vol. 6. Friedrinh II.— Giie<>hi'«ohH Volksanslchten. 

Vol. 7. Orossbritannien— Herreustand. 

Vol. 8. H^^'ssen — Kammcrf^ut. 

Vol.9. Kanonisches R"cht — Mercantilsystem. 

Vol. 10. Messen und MArkte — Oldenburg. 

V«»l. 11. t)liearchie— PresKe. 

Vol. 12. Preusaen — Rusnlaod. 

Vol.l.'l. Siichsen— Stenern. 

Vol. U. HUnungen — llniversit/iten. Universalregister. 

Snyder, William L. Great speeches by great 
lawyers. A collection of arguments and 
speeches before courts and juries by eminent 
lawyers. With introductory notes, analyses, etc. 
N. Y. Baker, Voorhis and Co. 1881. xvi+748 
pp. 8° [83,849;.60.J 65:4262 



Science, etc. 

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personal rights, to discover the principles ot the I 
law, as ascertained from the practical rules of j 
the law, and harmonized with the nature of social 
relations. N. Y. Appleton. 18S2. 420 pp. 8° 
[88,055; 5(K] 55:442 

Science, Art and Industry. 

Airy, George Biddell. Extracts of papers prin- 
ted and manuscript, laid before the commission 
appointed to consider the steps to be taken for 
restoration of tiie standards of weight and meas- 
ure, and the subjects connected therewith. Prin- 
ted by order of the lords commissioners of the 
treasury. Lond. W. Clowes. 1840. (153) pp. 
4° [27,290; 50.j 'f=5l:3025 

Arago, Dominique Francois Jean. Meteorolog- 
ical essays. With an introduction by Baron Alex- 
ander vjon Humboldt. Tr. under the superintend- 
ence of Cnlonel Sabine. Lond. Lonqmans. 
1H55. xxxvi+504 pp. 8° [5/232; 50] 5I:2S75 

Arendt, Rudolf. Technik der Expei-imentalche- 
mie. Anleitnng zur Ausfuhrung chomischer 
Experimente beim Unterrichte an niederiMi und 
hobiTcn Schulen. Fi'ir Lehrer und Studironde. 
Bd. 2. Hoherer (^ursus. Leip L. Vos^. 1881. 
xxiv +411 pp., 1 fold.^pl., illus. in text. H"" 
[83,748; 50.] 5l:151lJ.2 

ArendtS, Carl. Naturhistorischer Schulatlas. 

Fiir den mothodischen Unterrieht bearbeitet. 

2. verb. u. verm. Aufl. Leip. Brockhaus. ISfiH. 

(4+)27 pp.. 24 double pis. obi. 8° [41 S(>9: 50.] 


Barry, James, and others. Lectures on pniniing, 
by the royal academicians : James Barry. John 
Opie, and llenry Puseli [Johann lleinrich Fiis- 
siLi] Ed., with an introtluction and notes, crit- 
ical and illustrative, by Ralph N. Wornum. Lond. 
Bohn. 1848. iv+5G7 pp., frontis. 12° [S.i)45; 

25,193; 50.] 53:2:Js:4 

Bartels, J. M. C. Vorlesungen iiber mathemati- 

8chi3 Anal3'si8. Ilerausg. von F. G. W. Struvk. 

Dorpat. F. Severin. 18;J7. (ii-)-)xxiv-h:i:}(;-t- 

(4+)G4pp. sq. 8° [ir),915; 50.] *5l:-'»020 

Beule, Ernest. Causeries sur Tart. 2. ed. Par. 

Didier. 18G7. (6+)890 pp. 16° [27,437; 

50.] 53:14 

Onntenfs : Le^ expoaitionf*. — L'»'nHeiunemMit ot rarchiloftun-.— 
Lft peiiHure diicorative.— Le goiH fiiibtic ot \n fculptun'.— Ijes va.«.o'» 
chinois. — Polygriote t*t Apellc — Un pn'gng*^ Hiir Vnrt roinain. — Vol:is- 
quea et Munrio.— L'^oU* de RomoHU xix. Mi/^cle. 

Blrnbaum, Heinrich. Das Reich der Wolken. 
Vortriige uber die Physik des Luftkreises und 
der atmosphiirischen Erscheinungen. Leip. Spa- 
mer. 1859. xvi-f 21(> pp., 3 pis., illus. in text. 
12° [30,57«; 50.] (Malerische Feiorstundcn. 2. 
Serie. 10. Band.) • 51:2884 

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cation and laws. With the means of predicting 
them by their embodim»mts, the clouds. Phil. 
Porter and Coates. [1875.] 342 pp., 9 pis., illus. 
in text. 12° [47,738; 50.] 51:2886 

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with qiK\stir)ns for examination, dewierned ibr 
the use of academies. N. Y. Pratty Woodford 
and Co. 1848. xii-j-240 pp., illus. in text. 12° 
[5(),3G(»; 50.] 51:2889 

Burckhardt, Jacob. Der Cicerone. Einc An- 
leitung zum Genuss der Kunstwerke Italiens. 
2. Aufl. Unter Mitwirkung von mehreren Fach- 
genossen bearb. von A. von Zahn. Leip. Seemann, 
18(>9. 3 v. (2 + )405 pp.; (2-i-)407-712 pp.: 01+) 
xii.f7i:M154 pp. U;° [:^4.i>74; 50.] 53:17-19 

Otn'enfs: Vol. 1 Archiii-i.-tiir. 
Viil. i SrMli|.t'li-. 

V«>1. .'J. Mtil'T.'i.— R'^isier. 

Butler, Thomas B. The philosophy of the 

weather. And a guide to its changes. N. Y. 

Appleton. 1S5<). xviii-t-414 j)p., 7 pie., illus. in 

text. 12° [5,248; 50.] 51:2899 

Cattermole, llichard. The book of Raphael's 

cartoons. Lond. Bohn. 1815. (4-|-)185 pp., 
8 pis. 12° [240; 50.] 53:^393 

Cave, Mme. Marie Elfsabeth. Color. Tr. from 

the 3. P>cnch ed. N. Y. Putnam. 18(i9. viii + 

110(+3)pi). 12° [23.127; 50.] (Cave's Method 

of drawing, 2.) 53:2396 

Cincinnati. 'V/?. Jfortirultural Society. A brief 
historv, its chaitor, constitution and bv-laws, 
officers troiii 1^41 lo is;)9; iiivj, annual and bon- 
orarv member.^; and catalogue of books in library. 
Together with its transactions for the past year, 
and premium lists for the year 1859. Prepared 
b}' order of the societj*. Cin. 1859. 2+127 pp. 
8° [83,7.S7; 50.J *43:750 

Clarke, (rcorge S3'd('nham. Practical geometry 

and engineering drawing. Lond. 1875. viii 

4 1 10 pp.', 20 ],ls. 4° [50,182; 50 ] *5l:30;-i0 

Clement. Clura Erskino. A handbook of legend- 
ary and niythulo^ical art. N. Y. Hurd and 
Houghton. 1871. iv-4-497 j>p , frontis., illns. in 
text. 12^ [2r,.045; 50.] 53:29 

ClOUet, Fran(;ois. Three hundred French por- 
traits roprrsonting personages of the courts of 
Francis 1., Henry II., and Francis II. Auto- 
lithographed from the originals at castle Howard. 
Yorkshire, by Lord Ronald (tOWER. Lond. S. 
Luxe. 1875. " 2 V. (7 pp.)150 ports.; (4 pp.)15I 
])orts. 1^ [S3,tJ73; 50.] *A 

Coffin, James \\. Winds of the northern hemi- 
sphere. [Wash] 1852. vi-f 197 pp., 13 pis. 
f° [42,7H0; 50.] (Smithsonian contributions to 
knowledge.) *5I:3165 

Cook, Dntion. Ait in England; notes and stud- 
ies. Lon<l. Lov-tind Marston. 1869. vii-[-359pp. 
16" [28.181; 50] 53:33 

Cbnfcntg: R.iily :irr.««rMo«'l- in EuKlniid. — VtHo nmi Lnguerre— 
A ^*•nl!lU.r'^* iilf in th«» Lir-t (rontury. — Th'- r'sp of the Royal Acidfniy. 
— \Vi«l')w HoL'irlh !in«l lier lo'lir^r — Alhm U-iniiiny, jr. — Goorj{» Rom- 
ncy. (''o>w:i\, tbv n)iniuiiiro-i>niiit(>r. — Tin- siory of :i nccnr-painior. 
— Thf j'tory (.Ini. «n;:rav(r.— Mr JoshiL-i'- p*ij»il.— Hoppner und Law* 
r'^iKT.— The |»ii| il (i'l Sir Th.-inis liMwrrin^p. —Tamer ami Riiskia. 

Dove. Heinrich Wilhelm. I>as (iesetz derSturine 
in seiner Beziehung zu <icn allgemeinen Bewo- 
guni2:en der Atmosphiire. 4. enl. ed. Ber. X). 
Eeimer. 18(;(>. (lO-f )346 pp., 1 fold, map, illufl. 
in text. 12° [42,348; 50.] 5I:2909 




Elmes, Janies. A general and bibliographical dic- 
tionary'^ of the fine arts, containing explanations 
of the principal terms used in the aris of paint- 
ing, sculpture, architecture, and engraving, in all 
their various branches; historical sketches of the 
rise and progress of their different schools; de- 
scriptive accounts of the best books and treatises 
on the fine arts, and every useful topic connected 
therewith. Jjond. T. Tegg. 1826. viii })p-|- 
1520 columns (760 pp.) 8° [48,514; 50.] ^53:51 

Falconer, William. Remarks on the influence of 
climate, situation, nature of country, popula- 
tion, nature of food, and way of life, on the dispo- 
sition and tem])er, manners and behavior, intel- 
lects, laws and customs, form of government, 
and religion, of mankind. Lond. C. Dilly. 1781. 
xvi-f 552+25 pp. 4° [48,546; 50.] *5I::^171 

Field, George. (Chromatics; or, the analog}^ 

harmony, and philosophy of colours. New ed., 

augm. Lond. D Bogus. 1845. xviii-f262 pp.. 

10 pis. (6 col'd), illus. in text. 12° [7,419; 50.] 


Flammarlon, Camille. The atmosphere. Tr. from 

the French. Ed. b}' James Glaisiier. N. Y. 

Harpers. 1878. 45:^ pp., 16 pis., ilhis. in text. 

8° [40,102; 50.] 51:2917 

FritzSChe, Gustav, editor. Modern e Buch-Ein- 
bande. Sammlung kiinstlcrischor Original- 
Entwiirfe zur Ornamentirung von Buchdecken. 
Mit Beitriigen von Architekt C. G. Aeckerlein u. 
A. Lei p. Fritzsche. 1878. 6 pp., 24 col'd pis. 
f* [83,827; 50.] *A 

Gauss, Carl Friedrich. Kecherches arilhm^tiques. 

Tr. par A. C M. Poullet-Delisle. Par. Cour- 

der, 1807. xx+(ii+)502 pp. 4° [16,92.3; 50.] 


Hartwig, Georg. The. aerial world; a popular 
account of the phenomena and life of the at- 
mosphere. N. Y. Appleton. 1875. xviii-|-556 
pp., 7 col'd pis., 1 fold. map. 8° [47,539; 50.] 


HujBheS, Griffith. The natural history of Barba- 

clos. In ten books. Lond. Anthor. 1750. 

(iv-f)vii + (xii-f )314(-t-15) pp., 29 pis., 1 fold. 

map. P [27,053; 50.] *43:2666 

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Kesume du Cosmos. [Tr. de Tallemand par le 
docteur Burkly.] Brux. Lacroix, Verboeckhoven 
et Cie. 1861. 56 pp. 12^ [46,575; 50.] 


Jones, John Matthew. The naturalist in Ber- 
muda; a sketch of the geology, zoology, and 
botany, of that remarkable group of islands; 
together with meteorological observations. Assis. 
by J. W. Wedderburn, and J. L. Hurdis. Lond. 
Reeves and Turner, 1859. xii+200 pp., 1 fold. 
map, illiis. in text. 12° [15,614; 50.] . 43:1793 

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analyiique. 3. cd., rev., corr., et annotee par 
M. J. Bertrand. Par. Mallet- Bachelier. 1H53. 
2 V. in 1. (iv+)xii+428-f (iv+)iv+390(+l) pp. 
4*^ [16,921; 50.] *5I:3120 

Lagrange, Joseph liouis, comte de. Theorie des 

fonclions analytiques. Nouv. ed., rev. etaugm. 

par Tauten r. Par. F*. Courcier. 1813. xi + 

:^83 pp. 8^ [16,922; 50.] *5I:3055 

Lee, Charles Alfred. The elements of geology, 
for popular use ; containing a description of the 
geological formation and mineral resources of the 
United States. N. Y. Harpers. 1855. viii-f 
viii, 375(+9; pp., 1 pi. 16° [25,651; 50.1 


Legendre, Adrien Marie. Exercices do calcul 
integral sur divers ordres de transcendantes et 

sur los quadratures. Par. V\ Courcier. 1811-17. 

S V. (4-f ;386 + (2-f )50 pp., 1 fold, pi.; xix-f 544 

pp., 2 fold, pis.; (2 + )462 pp. 4° [21,691-3; 50.] 


Lenoir, Alexandre. The Lenoir collection, of 
original French portraits at Stafford house. 

A uto-lithographed by Lord Ronald Gower. Lond. 

Maclure and Macdonald. 1874. (46 pp.), 136 pis. 

f° [83,674; 50.] *A 

Lipslus, Constantin, editor. Sammlung moderner 

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Cont^ntM: Pt. 1. Zoology; bv J. E. DeKat. Vol. 1. Mammalm. 
Vol. 2. Ornithology. Vols. :t-4. Reptiles and amphibia. Vol. 5. Mol- 

Pt. 2. Botany; by J. Torrkt. 2 v. 

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ContenU: De medioinn Rrasilienni libri iv; W. Piso. — HiHt<^»ri» 
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Chilen!-ibu?»; Genrx MARCQBA.r. In orduiom ni,je8>'it et nnnotntione^ 
Rddidit miiltiiB et VuriH :ib auctore oiinsaa Cfupplevit et illusinivii 
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cum eclipni anlari; quibus ad<ii;i nunt oomnieritarii de KritsilienHJiim 
et Chileiis'ium iii<iole et linKUit: (ieorf; MARcuKAr.— UlHioriiv naturalis 
et mf'dioee Indiie orientnlii libri vi: J:u;ob I^ontii's. Coininentaiii, 

3nfiti« ain'tor indi>i?<'^lo« r«Iiq«nf, » G iliclmo Pisone in ordin<'in re- 
act! et illustrati atque anDotationibus vl additionibu:* aduucti. 

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plate worker, in fact the artisan in any and every 
branch of industry whatsoever, the constructive 
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ConttnU: The chemiatry of (he hydrocnrbont* and their deriva* 
tivea, or, organic cbciniNtry*. 

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ihre Slrahlungon, ihre Stellung im Weltall und 
ihr Verhaltniss zu den iibrigen Himmelskorpern. 
Autorisirte deulsche Ausgabe und Originalwerk 
beziiglich der neuesten von dem Verfasser fiir die 
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und Entdeckungen der Jahre 1870 u. 1871. ifer- 
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ative to the natural history of animals and 
vegetables. Tr. from the Italian. To which are 
added, 2 letters Irom Mr. Bonnet to the author. 
And (to each volume of this translation) an ap- 
pendix, the first containing a paper written by 
Mr. Hunter, and the experiments of Dr. Stevens 
on digestion ; the second a translation of a me- 
moir of Mr. Demoiius, and Mr. Debraw*8 i>aper 
on fecundation of bees. Lond. J.Murray, 1784. 
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U IB measured. Being a popular account of 

rainfall invesligatioris. Load. E. Stanford. 18H7. 

C8+)88C+1) pp. 12" [40,621; BO.] 51:2982 

Toner, J- M- Dictionary of olevationB and cli- 
matii; register of the United States; coniainirip, 
in addition to elevations, the latitude, mean an- 
nual temperature, ond the total annual rain tall 
of many localities : with a brief introduction on 
the orographic and other physical pecnliaritieit 
of North America. N. Y. VanNostrand, 1874, 
(i¥+)iii+xxxi+6-93 pp. 8" [42,887; 5(1.] 


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47.) 41:2024 

Vorlagen (ur Gtasarbeiten.vorwicgend nnch Knt- 

wurfen der hervorrugendsten 4Meister iler 
Neuzeit, inabeaondcre von Valentin Teirich, Fr. 
Sturm, J. Slorck, Vr. Schmidt, clc. Aus den 
Blattern (ftr Kunslgewerbe. Wien. R. v. Wald- 
heim. [1881.] :i pp., 22 pis. f* [8:1.518; 5U.] 
Ward, Hon. Mrs. The telescope; a familiar 
sketch combining a special notice of objects 
coming within the range of a small tcle8cr)po, 
detail of the most interesting diHcoveries, which 
have bean made with the assistance of powerful 
telescopes, concerning the phenomena of the hoav- 
eiily bouicB. 3. ed. Lond. Groambridge. 1870. 
viii-l-150 pp., 12 col'd pis. (6 eol'd). 12" 
[36,621; 50.] 42:399 

Weber, Ernst Hcinrich, and Wilhelm. Wel- 
lenlehro nuf Bxpcrimenle gegriindet, oder 
tiber die Wolleu troplbarer Kliinsigkeiten niit 
Anwendung auf die Schall- und Lichtwellen. 
Lcip. G. Fleischer. 1825. xxviii+574 pp., 16 
pis. (15 fold.), 2 fold. tabs. 12" [8:i.750; 50.] 

WeisbaCh, Julius. Die Experiraentnl-Hydraulik. 
Eino Anleitnng but Ansfiihrung hydraulischer 
Versache im KTeinen, nebat Beschreibung der 
hierzu nothigen Apparate und Entwiekelung der 
wichtigslen Grundiurmeln der IlydiJiulik, sowie 
Vergleichung der durch dieso Apparate gefunde- 
nen Versuchsresnltate mit der Thenrio und mit 
den Brfabrangen im Grossen. Freiberg. J. G. 
Engelkardt. . 1855. xvi-j-2Sl pp., illus. in text. 
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t6ores. 3. ed. Par. Hachette. 1869. (iv-f) 

iii+300 pp., 13pla. IS" [27,478; 50-1 (Bibl. 

des merveilles; £. Char too.) 5I;2947 


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aerolites, storms, and ntmnspheric phenomena. 
From the Frfnch by William Lackland. N. Y. 
Scnbner. 1876. 324 pp., 16 pis., illus. in tL-xt. 
12= [52.041; 50.] (Illus. libr, of wonders.) 


Poetry, Music and the Drama. 

Amyntor, Gerhard von. Ein Priestcr. Hiatoric 

in acchs Gesiingon. Bros. Trewendt. 1881. 
(8+)306 pp. 18= [83,876; 50.] 3|:2360 

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820; 50.] In 23:2424 

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com posers. N. Y. Soil/ner. 1 882. vi i + 1 79 
jip. 12= [8.<t,781; 50.] (The great musicians; 
Francis HuefTer.) 10:2514 

Bocquillon, Guillaumo Louia. See WJIhem, G. L. 
Bodenstedt, FHcdrieh Martin von. Aas Morgen- 

limd and Abendland. Neue Gudichtc und 
Spruche. Leip. Broclchaus, 1882. x4-284 pp 
12= [8:!,878i 50-] 3|:2409 

Brahm. Otto, Das deuteche Bilterdrama des 18. 

Juhrhunderts. Studien ttber Joseph August 
von Torring, seine VorgSnger und Naohfolger. 
SlrasB. K.J.Trubner. 1880. x+235 pp. 8° 
[83,550; 50.] (Quelien u. Forschnngen zur 
Sprach- u. Onllurgeach. der german. Volker, 40; 
B. ten Brink, u. A.) 10:4024.15 

Harte, Francis Bret. Poetical works, including 

the drama of "The two men of Sandy bar." 
Bosl. Houghton. Mi^in and Co. 1882. \u\-\- 
448 pp., 1 port. 12" [84,0!t3; 50.] (Biverdide 
oH.) 31:2591 

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x-|-l«S pp. Ifi" [8:^,871; 50.] 31:2687 

Maximilian Hobcapierro. Historisches Trauer- 

apiel in fiinf Aufzugen. Leip. F. Fleischer. 
1868. 159 pp. 12° [83,207; 50.] 32:679 

Merzdorf, J- F. L. Theodnr, editor. Karolellus. 

Boitrag zum Karlssngenkreis. Aus dem einzi- 
gon Pariser Drucke hcrauegcgeben. Oldenb. G. 
Stalling. 1855. v, 80 pp. 8° [83,167; 50.] 

Moore, John Weeks. Complete cncycloptedia of 

muaic, elementary, technical, hiatorieal, bio- 
graphiual, vocal, and instrumental. Bost. O. 
Ditson and Son. [1854.] 1004 pp., Irontia. 4° 
[29,146; 50.] *53:2245 

Munby, Arthur J. Dorothy. A conniry story 

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Greek play. Bost. J.S.Osgood. 1882. x, 129 
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und Musikfreundo. Eine popuUre Daretellung 
der Akuatik als Naturwiaaonschaft in Beziohung 
zur Toiikunst. Leip. B. Hinze. 1853. xiii(-t- 
iii}+128 pp. 16° [19,110; 50.] 53:2272 

Poetry, etc. 


AxussMEifTSy Era 

ProISS, Robert. Gescbichte des neueren Drama**. 
Bd. 2. Leip. B. SchUcke. lSSl-2. 2 pts. 
/4_,49Spp.: .4— 448 pp. S"* [S3.751: 50.] 
' . 10:3062.2-3 

Oj^'en't ■ Px. 1. !■*-« r.^'^vtv Lrumy :r, Frjinkr*»ich. 
P: 2. 1 1* ii*'.>re Dr.iini\ .1« Ed^Ei Jc-ier. 

Sandys. William, ah'.! Forster. Simon Andrew. 
The historv of the violin, and other instrumentB 
plaved on with t»ie bow trom the n.*m«Ae>l linirs 
to the present. Al^o. an at-eoiint of the principal 
makers. English and f'>rciirn. L«"«nd. ./. /?. Smith. 
1S64. xii— 390 pp., 3 pis. «1 cold -. illus. in lext. 
S° [40.05*;; 50.] 53:231»» 

ShakespBare. WilliaTn. Comedy of L'lVf's la- 

b'jur's lost. Ed . with i.o:cs. by Wiliiani J. 

KoLFE. N. Y. Htrprr-i. 1S^2. l'73 pp . 1 pi.. 

illus. in text. 1»»^ [-4 09»:; 5n ] 32:124l».r; 

ShakespBare. William. CVmedy 'ff the Merry 
wives of NVinds-r. EJ . with ni^ies. by William 
J. RoLFE. N. Y. liup-rs. 1S>2. ' 173 pp., 
fronlis., iilus. IC* [S;;.7^4; 50.] « Enir. c!a»:t>. 


Thibaut. Anion FriL-drich Ju*-tu>. Ucber Rciii- 

hfil der 2. verm. A us;:. Htidrl. 

J, r B. Mohr. 1>2»-.. ix -ii —221 pp. tr-niis. 

ii5= [19.11-: :t».] 53:2o4K 

Waldersee, P»Ui. Orjf, t>i>*:r. Sammluni: musi- 
ka.isobfr V'irirjjre. 3. Rtib*.-. L«.-ip. li^ci'k.-rf 
w. H'!rd i>^J. 4— 4«»5 pp.. fr« ? = 
[S3.>4i: :.«»] 10:2500.3 

.■-■ •#--. V r-.---r.- ^r .•. *- -.* :. -.-r V - .<: - .:• r ." ■ ... 
M-.r. Krii..— ■ -*. ' -■? — '- -: ■>'-•>• •-- M : L. . : :: ■ k- 
P —-.-:; ii. A. K iTi:*.— !• - E-*. < . z •: —rn: N >•-.:.■ :; 
K 'z- ^.i'W*!«*.--I--:-» . ^■.- r: K M. -.h: rTTri.rc — -.^v- : : M >s- 
\^'.L '-:»'4. E-.z-fr •• ::r- >.- K ".:-•!■■. -r.r. _-* > JiT. : .r :^r**; A. N:i- 
cij"l_''*' *■-=-- ,. -. -Tir 2 --.r ":?-:.•■. .* ri V".-:?;! ::•:.-- -. Iv .:<« :. d- :: 
Hfr- »-iKi.i:*:H«AX.— F* xM^nir «^ r.- r ■..::. :>. -'.*-f '=::?*«.. 
— l.--'*r >^ •♦rViT-^r i - *.irj " k^^- ". K ::h r|C- .*•• _•*-. H \. 
K '*7i:5-— H'kT- r^r. i -r.l •e.rt H»r ".a ->>=:; :.i>r:*; F.-»:ii L:-5T 

Weber. Go:: Trie J. Tiiecry of musical cinpo^i- 
ti- I:, ir^atei with a view i-' a n:;ii: rally con?cc- 
Dtive arrar.::emenT of topiv-s. Tr. frvm the o. 
en;. a:.d insr-r . German ed., with r.-ies by James 
F. Wabneb! Brs:. O. A* r^. 1-^53. 2 v. xvi 
—4"- IP : x:i — 4V7-S20 pp. ^= [:'.^.^.■l2: oo.J 

^^ ^53:2.51-2 

Wilhem. Guiilaume L-uis. crVf Bo:yr:Li.'*N 
Xlus-'-al manual : a new nioii-d v*r y eal .iax* s 
desiiTne-i partv.-ularly iVr o-'i/^vs. p'.ib!ie :i!ivi pri- 
vaie ''i'lli- ' >-s. privatf el:»<>vs. f.c . and embr:*cin5r 
a c.-implr!-? -i:^ m'.:-= a" ii--.n. -•:'-. a-.d sol- 
feiTirio. fr:m :i.e Dr>i elt X'T;Is : • a pvr;-.x? exccu- 
ti.^^f ail diff-ui::*:- ••: i!::-.::a::-n ar.l r:iy:hm. 
Ic 3 pts.. wiih a key fr TvaLln-rs. Tr. Irom the 
7 French fd . w: h"a i :::: : >■ by A^jn-ti:- PiR- 
BOT. Pis 1-2 P:.i:. E C. ^ri -^ B^ ' r^. :-:i4. 

itiS pp. >' [^" •-•""• ^'•* j 53:2c..>9 

Wilhem. Guilir-nme L us. • rfV : B QniivN. 
WiiLems me:h .1 -f :eavi.:i i: s:: ^.i ^, adapted 
lA Er.-.'sh c-e. the -r.v.rr : ttrnd^'vee kZ li.e 
Committee -A C uio:. oi. Eiucation. by John 
HuLLAH. New e i.. rev. ar.d :mpr. L nd. J IF. 
Pj-«-' 1^41-2. 2 pts. in 1 v-^l. -.^2— 77 pp.; 
XTii-:-51-lS0pp. S= [26,515:50.] 53:2360 

Wilson. W. A new dictionarv of mosic. Lond. 

IT. Bwfhes. [n. d.] xxiv-^292 pp. 12^ 
[6.931; 50.] *53:2368 

ZopfT, Hermann. Grandzuge einer Theorie der 
Oper. Ein theoretisch-practiscbes Handbuch 
fur Kunstlcr und Kunstt'nrunde, Diehter ond 
Componisteii. Sanger. Capellmcister, Regisseure 
und Direct ^ren. basirt auf die Anfordcrun^en 
del Geirenwart und auf zahlreiche in den Text 
verwtVre Ausspruche hervorragender Geister. 
Thl. 1 Die Production. Leip. Arnoidi. 1868. 

xvi^:;;;ypp. ii;= [44.051; 5n.] 53:2370 

Amusements. Sports, etc. 

CasselTs book nf in-d>*<>r amusements, card 

ffanies. aiid fun. Lond. Cdssell. [ISSl.l 

224 pp., lron:i>.. iilus. in text. 12° [S2J19; 50.J 


Cas sell's book of sports and pastimes. Lond. 

f\jssr(i ri^^l.] v:ii. 7C0 pp., col'd frontis., 

illus. in text. 12= [^2.3r:,4; 50.] 10:6132 

Hiatt, James M. The haiiunal register of Xor- 
inan horses. Wiih a geiieral history of the 
hoT>v-kind and a »h»!*.»Uirh hi:«iorv of the Nor- 
man horse. [Bloom ihgt or,.] Xonnan Horse Ass, 
l^'^i. vi. 2S:; pp.. 1 p:., ilius. in text. 8** 
[-3.322; 50.J 52:2819 

Hoffmann, L'->uis. M- dem magic. A practical 

treatise ••n the art oi conjuring. 3. vd. Lond. 

<T. A'•:r•i•^•J'^7r. iS7?^. XV.— 5:1 pp.. 1 pi., illuH- in 

text. 12^" [S2 94»:: .V».j |0:6155 

Hunt. I-uey B. Hand-b'^ok of light gyranatstica. 

Bost. Lti »?;iJ S^.eparf. l^^'l. S7 pp.. 1 pi. 

1S= [S2,S50: 50.] |0:6083 

Donoghue. ^^^' Nannie Lambert Power. La- 
dies on hr-rsobaek. Learning, park-riding, and 
hun*ii;g. with bints upon i-ostnme. and oumeroos 
anecdotes. Lond. IT. H. A'Jen. ISSl. xix-f- 
31- pjr, 1 port. 12^ [S2.755: 50.] 10:6061 

S, M. E W. H'^me amusements. N. Y. Apple- 
tin. l^^l. 152 pp. 12= [^2.730; 50.] (Ap- 
]i:eton*s home books. " 10:6184 

Schaffer. W, Neuer Rfr.hselschatz. Fur die 

Jugen.i zur Fvbaiig im Deri ken und zur beleh- 

re n den Ur.ifrha»Tunir sresammelt. Ber. Springer. 

1?»V.. 12^ 15ti-i4 pp. 12° [41.S-22; 50.] 

Rathseisehaiz. 2 : Broi .".w und Schaffer.l 


Walton. Ixank. -i I Cotton. Charles. The com- 
plete a:'jr;er; or. the e-^!itemplaiive man's re- 
oreati.'i]. Ki by Joh:i M.vj^r. Phil. Lippin- 
vV". ri>'^l ] XV — 445 p;... 23 pis.. 4 |K>rts. 8** 
[^2.55?: 5t».j */^ 


F- ■;-: 


* : r r.:e-i. >'>. 1.^. 

**Wildfowler.'* "Snapshot.*' /-•*/.: Shooting. 

yaei.tii.iT. ainl sea-n-hirc: trips, at home and on 
theeontir.ent. 2 sor. Lord. T'. :.- 7i ;n. 1S77. 2 v. 
viii-307 pp.; vii -31;; pp. 12- ' [62,510; 50.] 



ontWg ^ttlletin. 

No. 51. 


ISAAC ADLER, Trtamrer, 

E. COKT WILLIAMS, .S«r«(ary, 







b'.i Wkht Front htbrit (653 Babtzrn atbmui). 

Fairmount Woolih Uillh (340 Wkst FonRTH htrbbt). 

77 W. Third btreet (Gilbert avb. akd Kbmfbr stsbbt). 

Court Housk (392 Lonowobth street). 

3i AND 36 W. Third street {54T W. Court streit). 

184 W. Second street (219 Cufton ATiuri), 

S. W. COB. Fourth and Main bthbkts (Southbbk avb., Mt. Auburn). 


Albioh Flacb, Mount Acbukm. 

every day in the year, Sundays included, from 8 a, m. to 1 
p. M. The special depflrtmciite are open m follows; 

Dbuvkby Hall, (eicept Snnduya) B a. m, to 10 p. s 
Main Hall, (every dsy) 8 a. m, to 10 p. m. 
Pbkiouical Room, (evory day) 8 a. m. to 10 p. m. 
Newhpafkr Room, {every day) S a. u. to 10 f. u. 
Art Boom, (eicept Sundays) 8 a. m, to G f. m. 
" '• (on SundayB) 9 a. m. to * p. m. 

Reading Rooms. — Any person of good deportniEM 
aad habit", whether residing in Cinolnnnti or not, ma 
consult iKioks, periodicRle, or newspapers in the readln 

Home use op BooKu.^SeatdenfB of Cii 
mav withdraw books by registering name and residence and 
furnishing natisfactory seoarity in the focni prescribed by 
the Board. (In lieu of other security a deposit of three 
doUiirs or of the value of the work doeired may be iriade.) 
Xon-rcBldents may withdraw books by making a de- 
posit of threi? dollare and an annual payment (in advance) 
of five dollars. 

two weeks, and may be renewed for tbe same period, aner 
which they can not be reissued to the same person until thej 
hnve been in the library twenty-four hours. 

Fine on books over-due, three cents a. day, and after a 
week, post of recovery. 

Books are not issued to any one owing fines or charges 

1 The Librarian is at all times ready to assist per- 
sons in the investigation of special subjects, by indicating 
tbe Bourcea of information so far as the Library contains 

2. Books not in the Library will be purchased on ap- 
plication to tbe Librarian, unless there be a sufficient reasou 
against it. 

3. All complaints should bo made in tbe first instance 
to the Librarian, either in person or by tetter ^nr^MtiUDM 
and reMdtTKt of the person aggritvtd. Anonymous commu- 
nications can not be noticed. 

£lLieiO!l, ITC. 


HinoBT, sra 

Religion and Theology. 

Beecher. Lyman. A sermon delivered at the 
funeral of Heorv Obookiah. a native of Owhv- 
bee. and a member of the Foreiirn Mission !>chooi 
in Cornwall, Connecticot. Februarv IS. ISIS. 
N. H. y. Whiting. 1S19. 4U pj.. 'lS*= 
[33.5S1.: 51.] In 25:311 

Cook. -Rcr. Frederic Charles, ffitor. The holy 
bible according to the authorized version • a. D. 
Itill .}. with an explanatory and triiical commen- 
tary and a revision of the translation, b}- bishops 
and other clergy of the Anglican clmrch. New 
Testament. N. Y. Snlthtrs. V«»l. 4. xvi — S44 
pp. S' [S4.MJ?9: 51.] 3:»JnU 

Dane« A. H. Enigmas of life, dcuth. and the 

future state. N. Y. '.'. P. Sonurby. 1^S2. 

250 pp. 12= [S4.9fJ4: 51.] 3:5293 

Everett, William School sermons preached to 
the b«»ys at Adams aeademv. ijuincv. Ma^^. 
Bost. Roberta. 1SS2. xii-^lOi'l p).. 1»;- 
[54.103: 51.] 5:51 lo 

Geikie, Cunningham. Hours with iho bible: or. 
the scriptures in the light of modern disc«'Vtry 
and knowled:re. From Moses to the Judi^es. 
4. ed. Lond.^ 5. W. Parthlj^. 1-S2. Vol. 2. 
(5— -520 pp.. illus. in text. 12^ [^4.^00: 51.] 


Hale. Edward Everett. June to May : The ser- 
mons of a year, preached at the South Congrcija- 
tional church in Bi.»str.n. in ISSO and ISSl. Bo^t. 
RJbcrts. 1S!?1. .,4- 215 pp. 12° r>4.940: 51.] 

5:51 7> 
Hardy, K- Spence. The legends and :heories of 
the buddhists compared witli history and 
science: with ijitroduetory notices of the iflo and 
system *A Gotama Buddha. 2. ed. Lond. F. 
yoTidU. 1^-1. Ivi-244pp. 12-^ [M.S57:51.j 


Jacob. G- A.. kU*' ". A manual of Hindu panthe- 
ism. The Veda ijtasara. Lond. Tr'tbfw. 1S>1. 
X— 12?pp. 12= L^4.^4^: 51.] |0:-212 

Keary, Charles Francis. Outlines of primiiive 

belief anion ;^ the Indo-European races. N. Y. 

S:r;',ner.<. 1SS2. xxi — 534 pp. 12= [>4.952:5l.] 


Mountford. William. Euthanasy: or. happv 

talk towards the end of life. " V^ tvi. Bost. 

-ETy'. ;Av.f.. J/ r?fi>. ,11.? O... 1^^2. xviii-^511 pp. 

12-" [>4.119: 51.] 5:27,;i? 

Newton. R^\ I^ichard. Covenant names and 

privileges, N. Y. B. Carter, 1SS2. :>74 pp., 

1 port. 12-^ [S4.i»2S: 51] 5:54S4 

Savage, ^inot Judson. Beliefs about man. lV>st. 

U. H, Ellis. 1SS2. 1 10---)130 pp. 12* 
[S4,9t55; 51.] **^ 3:3d35 

' SchaflT, Philip. eiiltcT. International revision 
commentary on the New Testament, based 
upon the revised version of l^dl, by English and 
American scholars and members of the revision 
committee. X. Y. Scnhner. 1S82. Vol. 1. xvi 
-41»; pp.. 1 fold. map. 1C° [S4.966: 51.] 3:1783 

C". ■.*€».?#.- V ■]. 1. Tr.^ g^.-*!-*-: ho.-ordiiig to MftUhew, by the editor. 

Seiss. Joseph A. The gospel in the stars ; or, 

primeval astr<:)nomv. Phil. E. Ciaxton. 1882. 

452 pp., 1 fvld. map. " 12*» [84,107; 51.] 5:4392 

Smith, Rtv. Henry B. A|>ologctics : a course of 

lectures. Ed. bv William S. Earr. N. T. 

Arm^^trnng. l^<'2. ix-194pp. 12® [84,108; 51. "| 


Spurgeon. Rev. Charles lladdon. The treasury 
ul I>avid : cuniaining an original exposition 
of the b<j4jk of Psalms: a collection of illustra- 
tive extracts from the whole range of literature; 
a <eries of homiletical hinL< upon almost every 
ver>e: and lisisoi writers upon each psalm. ^. 
V. I. K. F^ihk. 1S>2. xii-484pp. 8® 
[M,05i;; 51.] 3:1400 

Three hundred 

vii — 27G pp 1: 

Wallace. Altrtd 

eri) >piriiuali 
[S4.?7i»: 51.] 

Mfestbrook. Kic 

'jui lines of sermons on the New 
X. Y. -1. C. Armstrohg. 1882. 
:= [S4.1W»: 51] (Clerical libr.) 


Ku>sen. On miracles and mod- 
>m : three essavs. 2. ed. Lond. 
viii— ii- 23rt pp. 12° 


hard B. The bible— whence and 
Liphinc'tf, 1SS2. viii-r232 pp., 

what r Phil, 
illus. in text. 16*^ *f>4.967: 51.] 


History, Biography. Geography and Travels. 

Abbott. Jact^b. History of Margaret of Anion, 

queen of Henrv YI. of England. X. Y. Sar- 

P'-s, 1S71. 3Urpp.. illus. 16** [26.575; 37,071; 

51] 24:2423 

Abbott. Jaci'b. History oi Xero. N. Y. Har- 

jz-rs. 1S72. ,S— 14-321 pp.. 4 pis., 1 map, 

illus. in text. 10= [:^7.i«6: 51.] 25:263 

Adams. Charles Keiidall. A manual of historical 
literature, comprising brief descriptions of the 
mo>t important histories in English, French and 
German, toireiher with practical suggestions as 
10 methods and courses of historical study. For 
the use of students, general readers, and collec- 
tors of books. N. Y. Harpers. 18S2. xxxviii 
- ii- iUi5pp. 12^" [S4,Ui5: 51.] 26:13 

Adams. John <^uiney. Addresses in the congress 
ot the United States, and funeral solemnities 
on the death of. who died in the capitol at Wash- 
ington, on Wednesday evening, tebr. 23, 1848. 
Wash. ,/. .!•;:' G. S iiihon. 1S48. (,2-^)40 pp., 
1 pi. S^^ [:^.7.4>1: 51.] 23:2169 

Adams. iiooro> H. «ni 7 i!^.)!!, publishers. Sew Co- 
lumbian railrv^ad atlas and pictorial album of 
American industrv. N. Y. 1S79. 524 pp., 44 
I cold maps, illus. in text, r [81,470; 51.] *% 




AitlQer, Alfred. Charles Lamb. N. Y. Harpers. 
188:i. x+182 pp. 12° [84,097; 51.] (Engl, 
men of lelters; J. Morley.) 24:2211 

Amicls, Edniondo de. Morocco, lis people and 
places. Tr. by C. Rollin-Tilton, S. Y. Put- 
nams. im± (8-t-)374 pp., 24 pis. 12° [84, 
•094; 51.] 21:758 

Amory, Manha Babcoc-k. Tho domestic and ar- 
tistic life of John Singleton Coplay, with no- 
tices of his works, and reminiscences of bia son. 
Lord Lytidhursl. lord high chancellor of Great 
Britain. By b is granddaughter. ^>^pst. Hough- 
ton, Mifflin and Co. IS82. xii-|-47^ pp., 1 port. 
8° [84,088; 61.] 24;402 

Atwater, Edward B. History of the colony of 
New Haven to its absorption into Connecticut. 
N.Haven. Author. 1H81. ix-j-fill pp.,2fold.map8. 
8° [84,055; 51] 29;ti29 

Bain, Alosandor. James Mill. A biography. 

N. Y. H. Holt. 1882. x!(xii-t-4C6 pp., 1 port. 

12° [84,095; 51.] 24-MG^ 

Bain, Alexander, John Sluart Mill. A criticism, 
with personal recollections. N. Y. H. Holt. 
1882. xiii + (ii+)201 pp. 12° [84,114; 51.] 

Benger, Elizabeth Ogiivy. Memoirs of the life of 

Mary, queen of Scots. Lond. Longmans. 1823. 
2 V. viii+382 pp,; viii+501 pp. 12° [31,016; 
51] 24:2521-2 

The same. With anecdotes of the court of Henry 

II. during her residence in France. From the 

2. Lond. ed. Phil. H,irt. 1852. ix-j-17-336 pp., 

1 port.; iv+17-329 pp., 1 faca. [7,377; 37,334.] 


Bariiard, Baylo. The life of Samuel Lover, li. 

H. A., artistic, literary, and musical, with se- 
lections from his unpublished papers and corre- 
spondence. N. V. Appleton. 1874. xxii-|-557 
pp., I port. 12° [43,ti5:J; 51.] 24;2330 

Bingham, H. A. The marriages of the Bona- 
partes. 2. ed. Lond. Longmans. 1862. 2 v. 
vi(-|-ii)+357pp.; (8+)3G5 pp. 12° [84,874; 51.] 
Binney, Horace. Eulogy on the life and charac- 
ter of John Marshall, chief justice of the su- 
preme court of the U, S. Delivered at the request 
of the councils of Phil., Sep. 24, 1835. Phil. 1835. 
70 pp. 12° [45,852; 51.] *24:2608 

Black, John R. Young Japan. Yokohama and 
Yedo. A narrative of the settlement and the 
city from the signing of the treaties in 1858, to 
the close of the year 1879. With a glance at the 
progress of Japan during a period of 21 years. 
Lond. Trubner. 1880-81. 2 v. viii+v-xiv+ 
418 pp.; xiv-f522pp. 8° [84,869; 51,] 


Blaine. James Gillespie. Eulogy on James Abram 
Garfield. Delivered before the Senate and 
House of Bepr. of the U. S., Feb. 27, 1882. Bost. 
J. R Osgood. 1882. 60 pp., 1 port. 16° [84, 
951; 31.] 24:1192 

Bock, Cnrl. The head-hunters of Borneo; a 
narrative of travel up the Mahakkam and down 
the Barilo; also, journeys in Sumatra. 2. ed. 
Lond. Low, Marsion and Co. 1882. xvi-f 344 
pp., 29 pis. (27 col'd), 1 fold. map. 4" [84,859; 
51.] *22:3125 

Bonneau, Alfred. Life of Madame de Beauhar- 
iiais de Miramion, 1629-96. Tr. by the Baron- 
ess do Mo ntaiqnac. Lady Hebbebt. Load. 
Bentley. 1870. xiv-f(ii-f-)349 pp., 1 port. 12° 
[38,135; 51.] 24:2700 

Boyer, Lieut. . A journal of Wayne's cam- 
paign. Being an authentic daily record of the 
most important occurrences daring the campaign 
of Major-Generul Anthony \Vayno, against the 
northwestern Indians; commencing July 28, and 
ending Nov. 2, 1794; including an account of the 
great battle of August 20. Cin. 1866. 23 pp. 
[30,0)1; 51.] (IFifALifeofCresapbyJ.J. Jacob.) 
In *24;:i013 
Brentano, Lujo. On the history and development 
of gilds, and the origin of trade-unions. Loud. 
Tmbner. 1870. xvi+135 pp. 8° [84,883; 61.] 


The same. In *l:4050.40 

Brook, Sarah. French history for English chil- 
dren. Rev. and ed. by George Gary Eholebton. 
N. Y. Harpers. 1882. vi+327 pp., 16 pis., 9 
col'd maps. 16° [84,104; 51.] 26:2833 

Brown, ^. E- Life and public services of James 
A. Garfield, 20ib president of the "United States, 
including full and accurate details of his eventful 
administration, assassination, last hours, death, 
etc. Together with notable extracts from bis 
speeches and letters. Boat. D. L. Guernsey. 
1881. xvi+lI-519 pp., 10 pis., 1 facs. 12° 
[84.100; 51.] 24:1190 

Bungay, George W. Pen portraits of illustrious 

abstainei's. N. Y. Nat. Temp. Soc. 1881. 2T6 

pp., 32 ports. 12° [84,098; 51.] 23:333 

Burdon, W. The life and character of Bonaparto, 

from his birth to the 15th of August, 1804. 

2.ed.,alt. and impr. Newcastlenpon Tyne. 1805. 

296 pp. 12° [37,935; 51.] 25:26 

Buveurs d'eau, Trois. {pseud.) See LeIIoux, A,, 
Noel, L., and Nadar. 

Chatnplin, John D. Young folk's history of tho 
war for the union. N. Y. H. Holt. 1881. 
xiii+593 pp., 2 col'd pis., illus. in text. 12° 
[84,101; 51.] 29:2660 

Chandler, Zacbanah, Memorial addresses on the 

life and character of, deliv. in the Senate and 

House of Repr., Jan. 28, 1880. Wash. 1880 

146 pp. 4° [85,043; al.J 24;3016 

Clarke. Asia Booth. The elder and the younger 

Booth. Boat. Osgood. 1882. (8+)194 pp., 

5 ports., 2 facs. 12° [83,866; 51.] (American 

actor series.) 23:436 




Coggeshall, William Turner. Lincoln memorial. 

The journeys of Abraham Lincoln : from 
Springfield to Washington, 18G1, as president 
elect; and from Washington to Springfield, 1865, 
as president martyred ; comprising hn account of 
public ceremonies on the entire route, and full 
details of both journeys. Col. Ohio State Jour- 
nal. 1865. 327 pp., 1 port. 12' [H1.549; 51.] 

Collins, -K^i^- William Lucas. La Fontaine and 

other French fabulists. Phil. Lipphicott. 
[1882.] (10+)l76pp. 12° [84,110:51.] (For. 
class, tor Eng. readers, 14; Mrs. Oliphant.) 


Cook, Dutton. Hours with the players. Lond. 

Chatto and Windus. 1881. 2 v. vi-f(ii+)277 

pp.; (4+)263 pp. 12*^ [84,880; 51.] 23:450.1-2 

Cousin, Victor. Jacqueline Pascal. Premieres 

etudes sur les femnies illustres et la sociote du 

xvii' siecle. 6. ed. Par. Didur. 1S69. 466 

pp., 1 facs. 12° [31.892; 51.] 25:382 

Cox, Jacob Dolson. The second battle of Bull Run, 
as connected with the Filz-John Porter case. 
A paper read before the Society of F^x-Armv and 
Navy Officers of Cincinnati, Feb. 28. 1882." Cin. 
R G. Thomson. 1882. iv + (iv-^ U24 pp. 12° 
[84,950; 51.] 29:2685 

CulroSS, James. William Carey. X. Y. A. C. 

Armstrong. 1882. vi^(iiu-VJl4 pp. 12° 
[84,948; 51.] 24:49 

Doane, Charles. Memoir of Gtorge Livermore. 
Prepared agreeably to a resolution of the Mas- 
sachusetts Historical Society. Camb. 1869. 60pp. 
8° [31,049; 51.] 24:2269 

DefauCOnpret, A. J. B. Anecdotes of the court 

and family of Napoleon Bonaparte Tr. from 

the French. 2. ed. Lond. Jf. Col burn. 1818. 

viii-h333 pp. 12° [30,750; 51.] 25:51 

Xote. ThJ5 work was ortmpiled partiv from ihe note* ot Mnie. 
DtirADd. for four year* l<tiiy-in-w.Hiting ot'tho F.inpre** Mitrie-Louise. 
Mme. Durand ha* pul»Ij.*hed her notes under the title: Mo* souTonir« 
sur Napol^n, *a fannlle et 5a court. 

Donnelly, Ignatius. Atlantis: the antediluvian 

world. N. Y. Hiirpers. 1882. x-r4S0 pp., 

13 pis., 3 maps. 12° [84.120; 51. J 10:297 

Douglass, Frederick, Life and times of. written 
by himself: his early lile as a slave, his escape 
from bondage, and his complete history to the 
present time. With an introduction bv Georsre 
L. EuFFiN. Hart. Ftirk Pub. Co. 1882. xx~ 
(lM518pp., ISpls. 12° [84,925:51.] 24:689 

Dumas, Alexandre Daw. Napoleon. Nouv. ed. 
Par. Lay. 1865. 309 pp. 16° [31,991:51.] 


Dumont, Etienne. Recollections of Mirabeau, 

and of the two first legislative assemblies of 

France. Phil. Carey and Lea. 183:^. xl, 399 pp. 

8° [40,879; 51] 24:2695 

Duerer, Albreeht. Albert Purer a Venise et dans 
les Pays-bas: autobiographic, leltres, journal 
de voyages, papiers divers. Traduits de Talle- 
mand avee des notes et uno inlroduoiion par 
Charles Narret. Par. J. Renonard. 1866. 
cxlviii pp., illus. in text. 4"* [28.939: 51.] 


Floury do ChabOUhin, Pierre Alexandre Edonard, 
baron de. Memoirs of the private life, return 
and reign of Napoleon in 1815. Lond. J. Mur- 
ray. 1820. 2 V. xvi-f 445 pp.; (4+)431 pp. 8° 
[30,795; 51.] 25:31-2 

Frothingham, Octavius Brooks. Theodore Par- 
ker: a biography. Bost. J. R. Osgood. 1874. 
viii-h588 pp., 1 port. 12° [42,687; 51.] 25:370* 

Froudo, James Anthony. Thomas Carlyle. A 

history of the first forty years of his life, 1795- 

1835. N. Y. Scribners. 1882. 2 v. xx+353 

pp.; vi + 402 pp. 12° [84,924; 51.] 24:63.1-2 

Gamblo, Hamilton Rowan. In memoriam. St. 
Louis. 1864. 97 pp. 8° [85,019; 51.] 


Gaskell, ^^rs. Elizabeth Clcghorn (Stevenson). 
The life of Charlotte Bronte. 2. ed., rev. and 
corr. Leip. B. Tauchnitz. 1859. 2 v. id 1. 
viii-^320~viii-r:^00 pp. 18° [:^3,874; 51.] 


Godwin, William. Life of Geoffrey Chaucer, the 
early English poet; including memoirs of his 
near friend and kinsman, John of Gaunt, duke of 
Lancaster: with hketches of the manners, opin- 
ions, arts and literature of England in the 14th 
century. Lond. R. Phillips. 1803. 2 v. 
xxxvi-i-4S9(-^2) pp.; vii+6i2(-r31) pp. 4° 
[30,:^89: 51.] *24:3008-9 

Gould, Thomas K. The tragedian : an essay on 

the historic genius of Junius Brutus Booth. 

N. Y. Hurd and Houghton. 1868. (4+)189 pp. 

16° [85,037; 51.] 10:2717 

Gourgaud, Gaspard, le baron. Napoleon and the 
grand army in Russia; or, a critical examina- 
tion of Count Philip de Segur's work. Tr. from 
the French bv a gentleman of Philadelphia. Phil. 
A. Fifdey. 1825. vi, 333 pp. 8° [40,932; 51.] 


Graham. James. The life of General Daniel 
Morgan, of the Virginia line of the army of 
the United States, with porlionsof his correspond- 
ence. N. Y. Derby and Jackson. 1858. xv, 
475 pp. 12° [36,238; 51.] 24:2814 

Graydon, Alexander. Memoirs of a life chiefly 

passed in Pennsylvania, within the last sixty 

years. Edin. Blachcood. 1822. vii-f431 pp. 

8° [30.408; 51.] 24:1380 

The same. With occasional remarks upon the 

general occurrences, character and spirit of that 

eventful period. Harris. J. Wyeth. 1811. 378 pp. 

12° [28,764.] 24:1379 

Groen. John Eichard. The making of England. 

With maps. N. Y. Harpers. 1882. vii+434 

pp. 8° [84.057: 51.] 27:1909 

Guizot.Pran^^ois Pierre Guillanme. Sir Robert Peel. 

Etude d'histoire coniemporaine. Par. Didier, 

1S64. viii-~5:^2pp. 12° [32.095:51.] 25:400 

Gunn. Alexander. Memoirs of Rev. John H. 
Livingston. D. D. S. T. P., prepared in compli- 
ance with a request of the general synod of the 
Reformed Dutch church in North America. N.Y. 
1829. 540 pp., 1 port. 8° [;^0,296: 51.1 24:2276 

Haji Mohammed Amin. See Keana, J. F. 



Hamersly, Thomas U.S., editor.. Complete regu- 
lar army register of the United Stales ; for one 
hunJri'd yenrs, 1779-1879. Together with the 
volmnc'i' germni! staff during the war with Mex- 
ico, and a register of all appointments by the 
presitleiit uf the United Stiiteu in the volunltui- 
service during the rebellion with the offii-ial 
military record of each officer. Also, a militiiry' 
history of the department of war, and of each 
staff department of the army. With various ta- 
bles relating to the army and other imporunt 
military inturmation, compiled from the oflittiil 
records. 2. ed. Wash. T. H. S. Hanursly, IriSl. 
viii+928+a79+xxxvi pp. 8° [83,852; 51.] 

HasSfll, Paul. Geechlcbte der preawischen Poll 

tik, 1807 bis 1815. Leip. S. Hirzel. Ifi.-^l. 
xii-l-387 pp. 8° [80,ti02; 51.] (Publ. aus dtr k, 
prcuss. StaalBarchiven, v. 6, pt. I.) *28:li:i^^ ti 
Hatton, Joseph. With a show in the North. 

Rt-miniscences of Mark Lemon. (Hepr. frotn 
the Gentleman's magazine.) Together wiili 
Mark Lemon's revised text of Falslaff. Loud. 
W.H.Allen. 1871. (4-t-)284 pp., 1 pi, 12" 
[34,a2i; 51.] 24::2i8-> 

Hazlitt, William. The life of Napoleon Boim- 

parte. Phil. LippincoU. 187(1. 3 v. x-(-4:jl 
pp., 26 pis.; vi-l-449 pp., 44 pU.; vi-1-480 pp., :i(l 
pla. 12" [50,805; 51.] *25:39.1-:i 

Hensman, Howard. The Afghan war of 1879-80, 

being a complete narrative of the capture ul 
Cabul, the siege of Sherpur, the battle of Ahmi'd 
Kbel, the brilliant march to Oandahar, and lUe 
defeat of Ayub Khan, with the operations on the 
Helmund, and the settlement with Abdur liiih- 
man Khan. Lond. W. B. Allen. 1881. xiiil + 
iii)-i-567 pp., 10 fold. maps. 8" [84,858; 51] 

26:1 ';o7 
Holland memorial. Sketch of the life of Ue<ir£r<j 

Holland, the veteran comedian, with dramniic 

reminiscences, anecdotes, etc, N. Y, T. H. 

Monell. 1871. 124 pp.,1 port, A° f33,277; 51] 


Hoar, (ieorge F, James Abram Garfield. B^mt. 

Houghton, Mifflin and Co. 1882. 44 pp., 1 port, 
16° [83,8fi3; 51.] 24:1187 

Hodgson, William. The lives, sentiments and 

sufferings of some of the reformers and mar- 
tyrs before, since, and independent of the Lu- 
theran reformation. Phil, Lippincott. ISiiT, 
xii,465pp. 12° [40,343; 51] 23:Sli9 

Cbnfoil..- ClnDdin* oC Tuhn.-Pplor J» IlruJ<.— Henri'nt LuiL^riii- 
Di—itrnoldof BreHU.-PrlPr de Wxldo.-N'icolni uF HaiIf.— ,1nhii 
T>ul«r.— Jdhn WTOliRf.— Conrnd WnltUiauBfr.— John Uilii-s.— .M>i- 
ttiina of Junow.— Mwihrw nf Crncow.— Hm.B,-G«hiira tirool, 

— Thom» t K em pin .—John Ruchralh Jnlin W««rfl. — Jrrome Sh. 

Toiurola.^lu)ii> Valdl^e.-AnDe Askea.-Mtclwel de Hoi inoa.— Jane 
Uar; Oulon.— Williiim DpU. 

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~La Uella Hnmlllnn.— Gmilla, oounteaii or U>aorj.— Ladr Ornham. 
—Nell Owynn — KNiabelh. diichsai of Bomcrati.— Frances, duch«M 
or Richinaod.— Mr«. Lnwaon.— Eliubeih, counleu of Ch«*C«[f1eld.— 
Hfnrirtta, count*n of Hoehester.-MHe Bugal.-Mn. Noll.— Anne, 
conncpn of Southeak.— .Saian, ladj Bellaivi.— The coun(«» of Snn- 
dPilmid -The diiohsss ur Porlimouth.— The duoheaa of DeTonahi™. 
— Miaa Jenninca. 

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Vol. 2. Zriny .* a tra^^edy, in five acts. — RoBRmond : a tragedy in 
five acts.— Prose tales: The journey to Schandaii ; a tale in Utters.— 
Hans Heiling's rocks: a Bohemixn popular tale.— Waldemar : a tale 
of the Italian canapaign of ISOn. — The harp: a ghont story. 

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. LaeCaeee, Emmanuel Augustin Diendonnc Marin 
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I'histoire de la vraie Boheme. Par. J. Hetzel. 
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ConUnit: Queen Victoria nnd hor pubjoctf. — Th»» reil Louis Na- 
poleon.— Eiieenie, empreds of the French. — The Piince of Wales — 
The King of Prunsia.— Victor Emanuel, king ot Ital^. — Louis Adolph 
Thiers.— Prince Napoleon.— The Duke ol Cambridge. — Brigham 
Toung. — The liberal triumvirate of England. — English po»itivJsft. 
— English toryism and it» leaden*. — "George-Eliof* and George 
LewoH. — George Sand.— Edward Bulwer and Lord Lytton. — **Par no- 
bile fratrum-the two Newmans." — Archbishop Mannmg.— J. Ruakin. 
— C. Reade.— Ezile>world of London. — Rev. C. Kingiley. — J. A. 
Froude.— Soience and orthodoxy in England. 

History, etc. 


History, etc. 

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ContenU: The miHsion field of ih«* middle ageH. — St. Patrick. — 
St. < olumbn.— St. Colum^anu?. -St. EligiiiH.— St. AoeUHtinc of Can- 
terbury.— St. Willibrord.— St. Boniface— Greijory of Uirechf, Sturnii 
of Fulda, Lebuin, Liudger.— St. ADHkar.— Olut TryggveBon and Olaf 
the aaint —St. Cyril and Methodiua.— BiKhop Olho.— St. Viceliii.— 
Meinhard, bishop of Yxhull.— The mailyr Adalbert of PruHsia.- 
Knymuod Lull.— Retrodpeei and refleetiobs. 

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Works and life of; including the history of 

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Confentn: Poenna.— The hind and the panther trans vera'd to the 
story ot ihe country-mouse and the citv-mouse.— Epistle to AddiHOo, 
on death of Montagu.— Life of Montagu.— The will of Montagu. 

Morley, Frederick, compiler. Michigan and its 
resources. Sketches of the growth of the state, 
its industries, agricultural productions, institutions 
and means of transportation ; description of its 
soil, climate, timber, financial condition, and the 
situation of its unoccupied lands ; and a review 
of its general characteristics as a home. Lansing. 
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Vol. i. Clement Marot, oondud&l. — Other studies: Andreas Ve- 
nal iuj».— Conrad Oesner. — Cyrano de Bergerac.— College work.— Eng- 
lish for ICi>j{liHh women. — Gabriel Harvey. — Influence of the Celt on 
English literature. — An old student of English.- The opening of 
Cft'dmonN Paraphrase (trans, into modem English).— index. 

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Napoleon I., emperor of the French. Anecdotes of 
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at St. Helena, and his second interment in France. 
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Hmo&r, mu 7 

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Voga round Asia and Europe, with a Tiislorical 
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Bed river in LoaiBianu. Auburn. Derby and 
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51.] 25:305 

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51.] 25:344 


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Narrative of Lewis W. Paine, who suffcretJ im- 
priMonment aix years in Georgia, for the crime of 
aiding the cacnpe of a telle w-man from that state, 
afUT he had fled from slavery. Bost. B. Marsh. 
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commander royal navy. By his brother.' Jjond. 
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Parsons, chiel justice of the Supreme judicial 
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posture fully diaplitycd in the life of Mahomet. 
With a discourse annexed, for the vindicating of 
chrialianity from this charge; offered to the con- 
sideration of the deists of the present age. Lond. 
1697. (iv-f)xxiii-fCiv-f)192+152 pp. 16° 
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B. Morse, LL. D., inventor of the electro-mag- 
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24:3 I3f 

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History, etc. 



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Oontent»: Vol. I. Ladj Grisf II Baillie.— J^'iin Adflm.— Mm. Crock- 
biirn. - Mi9fl Jean Elliot.— Mi^s Siioanna Bl»inire.— Jeao Glover.— 
Mrs. EliZAbelli Hamilton. 

Vol. 2. Lady Anne Barnard.- CaroliDa Baroti«'pii NHimc— 4iiM 
Joanna Baillie. 

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provisions and clothing to the suffiTing Greeks, 
by the agents of the Greek committee of the city 
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51.] 55:931 

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new ideas upon aquariums, ferneries, birds, cabi- 
nets, children's amnseroents, fancy work, plants 
and flowers, home decoration, house furnishing, 
housekeeping, health, knitting and crochet, paint- 
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laundry, toilet, and hundreds of minor home 
subjects. With a full and complete treatise on 
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chief copyright conventions existing between 
Great Britain and foreign countries. Lond. Chatto 
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SOIINOK, «T0. ', 

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OmltniM: Vnl. I. Infro'liicilnii.^DroU d» ih Ubiei. -Droit prS- 

Vat. 1. Droll ual If q IIP.— rfroit romsin et nHo-mmnln. 

Vol. 1. Droll ■vrmMBlqne.— [iTDli RiflratmiiieTi rl oiirloTingi'n. 

Vol. «. Droil piililie, rl droU priT» du moTcn ugr. 

ViiM. S-n. CoDiuTn« de Fni». <Udi 1» dtien« pruYlncci. 

More, 5ir Thomas. The hiBtory of Utopia; de- 
scribing tbc most perfect state of a common 
■weaiih, in tlie maiioers, religion, and polity of 
that island. Written in Latin, with notes his- 
torical and explanatory. Trans, by V. Warnee. 
2a0 pp. [30,940; 51.1 (With Mem. of More by 
F. Warner.) In 24:2811 

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taw and in equity; being a treatise on the gen- 
eral principles concerning the validity of agree- 
ments, wilL a special view to the comparison of 
law and equity, and with references to the Indian 
contract act, and occasionally to Roman A merican , 
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and serving all modern standard dishes of soups, 
fish, meats, game, entrees, sauces, gravies, bread, 
cakes, paddings, pies, desserts, beverages, etc. 
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Btaltet bei derPeier der Vollendung des Kolner 
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Omlfnfi;^ Vol. 7, Mels.tom.ECK, -CnrnK™.- linibenifrw— 

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16. Jahrbunderts. Biogrnphien und Charak- 
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pp., 2 fold, diagrams, illus. in text. 12° [84, 

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the world, arranged in a comprehensive form 
from eminent authorities, containing a descrip' 
tion of the various methods of water supply, 
polluiion and purification of waters, and sanitary 
effects, with analyses of potable waters, also ge- 
ology and water strata of Hamilton county, Ohio, 
statistics nf the Ohio river, proposed water supply 
of Cincinnati, together with a number of valuable 
tables and diagrams. Cin. Thomson. 1882. 
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(4-f)96-fxii pp., 24 pis., illus. in text; (4 + >17- 
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131; 51.] *A 

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graving; historical and practical. With up- 
wards of 400 illus,, engraved on wood by John 
Jackson, New ed., with an additional chapter by 
Henry G. Boiis. Lond. Chittto and Windut. 
[1801.] xvi + fi64 pp. i" [84,896; 51.] 


ComstOCk, William T., ^u6^iM(?r, Modern archi- 
tectural designs and details containing 80 finely 
lithographed plutcs, showing new and original 
designs in the(iueen Anno, Eastlake, Glisabethan, 
and other modernized styles, giving perspective 
views, floor and framing plana, elevations, sec- 
tions, and a great variety of misuellaneous exterior 
and interior details of dwellings of moderate 
cost. Also, a number of designs of low priced 
cottages in the various popular styles, adapted to 
the requirements of seaside and summer resorts, 
and suburban and country places; also, several 
designs for modern store and office fronts, coun- 
ters, shelvings, etc., comprising original drawings 
by a number of prominent architects of different 
localities, prepared expressly for this work. Ail 
elevations, plans and details to scale, N. Y. 
[1881.] (8) pp., 80 pis. t° [84,997; BI.] *A 




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text. 8^ [84,884; 51.] 51:2379 

Contents: Theory of work.— GrRphicul 9ohitioii of HtMricAl prob- 
lems, by M. W. CBorroM.— AniHery niAchit.eB, by E. Kinsikoton. 

DuMonCOl. Theodore Achille Louis, comte, and 
ProeCtf, William Henry. Incandescent electric 
lights, with particular reference to the Edison 
lamps at the Paris exhibition. To which is added 
"The economy of electric light by incandescence" 
by John W. Howell; and on the "Steadiness of 
the electric current " by C. W. Siemens. Repr., 
with add. and new illus., from Van Nostrand's 
magazine. N.Y. Van Nostrand. 1882. iv, 176 
pp., 3 fold, pis., illus. in text. 18** [84,11:^; 51.] 
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12° [84,893; 51.] 52:1609 

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cultivation, history, family characteristics, etc., 
of the various groups of roses, with accurate de- 
scriptions of the varieties now generally grown. 
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country; a selection of sketches prepared in 
the routine of office-work and now amplified and 
enlarged. With 44 full-page illus. and explana- 
tions. Bost. Osgood. 1882. (8+)44 pp., illus. 
obi. 8° [84,117; 51.] *A 

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treatise on the varieties of drawing, painting, 
and engraving in comparison with each other 
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xvi+384 pp., 49 pis., illus. in text. 4° [83,861; 
51.] *A 

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xxiT-f407 pp., illus. 12° [84,877; 61.] 53:78 

Hugglne, Samuel. Course and current of archi- 
tecture; being an historical account of the ori- 
gin, successive and simultaneous developments, 
relations, periods, and characteristics of its vari- 
ous known styles. Designed as a companion to 
his 'Chart of the history of architecture." Lond. 
Weale. 1863. xii + 195 pp., 1 col'd chart in 
pocket. 12« [82,589; 51.] |0:2438 

Jenkin, Eleeming, editor. Reports of the com- 
mittee on electrical standards appointed by the 
Brit. Ass. for the Adv. of Science. Rev. by Sir 
W. Thomson, J. P. Joule, J. Clerk Maxwell, and 
F. Jenkin, with a report to the Royal Society on 
units of electrical resistance, by F. Jenkin, and 
the Cantor lectures, deliv. by F. Jenkin before 
the Royal Society of Arts. Lond. Spon. 1873. 
(4+)248 pp., 7 pis. (6 fold.), 2 tables. 8^ 
[84,910; 51.] 51:2760 

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States. Text by G. Brown Goode. N. Y. 

Scribners. 1879. 20 col'd pis., with text. f° 

[85,048; 51.] *A 

tievre, Edouard. Les collections celebres d'oBuv- 

res d'art dcssinees et gravees d'aprds les origi- 

naux. Par. Goupil. 1859. 2 v. 51 pis; 50 pis. 

r> [83,513; 51.] *A 

M'Alpine, I^- Zoological atlas (including com- 
parative anatomy), with practical directions 
and explanatory text for the use of students. 
Edin. W. and A. K. Johnston. 1881. 2 v. 24 
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Conttntt : Vol. I. Vertebrata. 
Vol. 2. InvertebraU. 

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and magnetism. 2. ed. Oxf Clarendon Press. 

1881. 2 V. xxxi+464 pp., 13 pis.; xxiii+456 

pp., 7 pis. 8^ [84,900; 51.] 51:2814.1-2 

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de vases grecs, tirees de di verses collections, avec 
explications. Rome. 1813-17. 2 v. (iv+)xiii 
+84+viii pp., 62 pis.; (iv-|-)xx+48 pp., 52 pis. 
£° [85,044; 51.] *A 

Morris, William. 
Roberts. 1882. 

Hopes and fears for art. Bost. 
(6+)217 pp. 12^ [84,127; 


Ohm, Georg Simon. Die galvanische K<ette, raa- 

thematisch bearbeitet. Ber. T. H. Riemann. 

1827. iv+245 pp., 1 fold, diagram. 12^ [84, 

918; 51.] 51:2830 

Reynolds, Sir Joshua. Notes and observations 
on pictures, chiefly of the Venetian school, be- 
ing extracts from his Italian sketch books; also, 
the Rev. W. Mason's observations on Sir Joshua's 
method of coloring, and some unpublished letters 
of Dr. Johnson, Malone, and others. With an 
appendix, containing a transcript of Sir Joshua's 
account book showing what pictures he painted 
and the prices paid for them. Ed. by William 
Cotton. Lond. J.R.Smith. 1859. xii+107pp. 
8* [40,050; 61.] 53:2582 

Science, etc. 76 

Robinson, H. P. and , bney, Capt. W. do Wivoles- 

Ue. The art and praelice of silver printing. 

N. Y. E. and il. T, Anthony. 1881. (44-)128 

pp., illus; in text 12° [84,959; 51.] 52:1«71 

Scott, Sir Gilbert. Lectures on the rise and de- 
velopment of medifiBval architecture, deliv. at 
the Koyal Academy. Lond. »/. Murray. 1879. 
2 V. XV -1-365 pp., 18 pis.; xvi+847 pp., 10 pis. 
8° [84,907; 51.] 53:611.1-2 

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jects observed, reduced, and discussed. Revised, 
condensed, and greatly enlarged by George F. 
Chambers. 2. ed. Oxf Clarendon Press. 1881. 
xxii4-690 pp., 1 col'd pi., illus. in text. 8® 
[84,913; 51.] 42:384 

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physical jJapers. Reprinted from the original 
journals and transactions, with additional notes 
by the author. Camb. University Press. 1880. 
x-f 328 pp. 8^ [84,906; 51.] 51:145 

Tait, Peter Guthrie. Sketch of thermodynamic^ 

2. ed., rev. and ext. Edin. D. Douglas. 1877. 

xviii + (ii4-)162pp. 12° [84,911; 51.] 51:2740 

Taylor, Richard, editor. Scientifi(? memoirs, se- 
lected from the transactions of foreign acade- 
mies of science and learned societies and from 
foreign journals. Lond. E. and J. E. Taylor. 
18:^7. 3 V. (x-f )638 pp., 7 pis.; (viii+)603 pp., 
26 pis.; v+7:W pp., 9 pis., I map. 8° [85,025; 51.] 


Thomson, Sir William, and Talt, Peter Guthrie. 

Treatise on natural philosophy. New ed. 

Camb. University Press. 1879. Vol. 1., pt. 1. 

xvii-h508pp. 8° [84,901; 51.] 51:2310 

Thurber, Francis B. Coffee ; from plantation to 
cup. A brief history of coffee production and 
consumption. With an appendix containing let- 
ters written during a trip to the coffee plantations 
of the East, and through the coffee consuming 
countries of Europe. N. Y. Anxer. Grocer Ass. 
1881. xiv+(ii+)416 pp., 13 pis., 1 fold, table. 
8^ [83,858; 51.] 52:2318 

Tuthill, William B. Interiors and interior details; 
52 large 4° plates, comprising a large number 
of original designs of halls, staircases, parlors, 
libraries, dining rooms, etc., together with special 
designs for low cost, medium and elaborate wood 
mantels, sideboards, furniture, wood ceilings, 
doors, door and window trims, wainscots, bank, 
office and store fittings, in perspective, elevation 
and detail, making a valuable series of sugges- 
tions for architects, and architectural designers. 
And a large collection of interior details suited 
to the requirements of carpenters, builders and 
mechanics, reproduced from the drawings of 
prominent architects of New York, Boston, Chi- 
cago, and other cities. With an introduction, 
description of plates, and notes on wood finish. 
N. Y. W. T, Comstock. 1882. (10) pp., 52 pis. 
f^ L8M98; 51.] *A 


Tuthill, William B. Practical lessons in archi- 
tectural drawing; or, how to make the work- 
ing drawings and write the specifications for 
buildings. The work embraces: scale drawings 
of plans, elevation.^, sections and details of frame, 
brick and stone buildings, with full descriptions 
and a specification showing the various forms of 
writing the same for different kinds of buildings. 
Adapted to the wants of architectural students, 
carpenters, builders, and all desirous of acquiring 
a thorough knowledge of architectural drawing. 
N. Y. W. T. Comstock. 1881. 44 pp., 33 pis., 
illus. in text. obi. 12° [85,000; 51.] *53:1392 

Warington, R- Chemistry of the farm. N. Y. 

Orange Judd Co. 1882. vii, 120 pp. 12*^ 
[84,939; 51.] 52:2328 

WatkinS, Eev. M. G. Pictures of bird life in pen 

and pencil. With illus. by Giacomelli. Lond. 

Cassell, Petterand Co. [1882.] 144 pp., illus. P 

[84,995; 51.] *A 

Wheatly, Henry B. and Delamotte, Philip H. 

Art work in earthenware. N. Y. Scrihner and 
Welford. 1882. viii+72 pp., 1 col'd pi., illus. in 
text. 8° [84,125; 51.] (Handbooks of pract. 
art.) 53:2829 

Wheatley, Henry B. and Delamotte, Philip H. 

Artwork in gold and silver. MedisBval. N.Y. 
Scribner and Welford, 1882. viii+64 pp., I col'd 
pL, illus. in text. 8° [84,126; 51.] (Handbooks 
of pract. art.) 53:986 

Wylie, Claude. A treatise on iron founding. 
Illus. with diagrams. Sunderland. T. Reed. 
[1882.1 (2+)164pp. 12^ [84,890; 51.] 


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of surgery, being a treatise on surgical diseases 
and injuries. Phil. Lippincott. 1878-81. 2 v. 
x+10U2pp.; (4+)10G6pp. 8° [65,746; 8:3,873; 
51.] *46:3012.1-2 

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clopeedia of surgery. A systematic treatise on 
the theory and practice of surgery by authors of 
various nations. In 6 vols. N. Y. W. Wood. 
1881. Vol. 1. xl+717 pp., 3 pis. (2 coKd), illus. 
in text. 4° [83,503; 51.] *46:5914.1 

Confen'6: Vol. 1. r>istiirbance8 of nutrition : the pathotoffv of in- 
flammation ; S. Stktckrr — InflHiniiintion ; William a. Van BrRKur. — 
Erynipflns; Alfred 8TiLLf;.—Pyn»miH juni allied conditionH; Francis 
DKLAFieiD. — Hydrophobia and rabies.— -GlnnderH.— Malignant pustule; 
W. 8. FoHBES. — S<.TofiilH and tnbende ; Henrv Trenlhain Hi:tlin. — 
Rachitis; J. Lewi«» Smith.— Scurvy; Philips. Walks.— The reciprocal 
eftecla of cnngtitulional conditions and injuries; A. VrnNsriL. — Gen- 
eral principles of ^urKical diugnosis*; D. Hayes Aonkw.— Shock; C. W. 
Makskll-Moulun.— TraunifttKJ delirium and delirium tn-mens; Wil- 
liam Hunt.— Anresthciics and anje-thesia; Henry M. Ltman.— Opera- 
live surgery in genersi; John H. Brinton. — Minor surgery; Charles 
T. HuNTKR.— Plastic surgery; Christopher Johnston.— Amputations; 
John AsuHi'RST, jr. 

Billroth, Theodor. Clinical surgery; extracts 
from the reports of surgical practice between 
the years 1 860-76. Tr. and ed., with annotations, 
by C. T. Dent. Lond. 1881. xx+518 pp., 10 
pis., illus. in text. 8° [84,973; 51. J (New Sy- 
denham BOO. 94.) *46:34 




Bower, Mark Noble. Memoranda on anatomy, 
surgery, and physiology. Forming a pocket 
companion for the young surgeon, or for students 
preparing for examinations. Corr. and enl. by 
an American physician. N. Y. S. S. and W, 
Wood. 1848. 328 pp. 24° [3,940; 51.] 


Brown, W. Symington. A clinical band-book on 

the diseases of women. N. Y. W.Wood. 1882. 

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in general.— Complication of injuries. — Injuries of regionH. 

Vol. 2. Di8eRs*es of organ** of ii{>eciul sense.-vOisea.'es of circu- 
latory system.— Dii^eases of digestive tract. — Diseases of genito- 
urinary organ*. 

Vol. 3. L)i!>ea5)e8 of the respiratory organs. — Diseases of the 
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CbntenU: Vol.1. Die AnschauuDKen Shakspeare's Qber nein 
Selbst, uber Kunst, Poesie und Tragiscnes, Qber Welt und Leben, 
Ootiheit und MenMshheit.— Hamlet. 

Vol. 2. Macbeth.— Romeo und Julia.— I>er Mohr von Venedi|(. — 
Kdnig Lear.— Kdnig Richard 11. 

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Shakespbabiana . 

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writere; an exposition of their similarities of 
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marriage bond. P [78,806; 51.] *32:3196 

Note. Contains al»o a copy of Shakespeare'n will, and a fnchimile 
of his marriage bond. — Impressions limited lo 7A copies for private 
distribution. Copy No. 1 on thick paper. 

Halliwell, James Orchard. On the character of 
Sir John Fallstaff, as originally exhibited by 
Shakespeare in the 2 parts of King Henry IV. 
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Collier. Lond. R. Bentley. 1860. (vi+)ix, 155 
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thenticity and artistic merits. Illus. with two 
photographic views, front and profile. Brooklyn, 
N. Y. 1865. 13 pp., 2 ports. f° [29,620; 51.] 


Note. Impressions' limited to 7A copies. 

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Ireland, William Henry. Confessions, containing 
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guished persons in the literary, political, and the- 
atrical world. Lond. Ellerton and Byworth. 1805. 
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51.] 32:2906-7 




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Nachlasse dee Dichtors heraasgegebon von Mo- 

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ticity of certain misccllaneouB papers and legal 
instruments, published Dec. 24, 1795, and attrib- 
uted to Shakspeare, Queen Elizabeth, and Henry, 
earl of Southampton, illustrated by fac-similes 
of the genuine handwriting of that nobleman, 
and of her majesty; a new facsimile of the han«f- 
writing of Shakspeare, never before exhibited; 
and other authentick documents; in a letter ad- 
dressed to the right hon. James, earl of Churle- 
mont. Lond. T. Cadell and W. Dacies. 1796. 
vii-f 424 pp., 3 fold. facs. 8° [34,713; 51.] 

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on the writings and genius of Shakspeare, 
compared with the Greek and French dramatic 
poets. With some remarks upon the misrepre- 
sentations of Mons. de Voltaire. 6. ed., corr., to 
whidi arc added. Three dialogues of the dead. 
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The same. 3. ed. Lond. J. M. Richardson, 1811. 

Reprinted. N. Y. 1866. (ii4-)xiv+('iv4-) 

109 pp. 4° [36.481.] *32:3205 

Note. Impressions limited to lOOcopieH for privnte distribution. 
No. 17. 

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tragic poetry, as illustrated by Shakspeare. 

Phli. Claxton, Remsen and JIaffelfinger. 1869. 

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51.] 32:2974 

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[n. d.] (2+)36 pp., 20 pis. 12° [40,678; 51.] 


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ing the principle female characters in the plays 
of the^reat poet. Engraved under the direction 
of D. L. Glover, from drawings by eminent ar- 
tists. Bost. Phillips, Sampson and Co. In. d.] 
vi(+72) pp., :36 ports. 8° [5,361; 51.] *32:2941 

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legal instruments under the hand and seal of, 
including the tragedy of King Lear, and a small 
fragment of Hamlet, from the original mss. in the 
possession of Samuel Ireland, of Norfolk street. 
Lond. Cooper and Graham. 1796. xix+(xxxiii4-) 
15(:-r7pp., Ifold.facs. 12° [6,858; 51.] 32:2959 

The same. Lond. Egerton. 1796. (4-|-)14+ 
(H2^-)107 + (2 + )7 pp., 2 col'd pis. f° [29,844.] 


Shakespeare, William. Kecent editions of 

Shakespeare. Keviews. [n. t. p.] 12** [29, 

314; 51.] 32:2905 

Note. Reviews ami newspaper cuttingn rolncing to ShAkei«peare 
aud the drama. 

Shakespeare, William, Tercentenary celebration 
of the birth of, by the New England Historic- 
Genealogical society, at Boston, iMass., April 23, 
1864. Bost. 1864. 71 pp. 8** [3S,724; 51.] 


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schichtlichen Nachwoisungen. 2. ed. Bonn. 
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tions advocated by John Payne Collier, in bis 
notes and emendatioiw. Lond. W. Pickering. 
185:^. xix+312 pp. 8° [6,856; 51.] 32:2978 

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An inquiry touching players, playhouses, and 
play-writers in the days of Elizabeth. To which 
is appended an abstract of a ms. respecting Tobie 
Matthew. Lond. J. R. Smith. 1857. viii-f 
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his language and that of his contemporaries, to- 
gether with notes on his plaj's and poems. Lond. 
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cation and its apparent irregularities explained 
by examples from earl}^ and late English writers. 
Lond. J.R.Smith. 1854. xxiv+296 pp. 16° 
[29,333; 51.] 32:2985 

[Watson.] Keligiousand moral sentences culled 
from the works of Shakespeare, compared with 
sacred passages drawn from Holy Writ; being a 
selection of religious sentiments, and moral pre- 
cepts, blended in the dramatic works, etc., of our 
immortal bard. Dedicated to the Shakespeare 
Society, b}' a member; and compiled for the 
benefit of the benevolent funds of the theatres 
Royal, Drury Lane and Covent Garden. 2. ed. 
Lond. Calkin and Budd. 1847. xx-[-224 pp., 3 
pis. 8° [29,313; 51.] 32:2903 


ontlrlg ^ttlldin. 

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ever; day in the year, Sundaye included, from 8 a. h. to 1 
p. H. The special departments are open a« roUowe: 

Dilitrrt Hall, (eicept Siindaya) 6 a. u. to 10 p. h. 
Main Hall, (every dAy) fi a. u. to 10 p. ti. 
Periodical Roou, (every day) 8 a. u. to 10 p. m. 
NiWBFAPER Room, lever; day) S a. m. to 10 p. M. 
Art Room, (eicept Sundajaj s a. u. to S.f. h. 
" " (on Sundays) B a. M. to 4 P. M. 

Rbadikg Rooms. — Any person of good deportment 
and habltt, whether residing in Cincinnati or not, may 
consult books, periodicals, or newspapera in the reading 

Home use op Books.— S«a{<l«nt« of Cincinnati 
ma; withdraw hooka by regiatering name and residence and 
furnishing aatiafactor; lecurit; in the form prescribed by 
the Board. (In lieu of other security a deposit of three 
dollars or of the value of the work deaired may be made.) 
JSon-^eaidenta ma; withdraw books by making a de- 
posit of three dollars and an annual payment (in advance) 
of Bve dollars. 

two weeki, and ma; be renewed for the same period, after 
which they can not be reissued to the same person until they 
have been in the library twenty-four hours. 

Pine on books over.due, three cent! a day, and afl«r a 
week, coat of recovery. 

Books are not isaued to an; one owing fines or chtjgei 

The Librarian ia at all timet read; to assist per- 
1 the investigation of special subjects, by indicating 
urces of Information so far as the Library contains 

the St 

2. Booka not in the Library will be purchased on ap- 
plication to the Librarian, unless there be aaufflcient reaseo 
against it. 

3. All complaints ahould be made in the first instance 
to the Librarian, either in person or by letter gimng iht nam» 
and raidtnee of the perxM aggriewd. Anonymous commu- 
Dicatinns can not be noticed. 


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Aeliqion, etc. 

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Bbliqion, ira 

Brligiom, btc. 

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bura,— DmW yon AuRiburg. 
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rouB. Mit besonderer Beriicksichtigung der 

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In 4:2668,3 

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Cunltnli: Vol, 1. Tie llifolog[»ph™ FtngPn. 

Vol! 3. I'll 'liranthrupologischeD odnr kinhlioben Frmgen. 

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Philosophy, ktc. 


Philosophy, etc. 

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Philosophy, etc. 


Philosopht, etc. 

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Contents: Hlatoire moderae. 

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French senator ; or, exa2t weekly journal of the 
debates and proceedings of the national assem- 
bly of France, from the escape of the king. To 
which is added a cursory view of the principal 
decrees of the national assembly, from the first 
meetings in 1789 to the commencement of this 
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Illustrative of the inherent errors in the former 
coDBtitation of that kingdom, which, though ar- 
rested for a time by the genius of a hero and a 

History, etc. 


History, etc. 

Palmer, Miss Alicia Tindal. — (continued.) 

patriot, gradually paved the way to its downfall. 
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one or the first planters in Massachusetts, who 
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1628. To which is prefixed a short account of 
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" 28:1744.1-2 


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Kott. (/ontitinf* also : Lire of Socratef>; Diooenks La^stius. — 
Worth of Socrates as a philosopher; F. E. D. Sohleibbmaoher, tr. 
by Rev. ConDop Thielwall.— Index. 

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Science, Art and Industry. 

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lueiiis and investigations to develop a Hyttlem 

of submarine mines for dtifonding the liurborH of 

the Unitod SlatoH. Wanh. 18H1. 444 pp., 27 pU. 

4° [85,052; 52.] (U. S. corps of enginccra. 

Prof, papers, 23.) *52:31(>(! 

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pinnipcdK; a monograph of the walruses, sea- 

lions, Bca-bcars, and suals of North America. 

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ol. ourv. Misc. pub I. 12.) 


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pis., itluB. in text; xii-f437 pp., 6 col'd pU., illus. 

[82,907; 52.] (U. S. tieol. S 

[40,373; 52.] 

I E(UpLl«n,- 


12° rS4,SI0; 


Coney, John. Engravings of aneicnt catbedniln, 
iifjiels de villi), and other public bnilditigs of 
celebrity, in France, Holland, Germany, and 
Italy, drawn on the spot and engraved. Loud. 
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Entomological commission. United States, Second 

report of the, for the years 1878 and 1879, re- 
lating to the Kocky Mountain locust, and Iho 
western cricket and treating of the best means 
of subsiding the locust in its permanent breeding 
grounds, with a view of preventing its migrations 
into the mora fertile portions of the Trans-MtsoiH- 
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pp., 15 pis., 8 fold, mapa (6 col'd). 8° [82,ii0(;; 
52.] *44:I95li 

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rev., enl. and adapted to the uxe of the ornamen- 
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and with the history and characteristics of the 
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i SoiiKOi, sra 

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principally in that portion of the United States 
west of the Mississippi Kiver. 4. ed. Wasb. 
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nomio. Belehrungon fiber den gestirnten 
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porienccs and observations of an American 
amateur in Europe. N. Y. Surd and Houghton. 
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^nnlltlg ^ulldin. 

No. 53. 



ISAAC ADLER, Trtiuurar, 

K. OOBT WILLIAMS Steretary, 




HOWARD DOUGLASS {tt-ofieio), 



B;i Wist Front eTRBrr (663 Eastsrh ATXHtiK), 

Fairmohht Woolen Mills (340 Wmt Fourth street). 

IT W. Third strrbt (Gilbert ate. akd Eeuper btreit). 

Court Eovbe (392 Lonoworth street). 

. . 34 AMD 36 W. Third strket (54T W. Court street). 

184 W. Sbcokd street (219 Cliftos atekue). 

S. W. COR. Fourth and Main btrektb (Sobthebn ate., Mt. Aububk). 

x.ibk.a.:bi JLlsr : 

I Place, Moukt Aubitrk. 

•v«r; day in the fear, Siiadays included, from 8 a. m. to 10 
p. H. The special departments are open hs follows: 

DcLITERT Hall, (except Siindsys) S a, m. to 10 p. h. 

Newspaper Room, (every day) 8 a. H. to 10 p. m. 
Art Room, (except Sundays) B a. m. to 6 p. m. 
" " (on Sundays) 9 a. M. to 4 p. 11. 

RiADiira BooMs.-'Anj person of good deportment 
and habit#, whether residing in Cincinnati or not, may 
consult books, periodicals, or newepapert in the reading 

Home use or Books— Beaidenta of Cinoinnati 
may withdraw hooka by registering name and residence and 
fnmiehing satisfactory security in the form preKuribed by 
the Board. (In lieu of other security a deposit of three 
dallara or of the value of the work desired may he made.) 
Jlon-residenta may withdraw books by making a de- 
pOiit of three dollars and an annual payment (in advance) 
«f Ive dollars. 

two weeks, and may be renewed for the same period, after 
which they can not be reissued to the same person until they 
have been in the library twenty-four hours. 

Fine on books over-due, three cents a day, and after a 
week, cost of recovery. 

Books are not issued to any one owing fines or charge* 

The Librarian is at all times ready I 

estigation of special subjects, by indicating 
nforrastion so far as the Library c 

the sources of 

2. Bookn not in the Library will be purchased on ap- 
plication to the Librarian, unless there be a sufficient reason 
against it. 

3. All complaints should be made in the first instance 
to the Librarian, either in person or by letter gmng lie >mm« 
and rtsidmce of the person aggrievtd. Anonymous eommu- 
nicatioDS can not ho noticed. 

Ablioion, xto. 


fiXLiaiON, XTO. 

Religion and Theology. 

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rist. In four letters showing the relations of 
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ten, in Ausziigen aus ihren Schriflen, nocb 
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89 pp. 12*> [84,356; 53.] 4:3977 

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Sunday observance and Sunday laws. A ser- 
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bath question by the late George Blagden Bacon. 
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58.J 5:3763 

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In 5:4398 

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Wunders im Christenthum. Vortrag, gehalten 

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In 5:4398 

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den VX Jan., 1864. 2. unverand. Aufl. Ber. 
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In 5:4398 

Beyechlap, Willibald. Welchen Oewinn hat die 
evangelische Kirche aus den neuesten Verband- 
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tag zu Altonburg, den 13. Sept.. 1864. Ber. L. 
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In 5:4398 

Beyschlag, Willibald. Woran fehlt's ana Predi- 
gern urn in weiterem Umfange geistliches 
Leben zu wecken ? Vortrag, gehalten vor der 
Versammlun^ evangelischer Christen ans alien 
Landern zu Berlin. 2. Aufl. Mit einom Vorwort 
iiber erfahrene Angriffe. Ber. L. Bauh. [1864.] 
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Bible class magazine. 
Sunday school union, 
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In 3:3284 

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CondJt, Blackford. Tbe history of Ihe Knglieb 
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with special reference to tbe proleslant religion 

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Being the subsiance of a paper read before tho 

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In 4;-755 
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forty-threa carefully prepared articles, written b)' 
«mineDt clerical and lay authors connucttid with 
the respective persuasions; together with com- 
plete and well-digested aiatisiics. To which is 
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Vol. t Vdd aeorg Cullxl bi> lur WoJB ichiiD fhilogoplile. 

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Iti 3:581 
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Pbilosophy and Education 

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Philosophy, xto. 


Philosophy, ito. 

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In 2:911 

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ContmU: Vol. 1. lUtionalismos. 
Vol. 2. Mysticismufl. 

Vol. 3. 8up«rDiiturali8inu8 Oder die Lehre Ton der Offenbarang 
des A. ond N. Testaroenta. 

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Oonfenti: Vol. 1. Diia Erkennen als Selbhterkennen. 
Vol. y. Die OntoloKie. 

VqI. s. Die opeculMtiTe Theologie, oder allgemeine Religions- 

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In 2:712 

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lehre, die tranbceDdenUle Logik und die Thatsachen des Bewusat- 


Vol. 2. Wisaenrichattslehre ond das System der Reobtelehre. 

Vol. 3. Syatem der Sittenlebre, Vorieaungen Qber die Beatim- 
mung des Qelehrten und Termischte Aufsfttse. 

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Pbilobopht, wc. 

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Bchen im geHundcn und kranketi Zustande. 
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au8 detn 14, Bde, dcr prtuss. JuJirbiieber. Ber. 
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pbiacbo Si;brifteii und Abbandlungen, nebsl 
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VdIp. 3-t. Setirirtfn mr MeUiilivUli. 

Vole. B-1. Schrifl^n Hir PsicMokw. 

Voln. i-s. Bchrlfl^DEurprihliKlirii 

VdIk. lu-ll. EiclirifteD Hir P&riinoiiTk. 

Vul. K. Hlsioriwh-kriiiMneSctrtlicu. 

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In 24:20:i4 

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In 2:713 
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derneuBBten deuteciien Pliilosophio, mil beson- 
derer Biicksicbt auf den gcgenwarttgeii Kampf 
Scbellings mit der Hegelsthen SchuTo. Dargo- 
Btelll in Vorlesungen an der Friedrich-WiJbelme- 
TJniversilat zu Berlin im Sommt;rhulbjahre, 1842, 
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Oder, Beweia der Aechlbeit der Abhandlang; 
Ueber das Verhaltnias der Naturphiloeopliio Kur 
Philoaophie iJberhaupt. Als Dnrlegung der Stel- 
liingbeiderMfinnergegeD einnnder. Ein Beilrag 
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In 2:713 
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Romang. J- P- Ueber WillflnBfreiheit und Deter- 

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Bitllicben Dingo, die recbtliche Imputation und 
Slrafe. und niii das Religiose. Bern. C.A.Jenni, 
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History, Biography, and Travel. 

Avery, L ^- The history of the state of Georgia 

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tant epochs : the decade before the war of 1861-5 ; 
the war ; the period of reconstruction, with por- 
traits of the loading public men of tbiH era, N. 
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Nachrichten bis auf geganwartige Zeit kurz und 
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Cbn/oili.' Vnll. Qml BrllBia, litlaDd, Francs, Belgium, sad 

., Turk«7. BDd Orr«c«. 

1, Nomtf, BwcdSD, Ruasik, 


Frederic II., ^''"3 »/ Prussia. Friedrich der 
Grosse. LichUtruhlen und Uedankun uus Bei- 
neti Briefcn und Wm-ken. Ncbet Scliilderungcti 
and CbarnktorzUgen aus s<;inern Lebon. 3. verm. 
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4 HmosT, era 

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Science, etc. 


Science, etc. 

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Science, etc. 



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FicnoH (^Rtytish:). 

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Abu Muhammad bin Yusuf bin Mu, ayyid-i- 

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book tii Alexander the Great, written a. d. 1300. 
Traniilated for the firet lime out of the Persian 
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thcButhor, collected from various Persian eourcen. 
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Kichxrd n.-KAniflHi-tntlch IV., ThI. I. 

Vnl. t. KOntB BvlDrtoh IV„ ThI. S.— KOdIe HelDrliili T.-Kfiaig 
Hfllnriuh VI., Th°. I. 

■■ ■ - KflnlnHfinrkih VI., Thle, t. u. 3^— KOOigB-'--^"' 


mpenallgen ZihniuDg.— VI 

roo Vuie- 
m Rlohta. 

Wmdior.— D» WintFrmlr< 

d CCEMldn.- BDds gal, . 


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FicnoM CBngUsh). 

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Fiction (German), 


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Haufl aiif der Hdhe.— Der Gel'Jfeiod.— Dam Holzknechthaas. ->Diib 
Reich Gotten.— Das Felsenbildnir>8.— Dan Viktel.— Das Lebeii siegt. 

Vol. 2. Der UdllbArt.— Di«> Mission su PalkeDbach.— Der Wiild- 
srreit.— Der Hinterschdpp, oder die Gesohichte dreier sweifelhAfter 
Personen.— I ie PfiiigstDacht. 

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Content*: Vol. I. Im Hirteohaus. Eine oberfr&DkiAche Dorlge- 

VoIh. 2-:). lershoimer Mu»ikAnten Gescbichten. Heitere Bilder 
aii« d«>m oherfrunkiHcheD Volkitleben. Bd. 1. UmiiDgeo. — Oesalseoe 
Krapfen. Bd. 8. GIQoklichea Ung'Qck.— Dorfkneg. 

Vol. 4. Zu Hpui. Ein Dorfroman. 

Vols. 5-7. Frits Reinhardt. Erleboisse und Erfahruugeo einea 
Schullehrers. Roman. 

Vol. 8. Vhter und Sohn. Eine ob«*rfr&nkis<*he Dorfgeschichte. 

Vol. 9. Aui der Mappe des Verstorbeoen. Kleinere Era&hlungen, 
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Contwtf: Vol. 1. Vn sermon & la cour. 
Vol. 8. Ud sermon & la Tille. 
Vol. 3. Ua sermoQ au desert. 

FoLTOBAPar. i: 

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I'anglaiB sous la direction de P. Loruin par 

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OmtBiU; LochiinldB nofl.— L*s;ciittlioo*.— Lf gnllfin du foyer. 
—Li bnullls de U lie.— L« i«iiu4dfi. 

Flailbflrt, (iusl^'^v'^- Madame Bovary; moeurs de 

province. Edition definilive suivie den requiai- 
toire, plaidoiric et jugeoiont du proces inteniu a 
I'aDtetir devant le tribunal correctioniiel de Pt\nB 
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The same. [46,611.] In 57:3020 

.Vor«. OonUip. .l»o: VuliH.-One f.lnii-eft iltiel.l. 

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U po'ule.— Lei mwilles.-Une e 

Sainte-Beuve, chaH 

.p nu«* , 

et i^li>pli*ii, 

„„.„-„„„,„, jgustin. Volnpte. 6.ed. 

Avec un appendice contenant los temoignagcs 
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Bibliothek der "Dnterhaltung nnd dea Wissena. 
Mit OriginalUeitragen der hcrvorragendston 
Schriftsteller und Gdclirten. Jahig. 1881. Sluil. 
.fl. Schonlein. [1881.] 13 v. 256 pp. eaeh. 18° 
[78,383; 53.] 56:1996.1-13 

OmUTiU : Vol. I, Ein Edelmnrder. Rnmnn : Egben CnlMM.- 
Der iMktor null aHUTim Auii. ERl-rrt «. [nw-Hiu —Ein dipiomitl- 
■ch»r MppWHo; E. &.-liiiint-W.i*-miML>.— Neiin VfrkfhrMinui.en 

HULiacTH —Der Ueerirucin : e 
BTDmii.— M»nolgf»lifgei.. 

>\. >. Bin Edflmnrder. RDmRn lArtj.): Ejiben 




. Erne TraeOdii. sun KuiKlnndH iBiKiina>-npn Ir.ien: 
mai.n.-\Tn kBii>rrli"hrn Uaoi; E. tk^miiKT-WdFaiH- 
rcui.— Dl* KlBgplu»iwr; Kii-hurd Bobuli.— Iii^ dri-l W-Mioiwpr dcB 
prrunilwlipn auiiirti F. t. ZonLTin,— In der Kedakiion Finer New- 
Vorkcr Zelluogi Aug Bchuh— MaoDishlilgea. 

Vol. S. E<n Edrlmarder (B)rf».i; K. C»«u"m.— Miiriinne. Mn- 
tello; Alro« WBiiiii*M..-Eli«b-lh pMirrH<n'B<>n>p>rie. Blngmphi- 
*che Hltlur; iuWat H. 9Ti»Hiini.-r>ie l>]«rliilloa nnd di<- Ver- 
br«herkolDnleii, Knliurlil'-cnriB- he Sklur; Th. Witkli*.- Aufiind 
to dom 9i. Oollhmnl; E. Bo»«iiii^Wii««t»i«LI.— Eln Toilellenreqiiisll 
trOhererZcitoniOoillrlMlTstHM.— AqlhoMtSM. N«iar»iMeo*;h. 
SklUN W. UiH.— llUDlgr>ltlg*>. 

Bibliothek der ri 


V ■vi.~(coniiHued.') 





Vul. 6. Anf liraweuen IFbrli.); O. Hiaiwiu.— Wie miin Prlvatu 

rifn Knrnltnenii t.; Fnedtleli Zubmiiibii — Due Krihl I 
HpiBijvl d?H BprlchworlB; Th. .[iffrn.— He luaiigen KMtie dm Tmlmk 
Coll.'giuniii; P. T. ZoMLTin —Ein Kind..rhrim mn Meere. Prinidi 
L-brni'hIld; H. SUHfOH.— HetmNohe WoliKMI^r; BugoSlui 


I. PiMii; 

Die <>rdiieliinlT-aHUn>-i ddii inrr iiiiiainiKei; I'h. wii 
derhirnierjuDgP. Anieriknnlwhe Xhiue: Kriedrti'li 
Die unterinliiohPn Telfgrnphenleilungen; II. t. Brili 

yplle; Fpiini Emar-EIn Spwcli. 
]>nDo Buck.' Die Ti-4-hgrn. 

ru.— Zur QeMtilchlB d 

Vol. 8. Aur UmopRFn IFbrii.y. G. Hinwia.— Ein Tniim lui 
hinuMi Jiihren. NoTelH"; E. ScmiiDT. Wtiuntrru- Uer Hsruis roB 
^..rlborougli. Hixtoriiiulie skiiu' i Frlrdrli^li ZiuinaxKV — Ufber 

nwhe Ein»ilh»ilen; F. v. ZnmTiti.- Akk'l'imnli.ji'f'n'wioliti'Je.' 
Thltre und Pfl^nirn; Hdga StI'U. — Ein verwhloeHnea ne^cli; E, 
SuHHiDT-WiiuiiirEU.- M.nnigiiililg«i. 

Vol. B. Anf llniwcgen [PbtU.y, Georg HtkTwin.- Di-r Aii>ge. 
ilm-en*. Rri«liiiing; aim Hl'Oiiwyji.— Au» drn Jugsndl«gen Frlfd- 

■ r Ht-ii.— Die MAm 


' WfinkHler: Ang. Soiiih.- 
lendnr Wis»ii».— Die Sfkun- 
uumiilubHum; Hugo Stuui.— 

I. Dl>' RilTi^ Ton KltiT Hiiwk {Fbrli.y, Frl>dr]ch IEihhh' 

... ..,_.._.._ ,...__ .. .. .|^, Beono BiiUB. Ein ■HO- 

-Dutch Pmgiin Mn,; a. Ao- 

— NHL'h tuDlieho jKh 

a Ui. 

iDJii Uoriit LiLi 

Ich Zm 

lie; P. <. Z.»L> 

'tWKHHU.— Dk 

iiTt.— VoTti Bruder Kl»u 

Th. Wi«L«.- Die VBIkeni«mnis der B«h«ni! 

HKfltben unu>r dtm i<eitpn Kulieireieh; Bchkiot 

wifBenwh. Skii»; Pnnl TlinHih.-SHn'nigmltlgei. ""' 

Vol. 1:1. Die Ritle inn Etliy tliivk {Sehlaa.Y. ZtKHiiaAXH.— 
HrrtulfitQrine. No*rlle. Brnno Hupii.— simnn BoliTiir, der WhbIi- 

rg; Pinl 

If Aktier 

-El.i>iel^.li»-BleM Tliiati Aug. 8iiH..__. _., 

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Qmleitti: NHthitnifl UairlhorDC.— LUI|« UnffydDiandilli.— Liitle 
iDDie'i riiinble.-B«ii)>iniln W»I.— Sir liHu- NvwioD.—ThB Koidea 

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eamrt — Wet'eotie dim.— Bi»UV Bdmai und inFirors.— HoieinDdt- oT 
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p«nf,"^oldl'ili)rt~i»l.^Our iilnl»ri,-Aho'nl lol»ri»ii.-Bpiim(t o'n 

ncM, — A gumMlne 111 pe rail lion. Th* HRaen puiiLe. — Blnn.— 

WMlhH f(ir«iui[_.-SomB ilrinmly rulfillfd dremmi.-flmpendird %a- 
ln»UoD.— Oqi MtroDODian roril.— Pbolognphi of •> gilloplDg hore*. 


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Dvpnoit.— The NapoK-onic AususUn aRe id 
in FnuoB (liiTi.).— Fret nm- Pur* dol and 
— Bliinuck, PriusU and Paa-TautoDiim. 

P>rla.-Tlie laa 


untHg Mtilldin, 

No. 54. 


HOWARD DOUGLA83, Prttidint, 
ISAAC ADLKR, Traaurar, . 
JAHES BRUWN, &ere<ary, 


s. w. c. Fourth and Maik bts., (Soutrkrn atb., Mount Adbubn] 

Faibuount Woolbn Hillb (340 Wkst Fourth flTKiKi] 

135 Race btrbrt {29 Oeobob stbbbt] 

Court Hodbb (391 Lokqwobtb stbbet] 

4S W. Srcwnd strekt (6tT W, Court btriit] 

184 W. Second btrbkt (119 Clifton avi 

Gab Co.'a office [185 East Sixth btriit] 



Albiok Flace, Hoi 

•very dajr id the year, Sundays included, IVom 8 a. h. to 9 
P. H. The ipecial depanmenU are open hs rollows: 

Delivekt Hall, (aicept Siindayg) 8 a. m. to 9 p. h. 
Main Hall, (svery day) B a. u. to 9 f. m. 
Periodical Kooh, {every day] B a. H, to 9 f. h. 
Nrwsfafeb Room, (every day) 9 a. m. to 9 p. m. 
Art Boou, (except Sundays) 8 a. U. to 6 f. h. 
" " (on Sundays) 9 a. x. to 4 F. M. 

RsADiNO Rooms. — Any peraon of good deportment 
and habits, whether residing in Cinclnoati or not, may 
consult books, periodicals, or newspapers in the reading 

HoHS vax OP Qoo&».—Reaident» of Cincinnati 
may withdraw books by registering name and residence and 
Aimishing aatiafHctory security in the form prescribed by 
the Board. (In lieu of other security a deposit of three 
dollars or of the value of the work desired may be made.} 
Son-rtaidenta may withdraw books by making a de- 
posit of three dollars and an annual payment (in advance] 
of five dollars. 

two weeks, and may be renewed for the same period, alter 
which they can not he reissued to the same person until they 
have been in the library twenty-four hours. 

Fine on books over-due, three cents a day, and after a 
week, cost of recovery. 

Books are not issued to any one owing Bnes or charges 


1. The Librarian is at all tiroee ready to assist per- 
sons in the investigation of special subjects, by indicating 
the sources of information so far as the Library contains 

2. Books not in the Library will be purchased on ap- 
plication to the Librarian, unless there be a sufficient reason 
against it. 

3. All complaints should be made in the first instance 
to the Librarian, either in person or by letter ^*n^ (Acfuau 
atid rendtnce of Ikt prraoii eggritvtd. Anonymous comnu- 

not be noticed. 


Religion and Theology- 

Baiir, Ferdinand Christiun. Die Kpuchen dcr 
kirchliohen GcBchichtethreibiing. Tub. Fues. 
1852. xii+2t}9pp. 13° [8ti,3(i7; 54.] 4:409 

Baur, Foi-dinand Cbrietian. Puuiua. dcr ApoiXel 
JeBU Chrieti. Sein Lebi-n und VVirken, seine 
Briefe und seine Lehro. Gin B^itrug zu cinm- 
kritiscben (iestbithte dca UrchriHtentbiimB. 2. 
Aufl. Nach dera Tode doa Vei-f. besorirl von 
Edu&i-d Zeller. Leip. Fues. IHtifi. 2 pte. in I 
vol. siv+409 pp.; iv-i-BTT pp. 8° [8li.338i 5-J.] 
Bible. Tbe christian's completo rnmijy bible; or, 
universal library of divinu Itnowledjit; contain- 
ing iho eaered loxls of the Old and New Testa- 
month, with the apocrypha, at large. I]lu«trated 
wilh notes und annotations, bisrorieal, chrono- 
lopic-al, biographical, geograpbical, tbeolngical, 
moral, systematical, practical, adinonilorj', divine, 
and explanatory; in which the most difficult pas- 
sage s are rendered clear and familiar, the seeming 
contradictions reconciled, the mia-translations 
rectified, and important truths conRrmed; so as 
Ui confute the infidel, dispel tbe miats of darkncfs, 
enlighten the ignorant, encouruge tbe diflident, 
reclaim tbe vicious, reconcile the doubtful, lead 
the wavering into the paths of truth, and implant 
in the mind of every christian (but divine knowl- 
edge which is essentially necessary to salvation. 
Forming a complete treasury of divine revelation. 
Being a full explanation of the various books in 
the Old and New Testamentt!. And as a farther 
illuatralion will be given, a general index or con- 
cordance, clearly pointing out every material 
tnineiaetion recorded in tbo sacred writings; a 
chronological index of transactions from Adatn to 
the time of our blessed Saviour; a geographical 
index of places mentioned in the holy scriptures; 
a briei account of the apostles and their succes- 
sors, who propagated the christian religion, by pre- 
siding over the apostolic churches of Antioch, Je- 
rusalem, etc. The whole forming a coni|iletc 
body of christian divinity; explained and illus- 
trated in such a manner, as to guide the reader, 
through the paths of happiness in this world, and 
lead him to the mansions of eternal bliss in that 
which is to tome. Illustrated and explained by 
several eminent divines. Liv. J. Nuitall. ISOli. 
946 pp., 39 pis. t° [8G,U7; 54.] *3;6126 

Burnouf, ^m'le. La science des religions. 2'. ed. 

Par. Miiisonneuve et Cie. 1872. (iv+)ix-f 

460 pp. 12" [86,28fi; 54.) |0:20ti9 

Cartwright, W. C. The Jesuits, tbeir constitu- 
tion and teaching. An historical sketch. Lond. 
Marray. 1876. xix+238 pp. 8° [86,657; 54.1 


DaiDe, Jean. A treatise concerning tbe right nse 
of the fathers, in the decision of the controver- 
sies that are at this da^ in religion. Written iu 
French. Lond. J. Martin. 1675. (16+)I63+ 
195 pp. 12" [86,398; 54.] 4:3234 

1 itsUOION, KTO. 

Dupill, Louis Ellies. The evangelical history; or 

the life of our bleaseil Saviour Jesus Christ. 
comprehensively and plainly related. With prac- 
tical inferences and discourses thereupon. To- 
gether with the lives and acts of the holy aposlles. 
Lond. 1712. 2pts. in 1 vol. (34-l-)190-]-(16+) 
256(-|-8) pp., 4 pis., 1 map, illus. 12" 
fT. 4,281; 54.] 3:3063 

ElliCOtt, Rev- Charles James. Corameiitaries, 

critical and grammatical, on the epistles of 
Saint Paul, with revised translations. With an 
inlroduclory notice by Calvin E. Stowe. And. 
W. F. Draper. 1881. 2 v. (iv+)xxii,192+xii, 
I98-f xvi, 178 pp.; xvi,290-|-xviii, 277 pp. 8° 
rS6,181; 54.] 3:2305.1-2 

CwUbU: VuI. 1. Gii1inioni.-Ephs»i«n».— lTheii->lOBi«n«. — ■ 

Faiths of the world. The. St. Giles' lectures. N. 

Y. Scribnera. 1882. vi+364 pp. ' 12° [86, 

269; 54.] |0:2070 

Canlmfi: Rfli([i™i. of In.lli.: VKiic period; hrahmsnism; VoryReT. 
Joliii C*iBu.-Ui>ligion> of Indim bmlcl^il-mi Vtry Hrr. J'.ho Cai ■.■>,- 
RHJBirD of Uhim: OrndlcilDloni; Ko. Ororge UiTHariK.— BeligU'D 

of'ifnt Eariitl Sfv. lumi-t DDnBii.— Rpllifion at uncieni lirr>.c«: 
H*-v, Wtinam Wltiffm.-RfllBlnn nf Bumf: Br*. J»ni« M«- 
Kro^or.~T<-ii[onic rniH H..>niiiniiTiHn n-Uaioii; R<-t. Gmme SifvhfI 
Bi'Bii- — Anclrnt r>-li((™i of Cemrnl Anirrl-n: Rev. John H««h8ll 
Uwn.— Ji]rtiii-ni: Yt-v. MiiJi-oJin C. TArLoit.-Mnhdinin«lHni>in; Ver. 
JnmffNCnmorgnLiu.— CiitiJiliiuiijin rrlniion loDihrrreligfonh; Ret. 
R..berl Cum. * 

Fisher, Htv. George Park. Essays on tbe super- 
natural origin of Christianity, with special ref- 
erence to the theories of Kenan, Strauss, and the • 
Tubingen school. N. Y. Scribner. 1866. xii + 
586 p]». 8" [86,467; 54.] 3:3540 

Geiger, Abraham. Das Judcnthum und seine 
Geschichte. Brcs. SchUlter. 1865-71. 3 pts. 
in 2 V. xvi+187 pp.; viii-f203 pp.; viii-|-200 pp. 
12" [86,404; 54.] 4:281.1-2 

Oin (n>r..- Pl. 1. Bu 

rico H E lira Tern pel' ' 
■nTcmpclabiH lom Er 

Goldney, Edward. A friendly epistle to the Jews, 
and a rational prayer recommended to tbem, in 
order for Ibeir conversion to the christian relig- 
ion. Lond. 1760. viii-]-176 pp., 1 pi. 6" 
[T. 4,267; 54.] 3:3597 

Gross, Joseph B. The heathen religion in iia 
popular and symbolic development. Host. J. 
P. Jewetl and Co. 1856. xvi-}-372 pp. 12" 
[86.419; 54.] (0:2066 

Haweis, Thomas. The evangelical expositor; 
or, a commentary on the holy bible. Wherein 
the sacred text of the Old and New Testa- 
tament is inserted at large; the sense explained; 
the more difficult passages elucidated; with prac- 
tical observations. Also references to parallel 
scriptures; the marginal readings; aud a cbronoL 
ogy. For the use of families and private chris- 
tians of every denomination. Lond. E. and C. 
Dill!/. 1765-6. 2v. 8u3 pp.; vi, 860 pp. r 
[86,151; 64.] •3:6128.1-2 

Beliqion, etc. 


Reliqion, Etc. 

Hirscher, Johann Baptist von. Die ehristliche 
Moral als Lehre von der Verwirklichung des 
goitlichen Eeiches in der MenBchheit dargestellt. 
4., verb, und mehrfach umgearb., Aufl. Tiib. 
Laupp. 1845. 3 v. xx+442 pp.; vi+557 pp.; 
viii + 728 pp. 12° [84,232; 54.] 3:4923.1-3 

HolyoakOi George Jacob. The trial of theism. 

Lond. Holyoake and Co. [1858.] (ii-j-)ii-|- 

viii+17() pp. 16° [86,345; 54.] 3:3639 

Hunt, John. Religious thought in England from 
the reformation to the end of the last century: 
a contribution to the history of theology. Vol. 1. 
Lond. Strahan and Co, 1870. xxxi-|-471 pp. 
8° [85,860; 54.] 4:1812 

JaCOlliot, Louis. The bible in India: Hindoo 

origin of Hebrew and christian revelation. Tr. 

from "La bible dans I'lnde." N. Y. Carleton, 

1870. xiii, 325 pp. 12° [85,738; 54.] 10:2062 

Johnson, Rf^v. John Edgar. The monks before 

Ohrist: their spirit and their history. Bost. 

A. Williams and Co. 1870. xv-|-144 pp., 1 chro- 

uol. chart. 16° [86,418; 54.] 4:3047 

Jost, Isaak Markus. Geschichte des Judonthums 

und seiner Secten. Leip. Dorffling u. Franke. 

1857-9. 3 V. (ii-f )xv-f 468 pp.; xvi+463 pp.; 

xvi+422 pp. 12° [86,475; 54.] 4:2:-50.1-3 

Oontentit: Vol. 1. Geschichte des Judenthnms von seiner Ent- 
stehung an bis sum ITntergang .TerusAleniH undiieH TempelM. 

Vol. 2. VoD der Zerstdrung des Tempelti bis zuin Tode Maimoni's, 

Vol. S. Von dem Tode Maimooi'ii bis in die Mitte des 19. Jahr- 

Kampe, Ferdinand. Geschichte der religiosen 
Bewegung der neuern Zeit. Leip. Wigand. 
1852-60. 4 V. in 2. xi + 194 pp.; vi+249 pp.; 
viii+384 pp.; xii+376 pp. 12° [84,233; 54.] 


Note: Vol. 4 has also a special t. p. reading: Ge!«hichte des 
DeutHchkatholici.smiis und freieu Protestantism us in Deutachland und 
Mordamerika von 1848-58. 

Kayserling, M. Geschichte der Juden in Portu- 
gal. Leip. 0. Leiner. 1867. xi-|-367 pp. 
12° [86,481; 54.] (Schriflen, herausgeg. vora 
Instit. zur Forderung der israelit. Lit., 12. Jahr: 
1866-67.) 4:235 

Koran. [The koran. In the Arabic language.'] 
436 double pp. 18° [86,540; 54.] *A 

Koran. The koran: tr. from the Arabic, the 
Buras arranged in chronological order; with 
notes and index. By the Eev. J. M. Rodwbll. 
Lond. Williams and Norgate. 1861. xxvi(-fii) 
+659 pp. 12° [86,333; 54.] 10:2251 

Lamy. Bernard. Apparatus biblicus; or, an in- 
troduction to the holy scriptures. Done into 
English from the French, with notes and addi- 
tions [by R. Bundy]. Lond. S. Palmer, 1723. 
xxviii+540 pp., 24 pis. (6 fold.), 3 tabs., 3 fold. 
maps, head pieces. 4 ° [86,157; 54.] *3:6125 

sSote:. The additions mentioned on t. p. are taken from Lamy*s 
irork: De tabemaculo foederis, etc. 

Cbntenit: Of the orisin, history, and antiquities of the Jews.— Of 
the canon, authors, original texts, versions, editions and interprota- 

tions of the scriptures.— Of the false ffods, animals, precious stones, 
diseases, and public sports mentioned in the seriptured. Together 
with an ezplanaiion of soriptoral names and a new method of reading 

Liguori, Alfonso Maria de, saint. The history of 
heresies, and their refutation; or, the triumph 
of the church. Tr. from the Italian, by the rt. 
rev. Dr. Mullock, bp. of Newfoundland. 2. ed. 
Dublin. J. Duffy. 1857. (2+)642 pp. 8° 
[86,513; 54.] 4:2593 

Luttke, Moritz. Der Islam und seine Volker. 

Eine religions- cultur- und zeitgeschichtlicbe 

Skizze. Giit. C. Bertelsmann. 1878. viii-t-187 

pp. 8° [86,038; 54.] 10:2235 

Macknight, James. A harmony of the four gos- 
pels: in which the natural order of each is pre- 
served. With a paraphrase and notes. The 2. 
ed.; corr. and greatly enl. Lond. W, Strahan, 
1763. (ii-f)xvi+316+6/2(+24)pp., frontis. 
4^ [86,136; 54.] *3:6083 

Maclear, George Frederick. A class-book of 

New Testament history. New ed. Lond. Mac- 

millan. 1880. xv4 550 pp., 5 maps. 18^ [86, 

672; 54.] 4:346.2 

Maclear, George Frederick. A class-book of Old 

Testament history. New ed. Lond. Macmih 

Ian. 1881. xi -1-508 pp., 4 maps. 18^ [86,672; 

54.] 4:346.1 

Middleton, R^- Erasmus. Biographia evangel- 
ica; or an account of the lives and deaths of the 
most eminent and evangelical authors and preach- 
ers, both British and foreign, in the several de- 
nominations of protestants, from the beginning 
of the reformation, to the present time: wherein 
are collected from authentic historians, their most 
remarkable actions, sufferings, and writings; ex- 
hibiting the unity of the faith and experience in 
their several ages, countries, and professions; and 
illustrating the power of divine grace in their 
holy living and dying. Lond. 1679-86. 4 v. 
iv + (ii+)520 pp.; (4+)512 pp.; (4+)512 pp.; 
(4+)512+vipp. 12^ [T. 4,240; 54.] 4:5190.1^ 

Milligan, I^- Keason and revelation: or, the prov- 
ince of reason in matters pertaining to divine 
revelation defined and illustrated; and the para- 
mount authority of the holy scriptures vindicated. 
Cin. R. W. Carroll and Co. 1808. xiii, 445 pp. 
12° [86,370; 54.] 3:3793 

Monell, Gilbert Chichester. The creation and 

the scripture. N. Y. Putnams. 1882. (4-f-) 

233 pp., 1 pi. 12° [86,182; 54.] 3:3792 

Muir, Sir William. The coran, its composition 
and teaching and the testimony it bears to the 
holy scriptures. Lond. Soc.for promoting christ- 
ian knowledge, [n. d.] 16° [86,669; 54.] (Non- 
christian religious systems.) 10:2237 

Nicolas, Michel. Des doctrines religieuses des 
juifs pendant les deux siecles anterieurs a Tere 
Chretien ne. 2*. ed. rev. et augm. Par. M. Levy 
freres. 1867. (ii-f )xxviii+432 pp. 12° [86, 
405; 54.] 4:232 

Nippold, Friedrich. Welche Wege fuhren nach 
Kom? Geschichtliche Beleuchtung der romi- 
schen Illusionen iiber die Erfolge der Propaganda. 
Heidel. F. Bassermann. 1869. zviii-|-456 pp. 
8° [84,344; 54.] 4:3492 



Bblioion, Etc. 

Parker, Theodore. A revival of religion which 

we need. A sermon, delivered Apr. 11. Boat. 

W. L, Kant and Co, 1858. 15 pp. 8^ [86,408; 54.] 

In 5:5523 

Pennington, Arthar Eobert. EpoehB in the pa- 
pacy from its rise to the death of Pope Pius IX, 
in 1878. Lond. G, hell and sons. 1881. xxxi 
+496 pp. 12^ [86,649; 54.] 4:2800 

Perry, Weorge Gresley. History of the English 

church. Lond. Murray, 1881. 2 v. xi-f- 

571 pp.; xiv+621 pp. 12^ [86,645; 54.] (The 

student's English church history.) 4:1821.1-2 

Contents: Vol. I. From the planting of tho church in Britain to the 
aoceSMion of Henry Vlil. 

Vol. 2. From the accepyion of Henry V^III. to the Hileuciog of con> 
vocation in the eighteenth century. 

PetrUCCelli delta Gattina, Ferdinando. Les me- 

moires de Judas. Par. Libr. internat. 1867. 

479 pp. 8^ [85,704; 54.] 4:225 

Poole, Matthew. Annotations upon the holy 
bible, wherein the sacred text is inserted, and 
various readings annexed, together with the par- 
allel scriptures, tho more difficult terms in each 
verse are explained, seeming contradictions recon- 
ciled, questions and doubts resolved, and the 
whole text opened. Lond. T. Park hurst. 1683-5. 
(1242 pp.; 1 pi.; 1222 pp.) 1° [86,150; 54.] 


Praise of hell, The; or, a discovery of the infernal 
world. Describing the advantages of that 
place, with regard to its situation, antiquity, and 
duration. With a particular account of its inhab- 
itants, their dresses, customs, manners, occupa- 
tions and diversions. In which are included, the 
laws, constitution and government of hell. With 
notes, historical and critical to explain the whole. 
Tr. from the French. Lond. 1760. xiv(-fvii) 
+232 pp., frontis. 12° [85,413; 54.] 3:4932 

Pyle, Thomas. A paraphrase with notes, on the 
Acts of the apostles, and upon the epistles of 
the New Testament. Being a compleat supple- 
ment to Dr. Clarke's Paraphrase on the four gos- 
pels. With a short preface to each epistle, showing 
the occasion and design of it; the several argu- 
ments set at the head of each chapter; and a gen- 
eral index to all the principal matters, words, and 
phrases of the New Testament, excepting the Rev- 
elation. For the use of families. 3. ed., review'd 
and 3orr. Lond. D. Midwinter, 1737. 2 v. 
xii+476 pp; vii-f 405 (-|-43) pp. 12° [86.163; 54.] 


Quinet, Edgar. Der Ultramontanismus, oder die 
romische Kirche und die neuere Gesellschaft. 
Aus dem Franzos. iibers. von Sigismund Eduard 
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Omtents: Ernest Renan.— Author's preface.— The religiona of an- 
tiquity.— Hintory of ihe people of Jhrael.— Tho part of the Semitic 
people in the history of civilization. — The critical historians of Christ. 
— Mahomet and the origins of islHrnism.— John Calvin.— Channing.— 
Feuerbach and the new Hegelian school.- The future ol religion in 
modern society. 

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n|Hure revi-lationH concerning a 
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Wilson, Thcmas, n(j(/ Bagwell, John. A complete 
cbrialian dictionary: wherein the signiflcaliona 
and several acceptations of all the words men- 
tioned in the holy scriptures of Ibe Old and New 
Testnmenl. are fully opened, expressed, explained; 
also very many ambiguous speeches, hard and 
difflcull phrases therein contained, are plainly in- 
terpreted, cleared, and expounded. Tending lo 
the increase of christian knowledge, and serving 
for the use of all, especially the unlearned, who 
have no skill in the original languages, Hebrew 
and Greek, wherein tbo scriptures were first writ- 
ten; and may be unto ministers of the gospel, 
muslerg of families, private cbrisliuns instead of a 
concordance, commentary on all iho scriptures. 
Augm. and enl. with a sixfold addition: 1, Of 
above 4000 words, with their several acceptations, 
all wanting in the former editions. 2. Of many 
more acceptations of tbo same words, mentioned 
and to be found therein. 3. Of a great number 
of hard and difficult phrases, not cleared at all in 
the former impressions; with a further explana- 
tion of many others therein set down. 4. Of" the 
inlurprelationsof the proper names of men, women, 
and countries, cities, rivers, mountains, elo. men- 
tioned in the holy scriptures. 5. Of tho nature 
and properties of such beasts, fowls, fishes, trees, 
plants, fruits, seeds, stones, etc. as are named 
therein. 6. Of the divers readings set in tho 
margents of the bibles of the last trannlotion. 
Extracted out of the most approved authors, both 
ancient and modcMi, especially Petri Bavenelli 
Biblotheca sacra. And now in this 8. ed, very 
much etil,, and digested into one complete alpha- 
betical dictionary. By Andrew SiMsoN. Lond. 
T. WillinmsandM Clark. 1678. 668 pp. {1336 
cola.) f° [86,154; 54.] *3:6354 

Wisksmann, Ueinrich. Die Lehre und Praxis der 
Jesuiten in religioser, moraliseher und politi- 
sbur Beziehung von ihrem Ursprung an bis auf 
den heutigen Tag, mit Kucksicht anf ihr VerhJilt- 
niss zur romish-katholischen Eirche und xum 
Papsltbum. Nuch den (Juellen bearb. Gekronte 
Preisscbrilt. Cass. ,/. O. Luckhardt. 1858. 
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7 Philobopht, rra 

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Philosophy and Education. 

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tische Botrachtnngcn liber die Freyheit dea 
Wiltens mit Hinsicht auf die neuesten Tbeorion 
iiber dieselbo. Gies. G. F. Beyer. 1793. xvi 
{+iv)-)-252{+2) pp. 12° [84.553; 54.] 2:875 

yufe. Wilh > prelice by Carl Chrlstiin Erhstd ScmiP. 

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pla., 1 double map. 12° [86,549; 54.] 2:*086 
Oittes, Friodrich. Schule der Padagogik. Ge- 
snmmtausgabe der Psychologte und Logik, 
Erziehunga-und Unterricbtslehre, Methodik der 
Volksschule, Geschichte der Erziebung und dea 
Unlcrrichtcs. Leip. J. Klinkhardt. 1876. xxvi 
+ 1027 pp. 12° [86,515; 64,] 2:4558 

Essays on the endowment of research. By vari- 
ous writers. Lond. King and Co. 1876. 
viii+a78pp. 12° [d-l 362; 54.] 2:4336 

QmltnU: Ri'TiFwarihesiiUHtraiii H. PiTtiMH.— Inlrnllnn* aflha 
follBdrr»iirielln«-hi«l J.S. COTTOB.— EoonomiOffh«r»cler of lubni- 
dict lo piliii^nlion; C. E. ApriiTOI.— Endownifm of raHHrch ai & (arm 
of pr'Klucilin. ». (Wild 11 11 it; <:. E. ^pi-inoB.-Bf nulls of ihe emminii- 
Lioo-tviipm at Oxford 1 t,. H. Siioi.— Unfncumhf r«l renetreh; H.G. 
SniBi— Thi-ni<ilnlrn>inL*>'onh*tludvor Ihobiblx; T. K. CuiiTili.— 
NenlnuriLelil-ioiiciilwieucHi; A. H. SiTci.-Nfeda of hiologyi W. 
T. Utit.— PreKnit n-lnlioDi brtwreij uluuiiciiJ re>«»rcb ind o^sicil 
odooMloB la £aglud ; H. VrrtiMau. 




History, etc. 

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Realphiiosophie undihr Zeitalter. Leip. Brock- 
haus, 1856. :^x+472 pp. 12° [86,471; 54.] 


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sungen (iber Entstebung und Eiitwickelung, 
Wesen und Werth der Hegel'schen Philosophie. 
Ber. E. Gartner, 1857. viii+512 pp. 12^ 
[86,829; 54.] 2:112 

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Eevised by a graduate of Oxford. To which are 
added some remarks by H. S. Lond. J. Chap- 
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287; 54. J 2:1280 

History, Biography, Geography and Travels. 

Anderson, James, editor. Collections relating to 
the history of Mary, queen of Scotland. Con- 
taining a great number of original papers never 
before printed. Also, a few scarce pieces re- 
printed, taken from the best copies. With an 
explanatory index of the obsolete words, and 
prefaces shewing the importance of these collec- 
tions. Edin. J, Mosman arid W. Brown, 1727-8. 
4 V. (ii+)Ixviii+vii-^-54(+ii)+xvi+xxvi + 176 
pp.; (viii+)iv+284 pp.; xx(+ii)+225 pp.; (ii+) 
iii(+iii)-f.l28(+8)+196 pp. 8^ 
[30,748; 54.] 24:2512-15 

Andros tracts. The ; being a collection of pamph- 
lets and official papers, issued during the period 
between the overthrow of the Andros govern- 
ment and the establishment of the second charter 
of Massachusetts. Eeprinted from the original 
editions and manuscripts. With notes by W. H. 
Whitmore. Bost. Prince Soc. 1874. Vol. 3. xv4- 
257 pp., 2 ports. 12° [86,277; 54.] *29:377 

Contents: Introduction. — ConHidorationa agninst thp charter. — 
Abfitract of laws of New England.— Report by Andros of hi« adminifi- 
tration, 1600.— Original doc lim en is. —Paper-* relating to Andros'? ad- 
min istration. — Reprint of a part of Cotton Mather's memoirs of Rev. 
Increase Mather.— An appeal to the men of New England, 1689.— 

Baillie-Grohman, W. H. Camps in the Rockies. 
Being a narrative of life on the frontier and 
sport in the Eocky Mountains with an account 
of the cattle ranches of the west. With an origi- 
nal map based on the most recent U. S. govern- 
ment survey. N. Y. Scribners. 1882. 84-438 
pp. 12^ [86,249; 64.] 21:1889 

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of Washington, with notices of the originals 
and brief biographical sketches of the painters. 
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[86,217; 54.] *A 

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15 pis. 8^ [86,625; 54.] 21:788 

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D., bishop of Calcutta and metropolitan of In- 
dia. Bost. Gould and Lincoln, 1860. xiii-|-744 
pp., 1 fold, map, illus. 8° [T. 4,282; 54.] 4:5721 

Bird, Frederick Spencer. The land of dykes 
and windmills, or life in Holland, with anec- 
dotes of noted persons and historical incidents in 
connection with England. Lond. Low. 1882. 
xii+320pp. 12° [86,605; 54.] 22:1512 

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sonal experiences and impressions during a 
residence on the Bosphorus throughout the Cri- 
mean war. Lond. Haichard. 1881. viii-|-318 
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tisclien zum stillen Ocean. Leip. Brockhaus, 

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putes of Connecticut. Bost. Osgood, 1882. 
vi, 90 pp., 17 maps (4 fold.), 1 port. f° 
[86,218; 54.] *30:3244 

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N. Y. Bolt and Co, 1882. 366 pp. 16° [86, 

189; 54.] (Lives of American worthies.) 25:397 

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mont and the canton Ticino. Lond. Z>. Bogue, 
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CampellO, Enrico, conte di. An autobiography. 
Giving his reasons for leaving the papal church. 
With an introduction by W. Arthur. Lond. 
Hodder and Stoughton. 1881. xxix+147pp. 12° 
[86,639; 54.] 24:32 

Capel, Arthur, earl of Essex, An enquiry into, 
and detection of, the barbarous murther of the 
late, or a vindication of that noble person from 
the guilt and infamy of having destroyed himself. 
Lond. 1684. (4-|-)76 pp. 12° [85,035; 54.] 


Carey, Eustace. Memoir of William Carey, D,D, 

Lond. Jackson and Walford, 1836. viii4-630 

pp. 8° [T. 4,291; 54.] 4:5319 

Carr-Gomm, Francis Culling. Letters and jour- 
nals of field-marshal Sir William Maynard 
Gomm, from 1799 to Waterloo, 1815. With por- 
trait. Lond. J. Murray. 1881. xi+378 pp. 8° 
[86,644; 54. J 24:1356 



History, xto. 

Champlain, Samuel de, Voyages of. Tr. from 
the French bj Charles Pomeroy Otis. With 
historical illustrations and a memoir by the Rev. 
Edmund F.Slapter. Bost. Prince Soc. 1880-82. 
3 V. viii+340 pp., 1 pi., 2 ports., 2 maps; xiv+ 
273 pp., 21 maps (9 fold.); vi+240 pp., 8 pis., 2 
maps. 12° [86,280; 54.] 29:264.1-3 

Contentt: Vol. 1. 1567-1636. 
Vol.2. 16()4-1H10. 
Vol. 3. 1011-1618. 

Chicago. The Lakeside annual directory, 1882. 
Embracing a complete general and business 
directory, miscellaneous information and street 
guide. Thomas Hutchinson, compiler. Chic. 
Chicago Directory Co. (3+)16-1667 pp. 8° 
[86,737; 54.] *60:^457 

Chisholm, George C. The two hemispheres, a 
popular account of the countries and peoples 
of the world. Ill us. by above 300 engravings 
printed in the text. Lond. Blackie and son. 
1882. xvi+992pp.,cordfrontis. 8° [86,628; 54.] 


Church, Alfred J. The story of the Persian war 

from Herodotus. With illus. from the antique. 

Lond. Seeley, Jackson and Halliday. 1882. vi 

(+vi)H-292 pp., 16 col'd pis. 12° [86,664; 54.] 


Clinton, Henry Henebald. From Crecy to Assye: 
being ^vq centuries of the military history of 
England. With original plans and maps. Lond. 
F. Warne and Co. [1882.] xx+699 pp., frontis. 
12° [86,663; 54.] 27:1571 

Cooper, Thompson. Men of mark. A gallery 
01 contemporary portraits of men distinguished 
in the senate, the church, in science, literature 
and art, the army, navy, law, medicine, etc. 
Photogr. from life by Lock and Whitfield, with 
brief biographical notices. 6. ser. Lond. Low. 
1882. 38 leaves, 36 ports. 4** [86,693; 54.] *A 

Contents: The right hon. William Ewart Gladstone.— Rev. Charles 
John Vaughan, deaiT ot LlandalT.--.Sir Henry Thompson.— Sir Henry 
Creswicke Rawlinson. — John Fowler.— William Quiller Orchardson.— 
The rinht hon. Lord Chelm-^ford— John PeMie.— James* Colquhoiin 
Campbell, bp. of Banj^or. — Earl Granville. — Richard William 
Church, dean of St. Paul's.— George bunlop Leslie. — Sir Wilfred Law- 
son. — Sir James Fitajames Stephen. - Philip Hermogene.<*C»lderon.— 
Hon. Geori^e Denman. — Sir hanie] Lyson^*.— Samuel Morley. — Sir Wil- 
liam George Armstrong. — George Frederick Watif.— Sir(iebrge Elvey. 
—-(^.harle-* Henry Gordon-Lennox, duke of Richmond and Gordon. 
—Dr. Thoma** Hutchinson Tri^'tram.— Sir Richard Malins.— General 
Sir Frederick Sleigh Roberts.- Warren De la Rue.— Briton Riviere. — 
Sir William .Nathan Hewitt.- John Saul Howson, dean of Chester. — 
JohnCnllcottHor'-ley — I<.<!*on Gambeita William Ballantine -Marcus 
Stone.- The right hon. I^ord Aberdale. — Hobart Pacha. — Frederick 
Richard Pickemgill. 

Cummina, C. F. Gordon. A lady's cruise in a 

Frencn man-of-war. New ed.. complete in 1 vol. 

Bdin. Blackwood and sons. 1882. xii-f-365 pp., 

8 pis., 1 fold. map. 12° [86,622; 54.] 22:2596 

D' An vers, ^- Forms of land and water. An 

illustrated geographical reader. N.Y. Putnams. 

1882. 67 pp. 16° [86,257; 54.] (Science lad- 

ders. No. 1.) 60:^8 

Dayton, Abram C. Last days of knickerbockor 

life in New York. N.Y. G. W. Harlan. 1882. 

275 pp., 1 port. 16° [85,598; 54.] 30:1779 

Dicey, Edward. Victor Emanuel. N.Y. Putnams. 
1882. 336 pp., 1 port. 12° 1 86,188; 54.] 


Doddridpe, ^^. Philip. Some remarkable pas- 
sages in the life of the Hon. Col. James Gardi- 
ner, who was slain at the battle of Preston-Pans, 
September 21, 1745; with an appendix, relating 
to the antient family of the Munro's of Fowlis, 
5.ed. Lond. J. Buckland. [1747.] (12-+:)272pp. 
12° [T. 4,270; 54.] 24:1147 

Drake, Samuel Adams. The heart of the White 
Mountains, their legend and scenery, with illus- 
trations by W. II. Gibson. N.Y. Harpers. 1882. 
xii-f340pp. 8° [86,244; 54.] 21:2076 

Ebers, Georg. Egypt, descriptive, historical 
and picturesque. Tr. from the original German 
by Clara Bell. With an introduction and notes 
by S. Birch. Lond. Cassell, Petter, Galpin and 
Co. [1878.] 2 V. xxiv+314 pp.; xxiv+388 pp., 
illus. in text. f° [86,699; 54.] *A 

Elliot, Frances. The diary of an idle woman in 

Sicily. Lond. Beyitley. 1881. 2 v. xii+254 

pp.; viii+208 pp. 12° [86,610; 54.] 22:1812.1-2 

Ellis, George E. The red man and the white 

man in North America from its discovery to 

the present time. Bost. Little^ Brown and Co. 

1882. xv+642 pp. 8° [86,214; 54.] 29:1519 

Ewald, Alexander Charles. Stories from the 

state papers. Lond. Chatto and Windus. 1882. 

2 V. x+291 pp., 1 fold, fees.; (4+)259 pp. 

12° [86,665; 54.] 27:1745.1-2 

The same. Bost. Houghton^^ Mifflin and Co. 1882. 
ix+(ii+)363 pp. 12° [86,212.] 27:1746 

Fayi Theodore S. Great outline of geography 

for high schools and families. Text-book to 

accompany the Universal atlas. N.Y. Putnams. 

1867. viii+238 pp. 12° [86,005; 54.] 60:410 

Atlas. 3 pp., 1 pi., 7 double coPd maps. 1° *8 

Francis, F. War, waves, and wanderings. A 

cruise in the "Lancashire Witch." Lond. S. 
Low. 1881. 2 V. (6+)300 pp ; (4+)308 pp. 
12° [86,604; 54.1 21:406.1-2 

Freeman, Edward Augustus. The growth of the 

En^isb constitution from the earliest times. 
Lond. Macmillan. 1872. xiv-f 224 pp. 12° 
[85,409; 54.] 27:1797 

Geddie, John. Beyond the Himalayas. A story 

of travel and adventure in the wilds of Thibet. 
With illus. Lond. T. Nelson and sons. 1882. 
vi, 256 pp., 9 pis. 12° [86,603; 54.] 22:180 

Gilbert, Frank. Jethro Wood, inventor of the 

modern plow. A. brief account of his life, ser- 
vices and trials, together with facts subsequent to 
his death and incident to bis great invention. 
Chic. Mhod^ and McClure. 1882. vi, 72 pp. 
12° [86,262; 54.] 25:1861 

Gilbert, Joseph. Memoir of the life and writings 

of the late Rev. Edward Williams, D.D. With 
an appendix; including remarks on important 
parts of theological science. Lond. F. Westley. 
1825. xxxii+590 pp. 8° [T. 4,287; 54.] 4:5720 
Gleed, Charles S., editor. From river to sea. A 

tourists' and miners' guide from the Missouri 
river to the Pacific ocean via Kansas, Colorado, 
New Mexico, Arizona and California. Chio. 
Bandy McNally and Co. 1882. 240 pp., illus. 
12° [86,259; 64.] 21:2134 

HuroRT, Bra 1 

Gomm, Francis C. Carr. See Carr-Gomm, F- C. 
Granier de Cassaonac, Adolpho. Hiuiory of the 

working ftnd burgher cinaaes. Tr. by Ben E. 
Green. Phil. Claxton, Remsen and EaffeltingtT. 
1871. 13+viii-lxxx, 352 pp. 12" [85,250; 64.1 

Grimshawe, Rev. T. S. A memoir of the rev. 
Legh Richmond. A. M, of Trinity college, 
Cambridge; rector of Tnrvey, Bedfordshire; and 
chaplain to hia royal highneain the late Duke of 
Kent 4. ed. Lfind. Seeleyand Biirnside. 1828. 
xii+667 pp. 8" [T. 4,288; 54.] 4:5lJ29 

Hamilton. Verokor M. and FasSOIt, Stcnnrt M. 

Scenes in Ceylon. Lond. Chapman and Mali 
[1882.] 20 pis. with 20 leaves of text in rhyme. 
Ob. t" [86,690; 54.J *A 

Hatton, Joseph. " The new Ceylon," Being a 

sketch of British north Borneo, orSabah. From 
official and other exclusive soorces of information. 
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) HirroKT, ETC. 

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Derived from slate records, from unpublished 
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sicht der politischen und Cultnr-Geschichta 
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den Privatunterricht bearbeitet. Leip. 0. 
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HiBTOBT, ira i; 

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John Smith.] Kd., from nms. in iho Sloano col- 
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mannr Atkinson, in the counly of Fermanagh 
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Petit Neptune fran^ais, Le ; or, French coasting 

pilot, for the coast of Flanders, Channel, Bay 
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ded, tlje coast of Italy from the river Var to Or- 
bitelio ; with the gulf of Naples, and the island 
of Corsica. Lond. W. Faden. 1793. xvi + 147 
(+8)pp.,4pU- (3 fold.), 24 charts (22 fold.), 9 
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liimily and his times, with original letters and 
a discoursoon architecture hitherto unpublished. 
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an<f Uancasus. Lond. Bentley. 1881. x+ 
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A trip through California across the Pacific to 
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being the story of the Universities' mission to 
central Africa from its commencement under 
Bishop Mackenzie to the present time. Lond. 
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HrsTOKT, iTa 1* 

Seguin, L. a. A piclarcsque lour in picturesque 
lands I France, Spain, (Jei-many. Switzerland, 
Holland, Belgium, Tyrol, Italy, Scanditiatia, 
Lond. Str/jhanaiid Co. 1882. viii+241 pp.. 
frontis, illua, !° [Sf-.tiOS; 54.] *A 

SbIouS. Kreduriek Courteney. A hunler'a wan- 
deriri^B in Afriua; being a narrative of nine 
years spent araongsl the game of the far interior of 
Bouth Africa; coriuiining aeuounta of explorations 
beyond the Zambesi, on the river Chobe, and in 
the Mittubele and Maehunta countries; with full 
notes upon the natural history and presonl dis- 
tribution of all the largo mammalia. l-ond. 
Bentlny. 1881. xvii+455 pp., 19 pis., 1 fold. map. 
B" [86,630; 54.] 2I:11«H 

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ihu buildinjt of the city till its conquest by the 
Arabs. Lond. E. Moxon. 1857. vii-|-49 pp. 
f° f8C,(H7; 54.] *26;3:i7(i 

Simeon, H^o. Charles, Memoirs of the life of; 
with a selection from his writings and corre- 
Bpondonco. Edited by the rev. William C\bu8. 
2. ed. Lond. J. Hatchard. 1847. xxx+848 pp. 
B° [T. 4,2'JO; 54.] 4:5lJtiO 

Slafter, Reo. Edmund Farwell, editor. Voyages 
of the Northmen to Aracricn: including ex- 
tracts from Icelandic sagas rotating to western 
voyages by Northmen in the tenth and eloircnth 
nenturies in an English translation by North 
Jjudlow Beamish ; with a synopsis of the histor- 
ical evidence and the opinion of Prof. Rafn as to 
the places visited by the Scandinavians on the 
coast of America. With an introduction. Boat. 
Prince Soc. 1877. Ili2 |ip., 1 pi., 2 maps. 12° 
[86,279; 54,] *29:3o 

Swinton, William. Omlines of the world's his- 
tory, ancient, mediteval and modern, wiih 
special relation to the history of civilization and 
the progress of mankind. For use in the higher 
classes in public schools and in high schools, 
academies, seminaries, etc. N. Y. Ivisoji, Blake- 
man, Taylor and Co. 1878. xi-|-498 pp., 6 col'd 
maps, illuB. 10° [85,922; 54.] I0:<>61 

Tfletor, Henry B. The past and present of Mill 
Crook valloj-; being a collection of historical 
and descriptive sketches of that part of Hamilton 
county, Ohio. Containing facts, incidents and 
anecdotes illustrating the toils and privations, as 
well as the manners and customs, of the early 
aettlors. Also, pen-porlraits nf the villages, sub- 
urban residences, and other improvements, de- 
signed to show the growth and development of 
this valley. Cin. 1882. xii+328 pp., frontis. 
12" [86,1(18; 54.] 30:I2liS 

Thalheimer. M. K The eclectic history of (he 

United States. Cin. Van Antwerp, Bsagg and 

Co. [1880.1 vi, 392 pp., 1 port., 9 col'd maps 

{7 double), lilus. 12° [85,272; 54.] 29:1855 

Thompson, George, Cameroone mountains, west 
Africa, Memoirs of. By one of his nephews. 
Edin. A. Elliot. 1831. 236 pp. 12° [86,638; 
64.] 25:1292 

! HiBTORT, »TC, 

Three in Norway. By two of them. With a 
map and numerous illustrations engraved oti 
wood by C U. Foan, from the original sketches. 
Phil. Fortrrand Coafes. [1882.] xv-f 341 jip., 8 
pis., 1 fcjid. col'd map, illus. 12° [86,182; 54.1 
Tristram, Henry Baker. Pathways of Palestine, 
a descriptive tour through the Holy Land. 
lllus. with 44 permanent photographs. 1. ser. 
Lond. S. Low, Murston, ISearle and Rivinfftoti- 
nSSi.'] tl0-f)]32 pp., 23 pl8. f° [86,«9T; 
54-] *A 

TuCker-MacChetta, Blanche Roosevelt. The 
home lile of Henry W. LoLigfellow. Reminis- 
cences of many visile at Cambridge and Nahant 
during the years 1880, 1881 and 1882. N. Y. G. 
W. Carleton and Co. 1882. 248 pp., frontis. 12" 
[86,256; 54] 24:2295 

Uie, Otto. Alexander von Humboldt. Biogra- 
phic fiir alle Volker der Erdo. Ber. R. Lesser. 
1809. (4f )150 pp. 12° [86,085; 54.] 24;1"97 
Ward, Adolphus William. Dickena. N. Y. Mar- 
perf. 1882. vii-i-222 pp. 12° [86,270; 54.] 


Washington, George, president of the U. S., and 
irvino. Oeneral William. Washington-Irvine 

correspondence. The official letters whicbpasscd 
between Washington and Brig.-Gen. William 
Jrvineaiid between Irvine and others concerning 
military affairs in the West from 1781 to 1783. 
Arranged and annotated, with an introduction 
containing an outline of evenia occurring previ- 
ously in the trane-Alleghany country. By V. W. 
Bdtterfield. Madison, Wis. D. Aficood. 1882. 
vi(+ii)+430 pp., 2 ports., 1 fold, map (facs). 8" 
[86,124; 54,]. 29:2034 

Weils, Havid Ames. Our merchant marine, how 

it rose, increased, became great, declined and 
decayed, with an inquiry into the conditions es- 
sential to its resascitation and future prosperity. 
N. Y. Pu/Jiams. 1882. iv+219 pp., frontis. 
12° [86,261, 54.] (Qaostions of the day. III.) 
Whitcomb, L P. students' topical history chart 

from the creation to the present time, including 
results of the latest chronological research. Ar- 
ranged with spaces for summary, that pupils may 
prepare and review their own chart in connection 
with the study of history. N. Y. A. S. Barnes 
and Co. 1878. f° [H6,121; 54,] *8 

Wight, Orlando Williams, editor. Life of Peter 

the Great. Bost. Houghton, Mifflin and Co. 
1S82. 2 V. 250 pp.; 239 pp. 18° [86,199; 64.] 
(Biographical ser.) 25:462.1-2 

Willis, Kobort. Benedict do Spinoza; his life, 

correspondence and eihics. Lond. Trubner. 
1870. xliv -1-647 pp. 8° [36,457; 54.] 25:1123 
Witt, -Wwp Henrietle de. A christian woman, 

being the life of Madame Jules Mallet, nee 
Oberkarapf With a preface by the anlhor of 
"John nalifa.v. gentleman." Lond. Hurst and 
Blackett. 1882. ix+196 pp. lli" [86,627; 54.] 


Politics, etc. 


Politics, etc. 

Wright, Thomas. The homes of other days. A 
history of domestic manners and sentiments in 
England. From the earliest known period to 
modern times. N. Y. Appleton. 1871. xv-|-511 
pp., illus. in text. 4° [85,996; 54] *|0:657« 

ZelTs classified United States business directory 
for 188:i. Compiled under the supervision of 
L. de CoLANGE. Phil. 1882. [86,227; 54.] 


Zeller, Eduard Gottlob. David Friedrich Strauss 

in seiriem Leben und seinen Schriften geschil- 

dert. Bonn. E. Strauss. 1874. viii + 126 pp. 

12° [86,509; 54.] 25:1183 

Political and Social Economy, Law, Commerce. 

AhrenS, HeinHch. Naturreeht, oder Philosophio 
des Rechts und des Staates. Auf dcm Grunde 
des ethiscben Zusammenhanges* von Recht und 
Cultur. 6., durehauR neu bearb.. durch dieStnals- 
lehre und die Principien des Volkerrechts verm. 
Aufl. Wien. Gtrold. 1870-71. 2 v. xiv-|-390 
pp.; xvi + 530 pp. 8° [86,462; 54.] 55:275.1-2 

Qmtents: Vol. 1. Die Gcschichte der Rechts- Philoaophie and die 
Allgemeinen Lehren. 

Vol. 2. Dri» System des Privatrechts*, die Staiitslehre und die 
Principien dea Vdlkerrechti*. 

Bllckensderfer, Ulric. A review of legal stud- 
ies: comprising the most material parts, rules, 
doctrines, definitions, and principles of law con- 
tained in Blackstone's Commentaries, evidence, 
contracts, pleading, etc. including parties to ac- 
tions, forms of actions, and the law of contracts 
in its widest extent, compiled from standard 
works used in reading law. For law students, 

Ereparing for examination and admission to the 
ar. Pocket series. Chic. E. B. Meyers. 1877. 
2 V. 430 pp.; 364 pp. 18° [85,808; 54.] 


Broom, Herbert. The philosophy of law; being 
notes of lectures delivered during twenty-three 
years (1852-1875), in the Inner Temple hall. 
Adapted for students and the public. San Fran. 
Sumner, Whitney and Co, [1876.] xi-f 271 pp. 
16*> [85,342; 54.] 55:95 

Browne, William Hardcastle. A digest of stat- 
utes, decisions and cases throughout the United 
States upon the subjects of divorce and alimony, 
supplemented by a brief of law and fact of all 
cases in divorce decided in the supremo court of 
Pennsylvania, with a synopsis of the acts of as- 
sembly and the rules of practice in divorce cases 
in Pennsylvania. Phil. Kay and Bro. 1872. 
vi(+ii)-h392pp. 8° [86,590; 54.] 55:758 

Charleston, S. C. Year book, 1881. [n.p., n.d.] 
xvi+380pp. 8^ [86,1:^0; 54.] *88:1401 

Chomel, Noel. Dictionaire oeconomique; or, 
the family dictionary. Containing the most* 
experienced methods oi improving estates and of 
preserving health, with many approved remedies 
for most distempers of the body of man, cattle 
and other creatures, and the best means for at- 
taining long life. The most advantageous ways 
of breeding, feeding and ordering all sorts of 
domestick animals, as horses, kine, sheep, swine, 

. Chomel, ^oe\.— {Continued.) 

poultry, bees, silkworms, etc. The different 
kinds of nets, snares and engines for taking all 
sorte of fish, birds and other game. Great va- 
riety of rules, directions, and new discoveries, 
relating to gardening, husbandry, soils and ma- 
nures of all sorts; the planting and culture of 
vinos, fruit trees, forest trees, underwoods, shrubs, 
flowers, and their several uses; the knowledge of 
foreign drugs, dies, domestick and exotick plants 
and herbs, with their specifick qualities and me- 
dicinal virtues. The best and cheapest ways of 
providing and improving all manner of meats 
and drinks ; of preparing several sorts of wines, 
waters and liquors for every season, both by dis- 
tillation and otherwise; of preserving all kind of 
fruits as well dry as liquid, and making divers 
sweetmeats and works of sugar, and other profit- 
able curiosities, both in the confectionary and 
culinary arts of housewifery. Means of making 
the most advantage of the manufactures of soap, 
starch, spinning, cotton, thread, etc. The meth- 
ods to take or destroy vermin and other animals, 
injurious to gardening, husbandry, and all rural 
oeconomy ; with a description of garden and other 
country tools and utensils. An account of the 
several weights, measures, etc. of metals and min- 
erals, with their 7)reparation8 and uses. All 
sorts of rural sports and exercises, conducing to 
the benefit and innocent enjoyments of life; as 
also painting in miniature, and divers other arts 
and terms of art explained, for the entertainment 
and amusement of ladies, gentlemen, etc. Done 
into English from the 2. ed., lately printed at 
Paris, in 2 vols. f° with considerable alterations 
and improvements. Eev. and recommended by 
R Bradley. Lond. D. Midwinter. 1725. 2 v. 
490 pp. (980 cols.), illus. in text; 565 pp. (1130 
cols.), illus. in text. P [86,153; 54.] 


VonlmU: Vol. I. A— H. 
Vol. 2. I-Z. 

DeWitt, E. L. Reports of cases argued and deter- 
mined in the Supreme Court of Ohio. New ser. 
vols. 36-7. N. Y. Banks. 1881-2. 2. v. xviii+ 
(ii+)768 pp.; xvi-f 763 pp. 8° [82,517; 86, 
688; 54.] *55:6 126-7 

Dumas, Alexandre, ^Z^. Les femmes qui tuent et 

les femmes qui votent. 21. ed. Par. C. Levy. 

1880. 216 pp. 16° [86,568; 54.] 54:1850 

Gasparin, Agenor £tienne, comte de. America be- 
fore Europe. Principles and interests. Tr. 
from advance sheets by Mary L. Booth. N. Y. 
Scribner. 1862. xi+419 pp. 12° [85,788; 54.] 


Gllbart, James William. The history, principles 
and practice of banking. New ed., rev. to the 
present date by A. S. Mitchie. Lond. Bell and 
sons. 1882. 2 v. xv+443 pp. 1 port.; (4+) 
495 pp. 12° [86,668; 54.] 54:632.1-2 

Morgan, Henry James, editor. The Dominion 
annual register and review for the fourteenth 
and fifteenth years of the Canadian union. 1880- 
81. Vol. 2. Montr.. J. Lovell and son. 1882. 
xl+33— 464 pp., 1 fold. tab. 8° [86,677; 54.] 





Hew York Produce Exchange, Report of the, for 
1881, with the charter, by-laws, and the several 
trade rules adopted by the exchange, and a list 
of its members. Also the report of the statistician 
of the exchange, with accompanying tables. N. 
Y. Jones Printing Co, 1882. 712 pp. 8^ [86, 
127; 54.] *76:1697 

Riehl, Wilhelm Heinrich. Die biirgerliche Ge- 

seilschaa. Stutt. Cotta, 1861. x+486 pp. 

18*» [85,330; 54.] 54:2126 

Riehl, Wilhelm Heinrich. Land and Leute. 

Stutt. Cotta. 1861. xvi+464 ppi 18° [85, 

315; 54.] 54:2128 

Preston. Edward. Unclaimed money. A handy 
book for heirs at law, next of kin, and persons 
in search of a clue to unclaimed money, or to the 
whereabouts of missing relatives and friends. 2. 
thousand. Lond. Allen. 1878. (6+) 176 pp. 16° 
[85,338; 54.] 55:1149 

Tsrhune, Mary Virginia. (Marion Harland.) 
Eve's daughters, or common sense for maid, 

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impr.; with the addition of many considerable 
and important articles of practical gardening, 
and the arrangement and description of above 
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Bchichtiichen Entwickelung der medizinischen 

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Pratt, William A. The yachtman and coaster's 
book of reference, giving courses and distances, 
with relative bearings of the light houses and 
light ships, from Cape Hattaras to St. John's, N. 
B., with reliable sailing directions for seventy-five 
harbors and ports. As compiled from the latest 
U. S. coast surveys. Hartford. 1878. 100 pp. 
8*» [85,756; 54.] 52:884 

Roosa, !)• B. St. John. A vest-pocket medical 
lexicon. Being a dictionary of the words, 
terms and symbols of medical science. Collated 
from the best authorities, with the addition of 
new words not before introduced into a lexicon. 
With an appendix. 2. enl. ed. N. Y. TF. Wood 
and Co. 1875. 275 pp. 48° [85,979; 54.] 46:261 

Rosslter, E. K. and Wright, F. A. Modern house 
painting, containing 20 col'd lithographic 
plates, exhibiting the use of color in exterior and 
interior house painting, and embracing exam- 
ples of simple and elaborate work in plain, 
graded and parti -colors. Also the treatment of 
old styles of houses, together with full descrip- 
tive letter-press, covering the preparation, use 
and application of colors, with special directions 
applicable to each example. The whole work 
offering valuable hints and suggestions on har- 
monious color treatment, suitable to every variety 
of building. N. Y. W, T. Comstock. 1882. 16 
pp., with text to 20 coFd pis. obi. 8° [85,645; 54.] 


Sadler, ^V. II. and Nugent, A. J. Counting house 
arithmetic. A new and improved work on 
business calculations. With valuable reference 
tables. Designed for bankers, brokers, merchants, 
business men, accountants, farmers, mechanics, 

Sadler, J- H. and Nugent, A, 3,—(^Continued.) 

teachers and students, and especially arranged 
and adapted as a practical text book for busineHS 
colleges, high schools, academies and universities. 
6. ed. Bait. W, H. Sadler. 1883 [1882]. xiv, 
510 pp. 8° [86,216; 45.] 51:256 

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and history of the atomic theory up to his time. 

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into the properties and motions of fluids. With 
theoretical deductions therefrom. Lond. E. and 
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8° [86,612; 54.] 51:2449 

Stillman, J- D. B The horse in motion as shown 
by instantaneous photography, with a study of 
animal mechanics founded on anatomy and the 
revelations of the camera, in which is demonstrated 
the theory of quadrupedal locomotion. Execu- 
ted and published under the auspices of Leland 
Stanford. Bost. Osgood and Co, 1882. viii, 
127 pp., 107 pis. f° [86,219; 54.] *A 

Stokes, William. A treatise on the diagnosis 
and treatment of diseases of the chest. 
Pt. 1. Diseases of the lung and wind-pipe. With 
memoir by Dr. A gland. Edited by A. Hudson. 
Lond. New Sydenham Soc. 1882. lv+596 pp., 
1 port. 8° [86,597; 54.] (New Sydenham Soc. 
publications.) *46:114 

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signed by Sir Christopher Wren. Lond. B, 
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Thomsen, Julius. Thermochemische Untersu- 

chungen 1. Band. Neutralisation und ver- 

wandte Phanomene. Loip. J, A.Barth. 1882. 

xii4-449 pp., 3 pis. 8° [86,543; 54] 51:1965 

Toner, Joseph Meredith. Address before the 
Eocky Mountain Medical Association, Juno 6, 
1877, containing some observations on the geo- 
logical age of the world, the appearance of ani- 
mal life upon the globe, the antiquity of man, 
and the archaeological remains of extinct races 
found on the American continent, with views of 
the origin and practice of medicine among unciv- 
ilized races, more especially the North American 
Indians. To which is appended a sj-nopsis of the 
})revious addresses, and also biographies of the 
members of the association. Wash. Assoc, 1877. 
vi, 414 pp. 12*^ [86,554; 54.] 47:730 



Poetry, Etc. 

Trail, Kassell Thachor. Sexual physiology: a 
scientific and popular exposition of the funda- 
mental problems in sociology. 3. ed. N. Y. 
Miller, Wood and Co. 1866. xiv,312 pp., illus. in 
text. 12° [85,729; 54.] 45:951 

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children. Tr. by J. Orno Green. From Ger- 

hardt's Handbuch der Kinderkrankheiten. N. Y. 

W. Wood and Co, 1882. (4+)165 pp. 8*^ [^6, 

174; 54.] 46:3845 

Tyndall, John. Essays on the floating matter in 

the air in relation to putrifaction and infection. 

N. Y. Appleton. 1882. xix+338 pp., illus. in 

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Vanderdecken. (pseud.) The yacht sailor: a 

treatise on practical yachtsmanship, cruising 

and racing. 3. ed.' Lond. Hunt and Co. 1871. 

xii+184 pp., 2 pis. 12° [85,410; 54.] 52:855 

Woodbridge, Anna E. Jessie and Ray, or 
recreations in natural history for boys and 
girls. Cin. Walden and Stowe. 1882. :^33 pp. 
12° [86,248; 54.] 43:1958 

Woolnough, C. W. The whole art of marbling as 
applied to paper, book-edges, etc. Containing 
a full description of the nature and properties of 
the materials used, the method of preparing them, 
and of executing every kind of marbling in use 
at the present time, with numerous illustrations 
and examples. Lond. G. Bell and sons. 1881. 
82 pp., 1 facs., 38 col'd samples. 12° [86,634; 54.] 


Poetry, Music, and the Drama. 

Adams, H. G., editor. A cyclopedia of poetical 
quotations, consisting of choice passages from 
the poets of every age and country, classified un- 
der distinct heads and alphabetically arranged 
for ready reference. With a copious index of 
subjects and authors' names. Lond. Groombridge 
and sons. 1881. 16° [86,648; 54.] *3I:2050 

Andrews, S. C, compiler. The American college 
songster; a collection of songs, glees and melo- 
dies, sung by American students; containing also 
popular American, English, Irish and German 
songs, Negro melodies, etc. Compiled for the use 
of students and lovers of student mubic generally. 
Ann Arbor. Sheehanand Co. (4+) 192 pp. 12** 
[85,838; 54.J 53:1498 

Baker, Henry Barton. Our old actors. Popular 

ed. Lond. Bentley and Son. 1881. viii4-460 

pp., 1 port. 12*^ [86,660; 54.] 10:2685 

Blake, Mary E (Jd. E. B.) Poems. Bost- 

Houghton, Mifflin and Co, 1882. vi,208 pp. 

12° [86,190; 54.] 31:2384 

Bullen, A. H., editor. A collection of old English 

plays. In 4 V. Lond. Wy man and sons. 1882. 

V. 1. 334 pp. 12° [85,221; 54.] 32:276 

Cbntents: Tragedy of Nero.— The maydefi metftmorphosis.— Mar- 
tyr'd souldier, by H. Shirley.— The noble souldier, by 8. R. 

Burns, Robert. Scotch songs, with symphonies 
and pianoforte accompaniments by W. H. Mont- 
gomery. Lond. C. Sheard. [n. d.] (4+)116 
pp. 8° [86,028; 54.] 53:1632 

ChamiSSO,Adelbert ron. Poetische Werke. Neue 
Ausg. Ber. Weidmann. 1872. 2 v. in 1 

viii+308 pp.; viii+300 pp. 16° [85,841; 54.] 


COQUelin, Charles. The actor and his art. Tr. from 
the French by Abby Langdon Alger. Bost. 

Roberts Bros. 1881. 63 pp. 16° [85,975; 54.] 


DeKay, Charles. The vision of Esther. N. Y 
Ajrpleton. 1882. (16+)315pp. 12° [86,192; 54.1 


Dumas, Alexandre, ;f/5. Entr'actes. Par. C 
Levy. 1878-9. 3 v. 376 pp.; 381 pp.; 393 pp. 

16° [86,576; 54.] 56:4221.1-3 

OmtenU: Vol. 1. Lop faux Polonais — Phvsionomie de Paris Apr^g 
le8joiirntH>sdpjuiii.--Coiirri»*r de Paris.— L'ei ires d'uD provincial — 
Histoire de lu loterie.— La vie d'lino conK^dienne — De la fon-e phy- 
8i(iue.— Lt-s preini^ren rej-rdsentaiions.— FiHmiiiio.— Les fiin^raiilles 
de Lnrnan inc.— A . M. Sarcey .— Un ubus de confiance.—Les Madeleinea 

Vol. 2. Hi-jtoire dn suppliee d'une femme.— Leitre sur les id^ea 
de MmJiime Aubrav.— Ijettre AM. Mir^s siirlaqueMtiond'arKent — Une 
noil Velio letire (If JuniuH.—Unelettre sur If HChosesdu jour an Uocieur 
Henri havre.— Une nouvelle l^ttresur los oho8e».du jourA M.Ani<id«e 
Marieau.— hiscours funtibres: Aul^r. — Alei^andre Dutnaa — Anicei 
Bonrtfecis.— Th^opliileGaiuier.— Descl^e. 

Vol. a. Le chevalier Beautemja. — L'hommefemnie. — Sur la 
collaborHtion. - Le Fnuai de Goethe. — Manou Lescaut.— Lu eit6 de 
Lim. s. — Di>*eourH de r^'eption A I'Acad^mie francaise. — L'atlaire 
Marambat.— L«-8 pnx de verm.— Daphniact Chlo6. 

Dumas, Alexandre, ;?/5. Theatre complet. 9. ed 
Par. CLevy. 1880. 6 v. 16° [86,575; 54.] 


I^ dame aux cam^lias.— Diane de Lys.— Le 

Contents: Vol. I. 
bijou de lu reine. 

Vol. 2. Le demi-monde.— La question d'argent. 

Le fila naturel.— Le p6re prodi/];ue. 

L'amI <lea femmes.— Les id^ea de Madame Aubrey. 

Une visile de nocea.— La princesse George.— La femme 

Vol. 3. 
Vol. 4. 
Vol. 5. 
de Claude. 

Monsieur Alphonse.— L'^tmng^re. 

Elliott, Ebenezer, The poems of, with an intro- 
duction by Eufus W. Griswold. Phil. J. 

Locken. 1844. iv, 288 pp., 1 pi. 32° [85,978;54.i 


Fifty-three selected vocal duets by the best com- 
posers. With pianoforte accompaniments. Lond 

C. Sheard. [n. d.] (4+)56+48+56pp. 4° [86, 

0^2; 54.] 53:1504 

Garretson, Ferdinand V. D., compiler. Carmina 
Yalensia: a collection of Yale college songs with 
music and piano-forte accompaniment. Enl. ed. 
with popular new songs. Arranged by J O 
Heald and S. T. Dutton. N. Y. Taintors. 118 
pp., 1 pi. 8° [86,032; 54.] 53:1676 

Gems of German song: a collection of the most 
beautiful vocal compositions, of Beethoven 
von Weber, Mendelssohn, Schubert, Abt, Kiicken' 
Gumbert, Krebs, Eeichardt, Spohr, Proch, Kel- 
ler, etc. With accompaniment for the piano-forte. 
Bost. 0. Ditson and Co. [1865.] 192 pp. 4« 
[86,024; 54.] 53:1505 

Handel, Georg Friedrich. Songs, (sacred and 
secular) Forty-eight of the most admired, 
with symphonies and accompaniments for the 
piano-forte. Ed. by J. Wade. Lond. ''Musical 
bouquet'' office, [n. d.J (4+)120 pp. 8° [86 
029; 54.] 53:1679 

Harlan, G. Elflora of the Susquehanna. A poem. 

Phil. LippincoU, 1879. 84 pp., 1 port. 12° 

[85,876; 54.] 3|:2600 




Boat Houghton. 
[86,191; 54.] 

Huidekoper, Alfred. 

J, Wilson and sons, 
[85,411; 54.] 

Hart, George. The violin, its famoas makers and 
their imitators. With several wood engrav- 
ings from photographs of the works of Stradiva- 
rius, Guarnerins, Amati and others. Lond. 
Dulau and Co. 1880. vi(+ii)+310 pp., 8 pis., 
frontis. 12*» [86,685; 54.] |0:2844 

HaSB, Karl. Das geistliche Schauspiel. Ge- 

schichtliche XJebersicht. Leip. Breitkopfund 

Hdrtel. 1858. xii(+iv)+320 pp. 12^ [86, 

072; 54.] 10:2746 

Houghton, George. Niagara ; and other poems. 
- " 1882. vi,130 pp. 18^ 


Gathered leaves. Camb. 
1866. vii,151 pp- 12° 


In the saddle. A collection of poems on horse- 
back-riding. Bost. Houghton^ Mifflin and Co. 
1882. iv+185 pp. 16° [86,255; 54.] 31:2018 

Kilidisa- Vikramorvasi. An Indian drama. 

Tr. into English prose from the Sanskrit. By 

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a most complete and practical course of instruc- 
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other new things: a preliminary practice without 
notes; a new and carefully graded course of lessons; 
a large collection of fresh, new, miscellaneous music, 
marches, polkas, waltzes, melodies, songs, rever- 
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nntlilg ^ulhtiti. 

No. 55. 



ISAAC ADLEK, Treasura; . 


fiiRMofNT Wooll; 

JKRN AVK., Mount Avbuhn] 

(340 Wkbt Fourth bikbkt] 

135 Rack street {29 Georog htrset] 

Court Uousk (39Z Lokowortb stbeet] 

W. Skuosd htbbet (54T W, Court 

W. Ski.'Ond street (319 Clifton 

Gas Oo.'s office (IBS East Sixth bteeet] 

LiBiaA.iaiA.3sr : 

Albion Place, Mount Aububn. 

everv day in the jeur, Sundsys included, from 8 a. M. to 9 
F. U. Tbe special depHrtmentJ are open hs follows: 

Delivrrt Hall, (except Siiadave) 8 a. m. to 9 p. it. 
Mais Hall, (every day) B a. M.'to 9 p. m. 
PEBioniCAL Room, (evury day) 8 a. m. to 9 p. m. 
Newspaper Room, (every day| 3 a. m. to 9 p. m. 
Art Room, (eicept Sundays) 8 a. m. to 6 p. m. 
" " (on Sundiiye) 9 a. m. to * p. m. 

Reahino Rooms. — Any person of good deportment 
and habits, whuther residing in Cincinnati or not, may 
consult books, periodicals, or newspapers in tbe reading 

Home use of Books.— Jtesidentg of Cincinnati 
may withdraw books by registering name and residence and 
forniahing satisfactory security in the form prescribed by 
the Board. (In lieu of other security a deposit of three 
dollars or of the value or the work desired may he made.) 
XtH-reitiilenta may withdraw books hy making a de- 
posit uf tliree dollars aad an annual payment (in advance) 
of five dollars. 


two weeks, and may be renewed for tbe same period, after 
wbirh tbey can not be reissued to tbe same person until tbey 
bave been in the library twenty-four hours. 

Fins on books over-due, thr«e cent* a day, and after a 
week, cost of recovery. 

Books are not issued to any one owing fines or charges 


1. The Librarian is at all times ready to assist per- 
in the investigation of special subjects, by indicating 
sources of information so far aa the Library c 

the sou 

2. Books not in Iho Library will be purchased on ap- 
plication to the Librarian, unless there be a sufficient reasoa 
against it. 

3. All complaints should be made in the flr«t instance 
lo the Librarian, either in person or by letter giving the namt 
and residtnce of the perfoa aggritwd. Anonymous com mu- 

oot be noticed. 




Belioion, ztc. 


Aristoteles. Polilik, fibers, und erlaut. von Carl 
Stahr und AdoU Staiir. Stutt. Krais u. Hoff- 
mann. 1860. 461 pp. 16° [85,897; 55.] |:2850 

Brandstater, Franz August. Die Gallicismen in 
der deulBchcn SchrilUprache, mit besondercr 
Aiicksicht auf unwero neuero Bchonwi.ssenschaft- 
liche Literatur. Eine palriotiflche Mahnung. 
Leip. Hartknoch. 1874. xi + 2<;6 pp. 12° [85, 
308; 55.] 1:1455 

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xiv. Ed. C. F. A. Xobbe. Nova cd. stcreot. 
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[86,844; 55.] 1:4063 

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Ed. Btereot. Leip. Tauchnitz. 1854. 2 v. 
xlii+445pp.; vii-r384i.p. 12° [85,303; 55.] 


OontenU: Vol. 1. UitiK. 
Vol. 2. OdyMsea. 

HomerUS- Werke [iibers.] von Johann Heinrieli 

Voss. Stutl. Cotta. 1858-61. 2 v. in 1. 

viii(4-ii)+484pp.;(4-f)378pp. 18° [85,26S; 55.] 


Kuhner, Eapbael. * Eleniontargranimatik der 
lateinischen Spracbe, niit eingureihten latei- 
niBcben und deutscbcn UebcrsetzungBaufgabt^n 
und cinerSamraiung laleiniBeherLescstuckcnebst 
deu dazu gehorigen Worlcrbiichern. Fur die 
unteren GymnasialklaBsen. 23. Aufl. Hann. 
Hahn. 1863. x+381 pp. 12° [85,845; 55.] 


Long, J- Eastern proverbs and emblems illus- 
trating old trutbs. N. Y. Funk and Wtignalls. 
[n. d.] xv+280pp. 12° [86,839:55.] |:4702 

Moon, Cr. Washington. The revisers' p]nglish. 
A series ot criticisms, showing the revisers' 
violations of the laws of the language. N. Y. 
Funk and Wagnalls. 1882. vii+84 pp. 12° 
[86,845; 55.] 3:291 

Plato- Werke. Griechisch und deutsch mit 
kritischen und erklarenden Anmerkungen. 
Thle. 4, 15, 16. Leip. Engelmann. 1853-5. 3* 
pts. in 1 vol. 115 pp.; xxviii+304 pp.; xxvi + 130 
pp. 12° [85,317; 55.] |:3158 

JVbrc; Pt. 1. 3. verb. Aufl. 

Contents: Pt. 1. Eutvphron UQil Kriton. 

Pi. 2. Tinu'ios nnd Kriiias. 

Pt. 'A. Partncnides. 

Tacitus, Caius Cornelius. Annalen. Deutsch 
mit Erlauterungen, Rechtfertigungen und ge- 
echichtlichen Supplementen, von C. L. RoTii. 
Stutt. Krais u. Hoffmann. 1862. 1414-125+125 
+ 114+187 pp. 16° [86,268; 55.] |:3932 

Viliegas, A. liamos Diaz de. A practical method 

for learning Spanish. N.Y. W. S. Gottsberger. 

1882. vi+4-137 pp. 12° [86,856; 55.] |:2229 

Religion and Theology. 

Allen, Joseph Henry. Our liberal movement in 
theology, chiefly as shown in recollections of 
the history of uiiitarianism in New England, 
being a closing course of lectures given in the 
Harvard divinity school. Bost. Roberts. 1882. 
v+220 pp. 16° [86,788; 55.J 4:4756 

Baur, Ferdinand Christian. Das Markusevange- 
lium naeh seincm Ursprung und Charakter. 
Nebst einem Anhang uber das Evangelium Mar- 
cions. Tub. Fues. 1851. viii+226 pp. 8° 
[Siy;M>V>; 55.] • 3:2158 

Beecher, Henry Ward. Sermons in Plymouth 
church, Brooklyn. From verbatim reports by 
T. J. Ellin WOOD. September 1873-March 1874. 
N. Y. Fords, Howard and Hulbert. 1882. iv,600 
pp. 12° [86,783; 55.] 5:480G 

Bert, Paul. La morale des Jesuits. Avec une 

dedicace a M. Freppel, eveque d' Angers. Par. 

G. Charpentier. 1882. (viii + )xliv+666 pp. 12° 

[86,580; 55.] 4:3988 

[Bible.] The New Testament in the originail 
Greek. The text revised by B. F. Westcott 
and F. J. A. Hort. Amer. ed., with an intro- 
ducti(»n by P. Schapp. N. Y. Harpers. 1882. 
cii+1064 pp. 8° [86,838; 55.] 3:312 

Biedermann, Alois. Die Pharisaer und Saddu- 

ciier. Akadeniischer Vortrag. Ziir. Meyer u. 

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Bluntschii, Johann Caspar. Alt-asiatische Got- 
tes und Weltideen in ihren Wirkungen auf das 
Gemeinleben der Menschen dargestellt. 5 offentl. 
Vortrage. Nordl. C. H. Beck. 1866. iv+168 
pp. 12° [86,505; 55.] |0:221S 

Charnock, Stephen. Works: being several dis- 
courses upon the existence and attributes of 
God. To which is added his discourse of divine 
providence. Lond. B. Griffin. 1684. 2 v. 
(9+)820c434)+94(+5) pp.;. (6+)137H+118(+ 
32) pp., 1 port. f° [86,149; 55.] *5:6149.1-2 

Frothingham, Octavius Brooks. The religion of 
humanity. N. Y. D. G. Francis. 1873. 338 

pp. 16° [86,425; 55.] 


Flirst, Julius. Der Kanon des alten Testaments 
nach denUeberlieferungen in Talmud und Mid- 
rasch. Neue Untersuchungcn iiber Namen, Ein- 
thcilung, Verfasser, Sammlung und religiosen 
Character der alttestamentlichen Schriften, sowie 
iiber die Geschichte des Kanon's bei palestinischen 
und hellenistischen Juden. Leip. Dorffiing und 
Franke. 1868. viii+150 pp. 12° [86,443; 55.] 

In 3:586 

Geiger, Abraham. Judaism and its history. Tr. 
from the German by M. Mater. Vol. 1. clos- 
ing with the destruction of the second temple. 
To which is added an appendix: Kenan and 
Strauss. N. Y. Thalmessinger and Cahn. 1866. 
12° [86,539; 55.] 4:240 

Heliqion, bto. 


Philosopht, etc. 

Hardenberg, Friedrich Ludwig, Frhr, von. (No- 

valis.) ChriBtianity or Europe, Tr. from the 

German by John Dalton. Lond. J. Chapman. 

1844. 34 pp. 12^ [86,410; 55.] 3:3t>ll 

Holland, H. S. Logic and life. With other ser- 
mons. N. Y. Scribners. 1882. xvi-f320 pp. 
12° [86,897; 55.J 5:5235 

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ligions. (The Hibbort lectures, 1882.) N. Y. 
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Lasson, Adolf. Meister Eckhart, der Mysiiker. 

Zur Geschichte der religiosen Speculation in 

Deutschland. Her. W. Hertz. 1868. xx-f-354 

pp. 8° [86,514; 55.] 4:2684 


Noldeke, Theodor. Untersuchungen zur Kritik 
des alten Testaments. Kiel. Schicers. 1869. 
viii-l-198 pp. 12° [86,443; 55.] In 3:586 

Contents: Die «. je. Grundnehrlfl des PenUteu«*h*. D^r Lnndung"- 
punki Noahs. Die Unge^chicbilichkeit uer Enilhlung. Gfn. xiv. jiie 
ChroDologie der Uk-hteraeit. 

Phelps, Austin. My portfolio, a collection of 
essays. N. Y. Scribners. 1882. vi+280 pp. 


12° [86,824; 55.] 

Philippson, Ludwig. Haben wirklich die Juden 

Jesum gekreuzigt? Ber. L. Gerschel. 1866. 

47 pp. 12° [85,895; 55.] In 4:902 

Prime, Samuel Irenaeus. Prayer and its answer. 

Illustrated in the first twentj'-five years ol the 

Fulton street prayer meeting. N. Y. Scrtbner. 

1882. vii+14-171 pp. 12° [86,787; 55.] 5:3639 

SchalT Philip, editor. A popular commentary on 
the New Testament. By English and Ameri- 
can scholars of various evangelical denominations. 
With illus. and maps. In four volumes. Vol. 111. 
The epistles of Paul. N. Y. Scribners. 1882. 
(8-f)628pp.,6pls.,lfoid.col. mp. 4° [86,817; 55.] 


Schleiniger, JNikolaus. Die Bildung des jungen 
Predigers nach einem leichlen und vollstjindi- 
gen Stufengange. Ein Leitfaden zum Gebrauche 
fur Seminarien. 2. unverand. Aufl. Freib. in 
Br. Herder. 1865. xi-f 320 pp. 8° [86,517; 55.] 


Schrader, Eberhard. Studien zur Kritik und 
Erklarung der biblischen Urgeschichte. Drei 
Abhandlungen. Mit einem Anhange. Die Ur- 
geschichte nach dem Berichte des annalistisehen 
und nach dem des prophetischen Erzahlers. Ziir. 
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858; 55] 3:4631 

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einer einleitenden Ueberschiiu der alteren Reli- 
gions- und Kulturgeschichte. Frankf, a. M. 
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442; 55.] 4:241 

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introduction to a course on the early history of 

Christianity. Lond. K T. Whitfield. 1857. 

viii+48 pp. 12° [85,895; 55.] In 4:902 

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Greek poets. Bost. Draper and Halliday. 
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Wette, Wilhelm Martin Leberechtrfc. Xehrbuch 
der hebriiisch -jiidischen Archaologie, nebst 
einem Grundrisse der hebraisch-judischen Ge- 
schichte. 4. Aufl. Bearb, von F. J. Eaebioer. 
Mit 2 Tafeln. Leip. F. C. W. Vogel. 1864. 
xiv+442 pp. 8° [86,452; 55.] 4:238 

Wette, Wilhelm Martin Leberecht de. Lehrbuch 
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nonischen und upokryphischen Biicher des alten 
Testamentes. 6. verb, und verm. Aufl. Ber. G. 
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Zeller, Eduard Gottlob. Die Apostelgeschichte 

nach ihrera Inhalt und Ursprung kritisch un- 

tersucht. Stutt. C. Mdcken. 1854. xii-|-524 pp. 

8° [86,311; 55.] 3:2042 

Philosophy and Education. 

Atkinson, Henry George and Martlneau, Harriet. 
Letters on the laws of man's nature and devel- 
opment. Bost. J. F. Mendum. 1851. xii-f-.396 
pp. 12° [85,419; 55.] 2:691 

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Keligionsunierricht an hoheren Gymnasien. 

Zur. Orell, Fiissli and Co. 1859. xvi-f 100 pp. 

12° [86,525; 55.] 2:4463 

Bohm, J- Kurzgefasste Geschichte der Pada- 
gogik mit besonderer Beriicksichtigung des 
deutschen Volksschulwesens und einem Anhango: 
Geschichte, Verwaltung und Statistik der deut- 
schen Schulen und Lehrerbildungsanstalton in 
Bayern. Fiir Sehulseminaristen und Schuldienst- 
expectanten dargestellt. Niirn. F. Kom. 1870. 
viii + 134pp. 12° [86,455; 55.] In 2:4269 

Cousin, Victor. Philosophie ecossaise. 3. ed., 

rev. et augm. Par. Librairie nouv. 1857. 

(ii+)xii+527 pp. 12° [85,888; 55.] 2:57 

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hung. 7.revid. Aufl.desSchwarz-Curtman'schen 
VVerkes. Leip. Winter. 1866. 2v. xxviii+420pp.; 
viii+673 pp. 12° [34,625; 85,892; 55] (Lehrb. 
der Erzichung und des Unterrichts, 1.) 2:4533-4 

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und des Unterrichtes. Fiir deutsche Volks- 

schullehrer. 2. nnverlind. Aufl. Leip. J. 

Klinkhardt. 1871. vii+216 pp. 12° [86,455; 55.] 

Doerner, Celia. Treasury of general knowledge 
for school and home. 2. part. Gin. Van Ant- 
werp, Bragg and Co. [1882.] xi,291 pp. 12° 
[86,874; 55.] 2:3568 

Gore, George. The art of scientific discovery, or 

the general conditions and methods of research 

in physics and chemistry. Lond. Longmans. 

1878, xx+648 pp. 12° [85,900; 55.] 2:1070 

Fhilobopht, xto. ]; 

Gmppe, Otto Frifdricli. Gepenwart und Zukunfi 
der Pbilosophiu in DeutHcliland, Ber. G. Sei- 

mer. 1855. viiC-f-iii)+2;8 pp. 12° LR(i,5a^; 55.] 

Gruppe, Otto Frk'dncli. Die kosmischen SyHteme 
dur Griethcn. Ber. Rehner. 1851. xii(+ii) 

+219 pp. 12° [85,693; 55.] 2:1080 

Lazarus, MoriU. Doa Ltben der Seele in Mono- 
graphitih iiberaeineErecheinungenundGeBotze. 

Ber. Schindkr. 1856-7. 2 v. in 1. xiii(4'ii) + 

253 pp.; 3cii+(ii+) 377 pp. 16° [86,28U; 55.] 


Lfilflhton, R. F., C'/itor. Harvard examination 

papers. Boet. Ginn Bros. 1873. (■l+)20a 

pp. 12° [-Iti.O-lB; 85,194; 55.] 2:4143 

Tbeaarae, 6. ed. 1877. (4+)3-t3 pp. [55, 

422.] 2:4834 

Leasing. Gotlhold Ephruim. The educulion of 
tho human race. Tr. by .Rev, Frederick W. 
EoBEttTSON. 3. ed. Li.nd. H. S. King. 1877. 
xvi4-79 pp. 16° [8.'),933; 55.] 2:4882 

' Llebmann, Otto. Kant und die Kpigiinen. Eine 
kritisclio Ablinndluiiff. Stntl. C. Schober. 
1865. 2l8(+2) pp. 12= [86,312; 55.] 2:151 
Locke, John. Some ihoiiKhtB concerninjj; edu- 
cation. With introdirclioii and notes by tlie 
Rev. B. H. Quick. Ed. (nr the syndics of the 
university preaa. Camb. Cnirersiiy presx. ISSO. 
Ixiv-f240'pp. 16° [85,794; 55.] ^Pilt prenB 
Ber.) 2:4'Joa 

Mahan, Aea. The ayslem of mental )ibilosophy. 
Chic. 8. C. Griyys. 1882. xx4-285 pp. Vi" 
[86,861; 55.] 2:1434 

Marbach, Gotthart Oswald. Lohrbucb der Go- 
Bchichte der Philosophic. Mit An^abe der Li- 
teratur nach den Qiicllcn bcarb. Abtii. 1 und 2. 
Leip. Wigand. 1838-41. 2 v. in 1. xiv-|-320 
pp.; xiv-t-36] pp. 12° [86,469; 55.] 2:153 

Qmltn'i: Ft. I. Einlpiiuna un<l QewlilLhlB drt Biiechlsohen 

Pl.2. iJescJiiphtp der PluLoiophii' ties MillFllilVEri-. 

Marcel, Claude, Langua/n) as a means of mental 

culture and inteniutional communication; or. 

manual of the icnchei* and the learner of lan- 

guagea. Lond. Chnpman and Ball. 1853. 2 v. 

inii(+ii}+425pp,;si-i-41fipp. 12° [85,865; 55.] 


Moore, Goor^e. The use of the body in relation 

to the mind. N. Y. Harpers. 1859. x+3.')6 

pp. 16° [2,547; 55,085; 85,402; 55.] 2:1502 

Morris, George S. Kanl/s Critique of pure rcaaon. 

A critical e.iposilioh. Chic. .S'. C. Grigys. 

1882. xvi+282pp. 16° [86,862; 55.] (German 

philoBophical classics for English readers and bIu- 

denta; G. S. Morris.) 2:1509 

Oeltingen, Aloxanderron. Ucbev Kant's Pflicht- 
bcgriff, mit BuEiehung auf tinsere Zeit. Fcst. 
redo gelialten am 12. Dec. ala am urknndlichen 
Stiftune;stage der Uorpater Unirersitiit, Dorp. 
E. J. Korow. 1863. 24 pp. 12° [86,440; 55.] 
In 2:189 

i Philosopht, eto. 

Outis. (pseud.) Hiatus: the void in modern edu- 
cation, ilB cause and antidote. Lond, Miicmil- 
lan. 1869. xii+351 pp. 8° [85,761; 55.] 2:5101 
Reickfl, Rudolph. Kantiana. Bcitrage zu im- 

munui;l KiiniB Lcbcii und Schriften. Kooigs. 
Theile. 1860, vi+S3 pp. 12° [86,440; 55.] 


Rlihle, Carl L. German examination papers 
with notes, being an entire series of Germau 
papers, set, from 1875 to the year 1878 to candi- 
dates for Woolwich and Sandhurst; first appoint- 
ments to tho royal marine artillery and light in- 
fantry; the staff college; at the local examinations 
of the uuivorsities of Oxford and Cambridge; the 
London university; and to candidates for the 
civil service of India; with an appendix, contain- 
ing a translation of more than 50u idiomaticul 
expressions and proverbs, and a copious vocabu- 
lary to the German papers. Especially adapted 
for the uae of schools and students reading for 
com|jetilive and other examinations. 3. enl. ed. 
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Btritct. To which is added, a diBcourse, under 
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HiSTORT, BTO. ' 1 

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<iem LatcinisL'litn mil firuT L^'benhf^uscliiclUe 
R]iinf)za's. 2. sorcltiliig durehgoBehcDC uiid mil 
fkn lieu autgufuiiderifii Schrifti-ii verm. Aufl- 
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History, Biography, Geography and Travels. 

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S5.] 29:1420 

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Cbii*(n/i; Th» liie of CiP-ro; Cnnjjr* Mibdiitoii.- Ciefro'«leHer« 
loorivnnKirhlMFripiid.'. Tr tiy Wiilji>m MtLDDTB,— Cicrro'a lillcn 

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In 25:1107 
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cord map. 18" f85,374; 55.] {Epochs of mod- 
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liii and NftBliTille. N. Y. Scribiiers. )SSi. xi-r 
265 pp. l-.i" f8(!,8:-ll; 55.] (Cumpiiign» <>f the 
civil war, x.) 29::208n 

Dodge, Richard Irving, Our wild Indiuns ; ibirty- 
throeyeara' personal experleote ariong the rcil 
men of Iho great West. A popular account of 
their social life, religion, habits, traits, fiistoms, 
exploits, etc., with thrilling advunturLS and ex- 
poriencesoD the great plains and in the mountains 
of our wide frontier. With an introdaction bj- 
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Wortkington. 1882. xxxix+29-fi53 iip. 8" 
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I ' HiSToar, ira 

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pustand present, containing acondensed compre- . 
hensive history of Ohio, including an outline his- 
tory oftho northwest; acomplete history of Kich 
land county; its lownshipa, cities, towns and vil- 
luges, schools, chnrehcfl. Hocietics, industries, statin- 
tics, olc; a history of its soldiers in the late war; 
|Kirtrnila of its early settlers and prominent men, 
misccllaneoui^ matter; map of the county, biogra- 
phies and histories of our patrons and the most 
[jmniinenl families, etc. Mansfield. A. A. Gra- 
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county, Ohio: its past and present, 1740-1S81. 
Containing u comprehensive history of Ohio; • 
complete history of Coshocton county; its town- 
ships, towns, villages, schools, churches, societies, 
industries, stutisties, etc.; a history of its eoldien 
in the late war, portraits oi its early selllerB and 
prominent men, views of its finest buildings and 
various historic and interesting localities; miscel- 
laneous matter, map of the countj-, biographies 
and hisliiries of jnoneer families, etc., Newark. 
A. A. Graham. IHSI. 8;i3 pp., 4 ports. 8* 
[86,889; 55.] *30:1248 

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aaliim and struggles for the possession of thecon- 
linent. N. Y. Dodd. Mead and Co. [18H2.] 
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vi(-i-ii)-(-410pp. 8° [85.755; 550 26:46 

Ksrlrnli-i'.-lThf iii*dl«T»l cMile.— Tim mftiieml himigh.— The 
(■nmtnB of ih» Armndi.-rh* Enali-h ilirnmlirc of IMIMI. Old et 
yew K-island I— TliP Ni-w Encund tlipocrnrj.— On»omp«rep«r«liI»i« 

Th,> HohfH»ollpni-l(iRii or hrro-wnn-hlr.— .tbniilutiMm in e»irfini». 

JIaret, Ht-nri. Let, 

inde parisien. Par. 

Hetzel. 1862. (iv+)v. 315 pp. 16° [85.961; 


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History, etc. 



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brews, Phoenicians. Medcs, Persians, Greeks and 
Komans. Designed for private reading and as a 
manual of instruction. N. Y. Harpers, 1882. 
xv-|-484pp. 12° [86,829; 55.] 26:874 

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(Biographies of musicians.) 

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(Biographies of musicians.) 

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12° [86,8:^5; 55. J 


Tr. from- the Ger- 

Jansen, McClurg 

12° [86.832; 55.] 


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^ach den Quellen popular dargestellt. Ilann. 

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col. mps., illus. in text; viii-f-504 pp., 34 pis., 6 
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col. mps., illu.s. in text; viii+496 pp., 37 pis., 7 
col. mps., illus. in text. 4° [86,926; 55.], 


Conitnfn: Vol. 1. Orfeoo, Turkey in Europe, RiimAniR, Seryift, 
Montene;<p», Italy, Sp-nn niui Porm^il. 

Vol. 2. Fr!in«*«» aii't Swiiaerlaud. 

Vol. 3. AuMtriR, Unrtxary, Germany, Beleinm And the Nether- 

Vol. 4. Thf! Briti-h isIps 

Vol.5. The Dorth-cant Atlftntic, iolandti of the North-AtlADtic, 
ScandixwTia, European itiandi of the Arctic ooMm, Raaaia ia £uropo. 

Reed, Parker McCobb. The bench and bar of 

Wisconsin. History and biography. Milw. 

P. M. Reed. 1882. 542 pp., 42 jils. 8*» [86, 

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achtzehnten Jahrhunderts in gedrangter Ue- 
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Veranderung der Denk- und Eegierungsweise 
am Ende desselben Heidel. J. C. B, Mohr, 
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bens in Deutschland von Leibnitz bis auf Les- 
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2 V. vi-f iii-viii4-652pp.; vi+iii-vi(-|-ii)-]-781pp. 
8° [85,255; 55.] 10:631.1-2 

ConlenU: Vol. I. Von Leibnis bis aiif Klopstock. 1081-1750. 
Voi. 2. Von Klop-tot^k bit* auf Le8f«ing*i»Tod. 1750-81. 

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chern. Ausg. zum lOOjahrigen Gedachtniss- 
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xxii+783(4-4) pp. 18° 


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English relating to the reformation, by Geo. P. 
Fisher. N. Y. Scribner. [187-.] xv+250 pp.. 
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military division of the Missouri, from 1868 to 
1882. Compiled from oflScial records. Chic. 
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Liesching. [n. d.] 
[85,299; 55.J 

Pbcmcsv BTC. 


Politics, etc. 

StoptenSs ^' -^- ^^o IvriocrkabDiu club along- 

-^loiA. T'k- ;iaveiii!iro!> tit u ])arty of young ' 

ru\'ii »i» :v uq.» troiii lioc^loii to tbe land of the j 

?u;iiii.;;iu "iuii. Kuilv iliu*. Bosl. Estes and • 

/»:u/»u'/. IvSJ [K^^L^j." "i-lO pp. 12^ rSt).SS4; 55.] I 

21:1704 ! 

Sin V Oil ^« .Vl)ci. Mudaino do St ad. A study of 

!k 1 !:o iind iiiiicf%, llu* tirsi revolution and the 
ii»;.i . lupiic. N. Y. iliiriurs, [ISSO.] 2 v. 
I -. .«,, pp.. 1 port.. U)-i liTI5 pp., I port. 12° 
|M.,V:)i, .K>. 1 25:ii-'6.i-2 

ilUiUiior« ^^ iiluuu Unihani. Aiidn'w Jackson as 
.i ji.i:>lic luau, w lull lio was, what chances he 
li.i I I'l ! wli.u !u' «lid with ihoMi. Bost. Bough- 
'nn, Mnjin, //i./ <v>. 1SS2. vi {-402 pp. 12° 
I *.«;..-:. »»>. I ^ Aiucricaii statosmon.) 24:1^44 

5i>0il Amour All, Uoulci \ critical oxamina- of ill. « lili' and toac-hingK of Mohammed. 
I..'itl W fUi,unsi(n<l .Wtnjutf. lvS73. xvi-f346 

|.p l: ' I ^i;. :»,;■/; .m.j 24:^^714 

MvillOUii, I'iMHiiat \V. Ivuporl of an examination 
«.r il»o ijpp- I Culuuihia rivor and the territory 
III ii.) Nnmiis, ill Sopirnibor and October, 1881, 
It. lUiii iniiKi iin iiavi;^uhility and adaptability to 
•ill 'kitilx'U u.iiiMpialution. WaHh. Gov. print, 
,.lf I . . ! i;;;i pp., :i2 plH., 1 fold. mp. 4° [86, 
il.i. .... I *60:4289 

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WmiIiMiIuii NV Kdward III. With three maps. 
\ V >lntm.i.s. [ISS2.] xx-4-293pp. 16° 
I .11 .Mil .1,1 I \ lOpiichii of modern history.) 


^ull, *'»» '»»iv (ii'.ttidiirhto dor islamitischen Vol- 
1. I wii MuhniiiUtiul his zur ZtMt des Sultan 

.i,.lii.i uli. i.ihliihr.h durgoHlollt. Stutt. liieqer. 

tii.h ,1.. ; M I ''t^h'P- "" [Hf>,917;r)5.] 26:1723 

WUt'tiliblll "»*^1*» /t|;u^i'lli'er and business directory. 
I'l-^ Nwl :». Milw. Iloijg and Wright. 8° 

|..,..:ini, ...I I *60::i'^14 

Piiillli'ii. Huli(ic4l, Social and Domestic Econ- 
omy. Commerce. 

UlUllilMO All»*»rt. A ooneiso exposition of the 

dn. iriim ill unmiitiutiini, or plan for re-organi- 

A.uiM.i ul .M.r.iolv. whiidi will Hocuro to the human 

»u.. iiidiMduullv und eolloetively. their happi- 

M *ud i.lmatiou. (MaHod on Fourier s Theory 

..I ,|..uii>mUo and induMtrial association.) 7. ed. 
N V .1 IH44. 79 pp. 8 ^^ 

I M.I . Ill, ,iti I * *'^' 

IJulhiU^'. '^inido (d the world, and the share 

^ .Vlho ttnilod Hiatos therein. ^^^M^^^^ ^^.^^^ 
,,.,,.,,., .., juo (iniled Slates on the trade /nc^^^^ 

(,n. , uid UvlHt. and cotton ^^^^""l^^^X^^ 

,,,.,, ,.,.,,, a.MrlclH. with HH introductory letter 

rvooi »l»o .Mu.iouiry of state. Wash. lff^\ \^r+^ 
»,:ipi.. S' iH'J.tOOi 65.] (Commomalrela^^^^^^^^ 

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Contents: Vol. I. Einleitung in die gevAmmte StMUTenraUoogt- 

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Medicine, etc. 



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A practical guide for the gold and silver olec- 
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Cox, Joseph Mason. Practical observations on 
insanity; in which some suggestions are offered 
towards an improved mode of treating diseases of 
the mind, and some rules proposed which it is 
hoped mjiy lead to a more humane and success- 
ful method of cure: to which are subjoined, re- 
marks on medical jurisprudence as connected 
with diseased intellect. 2. ed., corr. and enl. 
Lond. C and R. Baldwin. 1806. xi+210 pj). 
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8^ [85,417; 55.] *45:l'226 

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into the comparative merits of different mineral 
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96 pp., illus. in text. 18° [86,901; 55.1 (Ap- 

pleton's health primers.) 45:2539 

Reclam, C. Sprache und Gesang. Eine XJeber- 
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Sprechen's und des Singen's fiir offentliche Red- 
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Savage, Henry. The surgery, surgical pathology 
and surgical anatomy of the female pelvic or- 
gans, in a series of coloured plates taken from 
nature, with commentaries, notes, and cases. :^. 
ed., rev. and greatly extended. An additional 
plate, also 36 wood engravings, with special il- 
lustrations of the operations on vesico-vaginal 
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eases, and rules of simple hygiene. The two 
parts complete. Rev., corr. and enl. by twelve 
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pitals in London and by one right rev. bishop of 
the established church, formerly surgeon to one 
of the London hospitals. With numerous addi- 
tions from the 8. Engl. ed. N. Y. Macmillan. 
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Poetry and the Drama. 

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Fiction (English). 


Fiction (English). 

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ern Job." 2. aer. Phil. Lippincoft. 1883 
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dramatiachen Daratellung. In ihrem organi- 
achen Zusammenhange wissenschafllieh ent- 
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xii+419+16 pp.; xiv(+ii)+339 pp.; xii+:^34 pp. 
12° [85,906; 55.] 10:2774.1-2 

Note. The Inst 16 pp. ot vol. I rfa an Appendix in manuMTipt. 
The tit lei of vols. S And 3 are (lomcwhar chanjeed and are followed 
by special title pagea: Vol. 2. Cvrlns dra^)an^cher Charakicre. 
Neb»t einer eiuloitondcn Abhandlung Qbcr das We^en dramatif>cher 
ChnrHkterseotaltung. Vol. 3. C>clu8,eic. Nehst swei Abhnndltini^en 
Qber da« Recht dor Poe^ie in der HchandUing des geMchivhtlinhcn 
Soffes uDd Qberden Begriff den I>&moni8cheu. 

Sage of Mentor, The. In five cantos. By the 

unknown. Chic. 1881. 48 pp. 16° [86, 

825; 55.] 31:329 

Taylor, Ann and Jane. Original poems for in- 
fant minds. Lond. T.Nelson. 1881. viii, 218 
pp., col'd frontis. 16° [86,786; 55.] 3I:174& 

Fiction— English. 

Adams, Henry Cadwallader. Travellers' tales. 

A book of marvels. Lond. Routledge. 1883 

[1882]. viii-f-358 pp., 12 pis. 12° [86,769; 55.] 


AlCOtt, Louisa May. Aunt Jo's scrap-bag. [Vol.6.] 

An old-fashioned thanksgiving, etc. Bost. 

Roberts. 1882. 2:^4 pp., 2 pis. 16° [86,878; 55.] 


Confentg: An old-fashioned thanksgiving. — How it all httppened.— 
The dolls' journey from Minnesota to Maine. — Morninx Klories. — 
8h:»dow-chil«lren.*— Poppy pranki*. — What 'he swallows did. — Linle 
GulliTer.— The whale's story.— A stranjce island.— Fancy's friend. 

AlCOtt, Louisa May. Proverb stories. Bost. 
BobeHs. 1882. 285 pp. 16° [86,877; 55.] 


fhntenU: Kitty's class day.— Aunt Kipp,— Psyche's art.— A coun- 
try chri!«tmas. — On i)i<'ketduty. — The haron's gloves.— My red cap. — 
What !he hells saw «nd said. 

Alger, Horatio, Jr. Ben's nugget, or, a boy's 

search, for fortune. Phil. Porter and Coates. 

[1882.] 285 pp., 2 pis. 16° [86,876; 55.] 35:565 

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or, the romance of a •rich young raan. Phil. 
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Anstey, F. Vice versa, or a lesson to fathers. 

N. Y. Appleton. 1882. 349 pp. 12° [86, 

891; 55.] 35;670 


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tales. Tr. by H. L. Braekstad, with an intro- 
duction by E. W. Gosse. N. Y. A. C. Armstrong. 
1883 [1882]. xx+360 pp., illus. in text. 12° 
[86,886; 55.] 35:838 

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log. Norwegian folk and fairy tales. Tr. by 
H. L. Braekstad. With an introduction by W. 
GossE. Lond. S. Loic, Marston, Searle and Riv- 
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[86,684; 55.] 35:839 

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. Scribners. 1882. xvi(4-iv)-|-306 pp.. 6 pis. 

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or, the refuge of the mutineers. Lond. J. 
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H77 pp. 16° [86,194; 55.] 35:1651 

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(Leisure hour ser.) 40:^520 

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other stories. Tr. from the Norse by II. B. 

Anderson. Bost. Houghton, Mifflin and Co. 1882. 

vi, 201 pp., 4 pis. 12° [86,805; 55.] 35:2155 

Bjornson, Bjomstjerne. Captain Mansana, and 

other stories. Tr. from the Norse by R. B. 

Anderson. Bost. Houghton, Mifflin and Co. 

1882. vi, 256 pp. 12° [86,925; 55.] 35:2154 

Butler, W. F. Red Cloud, the solitary Sioux. 
A story of the great prairie. Bost. Roberts. 
1882. X +327 pp., 22 pis. 12° [86,809; 55.] 


Carrinaton,-3ft>5Kate. Aschenbrodel. Bost. Rob- 
erts. 1882. 331 pp. 16° [86,206; 55.] (No 
name ser.) 40:2038 

Clemens, Samuel Langhorne. (Mark Ticain.) 

The stolen white elephant, etc. Bost. Osgood. 

1882. 306 pp. 16° [86,195; 55.] 35:4406 

Cbntenit: Tlie Ktol^n white elephant.— Some ramtthne note* of an 
.i«n« excurnion.— The fnots cnncerninK th** reeect earn vaI of crim«» 
in Connec:-<Mit. — About maKnaninina>i incident literature.— Pun^h, 
brothers, punch. — A curious experience — The c^eat reToUition in Pit- 
cairn— Mrn. McWilliams and the lightning.— On the decay of the art 
of lying. — The canyasser'g tale. — An encounter with an intertiewer. 
- PariH note?. — Legend of SagenTeld, in Germany. — Speech on the 
babies.— Speech on the weather.— Concerning the American language. 
-Rogers.— The Iotch of Alenzo Fiti Clarence and Rotannah Ethelton. 

Craven, Mme. Augustus. Eliane. Froni the 
French by Lady G. Fullerton. N. T. W. S. 
Gottsberger. 1882. 340 pp. 16° [86,804: 55.] 


Dauge. Henri. A fair philosopher. N. Y. G. 

W. Harlan. 1882. iv,296 pp. 12° [86,797; 

55.] (The Kaatorskill series.) 37:121 

Daunt, Achilles. The three trappers. A story 
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OW<»/?.- Pt. I L*»»in;r» r»f"-rTn«or:*che B««i*>^utang. — Minna 
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Pi. 3. Ronii«i*h^ Kri^ie^a Urn burner lur b6bere Lehr»ii»c«IteB. 
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mountains, cities, principal towns, seas, lakes, 
rivers, etc. Together with an account of tho 




Brookes, B. and Collyer, J.— (continued.) 

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Wall WiiiTMAM — Denih of Longfel ow; Wall Whitiia!*.— Gpor^e Elioi 
•nd ih« novel; Rdward Gquluitom — Frances* Hodg^fon RnrnMi; R H. 
Stoi»»akd.— Thoreau'i unpu^liohed poelry; F. K. Hanbasn. — Emeraou 
find the Miinerlative; John BrRBOi'«M«.— .\ company of 5iprin«r popis: 
Edith M. THOMAB.— Nature in literature; John BuuRoioim.— Austin 
Dobson; E. W. (toass. — A'phonse Diuidet; P. M. Potticr.— 'I'he bonton 
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fhntenti: Young Franklin. — The golden pheaflant.'-Oiotto ; or, 
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Sorbon, foijti«lpr ol ihe Sorbonno.-— Henrietta of iBngland.— The gold- 
smith ariist.— Aline de C»ulanges; or, the danger of ignorrtuce.— 
Matthew Schinner.— William and his monkey; or, the minery of 
coveiouHnc't* and intoxication. — Good king Rene. — The optimist; or, 
the way to be happy. — The two friends: a tale of the Neapoliinn 
rev«»l«it'i<>n. — Canova's cake — Adeluide. — Jo«e Ribeira; or, the pru- 
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?M1 -^^M^w- OTO j^Q ^g OCTOBER. 1882, 


HOWARD DOUGLASS, pTitidmt, a. w. c. Fodkth anb Main bw., (SouTBaui ATI., Moukt Adbukn). 

ISAAC ADLER, Trmtitrtr, .... Faikmount Woolih Mill* {340 Wmt Focbtb btbiit). 

JAMES BROWN, SeertUrg, ...... 135 Raci stb*KT (19 OtOBOB btrbbt). 

CHARLKS Q. JBNNER, ...... Coubt Uodbk (391 LoHawoBTH btribt). 

FRANCIS FERRY, . 46 W. Sbc-ond btbkkt (S47 W. Ooubt btbbit). 

GEORQE EHIQ, ....■■ 184 W. Sbcond stbkbt (lie Clifton atkmui), 

DANIKL FINN, ....... Q^ *Jo.'b oifice (I3& East Sixth btbibt). 

CHESTER W. UERBILL, ........ Auioa Flaob, Hodmt Adbubb. 

•Tar; dky in the year, Sundays included, from B a. u. to 9 

P. H. The apociiil deparimenta are open hi followa: 

Dkutkkv Hall, [except Siindnji) 8 a. y. to 9 r. u. 
Main Hall, («rery day) B a. u. to 9 r. M. 
Periodical Room, (every day) B a. m. to 9 P. U. 
Nkwhpapkb Room, (every dayl B a. m. to 9 p. u. 
Art Room, (except Sundays) a a. u. to 6 p. u. 
" " (an Sundays) 9 a. h. to 4 P. 11. 

Rradimo Roomk. — Any person of good deportment 
and habits, whether residing in Cincinnati or not, may 
consult books, periodicals, or newspapers in the reading 

Home use op Rook».^ ReBitlenta at Cincinnati 

may withdraw books by registering name and residence and 
furnishing sati^fnctcjry security in the form prescribed by 
the Board. (In lieu of olhef aecurilj a deposit of three 
dollitps or of the value of the work deaired may be made.) 
Xon-re»UtentB may withdraw books by making a de- 
posit of three dollars and an annual payment (in advance) 
of five dollars. 


two weeks, and may b« renewed for th« same period, after 
which they can not be reissued to the tame person until they 
have been In the library twenty-four hours. 

Fine on booki over-due, three cent* a day, and after b 
week, cost of recovery. 

Books are not issued to Bnj one owing flnei or charge! 


1. The Librarian is at all timet ready to assist per- 
sons in the investigation of special subjecta. by indicating 
the sourcee of information so far at the Library coniaina 

a. Books not in the Library will be purchased on ap- 
plication to the Librarian, unless there be a sufficient reason 
against it. 

3. All complaintB should be made in the lint Instance 
to the Librarian, either in person or by letter gwing the name 
and nndenee of Ikt ptrnm agsritMd. Anonymous com mu- 
not be noticed. 


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! • Phiwloot. ■ 

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religiosen, politischen und kricgerischen Zustan- 
des des heroischen Zeitalters, nebst Erklarang 
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■■ * 1:3056-7 

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Synonymik und Antiquitaten mit Berucksichti- 
gung der beaten llijlfamittel ausgoarboitet. 
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r Philoloot. 

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K.neega dia percvodoff ss iioosskago ye»eka na 

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a new and original work of reference to all tne 
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Bertkcksithtigung des dicbteriBchen Spruchgo- 
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uiid Inl&iidtr, odor Li'itfndmi tiir den Untcr- 
riebt in derdeuUehenSpracbluhre, mit boatindm-er 
Buekaiebt auf aual&iidiaclie Inatitaie im Iiibmde 
und denleehe Itialitute im Aualunde naidi dfti 
beaten Quellro bi.-iirb. und liorauH(;fg. 2. gUtiBl. 
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dea von Dr. Laltmann beraumgegebL-n lul. 
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Lowres, Jacob, A eyatem of Engliali parsing 
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grummiir, including the conntrucitiun ofnentericea 
and a. abort hiatory of the Etigliab language. For 
tbo uae of achoola. Specially adapted lo the tui- 
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ratiaaime redactum; ou Kecueil de mote de la 
boBBc latinite, dresae pour acrvir a rinlelligence 
dua uuteura, aoit Hucrea, soil profanoa, du luoyen 
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S Philoloot. 

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OmfcHli.- D\r SpwhPii der auBlnlisclii-n der hfperboniHtien 

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Oswald, John. An etymological dictionary of 

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ed , in which Parts I and 2, on tbo pretixes and 
Buftixia of the Engliah language, have been rev. 
and enl., and inipr. by the addition of copious 
explanatory notes, etc. By Joaujib Tuouas. To 
which is appended a key, rcfurring the English 
derivativea in Par. 3 lo their appropriate Latin, 
(ireek, or other routs. By James Lynd. Phil. 
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Co-mu: Vol. 1. Orle<..hiKhe-Deul!>vh. A — A'. 
V^l. ». Orl«iil...h-D^U.Ml,. A—U. 




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Contmtn: A'lHrPSS lo young Iftdic*; A. P. PF.Aiior>T.— On oonverflii- 
rion: F. Thknth. — A wnni lo ihp wi**-; or, hliH.** on the ciirrt'iit iin- 

1»ro|>rieiio«* I'f expression in rfiulinic Rn«i wrtinir Furry OwrNsn. — 
'li^itikeB HD(J iinprnpiiHiieM of MpeHkinjy; and writing corrtH^ted. 

PhaBdrus. Fabulio Aesopiro quum vetoros turn 
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2 V. in 1. cxx f 522 pp.; x+659 pp. 8° 
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Auf Veranlassung und mit Unterstiitzung seiner 
Majestat des Konigs von Bayern Maxmilian II. 
herausgeg. dureh die historische Commission bei 
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, F, C.—(cmfinued.} 

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Omtmli: Vol. 1. EinlritimKindiix Ali«T(4(*iii#ni. Hcniitfi^g. 
TOD lob. F. Rlihi nnd A. Kaiphiih*. Mil Vnrwon Tt-n Orl 

""vTa. KiXriingindMNodfTe-Umoot. HerRusgcg. Ton Job. I 
nirdr. Btiti. 

Cowpflr, B. HarriB, translator and editor. The 
apocryphal gospels and other dooumenls relat- 
ing to the hintory of Christ. Tr. from the origi- 
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4" [86,138; 66] In *5:646l.l 

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Owfmd ,■ Vn(. 1. OfMhl-hl* rtcr Inm-Mipn ton Ihn-n Uninningprn 
(am IHH)) big iiiin Tode dpn KAnlin lum VTI Ton'hr. Z<-it). 

Vol.! VnmTodpdeaKOnlBs Silomo bin ■urn Vodr d» Judi 
H>kkiibl(l«u). ' 

, , Vol. 3._Von drm ToJ* dse Jiid* Makhabi bli mni Untprflimg d«a 

,....,. J' 
in Tnlmnd. 


HjQdl*chenfliuIrf Ma uirr 

Vom A bw hints d 

t Tmmiid bis Hum Aiilblnh 
d<n TOD den f,\tfttfo Zi-|[»n 

ond H. Von MaIki 


Vol. 10. Von df "diriii.m"n Anaii™nng Zr MsrraneD {ri Hol- 
lud Ma lUm Benton In Mendnlii.ohnlwhfn &tt (n«.). 

Vol.11. Vom HHinnderMendMXObniirbpnZpIt (tia indleneu. 
Hto SfH (IMa). 

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lexicon to the New Testament. New ed., with 

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Grunebauin, l^. Die Sittenlehro des Jndentbumfl 
anderen Bekcnntnissen gegeniiber. Nebatdem 
geschichtlicben Nachweise uber Bntstehcng nnd 
fiedeutnng des PharisSismas und desBen Verhjilt- 
nisB Eum Stiflerdercbriatlichen Religion. Mann. 
J. Schneider. 1867. viii(4ii)+243 pp. 12" 
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sohreiben an Dr. Ferdinand Christian von Banr. 
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12" [86,3251 KB] 3:33T8 

i Bblioioh, kto. 

Haasaurek, Friedrioh, and Wyttenbach. Sev. c. 

Chrislenthum und MensclieMthiim. Eine Ueihe 
Dubatien, zwiscben einero Melhodistenprcdiger 
and eintm Unglaubig^en. Ilerausg. von F. Has- 
BADRHK. 2. revid. und mtt erlauternden Noten 
und Bemerktingen nebsl einem naturwiHsenschtif\- 
liehen Anlmnge verschcne und verb. Aufl. Cin. 
Hochwdchter. 1854. ix-i-228 pp. 16° [86.380; 
66.] *3;3638 

Vertheidigung des Christenthums durch den 
Ehrw. 0. Wytienbudi gegen F. JlasfHiirek's 
atheiBtififhe Angriffe. In itclil offcnllichen He- 
butten. HtTjiusg. von J. II. Ehlen, O. Kallen- 
BEROER und M. TiiLE. Cin. II. Rbdter. 1853. 
115pp. 8° [3a,885.] *3:4114 

Solt: Tbe*i> t,n dlflorent repnrla o( the ■■me dohiil**. 

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56.] In 3:!»252.a 

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Testament in tabellariscber Utbersicht. 3. 
verm. a. verb. AoHg. Her. G. W. F. Midler. 
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Hertwig. Otto Robert. Tabcllen zur Einleitung 
in die kanonischen and apokryphischen Biichcr 
des Alien Testaments. Mil eincm Index sowobt 
iiber diese nls uuch iiber die Tabellon zur Einlei- 
tung in's Neue Teetaniant, 2. Ausg. 1855. Ber. 
G. W. F. MiiUer. 1856. vi-fiao pp. 8° 
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von Anbeginn bis zur Eroborung Mnsadu's im 
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2pt8. inl vol. iv-f32«pp.i (ii4-)viii-f 321-631 pp. 
8" [86,371; 66] 4:233 

Omltnln: Pi. I. B'a lom Ends der persiachen Oberhsrrsi-b»!r. 
PI. \t. Hia turn Kt,»ge de. Tilui.. 

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Or, why should skeptics be outlaws? Lond. 

1861. iv, 16 pp. 12° [86,506; 56.] In 3:^640 

Holyoake. George Jacob. The logic of life. De- 
duced I'roni the principle of freetbougbt. Lond. 

1862. 16 pp. 12" [86,506; 56.J In 3:3640 

Holyoake. George Jacob. The principles of 

secularism briefly explained. Lond. 1861). 

40 pp. 12° [86,506; 56.] In 3:3640 

Holyoake, George Jacob. Thomas Cooper de- 
lineated ns to convert and coutroversiaHst. 
Lond. [n. d.] 20 pp. 12" [86,506; 56.] 

In 3:3640 

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of the holy catholick church, comprising the 
substance of the most remarkable and important 
canons, alphabetically arranged. Lond. F. and 
J Rivinqton. 1846. iv-f736 pp. 12° [86, 
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cum in libroB Veteris Testament) ordine ety- 
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24" [86,384; 56.] i.blU 

Aeliqion, eto. 


Bblioion, eto. 

Lloyd, William. A sermon preached at the fu- 
neral of the Rt. l?ev. father in God, John, late 
lord bishop of Chester, at the Guildhall chappel 
London, Bee. 12, 1(572. Lond. H. Brome. U;78. 
50 pp.(-f7pp. of mes.) 12° [T. 4,251; 56.] 

In 3:4682 

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benihmtusten kirch lichen llcdner alter und 
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56.] 3:383 

Omtentg. De8 orisrines et de la formntion dii PenUteiique. — Dee 

Jrincipfa g^n^raux dii nrioi»a(«nDe.— Du mot>Rifiine dn)iiin la iTi«>rl de 
o8^ jiiBqirauz demiers tempfl de la monarchle.— Le proph^^tiMme 

Nicolas, Michel. Etudes critiques sur la bible. 

Nouveaux Testament. Par. Levy freres, 1864. 

xix+429 pp. 12° [86,460; 56.] 3:384 

Contents: Les ^Tanjiiles : Den ^vanKilew nynopiiqiie^. — L'Avnngile 
§elon f»aint Jean — L*» chriHiiani'»me des apAtros. — De la formation du 
canon du Nnuveau Testament. 

Noldeke, Theodor. Die alttestamentliche Litcra- 

tur in einer Heihe von Aufsatzen dargestellt. 

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l^hiHtoite dn dogme.- Le cantique des cantique*.— La l^^cende anz 
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Philosophy and Education. 

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Beduutung dt'B Sludiuma dcs gritjcbiecben Al- 
tertbums Ttir philoeophiseho Bildniig in gegen- 
wfirtiger Zoit. Drei vortrape, gobulten zur Er- 
offnung soiner Vorlesongen in) SommeraemcHtcr 
1848 an der vereinigten Friedrich - Wilhelms- 
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Cramer, F.— (condnwerf.) 

Conlrult: Vol. I. Prahllxihf Knifhiinc. Vnn drn illpstrn Zpil»D 
bi» our Mt. ChhilentliiiiTi, oiler bin mm iff rTinrrtPD il« iiFrmsDi- 

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listen. Dros. F.C.Janssen. 1856. (4+)40 pp, 
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Grenzcn des Naturerkennena. Ein Vortrag. ge- 
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VerwammlungdcutscberNaturforacberund Aerzte 
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In 2:905 
Fichte, Immanucl Hermann von. Die nachsten 

Aufgaben Air die Nationalerzicbung der Ge- 
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ziehungsavstem. Elne kritisch - pad agog i ache 
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In 2:150 
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Frcundo. Zur Beleuchtung der Frauohstadt- 
Lindner'achen Verthoidigung Schopenhauer's, 
sowle zur ErgiinEung der Scbrifl: "Arthur Scho- 
penhauer aus perBonlichem Umgnhge dargestelll." 
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Id 26:32 

Philosophy, etc. 


Philosophy, kto. 


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Bophie ziir Religion ui)d zu den hochstcn Fra- 

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denthum, Christenthum, und zur abnoluten Plii- 
l()S()pi»ie dargeslellt, und mit den erliiuterlen 
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Ursprung und Fortgange. seinem Specuhitiven 
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xx+:i74pp. 12° [86,535; 56.] 2:1277 

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exposoe en 26 lecjons. Ouvrage trad, de I'aile- 

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1842. xii+299])p. 12° L86,:M>; 56] 2:123 

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8oj)hi8che lleligion^lehre. Herausgeg. von Karl 

Ileinrich LudwigPoLiTZ. 2. Aufl. Leip. Tavbert. 

18:^0. xx + 235 pp. 12° [86,429; 56.] 2:12i8 

Kellner, L. Erziehungsgeschichte in Skizzen 
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und Leiter herausgeg. 2. verb, und verm. Aufl. 
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Beitriige zu einer zeitgemiissen Organisation des 
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sophie und der philosophischen Literalur. 2. 
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12° [84,452; 56.J (Krug s gesammelte Schrif- 
ten, Abih. 3.) 2:1^24.1-3 

f.\)nffnfi(: Vol, 1. Drrj philn«ophi**<;he Vorle»iinir»'n, n*'l>«t fOn' 
Abhnidl'nxrn vprw;m«lt»-n Iiilmltfi.— Ui'hor H«'r«iiT'»» MetHkritik un«i 
ji«"itn Kiniulirtiiiif ii»'<* PiibliUiim ilm-h dm HiTmes P»*y»*ho|.Mni|>o». 
— Aph ri>meii zmf Plii|i)*i«'|»hi** ilt*-* ll<»chti*.— Phil-'Hophio dtT Ehe. — 
Bri.iv* rilM»r dw' ^VlH.«»^•n«♦«•haf^^loh^p, n»»^M*f *»imT Abtmndtiinif Of»«T die 
von ihT^i'llM-u v<T.'«iirh«#» hcstiniiniins do» relijjidt'en Gltiiibenn. — 
lirieff iiNt ••«•!» r.onrhfrn ld«'>ili«<miif«. 

Vol 2 KiiiwiirJ r-iueti noiun OrynnonH d r Philopophie. — Ueber 
di'* v«r8'-hi«'d*'th n M^choil. n dof. Pliilo^ophirena und die vor«cliiA«l«»- 
non S\st« iiif d*» Phil sopjii.- — K'>lIioj)<' nod ihre Jrchwc-stern. — Von 
d<>n Id* nl« n.— Natiirrpr-htlirlM' AtihatidliinK<'n.— GriindiHgf su ein^r 
n<'H»Mi Throne d»*r 0**luhlr und <!♦'•» HOit^n. G«»IOhlfVermrti«en». — Die 
nfiif P.vihrtjioiHH.— UclxT <iewii*KcnH- nnd Glanl»en»freiheii. 

V<»l. :j. rn)vem)di>hilo8«»phiMdhc Vorh'j<ungon.— B«*iirHj{e ziir Oe- 
8<'hicht«» d»'r Philoi»opiiH« dc« l». JahrhiiDderiH. 

Krug, Wilhelm Traugott. System der praktiahen 

PhiloKophie. Koi»igs. A. W. Unzer. 1818- 

:^0. 3 V. xviii-f 442 pp.; viii+362 pp.; xii4-514 

I)p. 12° [84,442; 56.] *2:132:^.4-6 

Note. Vol. I. 2. \*'Th. u. vt-rm. Aufl. 

CrmfentK: \*t\ 1. iMKaloaio od^r pli'lopophi^che Rechti»Iehre. 

Vol. 2. Aretoifi** odor pliiUiHOpiiiHcfie TuKondlnhre. 

V«*l. '.i. Eiis«*hi()lonie oder phdosophiw.'he RfliitionMehre. 

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Ctmfe.ntK: SorhB Vorsuphp oiripr Z'^ichonkunst in der Vernonfl- 

l<*hro.— Fr.»Knicntc filxTdie Vernunl lehre. 

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In 2:905 

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Bur loH piincipeB do rintelligence, ou 8ur lee 
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MaLnrjalianiue. Zwd Vorlriijro. llorauMgbg. 

Ton d<:in hieoigen deulscben tbritilliobfiii Jiliig- 

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66.] In 2:69tf 

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56] In 2:906 

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(iua Lebunn uiid dor WiHsensubuftlcbro Curl 

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FreimaurerbriiderBcliufl. Miin. FleiachiHinn. 

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reltgiiwen Ideen, ein hititurlitBrttintis Werk. 
Nauh (leHsuii Tddo herausjieg. von seinutn Neffun 
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Maistre, JoBeph Mnrle, coiiite de. Fiinf Ui-iofu an 

don Gmfiin von KtiHumMWtiky iib«r dun dfTunl- 
liulien Unteri'icht in ItuBsland. Aua dem Jiibre 
1816. Ein Builrag zur geKenwilriigon Unler- 
richtHfrnKe. Aufi dem Franzoniclien iiberH. von 
■ eiiiom Prouiido dur sludirendcn Jugend. Ilogen. 
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Wiilu'lioil. Ein Verwrnih -dcr Trennurig von 
Tlieologiu und PbiloBopLiie im Milieialtor. Ein 
Heitrug zur (.itscliichtu dor BcliolnstiBcben I'hilo- 
Bopbio. Bor. F. Hensclid. Ia71. (4-(-')61 pp. 
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56.] In 2:4418 

Meyer, Jilrson Bona, /urn Slruil ubeir Leib und 

Suolo. Wortc der Ki-ilik. Soebs VorU-aun- 
^un, gebiillen am Hamburger akadumiccben 
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18= [84,549; 56.] 2:697 

7 f HILOBOPBT, m. 

Noander, — ■ KriliBche Beleucbtungdui^Spirita- 

alismuB und MaterialismuB vom Standpunct 
organiHL'li-moniHtiacber Welt- und Menschenao- 
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12" [84,4!I2; 56.] In 2:1347 

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NflCkar de SaUSSUre, -^me. Albenine Adricnne. 

Dio Erzifbung de« MoriHcben uuf Boinen ver- 
Bcbit^denen Alleraaiufuton. UoberB. Jl'b Wurkea: 
De I'educalion pi-ogruadve, ou etude du couoa do 
la ifio, von A. von Huuuueb, und K. von Wan- 
QBMjeiiu. mit einigen Aiimerkuugcn di'B Letz- 
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Sale. Vol. ) Incliili'K; Anbanii. Die moralisi'he W?1>onlnuiu> 
Vol. J AnlmuH. Venei licifllil iiiid Ot-rohlver- 

mfla-n 1 

1. 1..; lilti BrtiehiiiiK 

Niedner, ChriBlian Wilbelm. £inloitung in die 

Geuubicbte der Philoaopbie und Tbeologie 
cbrialliuber Zeit, als WiaHenacliatt uhd LeLre. 
[n. t. p.] 465 pp. 8° [84,410; 66.] In 2:170 
Niedner, CUriatian Wilbelm. Zur Gcacbitbte der 

Pliilosopliie nenoster Zoit am Ende des 18. 
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56.] In 2:170 

niedner, Cbristian Wilbelm. Zur Propajduulik 

liir GfBcbi elite dor Pliilnsopbie des Allorthuma. 
[». t. p.] 126 pp. 8" [84,410; 56.] 2;170 

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godriingter Uebersicht. Lohrbucli aum Ge- 
braucbe bei akademiBchen Vorleeungun und zum 
Sulbatnnterricbte. Weimar. Landes- Industrie- 
Comptoir. 1863. viii+352pp. 12° [84,142; 56.] 
Paulua, Heinrieb Ebt-rhard (ioltlob. Die endlieb 

ottenbar guwordune puBiiivo Philoaopbie der 
Offenbarung oder EiiletehungageHchiebte, wort- 
licher Text, Beurlbeilung und Bericlitigung dor 
V. Siibullingischen Enldcekungen, etc. Durm. 
a ir. Leske. 1843. lxvi+736 pp. 12** 
[84,526; 56,] 2:1B77 

Porter, Noah. The educational ayatems of the 

puriluns and jeBuila compared; a' premium 

eiway, written for "Tbe Society for tiie jir 

of Gollegiale und theological educulion ut lliu 

west." N. Y. M. W. Dudd. 1861. 95 pp. 12° 

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papers, chicflv philosopbieal. N. Y. ScribtierS- 
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DurBlellnng. Zugloich ala Einleilung in daa 
Studinm der Pbiloaopbie iiberbaupt und in das 
der wiiwendchufliichen Mutbode insbesondere, 
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Philosophy, bto. 


History, etc. 

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56.1 In 2:189 

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als eine Anweisung zum ricbtigen Gebranche 
der Vernunft in dem Erkenntniss der Wahrheit, 
aus zwoen ganz natiirlichen Eegeln der Einstim- 
mnng und des Widerspruchs hergeleitet. 6. zu 
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letzto Oder bochste Uauptzweig der Pbilosophie 
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Cdnfenfs: ImniAnuel Kant.— Johunn Gottlieb Fiohte.—Friodrich 
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Schellitig.— Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel.— Ludwig Feuerbach. 

History, Biography, Geography and Travels. 

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Salem witchcraft excitement of 1692 and its 

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History, sto. 


History, xra 

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In 25:360 

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In 25:360 

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Contents: Paalus, der HeidenKpodtel.— Huldreich Zwingli.— Die 
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In 25:360 

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In 25:360 

WedelL Hudolph von. Ilistoriseh-geographischer 
Hand- Atlas in 36 Karten nebst erlauterndem 
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Contents: Vol. 5. Piffce*; H. G Sbblrt.— Invcrtebnita (Introduc- 
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WABD. — M<ill(j>*coi<iH (BrHt hiopoda and Bryozon); Aifn*"* Ckajjk. — 
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In the temperate regions: or, nature and natural 
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and stories of adventure and travel. Lond. T. 
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ontMg ^tilldin. 

No. 57. 



ISAAC ADLEK, Trtasurtr, . 

.^ (Soi 

ATB., MouvT Auburn] 

f AiBMODKT Woolen Mills (340 Wbbt Fouiith street] 

13& Race btrbet (29 Oeoroe bti 

Court Housi (392 Lonqwobth street] 

tb W. Second street (G4T W. Court btrbet] 

1B4 W. Second street (219 Clifton atrnub] 

Ou Co.'b office (185 East Sixth stbbxt] 

LISia.A.K.XA.3Sr : 


Albion Placb, Mount Aubdrr. 


•vary d&7 in tke ;eiir, Sundaya included, from B a. u. to 9 
p. u. The Bpecial depsrtments sre open as follows: 

Delitert Hall, (eieept Sunday*) a a. m. to 9 p. u. 

Main Hall, (every day) B a. u. 10 9 v. u. 

Periodical Roou, (every day) S a. m. to 9 f. M. 

NtwBFAFBit Room, (every day) B a. u. to 9 f. m. 

Art Boom, (ercept Sundays) 8 a. u. to 6 p. h. 
" " (on Sondayg) 9 a. u. to 4 p. u. 

RsADiira Rooms. — Any pereoa of good deportment 
and babils, whether residing in Cincinnati or not, may 
consult books, periodicals, or newspapers in the reading 

Home use of Books, — Beaidentt of Cincinnati 
may withdraw books by registering name and residence and 
furnishing satisfactory security in the form proscribed by 
the Board. (In lieu of other security a deposit of three 
dollars or of the value of the work desired may be made.) 
Son-reaidentg may withdraw hooks by making a de- 
posit of three dollars and an annual payment (in advance) 
of five dollars. 


two weeki, and may be renewed for the same period, allflr 
which they can not be reissued to the same person until th«j 
have been in the library twenty-four hours. 

Pine on books over-due, three cents a day, and after a 
woek, cost of recovery. 

Books are not issued to any one owing flnet or cbargeB 

The Librarian is at all timet ready to usist per- 
I the investigation of special subjects, by indicating 
jrces of information so far as the Library contains 

the sour 

2. Books not in the Library will be purchased on ap- 
plication to the Librarian, unless there be a sufBcient reason 

against it. 

3. All complaints should be made in the first instance 
to the Librarian, either in person or by \eitei ffning the tiomt 
and residence of the person aggritvtd. Anonymous commu- 

can not be noticed. 



£S0pU8- Fabeln. DeaUch von Wilbflin Bin- 
deb. Siutt. Hoffmann. 1866. 96 pp. 16" 
[85,195; 57.] In l;3877 

Aifabete doe gesnmmten Erdkreiacs. Aua der 

k, k. Ilof- und Staatsd puck ere i in Wien. 2. 

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Allen, JoBoph H. Latin primer: a first book of 

Latin for boys and girls. 4. ed. Bosl. Ginn 

Bros. 1S71. viii-t-128+(l64-)27 pp. 1^° 

[85,245; 5-.] 1:1802 

American Phitologlcal Association, Transaciiona 

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Hart. Aisoc. 1881^2. 2v.ini. 153-f-40(-(-2) 
pp.; 104+45 pp. 8° [85,682; 57.] *|:4761 

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novit EduardoH VVoelfflin. Leip. Tevbner. 
1863. xii+40pp. 16° [84,466; 67.] In i:Hli57 

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wurdigsten Dinge, fibers, von Fricdrich Hoff- 
mann. Stutt. J. B. Metzler. 1830. [n. t. p.] 
35-85 pp. 24° [84,374; 57.] In 1:3758 

Antoninus, Marcus AQrolias, Roman emperor. 
TCir ciq lauTov ^ifikia i^t . Libri XII oorum quffi 
de Be ipso ad ee ipsum scripsit ad exemplar 
0sonienseci3i3 cciiii roeusi. Introductionem ad 
pbilosopbiam Btoicam ex mcnte M. Antonini prie- 
niisit Joan. Fr.inciacae Biiddeus. Vitam recen- 
Buit criiicisque observalionibus illustravit Christo- 
phorus WOLLB. Leip. S. B. WaUher. 1729. 
(2+)168+287C+5) pp., frontis. 12° [84,51*4; 
57.] *|:3489 

IfoU: IncUidos torn* kltcra of ihe nama author. 

Aristoteles, Ethica Nicomacbea. Ex recensi- 

ono Imumnuelia Bekkeri. Ber. Htimer. 1831. 

(2+)212 pp. 12° [85,358; 57.] 1:2476 

Arnauld, Antoine, and Lancelot, Clande. Gram- 
maire generate ot ruiaoiiiiee de Port-Koyal, 
suivie 1° de la parlie de la logiquo do P.-K. qui 
traite dea pro positions; 2° dea rcmarqaesdc Duclos; 
3° du supplement a la (jramraoire gcnerale de 
P.-R., par I'abbe Fromant; avcc une introduction 
historiquopar A. Baillt. Par. Hachetie, 1846. 
ixii-f409pp. 16° [84,821; 57.] |:10 

AthenaUS. [J^isw-ff-V-iT^a;,] Ex reconsione 

Guilielmi Dindorfii. Leip, Weidmann. 1827. 

3 V. xvi+B95 pp.; 395-1236 pp.; 1235-1896 pp, 

12° [84,367; 67.] 1:2646.1-3 

AureilUS Victor, Sextus. rWerke.] Uebers. von 
August CL088. Stutt. MeUler. 1838. 322 pp. 

24° [86,296; 67.] 1:3673 

Bartsch, Karl. Unlerfluchnngen fiber dns Nibe- 

lungenlied. Wicn. W. BraumiiUer. 1665. 

xii-i-385 pp. 8° [83,040; 67.] 1:4168 

Bauer, Fricdricb. Die Elcmente der lateinischen 
Kormenlehre, in griindiicber Einfacbbeit, ge- 
stiitzt auf die Resultute der vorgleichonden Gram- 
matik. Ein Lobrmittcl fiir Lateinsebnlen zui- Er- 
ganzung eines jeden Uebangcbaches fiir Anfiinger 
und zur stetigen itcpctition bis in die holieren 
Klasacn. Nordl. Beck. 1865. 2 pts. in 1 vol. 
xii-|-172 pp.; xix-|-121 pp., 1 fold. pi. 12° 
[85,427; 57.] 1:1953 

Xolt: PI. S tiu nliio ■ tpnial t. p., i»dini : Dib Partlksln d<r 
l«tBlnlKhcn epranbr id flliersit^hirkhrr, mir IJirer Dmndhcl^uionft 
ruhrndiT und iivli Knlriarion ardnpnifr V/eirt-. Elg L'hrmtilpl 
fOrdl" oberen Kl«i»fn dHrgakhruiu Scbulen nod mm SsLbnunler- 

Bauer, Friedrich. Die Etymologic der ueubach- 
dcutacben Sprachc nach ibrer praklischen Be- 
deutnng und nach ibren wicbtigsten Gesichls- 
pnnkten dargestellt, mil Anlettnng zur metbodi- 
schon Bebandlung. Ein Ililfabucb fiir Lebrer 
und Freundo eincr griindlichen Einaicht in dio 
deulHcbe Spracbe, ineonderbeit fiir die, welcbe 
dea Verfnsfiers „GrundKugc der neubochdcutscben 
Grammatik, 7. Aufl." gebrancben. Nordl. C. S. 
beck. 1859. iv-|-88pp. 12° [85,970; 57.] 

In 1:1475 
Bauer, Friedricb. Grundzuge der nQubochdeat- 
iicheii Grnmmalik fiir bobero fiildunga-Anstal- 
ten. 7. Aufl. Ansgabo fiir proteslnniiache 
Scbulen. Nordl. C. B. Beck. 1865. xvi-i-209 
pp. 12° [85,970; 57.] 1:1475 

Baumlflin, Wilbelm, and others. GriechiBcbe 
Uebcrsetziing der Tbemata zur griecbischen 
Composition fiir obcre Classen, geferligt Ton 
Wilb. BiiuMLEiN, Carl IIolzek und J. Rieckher. 
2. verm, and verb, Aufl. Stutt. Mttzler. 1866. 
171pp. 12° [85,322; 57.] In 1:1647.13 

Baur, Ferdinand. SpracliwissonBcbaftliche Ein- 

leitung in das Griechischc und Lateiniscbe Tur 

obcre Gyranasialclusson. Tiib. H. Laupp. 1874. 

xv+llO pp. 8° [S6,518; 67.] In |:412 

Berger, Ernet. StilistiBche Voriibungen fiir 
mittlere GyranasialclaBsen und fiir die auf 
gleicher Slufe Blebenden Classen underer Lehr- 
anstiillen. Cello. Capnun-Karlowa. 1862. 
x + 273pp. 12° [85,914; 57.] 1:1993 

Berger, Eniet. Ucbunggbucb (iir die unteren 
Clai^sen. Ala Anhang zur lateiniscben Gram- 
matik. 4. verb Aufl. von K. IIbidglbero. Celle. 

Copaun-Karhwa. 18G4. {4+}l92 pp. 12° 
[86,206; 57.] 1:1991 

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Uebungabiiebei' zu der griwbiscben Grammatik 
von Ernst Berger, in 3 Kursen. Celle. Sckulze. 
1863. 2 V. in 1. (8-f)131pp.; (6-i-)92 pp, 12° 
-■—■■ — - 1:1647.3 

[84,786; 57.] ' 

1. Kor-U-: AnlHlung turn Ucb 

Orlrrhlwhfn Inf DrutfPli 

for QusKm. I, TiVlig iiniMnrb. Ai.B. 

Vol.!. I. Kur-u-: Aiilc-iLmiioUTnUcl. 

n <n<> GHrch 
1 HUB d™ Deui 

Blech, W. Fb. Grammatik der bebraiacbon 

Spracbe, mit beaondorer Bcriickwitbligung des 

Sclbstunterriclita. Danzig. T. Ankuth. 1864. 

xvi-l-181pp. 12° [86,396; 57.] |:I781 




Bruckner, G. Hcbralsches Lesobncb fur Anfan- 

ger and Geiibtere. Wichtige Kapitel des A. T. 

mit einem grammatiscben Cursas und Glossarinm. 

2. verm. u. verb. Aufl. Leip. Vogel. 1855. 
v(4i)+162pp. 12^ [86,416; 57.] |:1782 

Buhel, Hans von, Des Bilbeler's Konigstochter 
von Frankreicb mitErzablungen abnlieben lu- 
halts verglicben und berausgeg. von J. F. L. 
Tbcodor Merzdorf. Oldenb. Schulze. 1867. 
vi+260 pp. 8° [83,057; 57.] |:4155 

Eunyan, Jobn. The pilgrim's progress from ibis 
world to tbat wbicb is to come, delivered under 
the similitude of a dream. Witb engravings of 
tbe statue of Bunjan and of tbe panels of the 
bronze gate at Bedford. In Englisb and Frencb. 
K. Y. Appleton. 1876. iv(-hii)+162 pp., illus. 
in text. 12^ [86,406; 57.] (Tbe ilius. polyglot 
Pilgrim's progress.) 1:1393 

Ifott. Edited by Benjamin Wkst. It is intended as an aid to the 
•tudy of French and English. 

Campbell, Gabriel. A new elementary course in 
the German language : for the use of schools. 

3. ed. rev. Bost. Woolworth, Ainsworth and Co. 
[1867.] 194 pp. 12° [85,301; 57.] |:1622 

CapBlle. ^' Anleitung zum lateinischen Aufsatz, 
iiir aen Gym nasi algebrauch bearb. Hann. 

Bahn. 1873. (8+)54 pp. 12° [85,328; 57.] 


Carey, John. The Greek terminations (includ- 
ing tbe dialects and poetic licenses), alphabet- 

icallj'' arranged and grammatically explained, 

on the plan of tbe **Latin terminations," or "Clue 

for young Latinists.'* Lond. Longmans. 1821. 

viii+160 pp. 16° [85,343; 57.] 1:1647.4 

Cssar, Caius Julius. Commentaries; with an 
analytical and interlinear translation of the 
first five books, for tbe use of schools and private 
learners. By James Hamilton. A new and 
more correct ed., witb an interlinear translation 
of the 6. and 7. books by Thomas Clark. Phil. 
a Desilver. 1874. viii+435 pp. 12° [85,938; 
67.] 1:3679 

CSBSar, Caius Julius. Commentaries on the Gal- 
lic war; and the first book of tbe Greek para- 
phrase; with English notes, critical and explana- 
tory, plans of battles, sieges, etc., and historical, 
geographical, and archfleological indexes. By 
Charles Anthon. N. Y. Harpers. 1872. xviii 
-f (ii+)493 pp., 7 pis., 1 fold, map., illus. in text. 
12^ [85,714; 57.] |:3555 

CsBSar, Caius Julius. Commentaries on the Gal- 
lic war; with explanatory notes and a copious 
dictionary. By Albert Harkness. N.Y. Apple- 
ton. 1873. xv+377 pp., 1 fold. mp. 12° 
[85,711; 57.] |:3556 

CdB&ar, Caius Julius. Commentarii de bello Gal- 
ileo. Recognovit Geo. Long. N. Y. Harpers. 
1861. (4+)187 pp. "" " ~ 

per s 

(4+)187 pp. 18° [85,290; 57.] (Har- 
Greek and Latin texts.; |:3553 

CsBSar, Caius Julius. Commentaries on the Gal- 
lic war. With English notes, critical and ex- 
planatory. A lexicon, indexes, etc. By Rev. J. 
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lico. With explanatory notes, lexicon, maps, 
indexes, etc., hy George Stuart. Phil. Eldredge 
and Brother. 1876. viii, 347 pp., 1 mp. 16° 
[85,264; 57.] (Chase and Stuart's classical series.) 


CaBSar, Caius Julius. Commentaries on the Gal- 
lic war, from the commencement of tbe same 
to the end of his second expedition into Britain : 
accompanied with a Latin ordo, and illustrated 
also with English notes explanatory and critical. 
By Charles Wilet. N. Y. H. Holt 1874. ix 
+239 pp. 12° [85,347; 57.] |:3554 

Cssar, Caius Julius. Denkwiirdigkeiten des gal- 

lischen und des Burger krieges, iibers. von A. 

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18° [85,926; 57.] |:3691 

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Carl CoNZ. Stutt. Krais u. Hoffmann, 1864, 

[] 55-85 pp. 16° [84,465; 57.] In |:3672 

Chassant, Alphonse Anioine Louis. Dictionnaire 
des abbreviations latines et fran^aises usitees 
dans les inscriptions lapidaires et metalliques, lea 
manuscrits et les chartes du moyen &ge. 4. ed. 
Par. A. Auhry. 1876. (iv+)lii-f 170 pp. 16^ 
[86,183; 57.] *|:5684 

Cicero, Marcus TuUius. De senectute et De 
amicitia. Ex editionibus Oliveti et Ernesti. 
Accedunt notae AnglicsB. Cura C. K. Dillawat. 
5. ed. Phil. H. Perkins. 1850. 156 pp. 18° 
[85,937; 57.] |:3587 

Cicero, Marcus TuUius. Drei Biicher von den 

Pflichten. Uebers. und erkl. von Raphael 

KiiHNER. Stutt. Krais u. Hoffmann. 1859. vi+ 

249 pp. 16° [85,293; 57.] In |:3751 

Cicero, Marcus TuUius. Lalius, oder von der 
Freundschafb, an Titus Pomponius Atticus. 
Uebers. und erkl. von Eaphael KUhner. Stutt. 
Krais u. Hoffmann. 1864. (2+)75 pp. 16° 
[85,293; 57.] In |:3751 

Cicero, Marcus TuUius. De officiis libri tres. 
With marginal analysis and an Englisb com- 
mentary. Ed. for tbe syndics of the University 
press by the Rev. Hubert Ashton Holden. 1. 
Amer. ed., corr. and enl., by Charles Anthon. 
N. Y. Harpers. 1859. (6+)315 pp. 12° 
[85,425; 57.] |:3578 

Cicero, Marcus TuUius. Die Philippischen Re- 
den; ubers. von J. Christ. F. Brhr. 1. Bandchen. 
Stutt. Krais u. Hoffmann. 1865. 147 pp. 16° 
[85,293; 57.] In |:3751 

OontenU: 1. uod 2. Philippische Rede. 

Cicero, Marcus TuUius. Tusculanen, iibers. und 

erkl. von Raphael Kuhner. 2., verb. Aufl. 

Stutt. Krais u. Hoffm^ann. 1866. vi+261 pp. 

16° [85,293; 57.] In |:3751 

Crosby, Alpheus. Greek tables for the use of 

students. Bost, PhillipSy Sampson and Co. 

1857. xii, 9-84 pp. 12° [85,220; 57.] 1:1647.5 


Demosthenes. AnegewSblto Reden, vcrdeutscht 

Tou A. Westermann, Stmt. Krais ii. Hoff- 

viann. 1856-63. 3 v. in 1. x-f 80 pp.; xii+158 

pp.; 115 pp. 16° [85,292; 57.] 1:2880 

OnlcnU: Vol.1. PliilippiKhe Rrdpn. 

Vol. 1. AesohippB' und Dfmoiihenss' Reden aegta und IHt Kie- 
■Inhon vnm Kriio». 

Vol. 3. Rfden ingen LeptiDB* und NeldUs. 

Oufief, Nicholas Gouin, Nature displayed in ber 
mode of teaching language to man ; being a 
new and infallible method of acqaii-ing languages 
with UDparulleled rapidity;, deduced from the 
ftnalyeis of the buman mind, and conflequenlly 
Buited to eve^ capacity : adapted to the Spanish, 
by Hariano Velazquez de la Cadkna, L. Har- 
00U8, and Manuel de Toreeb. To which is pre- 
fixed a development of the uuthor's plan of 
tuition, differing entirely from every other, so 
powerful in its operation, and so very economical 
that a liberal education can bo afTordod even to 
the poorest of mankind; by which is obtained 
the great desideratum of enabling nations to ar- 
rive at the highest degree of mental perfection. 
U. Y. Author. 1825. 2 v. (iv-+)xlvi(+viii)-f 
413-f78pp.; (12+)243-f310pp. 8° [84,366; 57.] 

Epictetus. Works; consisting of bin diecourneR 
in four books, the Enchiridion, and fragments. 
A translation from the Greek based on that of 
Elizabeth Carter, by Tbomaa Wentworth HiooiN- 
BON. Bost, Little, Brown and Co. 1S66. xvi-f 
<ii-J-)437pp. 12° [95,197; 57.] 1:2898 

EpiCtetUS. Handbiichlein der atoischen Uoral, 

und dae Goraalde des Cebes von Theben. 

"Uebers, und erkl, von Carl Conz. Stutt Krais 

«. Hoffnunn. 1864. 85 pp. W [84,465; 57.] 

In 1:3672 

Euripides. Tragradiae. Ed. Augustus Witzschel. 

Ed. stereot. Leip. Tanclinitz. 1855-6. 3 v. 

xxviii-l-316 pp.; xi+30CI pp.; si4-327 pp. 12° 

[85,341; &7.] 1:2497.1-3 

Contents: Vol.1. 'Exd^fii. — 'Opl<rrqq.—9«Uaaai. 
— U^Xeia. — ' iTmuii/Ti'i tm^avT^ip&pn^. — " AXirqfSTti;. 

Vol. 2. 'AvSpaiiajr^. — 'IilrtSeq. — ^l^cj-ima ^ h 
A&iidl. — 'Iftj^iiicta ^ iv Tatipoi^. — 'Pf,aot, — TpiadSti. 

Vol. 3. Bd,xai.— flpa,X£j8ai.— E}.iyTl.~'Iw,.-^ 
'llpati^^ liaiyAjiE/iii;.—' HliiTpa. 

Eutropius, FlaviuB. Breviariura historite Ro- 
mans. Ed. I. curav. Detl. G. G. Bacmoarten- 
Crusius, II. HcnricuB Rudolfus DrETSCH. Leip. 
Teubner. 1865. viii+78 pp, 16" [84,466; 57.] 
In 1:3657 

Ewald, Georg Heinricb August von. Ausfiibr- 

lichus Lehrbuch der bebriiiachen Spracbe dea 

Alten Bundes. 7. Ausg. Gott. Dieterich. 1863. 

Tiii-f944pp. 8" [86,298; 57.] 1:1754 

FloruS, Julius. Epitomse de Tito Livio bcllorura 

omnium annorum ncc libri il. Uecognovit 

Carolus Halm. Leip. Teubner. 1863. xx+ 

125 pp. 16° [84,466; 57.] In 1:3657 

NtU. Indudu: P. Anall Florl Vli|ill>ii Onloi wi pooU. 

i Philologt. 

Fogolari. Angeloi/ei. Vollsliindige Conjugation 
aller unrcgelmiissigen Zeitworter der ilalieni- 
scben Sprache und Angabe aller Forraen der 
mangelhaflen Zeitworter. Nebstzwei alpbabeliscb 
geordneten Registern dor drei nnrogelmilasigen 
Personen des "Passato remolo" und der nnregal- 
milssigen "Participi," Ein Sapplement zur Ver- 
vollstiindigiing aller deutseh-itulieniscben Gram- 
raatikeii. Leip. Werner. 1866. iv(+ii)-l-238pp. 
8° [85,708; 57.] |:1845 

Fontana, G. B. An elementary grammar of the 

Italian language, progressively arranged for 

the use of schools and coilegeB. N. Y. Appleton. 

1865. vii+236 pp. 12° [85,733; 57.] |:1844 

Freund, Hermann. Grammaliscb-kritisch-lexi- 
kalisches Hilfsbuch fiir Lohrende and Lernende 
des Pentaleucbs. Nebst einer Einloitung von 
dem benibmten Gelebrten und Orientalislen S. 
L. Rapoport. Wien. J. ScMossberg. 1866. viii 
-fxvi+274pp. 8° [85,723; 57.] 1:1755 

Freund, Wilhelm. Fraparation zd Char's galli- 

sebum Kriege. Leip. W. Violtf. [n. d.] (2-|-) 

480 pp. 18" [85,2711; 57.] 1:3690 

Freund, Wilhelm. Fraparation zd Cornelius He- 

poH. 2. Aufl. Leip. IF. Violet, lo.d.l (2+) 

326 pp. 18= [86,012; 57.] |:3S62 

Freund Wilhelm and Marx. Praparationen 

zum Alten Testament. Abth. 1. Fraparation 
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Note, worterbucb mentioned oq t. p. is warning. 

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Note. A tnuislatioD of a forgery of the 15. centary. 

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In I;3100 

Victor, Sextos AnreliuB. See Aurolius Victor, 


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In 3:2989 

Buse, Adolf, editor. Der romificbe Katechisraus, 
nach dem BescbluHse doB CoiicilH von Trient 
fQr die Pfarrer auf Befcbl Papsles Pius V. ber- 
ausgeg. Untor Zugrundclegungder Ueberselzung 
von Canonicus Dr. Smets und als 2. Aufl. dereel- 
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oder Bibel? Eine Stimme aus der Gemeinde. 

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deuteche Volk in seinem Uirlenbriefe. 4. Aufl. 
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57.] In 4:2765 

Deppen, Otto von. fiemagngie der Jesuiten, 
durch die Urlheile ausgezeichneter Personen 
ond die cigenen Sehriften and Handlungen der 
Ordenfiglieder bewiescn ; ein politiseb-bistori- 
scher Versuch. alien Fiirsten und Yolkern. ganz 
vorziiglich dem deutseben Bnndc, gewidmet. 
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Bblioioh, no. 


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Co«lt«lt: Vol.1. EincVnrTnizeQhcr div Vfrpfliohtnng; Flnrlna 

IY«ij(iink|en <m Li<;liit< der OfTi'DtwrDiig^ Florion Itim.— D10 klrchlwhe 
Oi-w.ll und ihro Trftupri (;i>rhr<nl arHHUKuKN..— Dcr Pnntit, duo 
OrxThauiu d<?r DtnuminlkTivho; Gerhanl -Icniiuiiiii. 

Vol. i. DIP kiRhlicho Li-h'srwnli: Ovrlisrd HcnHEexjiirii.—Drr 
•tiodern" Hi«hi mid di.clirislliuhe Subule; Florlm. Hiiu.— S'aat und 
Klroii?; nanun Biu>. 

' Frohsctiammer, J- Ueber die Wjedervereini- 
gungder Katholiken and Protestaiilon. Mil 
besonderer Kucksicbt auf die Schrift: Pax vo- 
bisuura 1 Die kirohliche Wiedervereinigung der 
£atholilcen nnd Protestanton, bistoriHch-praama- 
tisch beleuchlet von einem Frotontanien. Bam- 
berg 1863. Soparatabdruck aaa Bd. II. Uefl 4. 
der pbilo8, Zeitschrill: "Athcnaum." Miin. J. 
J. Lentner. 1864. 08 pp. 12° [84,364; 57.1 

In 4:2755 

Furst. Julius. Gcschiebte des Karaerlbnins von 
1575 bis I8(!5, Die lelzLen vior AbBclinilte. 
Eine kurzo Dui'istelJung Hoinor Entwickelung, 
Lehro und Literator mit den dasa gehorigon 
Qnellennachweiaen, Leip. 0. Leiner. 1869. 
Vi(+ii)+179+38pp. 12" [86,493; 57.] (Schrif- 
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Uraelit. Lit., 14. Jabr: 1868-69; Ludw. Pbilipp- 
eon u. A.) 4:237 

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,Vo(,. Inoomplel.. 

Hardy, H. Spence. Eastern monachisra: an ac- 
count of the origin, laws, discipline, sacred 
Writings, myslerioas rites, religious ceremonies, 
and present circumstances of the order of mendi- 
cants foanded bj Gotama Budba (compiled from 
Singhalese rass. and other original sources of 
information); with comparative notices of the 
usages and institutions of tbe western ascetics 
and review of the monastic system. Lond. Wil- 
liams and Jforgate. 1860. xii-[-413pp. 8° [86, 
334; 57.] I0;2216 

Heiligfl Hock, Uer, in neucr und vormehrter Auf- 
lage. Eine Slreitschrift gegen die neumodi- 
Bchcn riimisch papisti.scben Eiferer, die Foinde 
dos Lichtes und der Freibeit. Von einem Ka- 
tholiken. Loip. 0. Wigand. 1868. svi-f-183 
pp. 16= [84,.328; 57.] 4:3098 

Horneck, Anthony. The crnoified Jesus; or, a 
tull account of the nature, end, design and 
benefits of the sacrament of the Lord's supper. 
With necessary directions, prayers, praises and 
Gueditations, to be used by persons who come to 
the holy communion. Lond. S.Lowndes. 1686. 
(20+)882 pp. 12° [T. 4,269; 57.] 5::il98 

Hyatt, fici'- John. Sermons on various subjects, 
edited by bis son, Charles Hyatt. To which 
is prefixed, a memoir of tiio author, by the llev. 
John MnBBisoN. 2. od. Lond. K Palmer. 1828. 
lxxsvi+366 pp., I port. 12° [T. 4,244; 57,] 


Ives, Levi Sillimann, bp. of N. Carolina. "The 
apostles' doctrine and fellowship." Five ser- 
mons preached in the principal ehurcbos of his 
diocese, during his spring visitation, 1844. Pub- 
lished by the unanimous request of his conven- 
tion. N. Y. Appleion. 1844. 189 pp. 16° 
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Jesultenkampfes >n der Schweiz, Geschichte des. 

Von einem Ziirchor. Ziir. Meyer u. ZelUr. 

1845. vi+371 pp. 8° [84,259; 57.] 4:3899 

liiI>aW)ih theaboie 

TDl Jo- 

.r|,l> I 

JesuitismilS) I^er, getrou nach der ^atur go- 
zeichnet und den Milnnorn dor Kirche, dea 
Slaates und des Volkes zur Betracbtuiig vorge- 
fltellt, von oinera bekebrton Jesuiton. Leip. 
Wigand. 1872. vi + 116 pp. 12° [84,354; 57.] 

Keller, Augustin. Ueber Aufhebung und Auswei- 
sung des Jesuitenordens in der Schweiz. Vor- 
tragderaargauischon Ehrengesandtschaft auf der 
eidgeiiossischen Tagsatzung zn Luzern, am 19. 
Aug., 1844. Aarau. H. It. Saverliinder. 1844. 
66 pp. 12° [S4,354; 57.] In 4:3935 

Kiss of peace. The ; or, England and Rome at 
one on the doctrine of the holy eucharist. An 
essay in two parts. By a fellow of * * * col- 
lege, Cambridge. Lond. J. T. Hayes. 1867, 
xx-fl72pp. 16° [T. 4,250; 57.] 5:3147 

Koran (The new) of the pacifican friendbood, or 
text-book of Turkish reformei-s, in the teaching 
and example of their esteemed roaster laido Mo- 
rata. Lond. G. Manwaring. 1861. 573 pp., 1 
map. 12° [86,449; 57.] 10:2238 

Leibniz, Gottfried Wilhelro, Frhr. von. Essais de 
theodicee sur la bonte de Dieu, la liberie de 
I'bomme et I'origine du mal. Nouv. ed., augni. 
de rbisloire de la vie et des ouvrages do I'auteur, 
par L. de Nedfville. Amster. F. Changuion. 
1734. 2 V. (iv-|-)245-|-v-xliv+150 pp.; (2-f-) 
378C-fl2) pp. 16° [84,472; 57.] 3:3737.1-2 

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16° [87,109; 57.] 5:2333 

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triige fiber die Grundwahrbeiten des Christen- 
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verb. u. verm, Aufl. Leip. Sorting u. Franks. 
18G5. xvi-f-294pp. 12° [85,102; 57.] 3:3738 

Luthardt, Christian Ernst. Die modornen Dar- 
stellungon des Lebens Josu, EinoBcsprecbung 
der Sehriften von Strauss, Renan u, Scbonkel, 
Bowie der Abbandlungon von Coquerel d, J., 
Scborer, Colani u. Keim. Leip. Dorffiing it. 
Frartke. 1864. 51 pp, 12° [85,168; 57.] 

In 3:3088 
Imhof, Joseph. Die Jesuiten in Luzorn, wie sie 
Icameu, wirkten und gingen. Ein Beitrag sur 
Geschichte dieses Kantons, 2. durchges, a. verm, 
Aufl. St. Gallon. ScheitUn w. ZoUikofer. 1848. 
(4-(-)96 pp. 8° [84,259; 57.] (Geschichte des 
Jesuitenkampfea in der Schweiz.^ In 4:3899 

BMuaicm, sic 


Phiumofht, kxc 

■arteaan, H. Hester Eckart £t Bidrag til 

at oplyse Middelalderens Mijstik. Ry Udgave, 
Kjsbeohavn. C, A. Beitzel 1851; (4-r;l53 
(+1) pp. 16^ [85,185; 57.] 4:2682 

IliadlMr. Christian Wilbelm. Lehrbocb der 

ehristlichen Kirchengeschichte von der altesten 
Zeit bis aol die GegenwarL Neoeste, von dem 
Yerfasser karz vor seinem Tode aasgearbeitete 
Aoflage. Ber. Wiegandt u. Griehen. 1866. 
(2+)978 pp. 8*^ [84,a45; 57.] 4:477 

Nippold, rriedricb. Die altkatboliscbe Kircbe 

des Erzbistbams Utrecbt. Geschiebtlicbe Pa- 
rallele zar altkatboliscben Geroeindebildong in 
Dentscbland. Heidel. F. Bassermann. 1872. 
xii+154 pp. 8« [84,344; 57.] In 4:3492 

Noak, I^ndwig. Die biblische Tbeologie. Ein- 

leitnng in's alte nnd nene Testament nnd Dar- 
stellnng des Lebrgebaltes der bibliscben Bacber 
nach ibrerEntstebangond ibrem gescbicbtlichen 
Yerbaltniss. Ein ^ndbncb zam Selbstanter- 
ricbt. flalle. C. E. M, Pfeffer. 1853. viii+ 
392 pp. 8^ [85,126; 57.] 3:366 

Papatiicbe Bulle, Die, znr Aafbebung des Jesai- 

tenordens vom 21. Jnli 1773. Darm. E. Zemin. 

1866. (2+)4l pp. 12^ [84,356, 57.J 4:3977 

PapstUcha Randscbreiben, Das, and die 80 ver- 
dammten Satze eriaatert darch KernsprQche 
von Mannern der Nenzeit, sowie darcb geschiebt- 
licbe and statistische Notizen. Duisb. W. Falk 
u. Volmer. 1865. 240 pp. 24^ [84,687; 57.] 


Philippson, Ludwig. Weltbewegende Fragen in 

Politik and Religion. Aas den letzten 30 

Jabrcn. Thl. 2. Religion. Bd. 1. Leip. Baum- 

gdrtner. 1869. (6+)416 pp. 12<* [84,818; 57] 


ConienU: Allgemeinet. — Zar Tergteicbraden R«1igionswissen- 

Plantier, Claade Henri A. XJeber die allgemeinen 
Eirchenversaramlangen. Aniasslich des von 
Sr. H. dem Papste Pias IX. aaf den 8. Dez. 1869 
einberafenen okameniscben Concils. Uebers. 
von Theodor Freiherrn von Lamezan. Freib. i. B. 
Herder. 1869. iv+121 pp. 12^ [84,653; 57.] 

In 4:3190 

Prauss, Jyr. Ed. Das Concil von Trident. Ein 

Vortrag gehalten im Aaflrage des Evangeli- 

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CbmfaUs : A and i2— Fatare sUte. 

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Contents: Pt. I. Herr Dr. Steodel oder die Selhsttiiaschimgen des 
TerxtuD'iisen Supraoataraliitmus anserer Tage. 

Pi. 2. Die Herren Eswhenmaver und Menzel. 

Pt. .3. Die eTani^lische Kircnenseitang, die JahrbOcher fOr wis- 
senmihatiliche Kritik, and die theolo^wheD Siudien and Kritiken 
io ihier Stellaag xa meiner Kritik des Lebens Jesa. 

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Contents: Jastinus Kemer. — Verg&ngliches and Bleibendes im 
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Philosophy, etc. 


Philosofht, etc. 

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einer pbilosopbischen Pinifung und Wiirdigung 
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Krause, Carl Christian Friedrich. Die reine d. i. 
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Die Autolatrie oder Selbstanbetung, ein Ge- 
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ofTenen Sendschreibens an Ludwig Feuerbach. 
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iiber Psychologic und Anthropologic, und zum 
Selbststudium. Heidel. Groos. 1837-8. 2 v. 
vi+393 pp.; iv, 395-764 pp. 12° [84,474; 57.] 


Contents: Vol. 1. EiDleitung in die Pnycholocne. — Von der Seele 
des Menschen uberhaupt. — Die Entwioklungen der Seele nnch der 
organiffchen Bildiiassfanigkeit. 

Vol. 2. Die Entwicklungen der Seele nach dem Charakter der 
Vemunftanlage.— Die Lehre Ton den Oeisteskrankheiten.— Das Ver- 
hftltnias der Seele sa ihren Umgebangen. 

Ritter, Heinrich. Geschichte der Philosophie. 

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Cbn'en<«; Vol. 1. Einleitung. Uebersicht und Eintheilung.— Der 
ftlten PhiW'Sonhie Vorg*»sohi«'htliche>«.— Einiheilung der Geschichte 
der HltPH PhiloBophie— Vor-okrHtische Philosophie. 

Vols. '2-3. Die Hokn.tischen S<'hiilen. 

Vol. 4. Verfall dor Rlten Philosoiihie. 

V<»1. 5. Kiiil<*itunKindieGeHchiclitederohristlichen Philosophie. 
— Uebt*rirango.— DieAp*»log»-tenund die Polemikgegen die GaoAiikcr. 
— Die filrxundrini^eh** KatechetcnHohnle bis xunn oriuenes. 

Vol. 0. DftH Z» italter dor Stroiiijikciten ftber die TrinitAtslehre.— 
Augiistinus.— VerfHil der j»alrii»tiHehon Philosophie. 

Vol.7. Einleitung in dio Geschithte der Philowophie im Mitteh 
alter.— Uebergnug der'alten PhiloHophio su den neueren V61kern. — 
Zer^ttreu'e Ver>«u"ehe zur AuMbilduug des theologischen 8y«»tem8. — 
Die arabi.Mche Philosophie. 

Vol. 8. Die arabiKche Philosophie {Sdduu).— Die austahrlichen 
Sy-teme der chrirttlicheu Theologie. — Verfall der theologischen Sy- 

Vol. 9. Einleitung sur Geschichte der Philosophie in der neueren 
Zeit.— Die Philosophie unter der Wiederhertscllungder Wissenschaf- 

Vol. 10. Die Philosophie unter der Wiederherstellung der Wis- 
sen.««<*hftften, unier der Retormfttion und unter der Wiederherstellung 
des Katholicii^mus. — Bacon's Reform der Philosophie und die ihr 
Eunuchftt liegenden Zeiten. 

Vol. 11. Der Rationalismus des Deseartes und der Cartesiani- 
schen Schule.— Die AnfUnge der englischen Philosophie im Sensua- 
lisniUH und Rationalismus. 

Vol. \'l. Umbildung der Theosophie in Metaphysik bei dem jOn- 

§em Helmont und bei Leibniz. — Idealismus una Hkepticismus bei 
en Engltindem. — Sensualismus und NaturaliMrous in Frsnkreich. — 
ZuRtiinde und Aussichten in der Philosophie des 18. Jahrhunderix. 

Ritter, Heinrich. Die Halb-Eantianer and der 
Pantheismns. Eine Streitschrift, veranlasst 
durch Meinungen der Zeit nnd bei Gelegenheit 
von Jascho's Schrifl iiber den Pantheismus. Ber. 
T,Trautwein, 1827. viii+91pp. 12** [86,440; 
57.] In 2:189 

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nnd religiose Grnndsatze. Abgedr. aus den 
GottingerStudien. 1847. Gott. Vandenhoeck u, 
Ruprecht 1847. 174 pp. 12° [86,353; 57.] 

In 2:1808 

Ritter, Heinrich and Preller, Lndwig. Historia 

philosophia) Grssccb et Romanse ex fontiam locis 

contexta. Ed. tertia. Gothae. F. A, Perthes, 

1864. x+549 pp. 12° [86,441; 57.] 2:195 

Ronner, Ludwig von. Das tJnlerrichtswesen des 
preussischen Staates; eine systematisch geord- 
nete Sammlung aller auf dasselbe Bezug habenden 
gesetzlichen Bestimmungen, insbesondere der in 
der Gesetzsammlung fiir die preussischen Staatcn, 
in den von Eamptzschen Annalen fiir die innere 
Staatsverwaltung, in den von Eamptzschen Jahr- 
biichern fiir die preussische Gesetzgebung, Rechts- 
wissenschaft und Eechtsverwaltung, und in 
derenPortsetzungen durch die Ministerial-Blatter 
sowie in anderen Quellen-Sammlungen enthalte- 
nen Verordnungen und Reskripte, in ihrem 
organischen Zusammenhange rait der friiheren 
Gesetzgebung, dargestellt unter Benutzung der 
im Justiz-Ministerium ausgearbeitelen "revidir- 
ten Entwurfe der Provinzial-Rechte." Ber. Veit 
u. Comp. 1855. 2 v. xxviii+965(+2) pp.; xx4- 
660(+3) pp. 8° [84,231; 57.] 2:5330.1-2 

Contents: Vol.1. AllgemeinerTheil.— Privat-Uoterricht.— Volk«- 

Vol.2. H6here Schulen.— UniversitAten. — SoDstige KuUur-An- 

Scherr, J- Thomas and Johannes. Gemeinfass- 
liche Geschichte der religiosen und philosophi- 
schen Ideen, mit besonderer Riicksicht auf das 
Leben und Wirken der Weiaen aller Yolker und 
Zeiten. Fiir diejenige Elasse der Gebildeten, die 
eigentlich gelehrter Studien ermangelt. 3. Abdr. 

Philosopht, sto. 1 

Scherr, J- T. and J.— (continued.) 

Stiiaff. Broillmann. 1843. 3 v. Cii+)sii-|-413 
pp.i 393 pp; iv+319 pp. 12" [84,^11; 57.] 

Schlflidfltl, Mutlhias Jakob. D»a Alter dca Mcn- 

scliengeBchleiilitn, diu Eateti^hungdur Anon und 
dio Slclliing <J(!S Moiisulien in dor Nutur. Drei 
Vortrigefiirgcbildiile Laicn. Leip. Engelmtmn. 
1803. U2 pp., illus. in U'Xt. 8" [84,45ti; 57.] 

In 2:<i99 
Schleiden, HaUhiae Jakob. Ueber den Materia- 

lisniae dcr noucren deutschen NalurwiHHon- 
8cha(t,^soin WoHon und seine GeBL-hichto. Zur 
VerslJindig'Ung liir dio GobildeLen, Leip. Engel- 
mann. 1863. 57 pp, 8" [84,456; 67.] 2:i>99 

Schleiden. Malthiaa Jukob. Zur Tlieorie dcs 
KrkeniienHdui-ch den Geeicbti^sinn. Leip. W. 
Engdmann. 1861. vi, 110 pp., iiluu. 12° 
[84,263; 57.] In 2:714 

Schleiden, Matthias Jakob, uber den Materialis- 
mna. Zur Kritik der Sehrift : Ueber den Ma- 
tertuiismua dor ncueron deutschen Natarwissen^ 
ecbari, suin Weaen und seine Gecchichte. Zur 
VersliLndigung fur die Gebildet<;n von M. J. 
Schleiden. (Sonderabdr. aus d. Dor pater T ages - 
blalt. Febr.-Miirz, 1864.) Dorpat. E.J.Karow. 
1864. :tl pp. 8° [84,456; 67.J In 2:^^'^ 

Schleiermachur, FHcdrieh Ernst Daniel. Ge- 
Bchiuhte der Philosophio. Aua Schluiermachera 
handschriflliebem Nachlasse lierausgcg. von H. 
Hitter. Bcr. Rdmer. 1839. 311 pp. 12" 
[84,295; 57.] (Zur Philoaophie, Bd. 2, Abtb. 1.) 
Schmidt, Karl. Die Anthropologie. Die Wis- 
eenscbaft vom Monachen in ihrcr geauhichtii- 
cben Enlwicklung und auf ilirem gegenwiirligen 
Standpunkte. Don Bildnorn der deutschen Na- 
tion gewidmct. 2. giinzl. umgearb. Anil, dor 
^■Anlhropotogiscbon Briefe." Drea. L. Ehler- 
mann. 1865. 2 v. in 1. (iv-|-)iv+326 pp., illus. 
in text; (iv+)xi(+i)-f 607 pp., 2 col'd pis., illus. 
12" [84,340; 57.] 2:209 

Omlm'n Vol. 1. Dip RoiPhii-hle ilpr AnlhrflpolngiP.— Dip EllL- 
■rdkliins dc-r Wi'tFDsrhiirt rom Menocnpn rpIi dpii ult^ien Z^iiPD 

Schneil, Ferdinand. Dae Soelenleben des Men- 

fichen. Unter dem Gesichlflpunkle seiner or- 
paniachen Rntwickelung, Verjungung und Go- 
sundheit, nach dem "Neuen System der Psy- 
chologie" des Prof. Schullz-Scbnltzenstuin im 
Grondrisso beai-beitel. Leip. F. Fleischer. ISiil. 
xii-[-ie2pp. 12" [84,:i20; 57.] *2:710 

Scholten, -Tan Hondrik. Dl' vrije wil. Kritisch 

ondcrzoek. Lcid. P. Eiigels. 1850. xlvi 
( + ii)+400 pp. 8" [84,267; 57.] 2:1750 

Scholten. Jan Hendrik. Gcscbiehtc der Koligion 

und PliilosopUie. Kin Leitfuden. Au« dem 
Hollflndischen nacb der 3. Aufl. iibcrs. von Krnst 
Rudolph Redepbnninu. Elb. R. L. Friedn'chs. 
1868. xvi-|-248 pp. S" [84,663; 67.] 2:229 


Scholten, Jan Bendrik. Geschiedcnia der goda- 
dienai en wijabegeerte. Ten gcbruike bij de 
akademiaeho lessen. 3,, verb, en verm, druck. 
Leid. P. Eagela. 1863. xviiif415 pp. 12° 
[84,828; 57.] 2;223 

Schroeder van der Kolk. Jakob Lodewick Kon- 

raad. Hcele und Leib in Wcchselbezieliung zu 
einander. Seebs VorlrSge in der physikaliscben 
Gesellacbuft zu Utrecht, Braun. F. Viewtg. 

1865. viii-i-192pp. 8" [84,770;57.] In4|;2605 

Schwegler, Albert Fricdrich Karl Frans. Ge- 

scliielite der griecbiacben Philosophie. Horausg. 

von Carl Kostlis. Tub. //. Laupp. 1859. viii 

-i-271 pp. 12° [85.826; 57] 2:206 

Seydel, Hudolf. I'Ogik, oder Wisfienachafl vom 
Wisi^en, mil Beruekaichtigung des Yerbalt' 

nisaea zwischcn Philoaophie und Theologie im 
Umrisae dargestellt. Leip. Breifkopf u. ITdrtel. 

1866. x+181 pp. 12° [84,511; 57.] 2:1756 

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57.] (Encyclop., Metbodot. und Literal, der 
Piidagogik, 1.) 2:5583 

Ulrici, Uermann. Glauben nnd Wissen, Specu- 
lation und oxacte Wiaaenschaft. Zur Voraoh- 
nung des ZwioBpalta zwiscben Religion, Philoso- 
phic und natnrwissenachaftlieher Empirio. Leip. 

T.O.Weigd. 1858. x + 34tipp. 12" [84,502; 57.] 


WittStOCk, Albert. Geschichto der deut«ehen 

Piidagogik im Urarias. Von den altesttin Zei- 

Icn bis zur Gegenwart. Leip. J. Klinkhardt. 

IBGG. {4+)180 pp. 12° [86,519; 57.] In 2:5849 

Witt stock, Albert. Ueber die Grundnng padago- 
gincher Faculltiton an den Uuiversitiiten. Eine 
Denksehrifl, den h, Regierangen, Universitiiten, 
Lehrern, sowie alien Freunden der Wiasenscbaft, 
inabesondere der Padagogik zur geneigtcD Er- 
wagung vorgolegt. Bleieherode. E. Jtuediger. 
1864. 30 pp. 12° [86,519; 57.] In 2:5849 

Woysch, Otto. Der Matcrialismus und diecbriat- 
liclie Weltanschauung. Mit einem Vorwort 
von W. HopF.«ANN. Ber. Wiegnndl it. Griebm. 
1857. iv(+ivj + 107 pp. 12° [84,534; 57.] 

In 2:975.1 

History, Biography, Geography and Travels. 

Aimanach de Gothn. Annuaire g<^nealogiqae, 

diplomatique et atalislique. IS83, Cent-ving- 
liomo anneo. Gotba. J. Perthes. xx(-f-xvi) + 
1119 pp., 4 pons. 24° [87,200; 57.] *25:2fi20 

Blade, J- P. The valley of Andorra. Tr. 
fi'Din the French and printed for private dis- 
tribution by W. \V. Tucker. Camb. Riverside 
press. 1882. t4-|-)GG pp., 1 col. mp. 12" 
[87,134; 67.] *60:3064 


Blanco, Jo^^c Felix, editor. Documentoa para la 
hiaioria de la vida pubiica del libt^rladnr dc 
Colombia, Peru y Bolivia, [Simon Boiirary Fonlt;] 
publicadoa por disposicion del Genuriil Guzman 
Bianco, ilustre Ami-ricano, rcpenovudor y prcai- 
dcnte de Iob Estndo^ XTnidos de Vunesuela, en 1875. 
Pucstos por orden cronologico y con adieiones y 
nwtas que la ilustran, CarncaB. Impr. de "La 
opinion nacional." 1875-8. 14 v. f" [86,749; 57.] 

A'a'a; VdIb. 11-11 b]r Otn. J. F. BLANCO Bnd R. AlruKQi. 

Borowski, Ludwig Ernat. DarBtellung des I.e- 

beiis und Oiaraklt^rs Immanuol Kant's. Von 
Kani eelbst geoau revid. und beriubt. Konigs. 
F. mcohvius. 1804. (4-t-)276 pp. 16° [S6, 
470; 57.] 24:2009 

BrOflininel, Friedricb. Genealogtscho Tabellen 

zur GescLichie des Miltelalters bis zum Jabre 
1723, mit eorgfiiltiger Angabo dcr Zeit und due 
BcailzL'9. Bas. Schu-eighauser 1846. 124 pp. 
f= [86,119; 57.] *26:3217 

BunSBn, Christian Cart Josiae, Freiherr von. Life 

of Martin Lutber, with an cHtimate of Luthei-'s 
character and genius by Ibumas Carlvi.e. And 
an appendix, by Sir William IIamh.tok. [Ed. by 
O. W. WiuiiT.] N. Y. DeUsser and Procter. 
[1859.] X, 250 pp. 18" [35,791; 57.] 24:2346 
Carte, ThomaB. A general history of England. 

Lond. 1747-55. 4 v. xvi+856 pp.; iv+867 
(+7) pp.; iv-i-828C+7) pp.; (2-|-)684pp. f 
[86,146; 57.] *27:3069.1-i 

OmlCHll: Vnl. 1. An nraoiint of (he I1r>l lnhnbitaD<!< cf thf- I'oun- 
■r?, an.l ttir tiHDKikGitnat In ii. n'om iheMrlirt^i limrs to ihe demh of 
Blot If ha, HIS. 

Vol a. AnikKountorKU pabllolrKDiiflion* frtim tbc RocriRlon 

Piluops.Eliiabfih. d-ughiProfjHinri. I., luia. 

CastelnaU, Micbcl de. Memnira of the reigns of 
Francis II, and Charlca IX. of France. Con- 
taining a particular account of the three firat 
civil ware raised and carried on by the hugtienota 
in tbat kingdom. Wborein the most roinarlcabto 
passages in tbe reigns of King Henry VIII. of 
England, Queen Elizabeth, and the unfortunate 
Mary, queen of Scots, are set in a true ligbt. 
Done into Eiigliwh by a gentleman, and pub- 
liBbcd for his b(;ncfit. Lond. 1724. (12+)S)- 
426 pp. f [80,152; 57.] *26:3222 

Edwards, Amelia Blandford. A summary of 
English history, from tbe lioman conquetit to 
the present time. With observations on the pro- 
gress ol art, science, and civilization, the ques- 
tions adapted to each paragraph. For tbe use of 
acboola. Newcd. Lond, Roulledge. 1859. vi. 
96 pp. 18" [85,852; 57.] 27:1702 

Eyth, Eduard. Mneraoninche GcschiehtsLafcIn 
zum Gcbraucbe fiir Lohranstalton und zum 
Selbatuntcrricht. 3. verb. u. verm, Aufl. In 
Anacbluss an die in Wiirttemberg amllich einge- 
fubrten Zelltafelri fiir den UnterrioUt in der tie- 
scbichte in den oberen Klassen der Gelehrten- und 
Healschulen. Stmt. G. Belser. 1866. vii, 52 
pp. 8° [85,700; 57.] In'26:138 

FranCke, Heinncb. Arnold von Brescia und 

sdne Zeit, nebst einem Anbang: iiber die Stif- 

tuug des Parablot bei Nogent an der Seine. Ziir. 

Omner. 1825. xii-i-256 pp. 12'' [86,292; 57.] 


Frothingham, Octaviua Brooks. George Ripley. 

Best. Houghton, Mifflin and Co. 1882. vi-|-321 

pp., I port. 12° [87,199; 57.] (American men 

of tetters, ed. by C. D. Warner.) 25:701 

Glasgow Herald. Centenary of the. Banquet at 

St. Andrew's Ualls, Glaagow, Friday, Jan. 27, 
1882. [Gins. 1882.] 12" [85,684; 57.] *|0:3443 

Gwinner, Wiihetm. Arthur Schopenhauer aus 

personlichem Umgnnge dargestellt, Ein Blick 

nuf Belli Lebcn, scinen Charakter und seine 

Werke, Mit dem Portrait Schopenhauer's und 

Leip. Broclihnvs. 1862. x+239 pp., 2 pis. (1 
fold.) 12" [35,924; 57,] In 2:1094 

Hasse, Johann Gottfried. Merkwilrdigo Aeusser- 

ungen Kant's, von einem seiner Tiachgonossen. 

Konige. J. G. Ilasae. 1804. (2+)50 pp. 16" 

[86,470; 57.] In 24:2009 

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Tubelien. Bin methodisuber Leilfaden fiir den 

Etementaruntorriebt in der Geschicbto. Eisen. 

H.Jacobi. 1866. (4-i-)77pp. 8" [85,700; 57.] 


Hermann, Konrad. Prolegomena zur Fhilosophie 
der Gcaehiehte, verfasst zur Habititaiioo in der 
philosophiscben Facultiit der UiiiversitiLt zu Leip- 
zig. Leip. Breitkopf u. HaTtel. 1849. (2+)83 
pp. 12° [86,306; 57] 26:32 

Hermann, Konrad. Zwolf Vorleaungen iiber 

Philosophic der Geschicbto. Leip. Fritzsche. 

1850. ?iii-fl47pp. 12° [86,306; 67.] In 26:32 

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net. Printed for private diBtribmion. Tr, 
from the French by W. W. Tl'ckeb. Camb. 
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Jachmann, Reinbold Bernbard. Immanuel Kant 

gesebildert in Briefen an einen Freund. 

Konigs. /'. Sicolocius. 1804. (ii-[-)xii4-220 pp. 

16" [86,470; 57.] In 24:2009 

Mallet, Paul Henri. Northern antiquities; or, 
an historical account of the manners, customs, 
religion and laws, maritime expeditions and dis- 
coveries, language and literature of the ancient 
Scandinavians (Danes, Swedes, Norwegians and 
Icelanders). With incidental notices respecting 
our Saxon ancestors. Tr. from the French by 
Bp. Percy. New ed., rev. and enl., with a transl. 
of the prose Edda from the original old Norse 
text; and notes, critical and explanatory, by I. A. 
Blackwell. To which is added, an abstract of 
the Eyrbyggja saga, by Sir Waller Scott. Lond. 
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Margry, Pierre, editor. Memoire§ el documents 

pBj-s d'onlre-mcr. Dccouvertes ct elablifiBcmenls 
des Fran^nisedanflrouest ct dniiB leeud dul'Ame- 
rique aeplenlrionalc (1614-1754). Par. Mtiison- 
neuveetCie. 1879-81. 4 v. (iv4-)xxxiH618 
pp., 1 port.; (4-|-)G17(-+2) pp., 1 fold, fut-e.; (4-f ) 
fi5e pp., 1 fold. fucB.; (iv4-)lxxii+G53 pp., 1 port. 
8° [87,197; 67.] *29:38.1^ 

Qm/ntlt.' Vor. 1. VoinsFK An Frxueiilaf BUr 1c> imlKli Incs ft 
d«C"u»n« d<- I'Ohlci rt du ^ri»i»ippl (IHK-LII 4). 

tlTe k KM Piirrt'piiitri' (inTH-lIM). 

Vol. 3. JE<fihpn>h*4 dn boui'hni du Uli-i^lpni -t VD>B«r * lni. 

HmrDli d'r Leirnifoe d'/bviriUo hqf le Rollo'du Mvalciui. (l<iH-l7in)_ 

P *** + *, L. 1. Ceremonial de lempiro fran^aiB. 

Par. LibraiTte economique. 1805. (Ii-|-)a02 

(+1) pp. 12= [85,034; 57.] |0:5672 

Perthes, Juhiuh, e(/iVor. Anmiaire diplomatique 
ol r.oiisulairo dos etats des deux inondeB. Sup- 
plemenL & rAlmanaub do Gotha. Gotha. J. 
Perthes. 1882. viii-|-2(!7 pp., 4 col. pis. 24" 
[86,583; 57.] *25:2ti35 

Peter, Curl. Zoittafeln derromischen Gcnchiobte 
zum Handgebraucb and alB Gruodlugo des 
VortragB in hjihcron GymnaBiaJkJassen, rait furt- 
laufonden Belegen und AtiBBiigen aus den Quel- 
Icn. Hallo. Buckhandl. d. Waisenh. 1841. viii 
+252 pp. 8° [8G,02U; 57.] *26:147 

RIdpath, John Clark. History of tlie Unitt-d 
States; prepared eBpecially for schools: on a 
new and comprohonBive plan, embracing the 
ieaturcs oi Lyman's Historical chart. Grammar 
Bchool ed. Uin. Jones Bros. 1877. iv, 3G0 pp., 
6 fold, col'd charts, 5 col'd niapa (2 fold.\ 12° 
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SchleiermaCher'S Lebon, Aua, in Briefen, Bcr. 

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(2-)-)485 pp.; x+437(+l) pp.; xvi+G46 pp. 8° 

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Schmidt, Carl. Vergleicbonde Tabellen iiber die 

Literatur- und Slaaten-Geschichic der wjcbtip- 

stcn Kulturvolker der neuoren Welt. Leip. F. 

Fleischer. 18G5. v+174 pp. f" [86,118; 57.] 


Snow, Edwin Miller. Alphabetical index of 
biriha, marriages and deathft recorded in Provi- 
dence. Prov. S. a. Rider. 1882. Vol. 4. iv-|- 
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Rogers. 1698-1700. 2 v. in 3. {ii+}cxxxvi + 
355+116+(10+)xcipp.,l pi., 5 labs.; (ii4-)cxsxv 
-f(xi-}-)582 pp.; (2+)701~1120+3ti(+63) pp. 
f [8G,163; 57.] *28:3094.l-3 

of WimHmVlI."' """ "'" " ■""'""" '""■ ""■"''tC' 

Vol. !. [>c. I. Kmm ihr b-sinmnR of Ihe re Ign of William I. (o 

the-ndo(Lhf Hignotlloory in. 

Vol. S, !■(. a. Rei)pi> ol Eiag Jnhn and Heary 111. Appeodii. 

2 Politics, ito. 

Vehse, Eduard. Tafeln der Gescfaichte. Die 
Huuptmomonte der auBseron politiBcben Ver- 
hfiltnisse, und des inuuren goistigen Entwlck- 
lurigBgangB der Volker und Staaten alter and 
neuer Welt in chronulogischer und oihnographi- 
ficher Ordnung. GO Taf auf Boppelfoliobialturn. 
Drca. C.F. Grimmer. 1834. f" rS«,l!J2; 57.] *8 

Can'tn'i: kU\\e\\.\. Polillwhi! GwhiFlite. HTaf. 
Abihfil.ll. Cullur-OrM.-lil..hle. «l Ti.f. 

Whitehead, William A., editor. Documents re- 
lating to tliu colonial binlory ot tbe state oi 
New Jersey. 1709-20. Newark, N. J. 1882. 
Vol.4. xv + 464pp. 8° [8ti,2G3; 57,] 29:972.4 

Politics, Poiitical. Social and Domestic Econ- 
omy, Law. 
Bayley, Rafael. The national loans of the Uni- 
ted States from July 4, li7«, to Juno 30, 1S80. 
2. ed. (As pre|>ared for the tenth census of ibe 
U.S.) Wash. 1882. 197pp. f [87,118; 57.] 


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equity: a treatise on tbe system of juBtice ad- 
ministered in courts of cbancery. 3. ed. Phil, 
Koy and Bra. 1H82. Ixxxiii+C49 pp. 8" [87, 
I8G; 57,] 55:791 

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constitutional law in tbe United States of Ame- 
rica, Bost. Little, Brown arid Co. 1880. xxxix 
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Dumas, Alexandre,/is. La question do divorce. 

17. 6d. Par. C. Lfvy. 1882. 417 pp. 16" 
[8G,577; 57.] 10:316 

Every day home advico, relating cbiefly to houeo- 

hold management, with hints upon bouses, bow 
to construct and preserve, domestic cookery in 
all its departments; gardens, small farms, and - 
their management; law matters and how to save 
legal expenses; domestic medicine and tbe care of 
aick persons; clothing and how to preserve health; 
etiquette and good manners for old and young; 
together with hinlB upon nearly every emergency 
that ariBes during tbe lifetime of man. woman or 
child, N. Y. Carleton. 1883[1882]. xxiT,527 
pp. 12° [87,090; 67.] 54:2561 

Ford, Worthingion C, editor. Tbe American cit- 

izun's manual, part 1. Governments ^national, 
state and local), the electorate, the civil service. 

N, V, Putnains. 1882. iv+144 pp, 12° [g 
099; 57] 54:1179 

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juBtice, and its inQuence on morals and happi- 
ness. :i ed., corr. Lond, G. 6. and J. Robinson. 
1798. 2 V. lvi-|-4G3pp ; ix+554 pp, 12° [86, 
9(13; 57] 54:1202.1-2 

Holyoake^ George Jacob. The social moans of 

promoting lemporauee, with remarks on errors 
in its advocacy. Lond. [n. d.] 31 pp. 12° 
[86,506; 57.] In 3:3640 

Politics, kto. 



Holyoake, George Jacob. Self-help by the peo- 
ple. History of co-operation in Eochdalo. 5. 
ed. Lond. [n. d,] 72 pp. 12° [86,506; 57.] 

In 3:3640 

KinQi David Bt^nnett. The Irish question. N.Y. 
Scribners, 1882. xv+471 pp. 12° [87,111; 57.] 


Massachusetts, Journal of the constitutional 

convention of, begun and held in Boston, May 

4, 1853.. Bost. 1853. 560 pp. 8° [86,742; 57." 


Massachusetts state convention. Official re- 
port of the debates and proceedings. May 4, 
1853, to revise and amend the constitution. Bost. 
1853. 3. v. 994 pp.; 840 pp. 797 pp. 8° [86, 
741; 57.] *55:2905.1-3 

Parker, Theodore. The eflfect of slavery on the 

American people. A sermon, preached July 4. 

Rev. by the author. Bost. W, L, Kent. 1858. 

14 pp. 8° [86,408; 57.] In 5:5523 

Parker, Theodore. The great battle between 
slavery and freedom, considered in two speeches 
delivered before the American Antisla^ery So- 
ciety, at New York, May 7. Bost. B. H. Greene. 
1856. 93 pp. 8° [86,408; 57.] In 5:5523 

Parker, Theodore. The present aspect of slavery 
in America and the immediate duty of the 
North: a speech delivered before the Massachu- 
setts Anti-Slavery Convention, Jan. 29. Bost. 
B, Marsh. 1858. 44 pp. 8^ [86,408; 57J 

In 5:5523 

Parker, Theodore. The relation of slavery to a 
republican form of government. A speech 
delivered at the New England Anti-Slavery CcA- 
vention, May 26. Eev. by the author. Bost. 
TT. L. Kent 1858. 21 pp. 8° [86,408; 57.] 

In 5:5523 

Preston, Edward, editor. Index to heirs at law, 
next of kin, owners of unclaimed money, miss- 
ing friends and legatees, and creditors or their 
representatives in chancery suits who have been 
advertised for during the last 150 years, contain- 
ing upwards of 50,000 names, relating to vast 
sums of unclaimed money. Lond. W. Beeves. 
[1878.] 414 pp. 8° [86,679; 57.] 55:1148 

Standard library cyclopflBdia, The, of political, 
constitutional, statistical and forensic know- 
ledge. Forming a work of universal reference on 
subjects of civil administration, political economy, 
finance, commerce, laws and social relations. Lond. 
Bohn. 1853. 4 v. xxiii-f 456 pp.; (2+)457- 
881 pp.; (2+)464 pp.; (2+)465-946 pp. 12*» 
[8960-63; 57.] *54:951-4 

Stephen, Henry John. A treatise on the princi- 
ples of ple.ading i^ civil actions, comprising a 
summary view of the whole proceedings in a suit 
at law. 3. Amer. from the 2. Lond. ed. With a 
preface, an introduction ^ a dissertation on parties 
to actions and notes, by S. Tyler. Wash. W. 
H. and 0. H. Morrison. 1875. xviii-f396-fxciv 
pp. 8° [87,185; 57.] 55:1053 

Science, Art and Industry. 

Chevreul, Michel Eugene. The principles of har- 
mony and contrast of colours, and their appli- 
cations to the arts; including painting, interior 
decoration, tapestries, carpets, mosaics, coloured 
glazing, paper-staining, calico-printing, letter- 
press-printing, map-colouring, dress, landscape 
and flower gardening, etc. Tr. from the French, 
by Charles Martel. 3. ed. Lond. Bohn. 1859. 
xxvii-f403 pp., 4 fold, pis., 1 fold. tab. 12** 
[8,928;57.] 53:2399 

Cotta, Bernhard von. XJeber das Entwickelungs- 

gesetz der Erde. Leip. Weber. 1867. 29 pp. 

8° [85,780; 57.] In 2:904 

Dallaway, ^^i^- James. A series of discourses 
upon architecture in England, from the Norman 
sera to the close of the reign of Queen Elizabeth, 
with an appendix of notes and illustrations, and 
an historical account of master and free masons. 
Lond. J. Williams. 1833. (6+)447 pp. 8** 
[9,678; 57.] 53:416 

Field, George. Rudiments of the painters' art; or: 
a grammar, of colouring, applicable to operative 
painting, decorative architecture, and the arts. 
With practical instructions concerning the modes 
and materials of painting, etc. 2. ed., with add. 
Lond. J. Weak. 1858. viii-f 180 pp., 5 pis. (3 
col.) 16^ [930; 57.] 53:2409 

Gessert, M. A. Eudimentary treatise on the art 
of painting on glass, or glass-staining : compris- 
ing directions for preparing the pigments and 
fluxes, for laying them upon the glass, and for 
firing or burning in the colors. From the Ger- 
man. To which is added an appendix, on the art 
of enamelling, etc. 3. ed. Lond. Weale. 
1857. iv4-92 pp. 12° [938; 57.] 53:2426 


Graves, George. The naturalist's pocket-book, 
or tourist's companion, being a brief introduc- 
tion to the different branches of natural history, 
with approved methods for collecting and pre- 
serving the various productions of nature. Lond. 
Longmans. 1818. viii(+vii)-t-335 pp., 8 pis. (5 
col.). 8° [13,393; 57.] 43:1734 

Gwilt, Joseph. An encyclopsedia of architecture, 
historical, theoretical, and practical. New ed., 
rev., with alterations and considerable additions, 
by Wyatt Papworth. Lond. Longmans. 1867. 
xx+1364 pp., illus. in text. 8° [1:^,684; 57.] 


Hall, A. Wilford. The problem of human life: 
embracing the ** evolution of sound" and "evo- 
lution evolved" with a review of the six great 
modern scientists, Darwin, Huxley, Tyndall, 
Haeckel, Helmholtz, and Mayer. 37. thous. N. 
Y. Hall and Co. 1880. viii, 524 pp., frontis. 
8« [87,148; 57.] 44:985 

SaiNOK, ETC. 1 

Haydfltl. KiTdinnnd Ynndcvccr. Elt^ronlti annual 
ri'iiort of ihi; Uiiiled Slates gcoln^ncnl and gt^o- 

frnphiial survey of Iho tfrritoricB, embrntiug 
dalio mid Wyoming, bring n report of tlio )iro- 
jjrcBH of Ihooxpluratiun for Uic year 1877. Wash. 
1879. xxviii + 720|ip., 87 pk (liS fold.}, 1 f.ild. 
rap. 8° 1»-Ifi0i; 57.] 42:ll!ll 

Hayter. Charles. An introituclion to perapeetive, 
pruetical geometry, drawing und painUiig; a 
now and perfoL't expianulion of the niixluru of 
C'olourB; with pruetical directions for miniature, 
<-raroii, and oil jiainting; in a scries of familiar 
diulO(;i)on between the iiiilhor's eliildron, and let- 
ters addresned to his pupilN. li. ed. Lnnd. S. 
Biiyi'fer. It^ib. xiT(-f ii)-f 274 pp., 6 iiIb. (.3 enl). 
illu». in text. 12" [9,30:t; 57.] 53:7li0 

NevelluS, .lohunn. The illuatrated neeoant given 
by HeveliuB in hiB "Maehina celealiB" of the 
method of niounling his telescopes and erecting 
nn oliscrvntory. Heprinted troiti an original copy 
■with Boiuc remarks, by C. L. Prince. r^'U^Jn 
ISSa. [87,1:Jo; 57.] *42:isi 

Xinns, Samuel. The harmony of the bible with 

Bciencc: or, Moses and geologv. With 110 

ilUia. S. Y. Cmtlt, Pctler. Oalpin and Co. 

[I(r!i2.] xxiii+Stltlpp. S" [>7,o:7i57.] 4l;--»ii9 

LaiSSele, F. .mJ Schubler, A. Der Bau der 
Briickenlnigor mil Wsonderer Ri'iekficlit auf 
Eisen-Coiieirtietion. 4, umgearb. Aufl. Stuit. 
J*. -Yi-/. 187(5. 2 T. xii-i-:iOU pji.. M told- pis., 
illas. in text; viii---lS!pi,-;.L»l pp., S. fold. pls..illus. 
ill leit. S" [S7.1l>5; 57.] 52:iJ'.'.l-2 

Leigh, CharK-s. The natural history of I.anea- 
shir*. Cheshire, and ihe Peak, in Derbyshire: 
with an ai.i,-onni ol ihe BritiBh, Phcenieia'n, Ar- 
menian. Gn-ek and Itomnn antiquities in those 
parts. Oxt- Aurh.v. 17tW. (;i4-)l!li!-(4-i- 1 

y:-niV-;»^ Pj... iVi pis., i i,.i.i. mp. f ri-t. 
!'!»•>: 57.] *43:-^.it!y 

LubSen. H- B. Austuhrliehes I.ehrbueh der Ele- 
mentar-tiivmeirie. Kbeiie und kv>rperliehe 
tteiimetrie. Zum ^■Uwtunlerricht mit Uiieksieht 
auf die Zweike des praklisehen I.ebens bearbeitel. 
12. unvenind. Aufl, Leip. F. Br.tnf.f.ff.T. 
iMiS. 1^4-^177 pp.. illus. in text. 12' [^5.ll|t!\ 
*"] 5l:ti2S 

Luthardtt'hrisi-anKrnst. X'tK-rdie Darstellung 
des Sihmerces in der bildonden Kunsl. Wr- 
tr«i: im I,eip=-irer Kuiistrerein am II, Dee. 1S<;4. 
Leip. /» -^■.\,- h. Frj'.^f. i^t^i. 20 pp. 12" 

[>4.2t:;!. :.:.] in 2:7i4 

MlCauliy. JsTnes, Jk-a p!,tur.'s drawn wi:h pen 
ai-O wne^:. l.<^r..i. R.: ; :-.:.■: .«.V. [n d ] 

li:. JrV'"^' ■'''■■' *"'" '''" -42;:^i:i^ 

MadlBr. .'.^hsT^n He-nri.h :■ -i 

!;e der 
mf die 


'4 SazMCB, no 

Price, Uvedale. Essays on the picturesque, u 
compared with tho sublime and the beautiful 
also, OTi the use of studying pictures, for the pur 
pose of improving real landscape. Xjond. J 
Muccman. 1810. 3 v. xxviii+402 pp.; xxxL-f 
408 pp.; viii+400 pp. 12° r7,458-60; 57.] 


Riei, Carl. Die Stcrnenwelt in ibrer geechicht 
lichen Eiitfaliung. Ablh. 1. Der Fixeiternhjm 
mel. Leip. Brockhtiua. 180*!. xii-f'452pp. 8' 
r8(i,:iG3: 57.] (Nutur und Gcschichte. Well- ant 
lieschichtHbilder, 1.) lo |0:59< 

Rjtter, August. Klemenlare Theorie und Be 
reehtiung eiserner Dach- und firuoken- Coii' 
struetionen, Mit 495 Uolsscbniltun. 4. Anfi 
Leip. Baumgiinuer. 1882. xiv(+ii)+384 j>p 
8"" [S7,l!tfJ; 57.] 52:iH 

Schmid, Kudulf. The theories of Darwin and 
their relation to philosophy, religion and moral- 
ity. Tr. from the (rerman by ti. A. Zihuermamk, 
\\ ith an introduction by the Duke of Argyll 
[G. D. Cami'Bell]. Chie. Juneen, MeClurg and 
Co. 18S;#[1882]. 410 pp. 12" [87,093; 57.] 

Sclioeiller, Friedrieh. The book of nature: an 
elementary introduction to tbesciencea of phys- 
ics, astronomy, chemistry, mineralogy, geology, 
botany, zoology, and physiologj-. 1 Amer. ed., 
with glossary, and other adu. and impr., from the 
2. Engl, ed., tr. from the U. (jerm. ed. by Henry 
Mkdmx-k. Phil. Blanchiird and Lea. 1853. xii, 
ii91 pp., illus. iu text. 12' [5,502; 57.] 4|:2589 

Scllubert, Friedrieh Thcodor Popniare Aetro- 

«K>mie. St. Peters. Kayserl. Akad. d. WuM. 

ISOl-lU. 3 V. xvi-337 pp.. 4 fold, pla.; xiv+ 

3^S pp.. 5 fold, pis.; s:i-r391 pp., 5 fold. pis. 12" 

[iu,;n;y-t)2; 57.] 42:371-3 

Schumacher. Ileinrieb Ohr. ABtrooomische 
Naehriebten. Fortgesetzl voo P. A, Hansh, 
und A. C. Petehse-v. Aliona. Hammerich mid 
LcfSfr. l!;54-5. Vols, 37-9. Tiii-|-426 cols., 1 
iwrt; viii— 40i;eols.; viii— 398 cola., 4 pis. 4* 
[Iii.il72-I; 57.] *42:2537-9 

Schumacher, Ueiorich Chr Sammiaag von 
Iliilii-tafeln. Uorausi-. im Jahre 1822. Jfeo 
herausg. u. verm, von G. H. L. WAaxsTOBFP. Al- 
ton*. ./. /: H-imn,r:c't. 1S45. viii+221+2-f- 
31 pp. S-- [li;.<2?: 57] 42:377 

Weisser. I-udwlg. Uilder-Atlaszur Weltgeschicbte 
n:uh Kunstwerkeu alter und neuer Zeit. 146 
Taleln mil uber oooo Darstoilungeo. UiC erlaO- 
teriKlom Test von H .Ukrz. 2. Terb. AdIL 
.Siuu. P. Sff. Ij>2. I' [?7.1J9; 57.] ♦* 

WeyrauCh. Jaivb I. A::gemeine Theorie and 

U. ivihruniTdvr i.\M-.::nu:r;:ehen und einf«chen 

r:-;ii:er. Fur .iev aiEa.iem:>i-hen Unierritht und 

sum (Jebrauviie der lui^-nieunf. Mit 56 Hols- 

i-:: :n Tex: ur.i 4 .i.hojr. Tafeln. Leip. 

i-175 pp. S" [S7,194; 57.1 


/■.-:..''v'-, i?:a 


BourQeois, Xavier. The passioQs in their rela- 
tions tu beaUl) and diseases. Tr. from the 
Frcncli by H. F. Damon. Boat. J. Campbell. 
1873. xi4-201 pp. 12" [4,023; 57.] *50:I300 
Courty, A. A practical treatise on the diseases 
of the uteruB, ovaries and fallopian tubes, Tr. 
from Ibe 3, ed. by hie pupil A. M'L.\ren. With 
a preface by J. M. Duncan. Phil. Blnkiston. 
1883ri882]. viii+810 pp., illuu. in test. 8° 
[87,103; 67.] 46:4031 

Green, Horace. Selections from favorite pre- 
scriptions of living American practitioners. 
Jf. T. Wiley and HalsUad. 1858. xvi, 206 pp. 
S" [4,020; 57.] *50:44B« 

Hewitt, Graily. The diaeaaes of women. Their 
pathology, diagnosis and treatment, including 
the diagnosis of pregnancy. 4. American, from 
the 3. -rev. and enl. Lond. od., with 132 illuo. 
Phil. Blakiston. 1882. sxii+751 pp. 8" 
187,102: 57.] 46:4699.8 

The Bamo. 2. Amer. from 3. Lond. ed. 1872. 
[43,965.] 46:4699 

Holmes, dordoo. A treatise on vocal physiology 
and hygiene, with special reference to the cul- 
tivation and preservaiion of the voice. Lond. 
J. and A. Churchill. 1879. xiii{-|-ii)+2G6 pp., 
illua. in text. 12° [87,182)57.] 45:1472 

Hunter, John. Lectares on the principles of 
surgery. With notes by J. F. Palmer. Phil. 
MdS'celt, BoTTington and JIasweU. 1839, 400 pp.. 
3plH. 8' [4,018; 57,] *50;2f;T3 

Hunter, Jobn, a ireatise on the venereal dis- 
ease. With notes by G. G. Babinqton, Phil, 
Jfaswell, Barrington and Haswell. 1839, :147 pp,, 
illua. in text. 8° [4,017; 57.1 *50:3535 

Hunter, John. Treatise on tne natural history 
and diseases of the human teeth: explaining 
their structure, use, formation, growth and dis- 
eases. In 2 parts. With notes by T. Bell, 
Pbil. Haswell, Barrington and Haswell. 1839. 
127 pp., illus. in text. 8° [4,016i57.] *50:3739 

Jordan, , and Davieson, , Practical ob- 

servBiiocs on nervous debility and physical 
exhaustion, to which is added an essay on mar- 
riage, with imporlant chapters on the disorders of 
the reproductive organs, being a synopsis of lec- 
tures delivered at the museum of anatomy, Phil- 
adelphia. Phil, [1873,] x,194pp, 18" 
[4,013; 57,] *50:1332 

Murray. John. A system of materia medica and 
pharmacy: including translations of the Edin- 
burgh, London and Dublin pharmacoposias. 
From the 4, and last Edin. ed. With notes and 
additions by J, B, Beck, N. Y. E. Duyckinch. 
1824. viii-l-500 pp. 8" [4,015; 57,] *50:4513 
PharmaCDpCeia of the U. S, of America, The. 6, 
decennial revision. By authorily of the na- 
tional convention for revising the pbarmaco- 
jxEia, beld at Washington, 1880. N. V. W. 
Wood. 1882. xli+488pp. 8° [87,101)57.] 



Wlllich, A. F. M, Lectures on diet and regimen; 
being a systematic enquiry into the most 
rational means of preserving health and prolong- 
ing life, together with Lhe physiological and 
chemical explanations, ealeulateu chiefly for the 
use of families, in order to banish the prevail- 
ing abuses and prLJudices in medicine. 1. N, Y. 
from 3, Lond. ed. N. Y, ISOl. 472 pp. S" 
[4,0!9;57,] *50:1473 


Boyesen, lljalmar Iljorth. Idyls of Norway, 

JV. Y. Scribners. 18S2. vii+185 pp. 16' 

[87,107; 67,] 3|:522 

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raern und Stadten hat zugetragen, aus vielea 
Chrotiikas und Historien fluiasig zusammenge- 
bracbt, und von Karl dem Grosson bis Rudolph 
II, 1576 durch Christian Bertholdt von Branden- 
burg bis anno 1579 gelijhrt, mit 60 Bildern der 
Kaiser und dereu Wahlspriichen gezieret, frei 
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Siegmey, (pseud.) See Meyer, Siegbert 

Ticnam (EmgUsky 


StfctI— fclf PaoL edit€fr. Poets aod poetiy of 

PoUod. A colIectioD of Polish Tene. incloding 

a tboft accoant of the history of Polish poetry, 

with 60 biofirmphical sketches of Poland's poets _ .. w.^, w^-^^. ^ •■ 

Md specimens of their compowtion, translated Piq?»lle, Looise Clarke Diddie Damp* a^ 
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^^Jtlonthlg ^ulldin. 

No. 58. 



HOWARD DOUGLASS, Prttidtnt, . b. w. <-. Fourth akd Main stb., (Southkk.v avk., Mount Aubu; 

ISAAC ADLEK, Trra»ur«r, .... Faibmount W.iolks Mill? (340 Wkst Fourth strb 

JAMES BUOWN,.VeCT(taJT, 135 Race mtrkkt (29 Ueokqe stre 

CHARLES G. JF.NNKR, ...... Col-rt Hoube (392 Lonowortu strb 

FRANCIS FERRY, . . , . . . 4S W. Skuonu strekt (54J W. Court strb 

GEURQE EMIO, ...... 184 W. Setoso strbbt (21B Ctirros aviki 

DANIEL FINN, ....... Gas Co.'s office (18j East Sixth btrekt), 

UHESTEE W. MERRILL, ....... Albion Place, Mount Aui 

every day in the ypar, Sundays included, from 8 a. m. to 9 
p. M. The special depnrtmeiita are open ne follows: 

Dklivbry Hall, (except Stindavsi 8 a. m. to 9 p. m. 
Main Halt, (every dny) fi a. M.'to 9 p. m. 
Periodical Roum, (every day) 8 a. m. to 9 p. m. 
Newspapkr Room, (every day) 3 a. m. to 9 p. ». 
Art Boom, (eiecpt Sundays) 8 a. m. to 6 p. m. 
" " (on Sundays) 9 a. m. to 4 p. m. 


Readin'O Rooms. — -Any person of good deportment 
ftnd habit.-', whether residing in Cincinnati or not, may 
consult bDObs, peri oil ica Is, or newspapers in the reading 

Home use of Books. — Reaidenta of Cincinnati 
may withdraw books by regiaturing name and residence and 
tufnishin;; ^atisfnrtory security in the form prescribed by 
the B.irird. (In lieu of other security u deposit of three 
dollars or of thi- value of the work desired may be made.) 
Stn-reaiiienta may withdraw books by making a de- 
po.'it of three duUars and an annual payment (in advance) 
of Are doUare. 


two weeks, and may be renewed for the same period, after 
which they can not be reissued to the same person until they 
have been in the library twenty.four hours. 

Fine on books over-due, three cents a day, and after a 

Books are not issued ti 


e owing Sues or charge* 


1, The Librarian is at all times ready to assist per- 
sons in the investigation of special subjects, by indicating 
the sources of information so far as the Library contains 

!. Books not in the Library will be purchased on ap- 
plication to the Librarian, unless there be a sufficient reason 

3. All complaints should be made in the first instance 
to the Librarian, either in person or by letter giving the ttamt 
andTtadtnet of the per KM aggrintd. Anonymous commu- 
nications can not be noticed. 


Miscellaneous (tebman Literature. 



Miscellaneous German Literature. 

Andersen, Hans Christian. Gesammclte Werke. 

Leip. J. R Hartknoch. 1848-59. 14 v. 16** 

[32,707; 58.] 56:50-63 

ConttiiU: Vol. 1. Dha Miircheo memos Lebens ohne Dichtuog. 
2 Aufl. 

Vol. 2. Der Improvisator. Roman. G. Aufl. 

Vol. :i. O. Z Komrtn. 

Vol. 4. Nur eiD Geiger. Romnn. 3. Aufl. 

Vol. 6. Q^'SHmmelte Marcht'n. 

Vol.0. Bllderbuch ohne BiUler. 6. Aufl.— ReiRemhatten ron 
einem Au^fluge nach dem Harz. der sAchsischeQ Scbweiz, im Sommer 
1831. 2. Aufl. 

Vol. 7. Kine9 Diehters BaKHr. 

Vol. «. Rapliaella. Tra»<6dio.— Am te und der Meermann. Dra- 
mitiKches Gi-dicht.— Der Mulaite. Komuotihcht s Drama.— Die GlQcka- 
bhime. Mftrhen KoinMie. 

Vol 9. Oesiinimelle Gedichte. AhaHVeiUff. 

Vol. 10. Neue Murchen.— Neue Marchen UDd Geacbichten. 

Vol.11. Die sw<i Barone<«sfn. Komnn. 

Vol.12. In Sr-hwedeD.-£in Beaui-b in Portugal. Der GlQclu- 
Peter. Eine Enuihlnnic. 

Vol.13, •.enaramelie Historien. 

Vol. 14. 8ein oder niebt seiii. Roman. 

Arago, Dominique Francois Jean. Sammtliche 
Werke. Mit einor Einleitung von Alexander 
von Humboldt. Heraiisgeg. von W. G. Hankel. 
Leip. 0. Wigand, 1854-9. 16 v. 12^ [15, 
787-9; 42,031; 58.] 56:80-95 

ContentB- Vol. 1. Em ^itung.— Ge««cbichte meiner Ju«end.— Frea- 
np|._Alexander Volta.— Tboma^ Young.— Joseph Fourier. — James 
Wat».— Carnot. 

Vol 2. Ampere.— Caritat von Condorcet.— Bail ly.— Casper Monge. 
— Polsson. 

Vol.3. Oav-Lussnc— Maluf.— Biojtrapbieen der bedeutendsten 
Asiroijomen.— Fernint.— Abel.— Li^let GeottVoy.— Moli6re.— BegrAb- 
uissrt'den.- NutB«nderden Gelehnen, Schriftstellem und Kunstlem 
bewilligten Jahrj^elder. 

Vol. 4. Ueb* r du<t GewUter.— Elektromngnetismus.— Thieriscbe 
Elekinciijlt.— ErdmaRneiismus.— Das NordliuMt. 

Vol. f>. GeHchicbte der l»ampfm4f>chinen. — Explosionen der 
Damnfmanchinen.— Notliwen ii>;k»-ii d< n Ban der Dampfmaschinen in 
Frnnicreiuh aufzumunterii.— Die Et»enbahnen.— Blektrtftche Telegra- 
phen uttd NachuelegrHi)ben. — HxdiRulioche Kaike, MOrtel und Ck- 
mente: naturllche un*l KQnbtliehe Puszuolanen. — SchiflTahrt. 

Vol. 0. Leuchtihilrme. — BefeMigungen. — Artesische oder ge- 
bnhrtt! Bnmnen.— Filiriren de» Waj«»er8.— Wasserhebensus Bergwer- 
keu. — Ue^»er ver«K;hied^ne dffentliche Anntalten. — Systeme des 
Schuttes u 1(1 der HundeUtreiheit. — Patenie auf Erfindungeo. 

V«»l. 7. D«j« Kunk^ln der Sterne.- Physiache BecchHtfenheit der 
Sonne und der FiX'*t4*me. — Di** toiale Sonnenfinstemiss vom 8. Juli 
1842.— Polari.ontion des Lichtes.— Stoasvrirkung der Sonnenstrahlen.— 
D!«!* Daguerrfot> p. — Phoaphorefcens. — ErwArinende und cbemiHche 
WirkungdeH LiuhtfS — Geschwindigkeitdetf Liohtes.-Die Emissions- 
und Unuulationstheorie. 

Vol. 8. Von der Vorhersage des Welters.— Einfluss des Mondes 
auf die irdisohen Erncheinungen.- Warmestrabluug durch die Atmos- 

Eh&re.— Ei«bildung.- WArmezustand der Erdkugel.— Das Khma von 

Vol. 9.— Instruct ionen, Berichte und Aafs&tze fiber die auf wissen- 
■chaltliehen Keioen zu Idsenden Fragen. 

Vol. 10. Wissencchaftliche Abhandlungen. 
Vol. 11-14. Popiil&re Astronomie. 
Vol. 16. Wis^ennohnftliche Abhandlungen. 
Vol. 16. Vermiscbte Aufsuize. 

Bibliothek der Unterbaltang and des Wissens. 
Mit Original Beitragen der bervorragendsten 
SchrifLsteller und Gelehrten. Jahrg. 1882. Stutt. 
H, Schonlein. [1882.] 13 vols. 256 pp. each. 
18** [83,392; 58.] 56:1997.1-13 

Oontentt: Vol 1. Der Graf von St. H^ltoe. Roman; Ludwig Ha> 
BiCRT.— Um Ehreund Recht. Nuvelle; E. H. v. Dedkhboth.— Ein viel 
verleumdeter Politiker. Th. Wi.nklbb — Die Paiiser Gesellschaft voq 
heute; Schmidt WsiitMENrBLfl.— Vom Weltuntergnng; Paul TrMncH.— 
Steuem und Abi<abeB-, Florian Gasir.— Die ersten deutachen Auswan* 
derer; Ernst H»lliiuth — Mannigrnltiges. 

Vol.2. Der Graf von St. H61dne (/<br/«.>. Ludwig Habicht.- Der 
MQIIer von Heide. Hiistorisehe Noveile; Moritz Lilib. — Eine un« 

flOckliche Kdnigm. Historische Portntiiitkizze; Theodor Wimklbb.— 
»ie Industrie der Ablallbioffe. Hhudh von Spiblbbbo.— Die Speckneite 
von Dunmow. Skizze; August Soiieibb.— Die Oaaen. Geographische 
Schilderung; Ernst Hbllmutb-- Kieme Leute. Kuliurhistorische 
Skisze; Karl Altstein.— Mannigfal'iges. 

Vol. 3. Der Graf von St. H^I6ne. {FOri».): Ludwig Habicht.— 
FQhre uns nicht in Ver»uchunx. Noveile; S. v. d. Horst.— Napoleon 
als erster Konsiil; ScHHiPr-WEii'SBNrBLS. — Der thieriscbe Instinkt; 
Paul Tunsch.— Die Todes»«trafe im Mittelalter; Paul ScHWANrELDBB.— 
Die Sprengstoffe der Neuseit in ihrer Verwenduog fOr Kriegs- und 
FriedensBwecke; Uasso Uabdev.— Das russische Kaiserhaus; Ernst 
Hbllmutb .— Mannigfial ti gea. 

Bibliothek der Unterhaltung, etc. — (^continued,) 

Vol.4. Der Graf von St. H^I^nc. Romsn. {Forfg.); Ludwig Ha- 
BiCHT.— Wider cm^nder. ErzTihlung ; Th. Justus.— Em politi^eher 
Abentf^urer; F. v. Zubcltitz.— Vom Stmnde zii Scheveningen; Aug. 
SoHBiBB.— fiieSiastachulden; Harms v. Spirlbrbg.— Drs Ozon im Na- 
turhsushalt und in der Heilkimde; Hugo Stubm.— l*ie PariMS und 
andcre AuMffesiosaene. Theodor Wimblkb.— Mannigrsliij^es. 

Vol.6. Der Graf von Si. H6l6ne (5eA/u«t); Ludwig Habicht.— Irr- 
wege deM Herzens. Itomau; Friednch FHir.DBini.— In hfimlicher 
Ehe. Historische Noveile: F. v. ZoBEi.TiTZ.—Diogtnos \on Pans; 
Florian GsKir. — Das Alter der Menschheit: Hasso Hakukk.— Pie See- 
n'iuber der Gal- und Nordsee; r^ciiMiDT-WicissRKiBLS.— Der National* 
park der vereinigten Staaten von Nordnmerika; Friednch Zimmeb- 
mabn.— Ueber den Reichthum; G. Ppeupfbh.— BlanniKfHltiseM. 

Vol. 0. Irrweae des Herzens. Roman {FortA.); Friedrirh Fbibd- 
rich.— Liebe im Kriege. Noveile. Engen Hkrmamm.— Patrick Gordon 
und FritnB Lefort. Biographisnhe Bkizze aus der Kegiernngszeit Peter 
des Grosaen; Benno Braun.— Sternwarten imd ihre Hilfi*nmiel. H. v 
Spielbebg.— SelUame GebrAuche in der frOheien deut«chen Rechts- 
pflege; Werner Hesse.— I)er SOsswasserpnlyp; W. Hess. — Beinameo 
geki-Onter HAupter; Theodor Winklcb.— MannigfNltiKes. 

Vol.7. Irrwegedcs Heiz^ns {Fbrtt.); Friedrich Fbibdbich.— Die 
Gesellschafterin. Noveile; Otto Gibkdt —KOnig Theodor von Korsika. 
Geschiohte eines Abenteurers; F. v. Zobbltitz.— Die Bsnk von Eng> 
land und der Geldmarkt: Ernst HRLLMrru.- Ueber Nebelflc-cke; Paul 
TvNitcu.— Der Mens^'henhandel ill der Gegenvrart; Paul ScuwA^rsL* 
DBB — Die Eisenhahn unier dem EInfluss von Land und Leuten; 
Hasso Habdbn.— Mannigfaltiges. 

Vol. 8. Irrwese dea Herzens {Forts.); Friedrich Fbieobich.— Die 
Gefangenen von Mngdeburg. Historische Noveile; Paul v. Szczepai*- 
•Ri. — Aus den Erinnerunxen eines Eskimo; Aug. Schbirb —Tell und 
sein My thus; Gottfried PPRurrBR. — Die Insol Santorin; P. Richteb.- 
Geist und Sinn; Paul Tuhscn.- Die Gliederthier-Parasiten unserer 
Haus-SAugethiere; W. Hbss — Mannisfnltiues. 

Vol. 0. Irrwege des Herzens (Forta ); Friedrich Fbibdrich.— Haus 
Wildenfels. Roman; E. H. v. Dcdbnroth.— Die Mohrenwa^i-he. No- 
veile; Moritz V. Reichbnbach.— Em tra^isches SchickSHl. Biogrsphi- 
sches Skizzcnblait; Th. Winkler.- Altdeutsche Herrlichkeit; Ernst 
Hbllmctu.— Dns elektrische Liohi in der Medi«rin; K'irl Muller — 
Die hohe Karls-vchule; ScuRiDT-WBissBiirRLS —Die Wichiigkeit der 
RegenwQrmer im Haushaltder Natur; Otto Kabstbn.— Manniufaltises. 

Vol. li». Haus Wildenlels {Forts.); E. H. v. Dbocnroth.— T>ie 
Hoffnung von Stavd. Noveile; Friedrich Zimmkrmanm —Ein Schwin^l- 
ler des Alterthums; Otto Bichwald. — Der Planet Saturn; Prful 
TvNscH.-hie Pariser Theater wAhrend der Revolutionszeit; Schmidt- 
Wbissenprls.— Die Gasheizurg; Hanns v. Spiblbbbo.- Die WHffeu der 
Fische: W. Hbss.- Mannigfaltiges. 

Vol. 11. Haus Wildenfels. Roman {Pbrts.); E. H. v. Dedrnbotu. 
Die Briganten von Sonnino. Noveile; tUro RdsE.- lier wahre Graf 
Egmond; Th. Winrlbb.— SchickHalsvrnndelungen einer asiatischen 
Metropole; Fr. v. Hellwald.— Dss Blutb'd von Stockholm; Florian 
Gbeip.— DerGoHstrom; Hasso Harden.— Chine»ische WAschcnnnen; 
KapitAn E. Lehmann.— ZurGe8chichiederStrampfe;Goitnied PrBor- 
FEB.— Mannigfaltises. 

Vol. 12. Haus Wildenfels. Roman (ForU.); E. H. v. Dedbnbotb. 
—Die Brautlaekel. Novell«; Schmidt-Wrissekfrls.— Gn\tin Potocka, 
die schOnste Frau ihre** Jahrhunderts; Hans v. Spiblbrbo.— Der ame- 
rikanische ,,SchwaTzwald" und seine Erobcrung duruh die Weis^en; 
Fr. V. Hellwald.— Verbrecheranyle und AusliMenmgsvertr.'ige, Paul 
Schwanpelder. — Sommer und Winter an den Polen; Paul Tcnsch. — 
Um eine Krone. Ein Bild aus der Kriegsgeschichie; Theodor Winr* 
LER.- Mannislaltiges. 

Vol. 13. Haus Wildenfels. Roman (.ScAfuM); E. H. v. Dbdenroth. 
Sein GIQck. Noveile; von E. Merr.— Der historische Mazeppa; P. 
Grbif.- Der Mississippi und sein Gebiet; H. Habdbn.— Die Christen- 
hinrichtungen in rdmischer Zeit; Schhidt-Wbibsbnpbls.- Der Nntzen 
der niederen Pflanzen; W. Hess.- Diplomatische WinkelzCige; F. ▼. 
Zobbltitz.— Man n igfal tiges. 

Bismarck-Schonhausen, Otto Eduard Leopold, 

Furstvon. Reden. 2. vervollstand. Ausg. Ber. 

R Kortkampf, 1870. 3 v. in 2. 352 pp.; 260 pp.; 

104 pp. 8° [42,274; 58.] 56:2100-101 

Contents: Vol. 1. Reden aus den Jahren 1862-66. 

Vol. 2. Reden, gehalten im Reichstagc des Norddeutschen Bun* 
dea in den Sessionen 1867-69. 

Vol. 3. Reden, gehalten im preussischen Landtage in der Session 

Bodenstedt, Friedrich Martin von. Aus Ost und 

West. Sechs Vorlesungen. Ber. Decker. 1861. 

vi(-|.iij+203pp. 12° L^l»730; 58.J 56:2140 

Contents: Ueber slavische Volkspoesie.— Per Kreml in Moskau 
als Trager und Mittelpunkt der ru>*sl«chrn Ge^chivhte.— Die St<>llung 
der Frauen im Orient und Occident.— Ueber 8k.»kes|>eare und die 
altenglische BAhne.— Das russische Theater in t^einer socialen B«- 


Bornef Ludwig. Gesamroelte Scbriften. Milw. 

E. Luft, P. Bickler u. Comp. 1858. 5 v. 320 

pp.; 318(+2) pp.; 318(+2) pp.; 320 pp.; 272 pp. 

12** [15,875; 46,026; 58.] 56:130-34 

Qm^e»i/«; Vol. 1. Vermlsrhte AuNA'ze.- Erzilhlungen.- Reisen. 

Vol. 2. Dramaturgische Pliiter — Kritiken.